March 2013 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Dry food versus Raw for you and your animal companions

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Why Real Food?

“You can boost your pet’s health profoundly by making one simple decision.

All you have to do is to change his
diet from unhealthy, commercial-brand fare to something you may never have imagined giving him: real food!”

Martin Goldstein, DVM
The Nature of Animal Healing

The food that we feed our companions is their primary source of health, energy, balance and healing. While they thrive on the love and energy they receive from us, they also require foods that nourish them in the most fundamental way. Through my own targets to be more conscious and in regard to the Earth and all species we share the space with, health challenges of my own and my animal friends and the many clients I have facilitated change for over the past 15 years, I have experimented, learnt and through a lot of trial and error found what is true for me and the animals by knowing what is true for each of as the unique one of a kind individuals we all be. That each and every living form has its own beat, requirements and desires and that by asking the body what it requires we step in to a kind gracious honouring space and the abuse and judgements and self abuse cease to exist. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. When we are in an expanded space of BEING, KNOWING, PERCEIVING AND RECEIVING everything with no point of view, the magic happens. If our bodies are our greatest consciousness facilitators, the cats whiskers and we listen to the feather’s touch, we are in kindness and gratitude for embodiment. From the space of being best friends with our bodies there is no need to create a healing crisis for the body is acknowledged not the mind. What potency, ease and joy can you and your body BE from a world of no judgement. We are all connected, so what is, will be, for you and the animals companions you share your living with.

happydogsjI talk with hundreds of animals and their human companions people every week about the imbalances their companions are suffering. Digestive disorders, kidney and thyroid issues, itching, paw licking, ear infections, airborne allergies, and the list goes on. Treatment for these imbalances will often involve prescription drugs and prescription food, or switching from one dry food to the next – sometimes for years on end – when there much simpler path to balance and healing. My sense is that if I would not eat something, I would feed it to my animal friends, for what reason. Unfit for human consumption is unfit for any living being!! My family, human and animal enjoy a raw whole food diet. I love juicing and so do my dogs! Jason Vale is a favourite of mine for imaginative, different juice combos – time to create a juice google him he is great! I have recently been juicing as an alternative for some of the broths for my cats and dogs. Often I juice the same for my human family as the animals, sometimes I make the animals juices more spicier and “meatier” than the sweeter fruit ones my Thalia enjoys! The downside to the juices is that they need to be used within a day or two, preferable straight after juicing is best. You can freeze them in bulk like with the broths it is all choice so play around with what is easier for you.

What change and ease could you create by feeding your companion real, whole food? A lot of people have a point of view that it is expensive and not as convenient as buying a bag of dry food once a month. My awareness and experience is that yes, it may take a little time and cost a little more in the choice of raw over dry, but in the long term maintaining happy healthy animals and family means no huge medical bills EVER !! What if the weekly visit to the fresh nature’s store could be an orgasmic experience for you? My body sighs with bliss just smelling natures abundance on those trips to fruit and veg city – it is so easy. It brings up such gratitude for the wonders of nature and her abundance. I remember as a child the sheer bliss of riding in the basket of the local bicycle veg man shucking peas and being so happy. Today it incenses me to see fresh fruit and vegetables taken out of natures source only to be shrink wrapped in plastics and styrafoam packaging! It is insanity at its best that we would take something pure and simply good, wrap it in carcinogeous toxins made from petroleums and chemicals I cannot pronounce that are disposed of in land fills and the oceans which are killing birds, sea life and the Earth itself…. What would it take to change all that right now and give the earth and all life the respect and contribution she deserves?

dogI digress…. So back to wholesome foods for your animals and YOU!

Rule #1: Live fresh foods are best

Rule #2: if you cannot pronounce it don’t put it in your body or your animals

Rule #3 use your body as a pendulum for YES/NO answers for you and your family

Rule #4 Ask questions?

Is this true? Body will this be a contribution to you?

Rule #5 Be flexible and have fun “playing” with food!! ( were you told not to as a child – well here is your chance to have an adventure !!)

