November 2012 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Ending The Weight of Judgement

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I have been invited to be a guest speaker on a December 17th – I know how exciting is that to be a contribution to shedding some light on the weighty issues of excess on our physical bodies ? It may be that some of what I write is not light and true for you and that is ok – choose what works for you ! This is my awareness on my life, my body and what I know for me makes my body follow me into holding on to excess weight and bloat or lightens up as if by magic – it is always that addiction to judgement that gets me going down the rabbit hold and making me and my sweet physical body wrong….

So let me ask you a question, I ask myself often:

when you tell yourself that you are fat, ugly or simply just not enough, not right enough, not thin enough, not attractive enough, is that your thought or what you think everyone else is thinking about you?

Living in a society of polarity, how do we get it “right” based on such confusing standards of rightness or wrongness. Either we are too fat, or too thin – we are constantly bombarded with the judgments of what is considered “normal”. From the images projected in our media, showing us the ideal male and female form, to what we say to each other either subtly or outright abusive. It all can create a physiological breakdown on a cellular level. Therein lies the flaw – we are not our thoughts, feelings and emotions and yet we live in a constant state of doing in order to be, to get it right, to fit in. It is no wonder that our physical bodies are so tired, sickly and downright confused at the lltany of judgements and abuse we hurl at them non- stop. My second question is: would you be willing to let go of those thoughts of being fat and have gratitude for the body you have? I am not suggesting that you give up demanding the body you desire, only that maybe by changing the way you talk to you body through the thoughts you have about it, you may change what your body will do for you.

I mean who knows your body better than your body ? What if our physical bodies are just like that sweet puppy who just desire to please us ? Always there to give us exactly what we are asking for – nature does not comprehend NO or don’t, so when we are judging to not be enough, that our thighs are too fat, that we are sick and tired – guess what ? Yup our bodies deliver to us exactly that thing we are judging as a wrongness ! Thank goodness we are cute not bright !


So here are some ways you could step out of all that heaviness and into the space of something much lighter and way more fun;

1. Everywhere you have judged your body and self “I’m Fat”, “I hate my body”, or whatever permutation of abuse you are locking up in your bodies,would you be willing to forgive yourself as none of this is your fault, just bad training ?

2. And what if you ask- Who does that belong to ? Is it even yours or are you so psychic that you are picking up the thoughts, feelings and emotions of someone else ? What if 98% of all that which you think is yours isn’t ? What if you are way more psychic than you give yourself credit for ? So, when the comes u just ask Who does this belong to ? and use the heavy/ light tool. Remember that one ? It is under the free gift section of my website ! if the energy is light it is true for you, if it is heavy, it is a lie.So if it is not yours return to sender with consciousness attached.and have gratitude for your body.

3. Stay present with your body – in 10 second increments of interesting point of view, i have that point of view about my body……You are the one that constantly goes away and leaves it – you go into your past when you believed you had your body just right or into the future of if only and when I just change this one thing with my body then everything will be just fine…. What if you embrace the NOW and stay present with your body ? What if the reason you have a physical form is to have fun in your body ? So why are you not having any ?


4. Say sorry Image – Could you apologize to your sweet body for not kicking you out already ? What if you allow yourself to receive everything your amazing body is gifting to you in every moment,  with total gratitude and ease?

5. Ask your body what it desires – What if you ask your body what it requires and desires to be happy and in its best physical shape and form ? Stop over riding that with the deluge of should and should nots from all the media, weight and fitness experts and ask your body instead !

What if you let your body know that you will listen to what it says, take the feathers touch so it does not have to get your attention by giving you an intensity that hurts or change its shape to get your attention?  Your bodies is so patient with you, it is like the cats whiskers – so what if you stay present with it, so you can enjoy it ?

6. Ask your body what movement it would like – Bodies don’t like it when you say EXERCISE – they hear exorcism and think you are going to leave ! If it is uncomfortable to be with your body in the beginning, would you be willing to show a little kindness ? I mean, you have been ignoring your body for so long, so could you do that act of kindness and gratitude to you body?

