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5 Tips to Create More Whilst Doing Less

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5 Tips to Create More whilst Doing Less.

For many years, I dreamed of relaxing on a beach while drinking margeritas. Instead, I worked 12–16 hour days and then watched TV mindlessly until sleep took over. By the time the weekend rolled around, there were errands, chores, and—oh yes—I needed to catch up on sleep. I had no time or energy to plan or do anything fun. I felt powerless. My body broke down, I destroyed multi million dollar businesses, I lost everything I had worked so hard to create – the house, the cars, the money, my marriage and I wanted to die. I was trapped.


For decades, I asked myself, “How can I end this cycle? There has to be more than this and if there is not I am out of here!” Sound familiar?

Well, I finally got the aha moment …I am the creator of my own life and everything that showed up in my life, my body, my business – all of it, I had created. Imagine my excitement when I realized that if I had been working so hard and potently to create my life as constant cycles of abuse, trauma, drama and emergencies, what I could create if I used my potency for me rather than against me?

Are you addicted to overachievement?

I don’t know about you, but I got a short lived thrill every time I crossed a task off of my list. The trouble is the more I functioned from the judgment of not being, not achieving, not DOING enough, The more tasks I crossed off, the more frustrated and overwhelm set in and the less joy I had. I wanted to prove that I was indispensable, hardworking, and loyal.

I loved being the one that could handle it all. And if I promised that I would get it done by a deadline, I would move planets to do it. I was creating change and money for everyone else and watching them get free BUT, it was not enough. I felt exhausted. I had very little energy left to give anyone, especially myself. I wasn’t having fun like I envisioned. Even though I was busy, I had my head so disconnected from my body, that I was on a constant Mobius strip, a hamster wheel of distracting myself from  actually showing up to create a magical life.

What I know for sure is that the magic happens when you stay present with your body. Stop going into the past or in to the future pico universes of an overactive mind and stay present in the moment. Being is an action quite different to doing. Being present, for me right now is writing this blog on a pool lounger under a tree while Thalia attends a playshop of her own. The birds are singing, a white kitty is giving me a love and telling me about what she knows and granted I have no margarita but the water is great –  seriously How does it get any better than this?


make hay while the sun shines

What if by enjoying the moment and doing less, more than you could ever imagine possible shows up as if by magic? How many of those aha, moments come to you when you are in that space of nothingness?

Would you be willing, just for today to breathe in the sunshine and birdsong and stay present. Universe show me something beautiful today…. Then sit back and totally receive all of what comes to you!

What if the HOW is where you employ the Universe to show you what that is?

Doing less does not make you less valuable.

Why was I doing this to myself? The problem was—deep down—I needed to feel valuable, to be acknowleged, to make a difference in the world. And the more I did, the more de valued and valuable I felt. But after the initial rush, doing all of those tiny tasks felt unsatisfying. And then I realized, doing less of what is not aligned with your goals is okay. When you do unnecessary tasks that don’t contribute to your overarching targets , it can leave you feeling unmotivated and very dissatisfied. That is the key to doing less while still generating and creating your life as your business.

Do less of what is not important, and do only what matters most to you. How do you know what matters most to you? What if you get past understanding and the why’s of what you choose and in to generative question instead?


Here are a few things you could begin exploring to open you up to a different possibility.

1.Discover what motivates you—beyond the why!

You are your own North star! Does the energy of what you are creating match your target?

What would it take to trust you enough to move out of the predictabilty of what you bought as true that actually is a lie? What if you would be willing to let go of being vested in the outcome of any and all preconceived ideas based on other people’s realities of what success and failure are? What questions could you ask that would keep you present to create and generate beyond what you know IS possible?

2.Be totally malleable and flexible.

If what you are generating does not match the energy of what you are creating, choose something else or ask what you could ADD to amplify the energy or out create it. If you had 10 seconds to live the rest of your life, what would you choose? Ok that 10 seconds is gone, what do you choose, ok that 10 seconds is gone what do you choose? Notice that when you go in to trying or efforting against your knowing how heavy and difficult it gets?  What if by being totally honest with yourself in that moment of choice, you could create more joy and ease? For me if it is not fun, choose something else? Simple !

Ask : What grand and glorious adventures will I have today?

What would it take for me to amplify the energy of ……. For all the world to see?

What energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be that would allow this to be ease, joy and glory right away?


I used to believe that it would take less time for me to do a task myself then to deal with the back-and-forth of training someone else to meet my high standards. Interesting point of view right? What do you dislike doing? What if you asked for the person who is so brilliant at the things that are not light and fun for you to show up? Would you be willing to be happy that there are amazing creators out there that can do the things you dislike BETTER and faster than you? I am so grateful for sites like fiverr.com where there are super heros willing to do pretty much anything for $5!

