December 2012 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Press release – Acknowledging you in a magic 2012

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Thank you for reading this and allowing me the space to THANK YOU for your continual support and contribution to me this year! Without you, none of this would have been possible ! This year has truly been phenomenal in every way and you have been a part of that for ME ! What else is possible to contribute to each other now and in the future ?

I’m already so excited about the end of 2012 because I have something new and incredible I would love to share with you in 2013…
But really, all this talk of the end of 2012 being the end of world…
What if it is the end of the world as we know it.?…. An end to All the insanity and unconsciousness on the planet. There is more light now than ever before, NOW is the time  and each of us has a gift to be the change the world requires  ….
What if it truly can be the end of everything that which has not been serving you in your business and in your life?
With the veils thin at these darkest days of the year, and with all the worldly awareness of the 2013 transition, we have a rare opportunity to claim that which we are ready to release.

Is NOW the time for you to own and acknowledge the beautiful life you know is possible ?

So are you willing to lose everything, I mean everything that is not working for you and everything that you think you have the answers to, the stuff you are so bound and determined to keep in place because you think you have got it right  it is literally killing you? 

What are you ready to destroy? I mean really let this be the end of… right here, right now!
For me, I choose to set myself free of this insane compulsion, as my friend Simone says, ” You are like Ben Hur, SJ it is not going to happen ! Well what of it can BE ? When i don’t create change fast enough then I beat myself up – is that you too ? I release myself from the need to do my business perfectly and the fear of screwing it up, making mistakes, making enemies. I am willing to be so controversial, more of a rule breaker than ever before! My target is stronger than ever, to BE me, to show up and be the change I can BE in the world and to YOU, no matter what it looks like or how it shows up.

What is it an end for… for you?
What if you could have more? 
What if you had no idea what that actually looks like? Like me thinking that I was resisting change, when I was actually resisting total beauty – a lot more vulnerability in that and a lot more choice available. I’ve been stepping out lately into places I never ever dared go before, to be that out there for everyone to receive and judge me and not care ! I am so grateful for the people who have encouraged me and pushed me to go into that murky depth of the unknown. How did I get to be so lucky? And what an incredible adventure and training ground it continues to be to allow the real me to shine through! 

So I choose to be a pioneer, to make some not so bright choices,and acknowledge the great ones, to make mistakes and not be in dread of doing it wrong, screwing up, upsetting people…….

Do you know what Henry Ford said…
The people who do not make any mistakes are busy working for the people who do make mistakes.  – Henry Ford

So, will you be the creator of your own phenomenal life, to be totally out of control, to choose for you and change people’s lives because you inspire them to go out and be brave enough to create their own lives ? I love this saying, ” it is not in the falling down, rather the choice to get back up again and again and again!”.

Are you ready to embrace the adventures and receive the gifts of 2013?
To claim and acknowledge who you be, to step in to your True Nature and allow yourself the grace and kindness, the space to expand the joy of your life as your business ? If you truly are demanding change, to envision a bright presence, to create your future……
then I would be privileged to be that invitation and let you know that you’re in the right place!   

In a couple weeks, I’ll be unveiling my new website and some wonderful new techniques for bodies and creations to catapult you in to more than you could imagine possible for you and your animal companions. I am also co creating some really out of the box, fresh, fun conversations in consciousness where you will discover transformational tools to build your life, your business, and create financial freedom through graciousness, kindness with money and generosity of Being like never before.  I am so excited to share some life changing tools that have literally changed me forever. Thank you for receiving from me !
kI know some of you did not like some of the new stuff from Access Consciousness that I brought into your private sessions and that is fine,I am here to give you what you want the way you want it – so please know that!
I will continue to offer you what works for you wether that be Parama Bodytalk, body processes or what I perceive as highly effective, fast original, best of the best of all the modalities I have developed into The True Nature Systems.

What can I contribute to you?
I would love to know what you would like to receive from me.

