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The Only But in your life should be the one you sit on!

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I have been having such an expansive, joyfilled, interesting time over the past few weeks with travelling through Europe and the UK, playing, communing with family and friends, gifting classes ( I co-hosted the new Foundation, level 1 with Gary in Roma) , conscious conversations and taking time out fro my regular schedule to expand my living with Thalia! How did I get to be so lucky?

Our True Nature is Essence. Most of the time we are entranced by our personality and do not remember our Essential nature.

I’m sure you’re aware of the power of choice and the power of the mind. It reminds me of a great quote “The mind is a dangerous thing, waste it! “I’m a huge believer in creating change and expansion whenever possible, by knowing that choice trumps clearing every time!
It is ALSO really important to pay equally close attention to the language that you use throughout your day. Image

You see, the fact is that your language is the physical actualization of your thoughts. 

You can spend all the time in the world thinking positively…
But if you’re not also making a conscious choice to reflect your  intentions in your language, it’s a bit like going to the gym to “try” and lose weight while still eating all of the junk food you like and having no regard for what your physical body is requiring and desiring.
This means, chances are that you’re not going to see maximum benefits in your life 😉

If you want to live your life to your greatest, most generative, phenomenal potential 
and have the power to turn your goals into your living, breathing reality…
You’ll see faster results if you make the demand to be more mindful of the words that you use when speaking to yourself and to others.

To help you do this, here are 2 words or phrases that I recommend you eliminate from your 
vocabulary as much as possible:

1) Eliminate the words “I can’t.”
“I can’t” are some of the most self-limiting words you can use. 
There’s a great quote by Henry Ford that explains why:“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

What you say, you will experience. Your words are your thoughts in motion, and they shape the reality around you. So when you use the words “I can’t,” guess what? You will manifest a situation in which you can’t do something!

Best-selling author Jack Canfield does an experiment at his live events that proves this.
He gets volunteers from the audience to stand up and extend their arms to either side. Then, Jack tells the volunteers to think either “I can” or “I can’t.”
When he tries to push down the arms of the people who think “I can,” their arms don’t budge. Almost like they were made of concrete! 

But when he tries to push down the arms of the people who think “I can’t,” he’s able to push their arms like a knife through butter.
So if that’s what’s possible just by THINKING “I can” or “I can’t,” imagine what you physically actualize by verbally speaking those words! 

You will instantly solidify in your body, your life and your reality what you think about and what you speak about. So if you find yourself saying “I can’t,” the Universe will deliver up situations to you in which you find you can’t do something.

2) Eliminate the words “I don’t know.”
This is a phrase that A LOT of people use throughout the day.have you noticed that when you say this repeatedly and you’ll continuously create situations where you find yourself unable to move from point A to point B because you just don’t know, or you draw a blank, or you just can’t change what ever it is you have judged as a wrongness, a still point where you stop creating what you desire and more of what you don’t want.

If you find yourself saying either “I can’t” or “I don’t know,” what if you stop yourself and ask a question or rephrasing what you’ve just said?

ImageSo for example, if you catch yourself saying “I can’t make it to the gym today because I’m too busy,” what if you asked a question instead like ” hey body, would it be a kindness and a contribution for us to go work out at gym ? or “reframe that statement by saying instead:
“How much fun can me and my body have at gym? I’m really looking forward to giving it my all tomorrow!”

If you find yourself saying “I don’t know,” which is a decision, conclusion and a judgement, what if you change your point of view and ask a question like what would it take for me to ( fill in the blank)? or ask what do I know that I am pretending not to know that if I knew it would change this with total ease ?
Your words are immensely powerful, so what if you use your languaging and self talk for you, rather than against you to create anything ?

So what if just for today you ask what else is possible and eliminate any self abasing words from your self talk and dialogue and see what else shows up. Remember your first line of communication has always been energy – it is not the words. 

I dare you to have fun becoming aware of what words you habitually use that lock up and limit you by looking them up in the pre 1945 Webster dictionary. I have included a link here: http://machaut.uchicago.edu/websters

It is the last dictionary that was printed where the energy of the words matches. These days we use words that we think mean one thing and actually are the opposite – for example need is a lack. So often in my money classes when I ask people to repeat ” I don’t NEED money” ten times, they start to smile and lighten up. Insane as it may seem, I point out that the truth is that they don’t actually lack money!! To watch the lights go on, the ah ha moment, that the class participants is the defining moment that never ceases to get me excited. They become more aware of the words they use and that in itself is the simplicity and ease that can change your life dynamically too.

