August 2013 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

What is your big fat But ?

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How big is your but?

Let me tell you why you are here!

You’re here because you know something. What is beyond your but? How many lies have you bought in to and gone against you to hold them in place. Energy flows where energy goes, so what ever you make real and true for you like “I have big thighs”, guess what you create? Yup, big fat thighs !

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What you know you cannot explain, but you FEEL it. You’ve felt it your entire life.

That there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there…like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me.”- Morpheus from The Matrix

Just like Morpheus ripped Neo’s world wide open, I want to ask you a question about that big fat but that keeps you in a constant state of disease.

Here’s a question for you: Is your life, your joy of business where you want it to be, right now? Or are you craving more more profitability, more success, more fulfillment?

Hmm, thought so. 

You see I’ve been in your shoes.

And you know what? I realized something.

I realized that the reason I wasn’t where I desired to be, was mostly because of ME –that there were things I wasn’t doing, becoming, or having because of resistance within myself

Each time, that resistance came down to the word BUT. 

But . . . I can’t.

But . . . I’m not good enough.

But . . . I don’t have time.

But . . . I don’t have enough money.

Sound familiar?

body cx facilitator

Okay, because I have a treat for you,  — a spontaneous off the cuff audio I made in the midst of my own big buts and some amazing women willing to get off their buts on a recent tele call . If we were all stuck in our buts, then perhaps speaking about them out loud – all for me, all for fun, may give you some pragmatic easy ways out of the but and into action for you to. Are you ready to explore and see how you can overcome YOUR “Big But”? All you have to do is press play, give yourself a few minutes and explore the infinite possibilities with me!

 What are some of the big buts stopping you from thriving and accessing your true nature?

If you would like more of this, join me for the upcoming “Ending the Weight of Judgment and having the lighter life and body” 2 day class in Johannesburg, South Africa in September. For more details please contact me directly.


“I lost 5kgs in the 6 days between the first class and the start of the other. I could not believe just how many hidden beliefs I had locked in to my body to hold me back from having the ease with my body and my life.” A. Hoffer Pretoria

“Once I began to let them go and use the body processes, I no longer felt compelled to hold on to things including people who were making me so heavy! I am amazed how much my body has changed in such a short space of time!” Susan Durban

” I got two new singing gigs during the classes! I chose this class thinking it was all about losing weight. It was so much more than a 12 step program or diet that took me out of choice. I am being kinder and listening to my body and my life and relationships have changed in ways I could not have dreamt possible. So grateful SJ.” Estellle, Joburg, SA

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Are you killing yourself softly with abusive words ?

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Words we use everyday have a powerful message.

The way we hear our own words can bring us success or failure. What we say about ourselves will come into your

When we invite good things by well-chosen words, they will attract good things into our life. Success is waiting for you to
invite it in to your life.

You are what you eat well, and we are what we say about ourselves. Words are powerful so use them to bless
yourselves and others. What words do you use to describe your life? I urge you to only say the positive about
yourself and your life. You would never go up to someone else and say negative words to them. You don’t make a habit
of criticize a person’s character or their business.

So don’t do it to yourself.

As children we’re taught to listen to our elders and people who are in a position of authority. We let their words form
what we feel about ourselves. We repeat the things that people say about us as a reality instead of believing that
we can do all things we put our mind to.

You will never know your full potential when you let someone else word define you. The time has come to take words and
use them to invite you. Allow the good things you want by saying, I am before everything you want in your life.

Have the health, energy, beauty, weight and success you want.
Never say I am not good enough. Take what you have, you are enough, there is no one like you in this world and never
will be. You are an original and that makes you special, amazing, wonderful and I am a one of a kind.

Thinking you are not or discrediting yourself will only bring more of the same. God made each of us with the ability
to do great things and even if someone else can do the things we do they will never do it the same way. The words I
am are two powerful words they form what we believe about ourselves.

You want to change your mind-set?

Start by listening to your own words. Instead of telling yourself that you are less than qualified, by saying things about
yourself, the negative things that somebody has said about you when you were younger. Stop the litany of judgment you throw at yourself and your body from the moment you wake up and be willing to step in to a kind, honoring space of gratitude for who you BE in the world.


Each one of use is born with our own unique talents and gifts to bring in to the world and the power to do great things.
Be aware of the power of the words you choose as the vibration of what you create in your life, living and body.