Remember, You are bigger than any external challenge,
and You Are the Strongest of the Strong,
and the New Energy on Earth Now, IS here to assist you.
You are an infinite being, perceiving, knowing, being and receiving the wonders of this beautiful life.
Would it be light for us to co-create the magic of our heart’s desires together,
be silly, expand into oneness, and know fully and completely that…..
We Are the Ones We Have Been WAiting for, and you have been present all along!?

Celebrate YourSelf…because YOU HAVE COME ALONG WAY BABY!
What would it take for you Stay connected with me? I cannot wait to gift you next year!

What if you start 2013 by asking what it would take to out create your body, your mental blocks, all of your life and living? What have you not been willing to institute that if you did, would create your Joy of life as your Business to expand beyond your imagination? 

Congratulations for choosing to show up as all of YOU.
It takes courage to do what you’re doing.
I’m so glad you’re with me on this Amazing adventure called living !


May you feel moments of Bliss,
wafts of kindness, gratitude,
inklings of Insight,
particles of Peace and calm
and Jiggles of Joy, laughter and abundance every second of every day!

Ease,joy and gratitude 

“I am just a regular girl who desires to make a difference transforming bodies and lives across the planet.”

The 10 keys to Freedom and Allowance

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What if………….the greatest gift we can give to ourselves or somebody who is asking for some assistance in their time of troubles, is total allowance?  

What if that could be the space to be fully present and conscious without judgment is the change the world requires?

What would the world look like if we all functioned from that place ?”Graciousness is the ability to walk through life without making waves, while leaving behind a sprinkling of the cosmic dust of possibility.” Gary Douglas

I have been going through a lot of ‘funny’ stuff this week – all my own “not so bright creations”, I must admit, not much fun and at the same time refreshingly uncomfortable, even in my fall from GRACE!! For what that is worth, I am human, my ego occasionally gets in the way and I too have many momentarily lapses into stupidity – cutting off my awareness and insane choice.

Remember none of this is our fault, just bad training. There are layers and layers of secret hidden agendas and programs designed to keep us from ever truly being the kindness and graciousness of BEing ! So yes, on reflection of this weeks amazingness interspersed with stupidity – i chose to be brutally honest with myself,to find the lies I had bought keeping me captive and destroy and uncreate them all completely and utterly. And  no ,it was not pleasant at all, no matter how short lived it was!

What am I going on about you may ask…… well I am happy to say that I no longer beat myself up in unkindness by trying to figure it out.I ask lots of questions, like “what is the value/ punishment of this? What do i love about this? Would an infinite being choose this ? “- These are from the 10 Commandments of  Access™ created by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness to who i am beyond grateful. These keys to freedom I choose to live by, like BE the question, are so expansive and empowering ! Even if you choose to play with just one of them, it will change your life forever! I changed the way I BE in the world, how did I get to be so lucky?

I have another 10 commandments tele class coming up beginning 20 january 2013 – one of my favorites to gift because they literally saved me from myself and all the destructive patterns running my life! If that interests you check out the class dates here

When I go into the distractor implants of doubt, blame, shame, regret, guilt, anger and all the rest of these explants and implants that STOP me from being present, I look for the joke – yes on me and laugh at my own ridiculous insanity of choosing what ever that is.That is a whole other amazing tele class that also set me free from the self abuse and all the judgement we are all so addicted to on the planet. Thank you Gary!

Some of the commandments I love to use are “interesting point of view, I have that point of view about that!” and “living in 10 second increments of choice”. This way, I move out of my own way by the awareness of what it is stopping me and choosing something else by asking another question. Living in 10 second increments is like You have 10 seconds to live the rest of your life , what do you choose, quick. Ok that 10 seconds is gone, what do you choose, ok that 10 seconds is up, quick what do you choose?

There is a freedom in these commandments that keeps you constantly in a state of moving forward, creating your life, having fun!

