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Are you killing your loved ones with kindness?

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On a recent tour of consciousness to Durban,  I had the privilege of spending some time speaking to one of the most adored felines on the planet about health matters, the latest celebs visiting the Oyster Box hotel and global matters.

Welcome to the world of Skabenga!
I met Skabenga for the first time five years ago. He is a cat that at a glimpse looks like the cat that got the cream. He is royalty in the feline world, resident at the luxury 5 star Oyster Box hotel in Umphlanga is as close as it gets to being a corgi companion to HRH at Buckingham, Palace! he is  the author of a book about his adventures here at the hotel, he has carte blanche of where and who he lies on, a plush lookout post at the entrance where he welcomes new arrivals and sees who comes and goes and a smorgasbord of fine dining are just some of the perks !

The 5 star aristocat Skabenga

Lucky cat you may say, but some of the insight he shared during our conversation may have you considering what you ask for. I hear many people say “oh, when I come back again I want to be that cat, he has the perfect life !” For one, it is my interesting point of view that all species besides people are not stupid enough to wish to be anything other than the best they can be and stay totally present to enjoy embodiment. In my experiences as a professional animal communicator and body worker,I have occasionally facilitated the odd entity stuck in a body that once in it, have realized it may not have been their best choice. These cases gave me the awareness that presumed suicides may actually be the desperate attempt of an entity to get out of the physical body. And what if……
Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be?
Seeing Skabenga again after a year, I was aware of just how depressed and uncomfortable he was since our last meeting. As handsome as ever, he was finding the high life, like a lot of celebrities taking a strain on his emotional and physical state. His girth had expanded to a size that made walking difficult and  his kidneys were taking strain. He told me that he found humans most unconscious and although he knew it was a choice he made to be in the public eye, that some of the comments they made about his size and temperament were down right rude and cruel ! Like all  cats he loves to sleep in the day and hunts at night and he has his favorite spots. When I asked him why he does not choose a less public place to take his naps and avoid the constant petting, he remarked that no matter where he goes he is found.
 My six year old Thalia is a typical example of the most adoring of Skabengas fans. For her, it is not the luxury accommodation, the sea facing pool or delicious high tea that she loves about her visits, but that she gets to be with Skabenga or at least makes it her mission to hunt him down and keep him with her at all costs. Thalia complains often after one of these hide and seek adventures with Skabenga how grumpy he was with her and giving an occasional scratch as a warning . Even  when I tell her to notice that he had given her enough warnings to let him be, that perhaps next time she would honor his request, she came back from the last trip proud of his personal autograph scratches all over her Body!
In one of my basic animal classes for kids, the first things I like to share is to have honor, trust, gratitude, vulnerably and
Just as you would object to have a complete stranger come up to you and fondle you or squeeze your cheeks and say what a chubby cute fellow you are, animals would also appreciate some respect in you asking permission to pet. For a cat, hello is eye contact, a slow blink, the space to acknowledge their choice to slow blink hello back or not ( we all have those days when we would like a little breathing space) and then wait for it, a slow extended hand like a human handshake. The magical moment of opening the heart space, that heart to heart connection when they touch your hand with their nose is the invitation to then connect and stroke and exchange sensate pleasures of gifting and receiving and appreciation.
To me that is the moment when we quiet ourselves to receive the inner whisperings of telepathic communication and connections. How many times in the distractions of a busy world, do we miss out on the magic because we want the answers quick, get rich quick, get the information quick, where we miss out on the real treasure of deeper connections and insights that come. Some call it de sensitization, a disconnect where we are all on some level touch starved, where we yearn for deeper connections and yet could not be bothered to take the time to engage and then wonder why we feel separate and alone. I often times hear people speak of society as flakey and superficial, all judgements based on their experiences of lack and scarcity in all realms of life and wonder where the question is that could give them what they truly desire and require to have phenomenal life and relationships that are possible.

Winston my new co facilitator

Winston my new co facilitator

He got me thinking about the downsides of celebrity status and the general lack of respect and allowance the public have which has created constant mobbing by paparazzi in the billion dollar industry. So many like Princess Diana paid the ultimate price or was it the only choice she had at the time to change the circumstances of her life?
Skabenga like many starlets who have gone off the edge with over indulgence in food, drugs and alcohol as a cry out for help, the fans are quick to judge!
Skabenga asked what it would take for his body to lean down so he could get away like lightening speed from his fans, climb trees and hunt with ease? ask body wat to eat
I agreed to explore the possibilities of a dietary change and more physical activities for him – say like some me time on the treadmill in the gym or a kitty climber out of site from the public and he relaxed a bit at his concerns being heard. He is grateful for the attention and caring and lifestyle he has, but like us all,  is very aware that the “kindness” was killing him and his body and he truly was choosing change NOW. How many times have we gone against our knowing and given in to the pleadings or manipulative looks for the chocolates or just one more slice of pizza which adds up to a world of childhood diabetes, obesity and heart attack like never before. Not only is this epidemic killing kids but animal companions as well. What if now is the time to get back to basics? Where output is greater than input and where we listen to our bodies in every regard?
I noticed Toby my Maine Coone cross became rather portly and sedentary as he got into a comfortable lifestyles as the only cat left in his pack. He spent less time out and about, more time eating from his bowl than his own hunting expeditions and settled in to being a lap cat. Something he had not chosen when the other members of the pack were around. The recent addition to our family of Winston,a distinguished rather quiet longhair and a very big,rambunctious teenage Siamese cross, (Blue who turned put to be Sky my recently passed husky but that is another story)toby sj
Over the past few weeks, I have seen many shifts and changes in the family matrix which included some hissing and fighting with Blue and a near death experience after he bullied Toby right into the swimming pool. Had  my husband not investigated the caterwauling that night and jumped in to the icy water as Toby sunk to the bottom, he would have drowned!
After that incident and some body work and communications to release the trauma, I saw Toby transform literally overnight to his previous lean form and lioness pride swell up, as i saw him choosing something else. He realized if he was going to maintain himself as pack leader he better “shape” up !!
So instead of killing your loved ones human or animal with kindness, what if you could get out of caring and in to empowering them to change what they are choosing?
Here are some questions you could ask to change anything that is limiting or sticking you or someone else:
Are you stuck in a decision you have made ?
Yes, then ask
Is it yours?
What is it?
Can you change it?
And if so, how can you change it?
Ask them – destroy and UN relate any projections, rejections, separations, decisions judgements and conclusion they have about ……..
Ask your kindness, gratitude, peace and calm bars to run and tell your animal friends how much you adore and are grateful for them sharing your life.
squirrel what else is possible
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I would love to hear your comments and insights. What do you know ?
What else is possible ?
Infinite hugs and gratitude to beaYOUtiful you
SJ and the pack
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