What do you tell yourself when you’re alone with your thoughts? The words you are using are setting your mind-set. Have you
believed the words someone has used to describe you or told you as you were?


You can choose what words develop your mind-set and invite the things you want in life. Attitude is the difference and
will because you are an original. When you are with the people who see your greatness it is because you show them
the words you tell yourself. The best part of forming your own opinion based on the special things you tell yourself is
that your talents noticed by others and they will receive you for the invitation you are.

Our being is inviting the future that we want. Feeding yourbeing is the same as feeding your body the difference is
instead of food our being eats words. Your body follows the mind.

Make sure the words you tell yourself is the words you want people to describe you.

Please share your aha moments and the words that have been limiting you that no longer are and be sure to look up the words so you get to know the true meaning of the energy they hold so you can eliminate the abusive, judgmental ones from your daily self talk! This is the last dictionary that actually gives you the TRUE meaning of the words.

Above all have fun asking for what you know is possible and if you would like more contact me for a laser session that may just give you the ease, joy and glory you have been looking for!

What if it truly is that easy?

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Words that are not your happiness buddies

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Are you closing the doors to greater possibilities by using words like “usually” and “always”?

We’ve learned from various sources how our words create, generate and mold our reality. Lately, I’ve been taking a closer look at that. What has caught my attention the most are the words “usually” and “always”. I’m so amazed at how often we use those words. Can you see how these words can limits us? How the future can be squandered by those words if not used wisely…. Nothing wrong, simply consciously aware of how we are creating our world, our reality.

* I always do this…
* I always sit here, I always start my day with coffee, tea, etc…
* When focusing, I always feel that…
* I always order this…
* I always have this sensation when…

* Usually I feel this when doing that…
* Usually, this person always does that…
* Usually people think this…different reality

Can you see how all the doors of new possibilites, new sensations, new outcomes have just been closed…? Have you also noticed how those words are used in statements and conclusions and not in questions? Questions open doors – they are our invitation to new and greater experiences and possibilities.

What if you said:
* Even though I have done this in the past, in this moment, what
do I choose?
* I’ve always felt ______ while focusing, I wonder what else is there?
* I’ve ordered this alot before, body what would you like to eat now?
* I have experienced many sensations while ___________ and who
knows what will happen in this time?
* What if this person did something different? What if I were different,
would they respond differently?
* What else is possible?
* How can this turn out far greater than I can possibly imagine?

I invite you to, just for 1 day, to pay attention to those around you and to yourself too. What will it take to make a conscious choice to turn your limiting words and statements in to questions which brings about greater possibilities? How much fun can we have “self-correcting” ? I catch myself laughing alot in those moments, how does it get even better than that?

What energy will you and your body be today?

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Now I know you know this, — but it’s easy to forget especially when you get distracted in the chaotic every day busy ness called living in the insane asylum called Planet Earth – beam me up Scotty !
As we are walking (or speeding – lol) through our day – I find that what comes up for a lot of people is ‘Where it it?’ or ‘What am I doing wrong?’ in reference to the thing that they most want to transform in their life. “What is right about you, you are not getting?”, is so much more expansive a question to ask next time you go into trying to figure it out and go in to the wrongness of you!bodys job to make u right
Now check in with yourself for a moment.  Think about one thing you’d like to transform in your life right now and ask ‘what is this? Where is it?’.  What do you sense going on in your body?  Does it feel light, spacious, exciting?  Or, does it feel anxious, confusing, frustrating – heavy?
Same thing with ‘What am I doing wrong?’ How does that feel?
Now ask, what is right about me, I am not getting? How is the energy on that question?
Now you might be wondering why you should check in with your body and the answer is that your body has access to your subconscious, which has a direct link (my interesting point of view) to the wisdom of the Universe.  When you check in with your body – you’re by-passing that wonderful thing called your Conscious Mind – the mind is a dangerous thing waste it! Are you willing to be totally mindless?
Your Conscious Mind , in the moment, only has access to what you already know and have experienced – which, if you think about the amazing abundance of the Universe, is pretty limited.
” If you are thinking you are stinking so what if you ask what you know that you are pretending not to know and stay present and conscious to everything!”
Going back to how your body feels – if it “feels” anxious or heavy – which it will for most people – it usually is your bio feedback from your greatest consciousness facilitator – yup you heard me, your body never lies or leaves you. So when your world and your body contracts its probably because whatever you’ve just thought about is not the truth.
In this case, the heavy feeling associated with ‘where is it?’ and ‘what am I doing wrong’ often times is our body communicating to YOU, that you’re not in resonance and harmony by focusing on those questions.
What if you use this instead? – ask yourself ‘what energy can I be for this to show up quickly and easily?’  What I find is a word or a phrase will pop to mind – that is your knowing that comes fast and often times un noticed.
Next step – be that energy for the rest of the day.
Would you be willing to play with this, even if it is just for today and see how things shift and change as if by magic for you!?
What energy, space and consciousness can you be today?
Let me know what comes up in your Universe and what you would like to change in the comments box below.
What magic can we create from that space of energetic communion.
Infinite hugs and gratitude
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Is jealousy and competition killing your business and happiness