6. Breathe in the spaciousness of your body – as you step in to acknowledging the greatness of your body, the sense of space that you once mis identified as hunger or pain will fade away as if by magic ! So go on, i dare you, be aware of the gift your body is and remember that to venture into greater embodiment and change in your life begins with a step out of your comfort zone.

Let’s Get to the Fat of the Matter!

Are you ready to end the weight of judgement ?

If this was of interest to you and you would like more tools and questions, what if you tune in to the summit or visit my website or contact me for body and verbal processes and much more to drop the weight of the world and enjoy a happy body !



Is Change making you Uncomfortable ?

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What if when you think your life is falling apart, it is actually falling back together ?

Sitting here in the Durban sunshine the day after gifting a  foundation, level 1, and other classes, words seem so unnecessary. it is beyond words, the level of gratitude I have for the amazing generosity and sheer brilliance and ease of the information founder of Access, Gary Douglas imparts to anyone asking “what else is possible ? “.

Change is not always comfortable – to truly lower the barriers and BE vulnerable enough to truly break down all the good, bad and ugliness that create the limitations of how we BE, and have the awareness that none of it actually real is where we truly begin to step in to the magic of living a phenomenal life and having it all.

When we find ourselves going through any kind of change in our lives, our natural response is to lock up and go against change, against our bodies and STOP living. We are entrained to make ourselves wrong, to exhaust ourselves looking for the MAGIC pill, the answer which will solve our problems. what if in that moment, we stop and ask what is right about me/ this i am not getting ? where is the joke, what is this, who does this belong to, what can I change here instead ? What if you are everything already? We may not even notice that we have braced ourselves against a shift until we recognize the anxiety, mood swings, or general worried feeling toward the unknown that usually results, the dis ease we create in our very Being – the abusive , addictive, perverted points of view that are so hidden in this reality that you don’t even know they are not yours. How many lies have we bought as true that actually are not even yours ? if you woke up tomorrow on a desert island, who would you be ? what would you choose ? what joy would the adventure of a new day bring ? Could judgement, the primary addiction on the planet even exist or would you just BE you ?  What if the “peace and quiet” we so desperately seek is in you all along and we create so much busy ness and noise in our reality that we are too distracted to ever know it is there. you are the lock and the key, the only one powerful enough t stop you from ever truly receiving ALL of you in totality ? Every single cell in your body is constantly shifting and changing all the time without a DOINGness, just like breathing in a constant transformation of balance, regeneration and knowingness and yet we negate the magic and wonderment of the gift our physical bodies are to not receive the adventure of living as a burden, as something to go against and abuse, for what reason ?

What if by BEing in the question, receiving ALL the possibilities, by BEing aware that anything is possible, you can truly see what a gift and contribution everything is to us and what contribution we can BE to everything ? As infinite beings, truth would we ever know fear, feelings of anxiety and stress or have we mis identified and mis applied the physical actualisation of the fluttering butterflies of an exciting life that come with knowing the infinite possibilities if we just ask and receive everything? With this shift, we become more aware, more in allowance of the abundance there gifting us all the time and then embrace, receive and have gratitude for knowing that we know, no matter how it shows up or having any answer. in that space of total allowance judgement cannot exist only change to own and acknowledge your greatness.

What if in those moments of uncomfortableness, you are on the edge of receiving more of you, you would be willing to BE uncomfortable, to take the leap and know you are right there. What if we could demand expansion, oneness, being joyful in our anger, our anxiety knowing it is temporary and fleeting ? What if your point of view creates your reality ? What have you made so real and true that actually is not ? What grand and glorious adventures will you have today ? What if the times you think you have reached your glass ceiling, you demand something else, you push down the barriers and expand out as big as the Universe and receive everything right now ? Sometimes the shift from denial to acceptance, the awareness that you are the creator of your phenomenal life, is all that is required to see the gift and contribution you truly BE ?

Would you be willing to own and acknowledge how beautiful you are ?

What if everywhere you think you are falling apart, you are actually falling back together ?

What are you refusing to choose or pretending not to know that if you would receive it, would change your reality NOW and in the future, greater than what it currently is and more than you could ever imagine possible ?

Truth, are you willing to be joyful in your uncomfortable moments ?

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Would you be willing to be uncomfortable and step in to your phenomenal life and living right now ?