January 2013 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

What is right about this I am not getting?

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“What is right about this I am not getting?”

This must be one of my favorite questions to ask myself constantly about me, about this, about that….. Have you ever had one of those days that no matter what questions you ask or what you do short of sticking a firecracker up your sweet behind, there is no changing it?

How many times have you made yourself wrong, and used force to get things done, to finish tasks, to go against the flow. Instead what if you could just enjoy a slow day to smell the roses, to enjoy and have gratitude for everything the universe is gifting you?

Today, I had a day of no driving urgency to do anything, one might say it was all wrong.

The beauty about being an entrepreneur is you get to choose how you create your day.

Abundance is not measured by money alone, it is far more than that. It is the willingness to receive something different in every minute without any judgment of game plans and deadlines and have gratitude in all of it.

Having said that, I am sure you relate to how often you make yourself wrong for being your own North star. I remember the first time I ever had my Bars™ run, 


What is right about this I am not getting?

I knew it did not belong to me and even when I returned it to sender a couple of godzillion times ( that is a number so big only God knows it) I could not shake it off. After all we are all way more psychic than we give ourselves credit for and Monday’s in suburbia are always a little dense. Most people here are back to work, private schools opened and it was like the whole neighborhood was groaning with the energy of “oh no, do I have to get out of bed? Oh no, another year of slogging it out doing what i hate to make ends meet” and so on. The energy was thick with all the projections and expectations and I sensed it, my body showed it to me and I bought it as mine until that first blissful cup of coffee from my beautiful italian espresso maker. Ahhh then the gratitude slipped back in to my reality!

What is right about this I am not getting? I had a day of no clients in clinic, a day to up the ante on some of those future projects, time to catch up, to reflect! How does it get even better than that ?


It took me up until noon when I fetched my child from school – (more density and heat of 34 degree celcius) to realize how intentionally obtuse I was being! It was old programs I bought from my mother that to do nothing is tantamount to laziness and Money does not fall from trees – that one was my fathers, love you dad!

You see knowing all of this, having the tools and being in the energy of question, possibility and choice and living it can very easily take the gratitude and joy right out of you in a heartbeat. It is all those background programs running, the monkey mind, the insanity of buying it as mine that had me asking what is right about this I am not getting? and stopped my living. I was using force against my knowing when my body was saying, oh lets go walk the dogs, lets have a quiet read, lets just receive from the sun and take a nap.


I can be pretty stubborn and a really self judgmental cow to me at times – what do I love about punishing me?! I kept pushing, measuring myself against what I had not implemented, not done what I said I would, punishing myself for not achieving what I had in mind to do.

What is right about that I am not getting?

There in lies the problem – I was literally in a mind f**k. My brilliant body was on a go slow, it was not having any of it and still I pushed, buying more and more into this contextual reality and all the goals and demands being set probably in every business meeting going on in the city and beyond as mine. Again I asked “who does this belong to? What is right about this I am not getting? Take a chill pill, have some fun, lighten up and smell the roses!!” The magic of living in the present and asking questions is that is when the downloads come, the ahas that moves you in to greatness and expansiveness. Not going against your awareness.

The moment I acknowledged and owned that I had every distractor implant ( distractors are all the thoughts, feelings ad emotions that take us out of being present now to create our future) out there running and destroyed and uncreated them all, I could step back in to choice and chose to just be!


I eased Thalia my 6 year old, in to the fun of her homework, we spoke to her Granny about all the amazing things we would do and see when we visit her next and we laughed and splashed in the most beautiful cool water of the pool for the rest of the day. Gratitude eliminates all the uneasiness, the judgments, the should haves.

So the next time you find yourself having an ansty moment, ask yourself what is right about this I am not getting? and take a breath of the sweet fragrant air and embrace knowing everything is choice, even happiness and choose more of that !

I am going to gift my body some restorative, generative sleep early tonight because I can!

I wonder what fun, expansive adventures you will have tomorrow?

How much do you judge you?

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How much fun did you have judging you today?

You did not complete your to do list, your hair is a mess, you forgot the dry cleaning and  you hate the way your body looks….. and on and on you go all day. Your sweet body cannot wait for you to go to sleep so it gets a break to recover and regenerate from everything you laid on your body all day.

Did you know that the greatest addiction on the planet is judgement?

Judgment shows up in so many different ways: it’s every conclusion, determination, conviction, belief, purpose, resolution and decision you have running your life! If you have no judgment, no discrimination, no discernment, then you have the freedom to choose – everything !!judgement kills dreams

Gary Douglas has been pointing out for years that judgment stops all creativity, because nothing that doesn’t match the judgment can enter your awareness. Judgments don’t only include the most obvious such as, “What an ugly dress!” Judgments can also be more subtle. In fact, every time we make a conclusion or arrive at what we think is an answer, a judgment is also required. It is easy to judge everything you have decided is bad and what is wrong with you and the world. It is the positive judgments, the stuff you have decided you have got right that sticks you the most. How much do you have to cut off your awareness to defend the judgments of the rightness of the wrongness of you – probably mega tons:-)

ipov i hve this pov

And how much have you judged you as a judgable offense, when it actually is more about you being way more aware than you are giving yourself credit for!