MOST ILLNESSES AND IMBALANCES ARE FOOD RELATED. Itching, ear infections, paw licking and face rubbing are classic food allergy symptoms. Other common imbalances associated with a commercial food diet: dull coat, bad breath, body odor, poor dental health, fatty tumors,

Companions who subsist on a dry food diet may develop urinary tract issues, including bladder stones and crystals. This is very common in felines. Since cats are obligate carnivores, and instinctively obtain most of their moisture from their food, dry food can dehydrate our feline friends, concentrating the urine, creating a haven for bacteria in the bladder.

DRY AND CANNED FOODS ARE DIFFICULT, IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE, TO DIGEST. Most commercial dry and canned foods have been heated to high temperatures, sometimes 1,000 degrees, destroying all of the enzymes, and many of the most important minerals and vital antioxidants. No matter how good the ingredients appear to be, they’ve all been baked into crunchy oblivion! This heating process also changes the structure of proteins and carbohydrates, making both much more difficult for your dog to digest and much less nutritious than the original, raw ingredients. Many of these commercial foods also contain chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin) that have been linked to liver disease, as well as by-products and other sickening ingredients. I have read many articles over the years on the Truth behind this multi billion dollar industry – a by product of waste not fit for human consumption by food giants like Monsanto and it is not easy to digest – excuse the pun. It has also been well documented that the millions of animals euthanized in shelters end up in the animal food is basically your animal friends are eating themselves. That is not something I am willing to support – the choice is yours, so choose what works for you knowing where the food comes from. Ask questions, meet your food, ask your body what it requires and desires and go from there.IMG_1852

It’s difficult to accept, but the dry and canned dog food that is currently being sold in grocery stores and many of the large pet supply stores is not only lacking in nutrients and digestibility, it is often (almost always) laden with cheap, inappropriate and toxic ingredients that are obtained from rendering plants and as rejects from other food industries. These companies do not care about your animal companions in the least. These highly processed “foods” are the biggest contributors to many, if not most, of the illnesses and imbalances suffered by our beloved companions. Brands to eliminate completely and forever, are Iams, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Purina, Hills Science Diet, Ol’ Roy and Pedigree, just to name a few.

Dogs and cats are not humans – they are each a different species and, as such, have a different and specific set of nutritional requirements needed to maintain vibrant good health. One of the most respectful ways to express deep caring for our companions is to feed species- appropriate food.

What else is possible to contribute to happy, healthy bodies, human and animal alike and the Planet today?


For more information and recipes to get your pets eating to LIVE email me or see my website for details of my services.

may all of life come to you with ease, joy and glory!

What are you defending for or against ?

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What is your story that has you defending for or against trusting you or someone else?

If you are listening to, buying or telling the story of how you have defined everything to be less than you know it can be, can anything else show up greater than your story? No, if you are not resonating with who you really are and trust that, then how can what you know is possible show up. If you have to work so hard for everything that comes to you, then you have to keep working hard for all of that, everything you don’t want. Would it make sense that if you ask questions like ” how can I change this?”, the energy you have bought as the story of your disastrous life can change in to something greater than you ever imagined possible and trust becomes a knowing?


What if it does not matter how good your story is, you don’t buy into it, if you ask how you can change it and don’t buy in to the story, then it can morph into something far greater and then the quantum entanglement can rearrange itself by request of your question to give you what you are asking for!

What have you defined as trust that actually is not?

What if instead of sifting through the data and trying to figure it out to define what you want, ask what your priority is. Then you can trust that anything that does not match the vibrations of what you want is not what you choose. If you are not generating, creating and instituting what does match what you are asking for, then you have to give your attention to what you have got and then you don’t match the energy of what you do want and then you have to judge yourself as untrustworthy.


If you use your choice to ask for what you want so the Universe can deliver it, then you get the freedom to get out of the trauma and drama of the story, of trusting your knowing that you know and then your life shows up as the magic you know it can be.

Trust is something which is coming up quite strongly for me at the moment.