 I’m also doing an impromptu Foundation and Level 1 starting early July in Joburg fresh off the Rome updates, as co facilitator In the POD UK classes with Gary Douglas!!  If you or anyone you know is still interested, please let me know.

Have you been curious about Access Consciousness?

Would you like to know how these classes can contribute to you?
Is NOW the time to check it out?
……and what if every penny you spent was a choice and a possibility instead of something that was worth wasting?

I’ve been facilitating 5 DAYS to CHANGE YOUR LIFE in the UK, and across Africa because these tools and reminders to know that you know DO change lives – my own story is beyond what I could ever have imagined possible which I the reason I LOVE to gift it forward!
I am so excited to be doing another one back at home!!  It is all choice over the first 2 weekends of August or 4 days of phenomenal change in a row.  I’ve got a schedule of possibilities I am so excite
d about coming to animal lovers and solo-preneurs and more!!!  
What else is possible?  If you’d like to see my schedule or host an event in your area please call me +27832565514 or…click here: www.accessurtruenature.com or sarahjanefarrell.accessconsciousness.com.
Sending you Infinite hugs and gratitude
May all of life come to you with ease, joy and glory!




Happiness is Just a Choice

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Happy June! This is a 3 energy month, time to lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously! I have been having so much fun creating new classes, seeing clients and playing in London with my friends, family and colleagues in Access Consciousness, even the chilly spring weather has been wonderfully refreshing! Have you noticed how time is becoming less significant in the space we are shifting in to or are you stuck in the panic that half the year has gone by and judged yourself as not happy or successful enough and gone in to the wrongness of you ??

happiness is just a choice copy

I was walking down Nottinghill Rd the other day when I noticed a poster in a church window, advertising a class on How to be happy! What ever happened to just being happy as the natural state of being alive? On reflection, I realised that as a transformational change agent for people around the world, many of the people I meet do not know that happiness is just a choice! When did laughter and happiness get lost in the distraction of misery, lack and scarcity? What if just choosing something else is all that is required to BE happy?

As a successful entrepreneur, it is my target to get my clients back to knowing that they know it is possible and quite simple in fact to BE happy, to Access your True Nature! What if your priority is the joy of business as your life? Most people get stuck in the lie that working hard and long and painfully is the only way to achieve ultimate satisfaction and success and then, and only when success is achieved and the money shows up is happiness permitted!Have you noticed that most people kill themselves in the fantasy and insanity of all that? Most people strive to earn a living instead of having a phenomenal life. What if there was an easier way? What would you choose?

I took a day off to take Thalia to see a matinee of Epic – (seriously when was the last time you saw a movie in the day time when grown ups are supposed to be seriously slogging it out to make money?) It was a feel good movie, kind of Alice meets Alice and a little yellow brick road – a look beneath what is about the fight between good and evil – the bad ass Mandrake, king pin of the Boggins retorted ” I am sick of balance, time blight ruled the planet!” He expressed such miserable joy in his priority to have all of it! epic-movie

One of the common desires I hear from my clients is that they just want balance and to be happy! When did we get so de sensitized to being happy that we have to re learn something that is as natural an expression as laughter or tears? And what if balance is not the flatlining still point we have been misguided to believe is something we actually desire? Every cell in the body, like the ebb ad flow of the ocean nature and our bodies is in a constant state of flux, moving always to achieve the most in beingness.

Have you mis-dentified joy as exuberance? True joy is a sense of peace. It is the breath of life – in and out, a sign, a soft breeze on your forehead. Are you following your bliss?

What if…..regardless of outside circumstances…. you can just blissfully, happily BE YOU ?
Anywhere you have made yourself live at the effect of anyone else, rather than stepping into the unreal, unbelievable, phenomenal reality you belong to…… would you know that you know that you are enough just by being you? Being happiness and inspiring others to follow their bliss ?♥

What is your natural state of being happy? I would love to hear what makes your heart sing!

holiday every day

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