Just because someone is choosing something that you would not necessarily choose to have or be in your life does not mean you have to judge yourself as a bitch. If you can see what they are choosing  for what it is, then it is not necessarily a judgement. If someone is being mean, you can just be aware that they are mean and you are aware of what they are choosing, it is not a judgment.

In order for you to be aware of everything, you have to be able to choose oneness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. Constructive criticism is just another for of judgment. Did you notice when ever a family member ( oh that is right, your family are there to judge you, that is their job!) or a friend offer you up that because they care so much about you , no, it is still judgment.

How you receive discernment, discrimination and judgment as a gift, is the freedom and space to choose what is light and true for you and not give you up for someone else’s interesting point of view. How does it get even better than that!

So how do you get out of judgment, anyway?

Remind yourself  repeatedly that every point of view you have is not significant or true, but no more important than “just an interesting point of view.”Judgement always has a density to it, it is heavy. Awareness has a lightness to it. And if you are way more psychic than you think you are, is it possible that 98% of all the judgment is not even yours?

Consider this, if we are infinite beings who have been around for over 4 trillion years, Is it possible that there is nothing we have not been or done in one life time or another? So when you find yourself being repulsed by something, you might just humble yourself by reminding yourself that sometime, somewhere, you did that or were that, too! Perhaps then you would get motivated to let go of all those judgments you were so firmly convinced were right. Interesting point of view neutralises any charge and then you get to choose something else with total ease.

If you’re having trouble identifying when you are judging, here’s another clue. What if nothing is right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative?not relevant to you?

These simple tools come from Access Consciousness™, which offers pragmatic building blocks for creating whatever you would like in your life.

Here are some practical ways to set you free from all of that:

1. What if….. even your strongest opinions are just interesting points of view?
2.What if…… everything you find yourself judging is something you did or were at some time or another?
3. What if….. when you find yourself going in to judgment you stop and ask a question to change all that and create a magical life?

What if it really is that easy? Try it, what have you got to lose except or that heavy energy in to something magical? It will give you more freedom than you can imagine. It could be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but it may just change your life forever!

This is a taster of the 6th key to create total freedom and a magical life from the 10 Keys live or tele class available to you. http://accessurtruenature.com/schedule-of-event-seminars/

For more information on my upcoming classes and conversations or to host a class in your area  call me for a private session in clinic or via Skype +27832565514.

What else is possible?

Are you sick and tired of having a difficult life?

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Are you so sick and tired of being sick and tired ? Is your life beyond difficult? Are you sick and tired of struggling ?

I have had my fair share of challenges, the high notes when I had it all, the looks, the success, money, the mega business and social status and yet naggingly it still was not enough ….I went from the joy and success  of what else can I create and what else and what else, to  being so sick and tired of the destructive cycle of slowly killing myself for my businesses, I wanted out of a difficult life. My health went downhill rapidly, my marriage was a joke,  (looking back it may not have been my best choice to get out of the madness but I chose it any way and lost everything.) I mean everything the house, the cars, my assets and investments, EVERYTHING including myself. It is pretty hard to kill yourself but I was so sick and tired of a difficult life, it seemed the only option available at the time. Man, I was seriously messed up !

Does any of this sound familiar, even a tiny bit ? I hope you keep reading because I am living proof that it does not have to be this way and I have some tools that can change all that for you right now so that it does not have to be difficult and an uphill struggle.

Are you measuring yourself as a success or a failure ?

Embarassed by my perceived failures, personal sequestration, the voluntary liquidation of my businesses – (not so voluntary, there is no chapter 9 in South Africa liquidation laws written pre 1940’s and desperately in need of an update) , the life threatening brain tumour and mental breakdown, an abusive husband with a cocaine habit I had not been aware of and so the trauma and drama of it all was so insurmountable at the time, I checked in to a government run mental institution – I mean seriously I was left with the clothes on my back… my family were all overseas and my ex nowhere to be found. So with the help of a very dear friend and my sister Louise, I  moved in with some total crazy cats !are you sick and tired of having a difficult life?

What if where you think your life is falling apart, it is actually falling back together ?

Now that, even at the time was one of the best experiences of my life – there is a book in me about that momentary waltz with madness, soon to be revealed ! I am so grateful that sub consciously the Universe, God, God within, Allah, Budda or whomever you resonate with, totally had my back.

What if what you have defined as a wrongness, is actually a strongness?