It seems that all the old programming, trigger in times when I am out of trusting my knowing, In that 10 seconds, I go back in to a story of when trust came up as big wall, to validate the story of not trusting that distracts me from staying present to choose something else. Not bright, certainly the insanity that is running the planet and gets the better of me at times when there is stories, dynamics between people doing competition, that lowers my vibration out of creation and into defense.

Trust has nothing to do with automatic amygdala response – fight/flight to keep the physical body alive.


Part of the stressors of the reality we live in, is that the brain perceives attack and threat of what we imagine as real. It cannot tell the difference and so we got back in to the caveman stories, into hyper vigilance and paranoia and out of healthy fear. It is little wonder that people function from fear and anxiety when their is no repair time for the amygdala to calm down and integrate.  We have been entrained to trust nothing, not even our own knowing, to be in constant defense mode all the time, it is not our fault, just bad training. In the old days when after the lion attack for example, the amygdala would go in to rest mode as the story was told. The trust and gratitude for knowing to live to see another day. Now there is just a bombardment of gory stories everywhere, driving your car, turning on the news, watching war movies in 3D and so it goes day in and day out. How do you make sense of all the madness and calm down to trust what you are asking for and not buy the stories?

Here are some easy questions to get you to trust your knowing and out of figuring it out based on past stories:

▪   ask will this person/ thing be a contribution to my life, my business?

▪   if I choose this person/thing will he/she be a contribution to my life, my business?

▪   will it be expansive to my money flows

▪   what is my priority in relation to this?

▪   what exactly is the deal?

▪   does this match my target energetically?

▪   if I choose this person/ thing, what will my life look like 5 years from now?

You want to ask these questions to the person in relation to you as well, to see if the vibrational compatibility is a match. By asking what the deal is and them telling you what that looks like, will give you the information and then you get to choose for you and trust that!

 what are you defending?

For me trusting my knowing, means dropping the barriers.

Taking a deep breath, being vulnerable. There is a space where judgment based on old belief systems that others cannot be trusted fall away and you just know. Asking what contribution can I be to you? is another of my favorites when looking at trusting expansive partnerships for me and someone else.

Trust feels very peaceful in the heart, it is expansive contribution to both parties. In this reality it is win or lose, how do I fit, how do I not lose, how do you benefit?  When I am creating something with someone I trust the process of being in the question of “I wonder what this would look like?  From this space of infinite possibilities and question, the choice allows everybody involved to become more of the gift they be, more enriched and expansive, instead of being depleted energetically. Trust your knowing!

what are you defending for or against 

Unless you choose it, is anything actually your intellectual property or is it just the energy of possibility and choice? There is nobody on the planet that does things the way you do it. You are unique, as are your talents and abilities, so is it possible to steal anything or is it just your creation no mater what anyone else is doing or being?

2013 is about self love, trust and honoring oneself to know what is true for you and going no matter who follows.

The universal 6 energy is about service which starts with self, the I am. When you are trusting self with kindness, allowance and graciousness then you can be the change the world requires.Where you are out of what is true for you energetically, there is also no trust. Where there is no trust there can be no honoring and therefor no co-creation. Where there is ego, judgment, story, there is no co-creation. Control has no place in a future reality in which we have all singularly been called to be empowered and create our own magic, to be trusting of an out of control life where you get to choose what is light and true for you.

What if trust is uncontrolled courage, which is following the creation o
f trust.

That constant awareness which makes you know what is happening in the present time. That constant being here now and forget about all that is on the outside, just be fully awake and open to everything no matter what that looks like or how it shows up. In this way we can commune with whomever is around us with no hesitations.

what are you defending for or against? 

When I am facilitating change with animals, I can be at the side of a young stallion, having the herd around me, and trust my knowing when he is getting into an arousing space. I can expand my zone and keep myself safe, without the need of changing him or asking him to be a different person around me. I have so much gratitude for people and animals to be around me in trust and vulnerability and be themselves, fully empowered. In that space co-creation happens.

So what if, just for today you lower the barriers and trust that you know what you know no matter what?