And then of course there is the aha of wow, not my brightest choice that – cute, not so bright 🙂 I would rather have not chosen in that 10 seconds some rather interesting waves of my own. Oh well, now that is an interesting point of view! If nothing has form, structure or significance everything is totally changeable.That is commandment #6 – If it is not fun and easy,if it is no longer working for you, choose again and then you have allowance of what is available as the infinite possibilities.

What is your preferred drug of choice altering your personality? Would you the infinite being require drugs?Commandment #7- no drugs of any kind for example, Insanity, workaholism, alcohol – they are designed to numb us down and cut off our awareness so that we no longer in choice and then we react to our environment and out physical bodies.When I get the insanity of whatever that is, then I am able to step into knowing, being, perceiving and receiving the information to change anything that is no longer working for me. Joy has a sense of peace about it that you don’t get in obsessive, compulsive perverted points of view and any other drug.

There is a gift in everything, it really is not that hard to find it either in the space of gratitude and allowance. Writing about this weeks escapades actually began with commandment #8 – No competition…..I asked a question which actually shook the hornets nests or should i say made the waves in the first place, silly me – this is one that comes up a lot for me, after all most of the planet functions from competition. We are taught at school that competition is healthy, to be a good sport! I know that one well growing up in a family that excelled at sport, my father a springbok legend in rugby, my mother a champion speed swimmer as well as 2 of my sisters, one of them who competed at the Olympics for diving. It was something I don’t remember spoken and yet it was the lie I bought that you were number 1 or nothing. Oh the joy or should i say the pain and trauma of being best at everything, synchronised swimming champion and youngest to ever compete for my country at international level with girls 15 years older than me, model, beauty queen, valedictorian, best poet, A grade student …… and that was at school!

Anyhow, this commandment got me to realize that I am unique, there is nobody on the planet like me. That we all have out own unique talents and abilities to gift to the world. The gift in this one truly gets us to know competition always works against us, always puts us in judgement that we are not enough, not good enough, not pretty enough, not doing enough, which means we cannot succeed at what we would like to. Nowadays I ask how can I out create myself and others today and that energy is totally expansive and generative to me and my body! It does not mean that other choose to function from this space, I get that most of the time when i go into the heaviness that i perceive as competing, “who does this belong to?” changes everything and then I can ask” what can I generate, create and institute to allow this to come in to fruition or change with total ease right now?”

The last commandment #10 – no exclusion. When I am willing to be in total allowance of what other people are choosing and function from  razor sharp awareness – ( by the way you cannot do that when you are in a distractor implant or feelings…so this one is a gift in the now or after shock of the story 🙂 yes cute not so bright at times) then I can be in total allowance to receive it all – the good, bad and the ugly, no exclusion at all. people may chose to shut you out of their lives, it does not mean you don’t include them in yours. I love to ask” how can I use this awareness to my advantage?”. I use the story of my perceived tsunami, which btw is so last 10 seconds ago, to ask what contribution is not totally embracing and using the tools and questions, including the 10 commandments of Access to your life, your living and your reality?

I am so enjoying the fun of creating my life as my business and empowering others to choose more of them. What does consciousness require of me now and in the future? What else is possible to contribute to you today? What fun can we have at the next 10 commandment tele call starting jan 20th with a FREE intro call

Is NOW the time to graciously be the kindness to you, I know you can BE?

Infinite hugs and gratitude


For more information on Access Consciousness go to or or

Sarah-Jane Farrell is an experienced International Facilitator, Coach, Energy healer, animal communicator and behavioural and health specialist and conscious body coach and Trainer. She has been facilitating business owners, creative professionals and sports men and women and “labelled” kids to achieve their greatest ambitions for over twelve years.

She has been communicating with animals since she can remember and often assists veterinarians in health diagnostics, as well as animal lovers create deeper awareness and body processes to assist their animals and heal themselves. Her clients regularly report that her “gentleness, humor, depth of awareness, and ability to create change as if by magic, contribute to the massive results achieved in short periods of time.”