If you are willing to let go of being the c
ontrol freak of magnitude and thankfully hand over to someone who enjoys those tasks that are not fun for you, then you get to spend more of your time creating the money doing what is easy and expansive for you, to pay for the parts that you don’t like. How does it get better than that?

Ask : what would it take for the person most suited to show up and do this for me right now?

4.Say no.

Have you noticed how easily you go in to the wrongness of YOU, when you can’t say no? How many decisions judgments, conclusions, and other obsessive, compulsive points of views do you have based on what it means to say NO or YES, when you actually mean NO. Our task lists fill up when we don’t say, “no.” Learn how to say no. Need ideas? Here are 99 ways to say no, politely, succinctly, and unapologetically. What if you give up the abusive, unkindness of going against you and choice and step in to the kind honoring of you instead? How much change could you create by no longer being the doormat of other’s manipulations. There is no maybe here, only YES or NO.

Ask: if I choose this what will my life look like 6 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years from now?If I don’t choose this what what will my life look like 6 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years from now?

Will this be a contribution to me, to my body, to my business? If not, what if saying no could be that kindness to you and the other person/ Thank you for asking, this is not going to work for me! What else is possible?

5.Get clear on what your aim is for the day.

What if you ask your business what it required of you today to out create and expand it exponentially? Also ask you business what contribution it can be to you? Energy of contribution is a beneficial gifting and receiving! By staying in the question and wonderment, you will get clear on where to direct your energy without going in to the litany of judgment about what you did not do!

“In life, you can either be the hammer or the nail. You can apply force and energy where you want it to go, or you can react to the force and energy of others.” Sparkpeople,

The more you react instead of act, the harder it is to set your own direction. And the more likely it is that you’ll wake up one day and wonder where you “went wrong.”

Are you wiling to be and do whatever it takes no matter what it looks like or how it shows up to have a phenomenal life? What if you can BE the joy of consciously creating the life you want to have and live in your abundant True Nature Now? !

If this resonates with you, leave your comments, tips and tools, that allow you to have more ease and space in your life! Be the inspiration to action others to be JOY

Check out my other blog posts here at www.accessyourtruenature.com or go to www.accessurtruenature.com for more details on booking a private session, upcoming classes or speaking events in your area.

 May all of life come to you with ease, joy and glory!

‘My clients want to realise their full potential, and achieve the lifestyle they know IS possible.”

 My target is to get you, the super hero of your life to know that you know. I facilitate anyone who is done with pain and struggle and demands CHANGE NOW – to be free from the lies, the faulty belief systems, the bad training of this reality, their obligations, their limitations, their fears, and any other obstacles to thriving abundant happy life that IS possible. My clients are open to new ideas and are willing to face up to challenging issues. They are determined, brave, inspired and inspiring. Through tackling challenges head-on they develop a stronger sense of self and achieve the goals they have set themselves.

Are you getting the sex you want?

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Did anyone ever tell you anything really USEFUL about sex and relationships? Something that actually worked? Truth?

 Or is this one of those areas in your lives where you stumble around blindfolded, trying to find the RIGHT relationship and the BEST sex – over and over again?

Now… how does it get even better than that?

 What if everything you ever learnt was a lie?

What if relationship and sex can be the adventure of revitalizing relationships with no effort? What if keeping the fire not just burning but being the fierceness could be easy and joy filled? Over the years of facilitating conscious relationships, i realized that most people give up on life’s blissful pleasures including sex way too early.
The only thing and the one difference you are absolutely refusing is that you would know what is best for you.
How many thoughts, feelings, emotions and no sex do you use to maintain belief in politicians, churches, government, insurance & medicine? This is giving up your awareness in favor of belief.Would you give up hard for a little ease joy and glory in life?
The real difference in life is recognizing what doesn’t work and then not doing it again. How often have you been willing to give 150% to someone in a relationship who took  200%. That is NOT a good relationship. How many of your politicians are the least worst, not the best? How many of you choose your relationships based on the least worst, not the best? Most people choose the least worst rather than holding out for the best. What if the best relationship is with yourself?

ImageWhat if you learned the way you learn, instead of the way that others have told you that you have to learn. “I’m sorry, this isn’t working for me…”
You think that someone else would know what is best for you.
What if you are the only obstacle to having an orgasmic life? Would you consider getting out of your own way?

How many times have you tried to fix the relationship you are in that doesn’t work? Don’t fix your relationship that doesn’t work, leave it. YOU are the only person you can change. Can you make anyone else happy? Can you make anyone else sad? No. You cannot make anyone else do or be anything.
Would be willing to give up fixing the entire universe and making sure that everything works?