That was almost 10 years ago and from that defining moment, my whole world changed. So many shifts, so many aha’s, I realised I was not bi-polar, that I was more talented than I ever gave myself credit for and that I could choose to stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired and actually live my life rather than have a pathetic one. All the limiting beliefs I had bought as true that were lies….. like not handling authority well – actually that is true for me and I am now embracing my badass qualities with gusto! You know all the ones you probably have to one degree or another, hmmm  let me count the ways – not good enough, smart enough, happy enough, wealthy enough – well what if you are enoughwhat if you are a gift just showing up as YOU every day ?

From that moment I blew all the self flagellation and abuse out the window and began asking questions, I stepped back into my potency little by little, studied everything I could get my hands on, got degrees and certification in energy medicine, life coaching, you name it, I have some seriously potent tools in my box – from Chinese medicine to fascia release to psych Kacupuncture, med school and the works…… a pretty impressive resume by any standards. Along the way I eliminated anything that western medicine said could not be changed and I wholistically cured my body and my mind and got off all the drugs that I was told I would need to take forever. I realized my experiences, my struggles with illness were the greatest gift and everything I choose to be in the world and my practicmetamorphosed into Access Your True Nature.

Here is a short video I made about asking questions:

Asking questions to change anything that is not working for you

I would like to offer you what I know, to assist you in changing anything that is not working for you in your life, body or business and money flows. What if  it does not have to be as catastrophic as I created it? Of course it is always your choice to create pain but what if there is an easier more expansive way that what I chose back then ?

What if your life did not have to be measured by good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure? What if everything is just choice ?

My target is to remind you to know that you know and have just forgotten that you know. I facilitate change for other people who may be where I was a couple of years ago attempting to commit suicide, who are on a downward spiral of dispair and hopelessness. You also can have a great life and not be ill, and still receive huge benefits from the services I offer at Access Your True Nature either! I just want you to know, I am living proof that you can have a joy filled abundant lifeThat it is possible to be happy, to be a contribution to the world, and to have money – more than you can ever spend in this life time.are you sick and tired of having a difficult life?

I finally got that I can be a brilliant bodyworker and life coach and have it all, that the more energy of money I have the greater change I can create in the world. That all the animals I once felt incapable of helping before, I can really assist if I have loads of money. That is one of my targets – animals domestic and wild are a big part of my Joy of business at Access Your True Nature and one of the reasons I chose to join the Empower Network. What greater contribution can I be to changing the plight of all wildlife especially the African Rhinos, Elephants, Lions and Cheetahs I am involved with on the ground with more funds available to me? What greater contribution and change can I bring about at grass roots level with Access Your Tru
e Nature
? – to give people in remote communities far from basic health care the tools and body processes to change their health, to gift them my knowledge of permaculture – to sew seeds now for the future and for the land?are you sick and tired of having a difficult life?

Are you ready to take the plunge, to break through the barriers and come play with me here? Today, I am excited to out create everything – enough is enough of what is not working, of failure that is creating discomfort in my body and my life. Come on, I dare you to stop playing small and join me on my 90 day blogging challenge. Come on, what have you got to lose? I mean truth, is what you are choosing now actually working for you ? Happiness is just a choice – I choose more……. ease, joy and abundance ! I wonder what grand and glorious adventures await !

What if you do not have to be sick and tired anymore ?

May all of life come to you with ease, joy and gory!

Here is a link to another blog I wrote on self judgement you may find interesting to get you out of your own way: Ending the Weight of Judgement

Are you tired of playing small?

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Do you have the point of view that you must be doing something wrong that you are continually chasing the buck, working harder and never seeing the light of day?

Or are you one of those people like me who is always asking “what else is possible ? What if…. like me, you could create more than you actually think is possible ? What if you could have more? Not from a place of greediosity, rather from a place of kindness and beauty in you and all things ? What if you actually did not require to know what that looks like or how it shows up either? and what if your life can be different, without barriers and self imposed restraints?are you tired of playing small?

I am my own invitation every day to break down the imaginary walls of struggle, hardship and separation to no longer have to defend anything ever again, not my life, my choices or what is occurring in the world ever ! I would love to extend that invitation to you – to stop literally BEing so sick and tired of your pathetic small life that you are killing the beauty of you and everything you are in and to the world.


I used to wake up and go -“There has to be more that this……If this is as good as it gets I am out of here!” I am cute, not so bright all the time – it took me a while to get to the point where I demanded things better change now or I am out of here. It is a long story, the short of it, I have a great life NOW, I demand it to be even greater than what it currently is no matter what that looks like!  Choosing to join the Empower Network is expanding me out into places I never dreamed I could possibly go. I am choosing the greatness of having it all right now!are you tired of playing small?

Are you ready to take the plunge, to break through the barriers and come play with me here? Today, I am excited to out create everything – enough is enough of what is not working, that is creating discomfort in my body and my life. Come on, I dare you to stop playing small and join me on my 90 day blogging challenge. Come on, what have you got to lose? I mean truth, is what you are choosing now actually working for you ? Happiness is just a choice – I choose more……. ease, joy and abundance ! I wonder what grand and glorious adventures await !

May all of life come to you with ease, joy and gory!