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If we all claimed the true richness we be, would we not recognize and have the deepest gratitude for that in others and the magical gifts and blessings from the earth?
How different would our lives be from a space of collaboration, the world and the prospects and possibilities for humanity

Is competition killing your business and your life?

What if when you celebrate someone else’s success, when you can sincerely be happy for their achievements, it raises your vibration? The Universe has your back and so do I. You are not alone. In my house growing up in the competitive world of synchronised swimming,my father’s point of view was you were first or you were nothing!

It created a lot of stress and tears for me – I remember having my appendix out and two days later being back in the pool, competing at 8 years old and yes, I won! The thing is sport is one thing, competition pushed me to be the best, to bring home the gold. I was the youngest person ever to represent my country at international level and I am grateful I had supportive parents to push me when I would rather have stayed in bed or had a boyfriend. I wanted to be “normal” like the other girls in my school, instead of swimming 8 hours a day, in the days when heated indoor pools did not exist. I was not normal, as much as I would have given my eye teeth to have friends my age, I am grateful for the “discipline” my swimming career brought me – I never quit, I am always looking for a better, easier way and when I was employed I never took a sick day or gave up.

access your true nature

How many times have you been made wrong for standing out, having a voice in the world, going further, taking risks? You see as an entrepreneur, you cannot be normal and fit in, you were born to shine.Know that none of that is your fault – it is just the bad training of this reality! As Thomas Edison said:
“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Today’s video is about the value of ”

NO competition” – click here

How can you use competition to your advantage?

I know there are times when I find myself getting competitive and quite pathetic. When you are more aware of everything including your triggers, then you can see it for what it is and not make yourself wrong. Everywhere in nature we see evidence of abundance. There is an unlimited supply of everything, and every experience. There is more than enough to go around! The only thing that keeps us in competition and away from receiving the abundance that is all around us, is our belief that there is not enough. This lie is the lie of scarcity and limitation.

That is where if you are aware of the distractors, that is enough most of the time to get you into the space of allowance – where you get to ask questions, find the gift. So the next time you find yourself  going in to a distractor implant – you know the places where “feeling” jealous or envious take over your life and your capacity to create more, what if you switch your thoughts to inspired action instead.

What questions can you ask to get you in to gratitude for that person and yourself?
You will then be energetically vibrating in abundance instead of lack.

access your true nature

Know that you can create anything you desire!

When you feel competitive, just know that perhaps there is a little lack within you, and it can be shifted easily by asking questions like “Who does that belong to? Is it mine? If you get that it is yours ask – what it is? Can I change it?
How can I change it? What else is possible I have not considered?

Imagine a world where competition and judgement did not exist?
What gift and contribution can you be to your life, and the world today?Thanks so much for watching! 
Please share with me your comments on this subject and how it has impacted you. 

Much ease and gratitude, 


P.S. Do you desire to implement this information and more ease, joy and abundance in your own life for free? There are many amazing facilitators from Access Consciousness™ and other modalities out there who would be only to happy to assist you and your body. Ask which name resonates most with you and your body? If you would like to work with me, please call or mail me for a 20 minute exploratory session t see if we are a match and get you started in accessing YOUR True nature.

P.P.S. I love bringing you information and inspiration to help you create your desires and ease you in to accessing all of You in your True nature! What would you like me to cover now and in the future? Please email me at or leave a comment below. I wonder what grater contribution I can be to you now and in the future?

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