Happy, orgasmic, thriving living is all just CHOICE, so what would you like to choose ?

Juicy, yummy, fun (yes!) sex – and caring, intimate, joyful (yes!) relationships? Would you be willing to choose THAT? 

What would YOU ask about sex and relationships if everything were allowed and nothing judged? The definition of insanity is doing the same things day after day and expecting to get a different result…

The 5 cornerstones of any phenomenal relationship that create amazing intimacy you are looking for in your life are honor, trust, vulnerability, allowance, and gratitude. Sex and copulation is not one of them. When you have that for you, that’s the relationship you have to have with yourself.  What if you could be so in love with your partner, that neither of you had to sacrifice or compromise or divorce, mutilate, amputate or cut bits of you away to show up in relationship? It is possible to have no barriers of separation and create an amazing out the box, relationship done differently for YOU.

For easy change, here are 8 easy tips to keep the excitement and orgasmic living (not just plodding along) in all your partnerships including expansive sex as i copulation.

  1. Adventure: find ways to out create everything you think were your “best it can get” relationship moments and make them bigger and better than you can imagine possible.Smash out of your glass ceiling and see what fun it can be! I wonder who I will wake up being today? if you don’t know, imgaine the thrill of that for your partner.
  2. Honor: each others differences and agree to disagree. To honor is to treat with regard (the other person and yourself). Your truth does not have to be your partners truth.What if it ok not to like the same things or have different interests?  For example: ” You know what, let us not talk about this again! The complaints department on that one is closed forever. That is true caring, that is a kindness to you and your partner. Are you willing to be so kind that you go past caring in to true caring for you?
  3. Trust: This is not the biggie people often make it out to be. Trust your knowing, trust you in every aspect of your life including relationships.When you trust yourself, knowing that this is what you have to do for you, to honor you, whether anybody else approves of it or not. If you are aware of something, you can see what it is and then choose to not be at the affect of that.To trust is to know that the person will do what they will do. Trust is not blind faith.
    For example: If you are together, then BE together 100%. If your man is watching a tie breaker tennis match, trust that the game is going to be way more important than you in that moment. Go have a coffee with your girlfriends and enjoy some play time away being where you want to be.
  4. Don’t take things personally: everything is just an interesting point of view. Your point of view does not have to be mine. It is not right or wrong, it is just a point of view – simple.
  5. Allowance: Don’t justify, criticize, blame defend or reject each other. These are all ‘feelings and emotions” designed to distract you from what you are choosing. The stop your life, your relationship and take you out of being present by going in to the trauma and drama of the past so you cannot create a phenomenal future! Just STOP and ask a question. You know what I am talking about….. remember the last heated argument you had when you got so off track you could not remember what the fuss was actually about? Allowance does not require solidity, judgment does.
  6. Vulnerability: is never putting up a barrier to everything you are and seeing the good, bad and ugly of you. Are you willing to be salt in the open wound and be in love with you and your own life?
  7. Gratitude: Don’t criticize and reject yourself or each other. Instead, what if you could have gratitude for everything, yes the good, bad and the ugly? Gratitude is being grateful for having you in your life; being grateful for your life. What can you be thankful for? Look for the gift in everything ! For example – the old clique ” he left the toilet seat up AGAIN!!” I am so thankful he left the seat up and I did not fall in. I know he does, I am so thankful I am aware of that, even at 3am in the morning so that I can reach out in the dark and check before I sit down and hit the water in the bowl:-)
  8. Have a wildcard factor—tap in to the energy of child like wonder and play because you can be silly, being happy and together! What if you could be that out of control crazy wild in your relationship that it changes minute by minute? What if being totally out of control means that nobody ever gets to control you? You get to choose what is a contribution to you in your life and you get to inspire others to choose that too, just by showing up as all that for you!

ImageUnlike all the “advice” you may have received in that past, the next conversation “Let us talk about Sex – creating conscious, orgasmic, juicy relationships” offers you some easy tools and processes that actually change things… Access Your True Nature is weird, wacky – and it works! For more information on the core Access Consciousness™ classes where we go in to depth on sex, orgasm and receiving as sex and so much more please see my schedule or find or host a class in your  area visit www.sarahjanefarrell.accessconsciousness.com.

Would you be willing to try that? Are you ready?

 “Let us talk about Sex – creating conscious, orgasmic, juicy relationships”

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What else is possible from a totally different reality with relationships? What if you can have your cake and eat it too? Get out the whipped cream and come and explore the infinite possibilities!

For my free gratitude journal send me your email address until I get my website live !

Ease, gratitude ad orgasmic sex

SJ and the pack!

and if you have any great tips for thriving relationships please leave your comments below!