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An attitude of gratitude

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I have so much to be thankful for every day not just on days like Thanksgiving which are supposed to remind us of being thankful ! I’m feeling awe struck with appreciation for my life… and I wanted to get you a note of gratitude to thank you for being a part of this world of conscious women entrepreneurs.

gratitude glasses

I also know what it’s like to not feel the gratitude, to feel crunchy and urgent and caught in indecision in business and in life.  It kind of sucks doesn’t it?

Want to know the secret to busting out of business indecision?

The cure for so much of the indecision, overwhelm and aloneness is simply to get back out and give your gift. 

When you give your gift and you’re met with appreciation, you return to your flow state.  And, when you’re in flow… you can better make decisions that move you toward what I like to call your “true nature”.

Your True Nature feels resonant to you.

Your true nature feels the way it feels to be seeing one of your best friends that you haven’t seen in years, and you can’t wait to get your arms around them.

Your True Nature is your North star – it feels like YOU, like HOME.

Because there are a godzillion ways to build your business, and in order to wade through the urgency-driven information overload we’re slammed with on a daily basis… we have to be connected to the thing that matters most, ourselves.

Are you ready to “Receiving YOU as your Most valuable Asset”– Making the Impossible Possible in the business called your life!

Watch out for the upcoming one day class “Receiving YOU as your Most valuable Asset” and the free intro telecall coming your way in the New Year, where you will receive tools & processes to change any area of business and money flows that you have believed impossible. Anything is possible if you are willing to change it and CREATE something different.

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I am grateful to be of service and bring you content, like this, free of charge.

Your support enables me to empower more people worldwide to live more conscious lives. Thank you! 🙂

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Exercise for Expanding Gratitude and Shifting Your Reactive Nature

1. List all the things you have decided to be grateful for in your
life and business.
2. In your daily journal, record each time you fail to express
gratitude for a challenging situation.
3. Catch yourself reacting emotionally to what someone says or does
and shift your perception in that moment to appreciate the learning
experience at hand.
4. In your daily life and business, who are you not holding as
5. How can you champion their excellence and express gratitude for
the opportunity to grow in love and wisdom that they are gifting
you instead of reacting with anger, sadness, or fear?
6. Who are you seeking to control or avoid being controlled by?

Will you take on the practice of non-attachment in your
relationship with them by creating space for them to be who they
are? Do this for 30 days and record in your journal how your
interactions with them evolve. Make note of something that you can
be grateful for in each situation.

9 EASY WAYS TO MAKE MONEY with Sarah-Jane Farrell

I had so much fun introducing some wacky, out of the box tools around money at an intro evening a few weeks ago with some potent women, I have included it here for you to take a listen and lighten up so money can be your best friend and come play !!

If the link does not work, please let me know ( I am still working at the techie side of things J ) and I will send it your way via Wetransfer which I find easy to use !!

1. BE HAPPY!! DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE – Money follows JOY. Joy does not follow money. Most people think they will be happy once they get money. Nope not true. Choose happiness now and money will show up! If you are doing something you love – the money will show up.

how many seeds have you planted and are refusing to receive the abundance you created?

how many seeds have you planted and are refusing to receive the abundance you created?

 2. DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF– play with money, be grateful for what you have created and don’t judge it. If you have gratitude for the bills, gratitude to have the money to pay taxes then more can show up. If you judge ,you limit what can show up. No judgement means no conclusions. What would it take to have more money than you can ever spend in this lifetime and never enough so you keep creating the adventure called your life and joy of business? Not JOB ( just on broke and killing you) – I can help you on that one too!

3. DESTROY & UNCREATE EVERYWHERE YOU HAVE UNINVITED MONEY into your life. We are so quick to ask for money to show up in our lives and yet we are even quicker to un invite it……… Or do you invite money in like a lover and then start complaining that you don’t have any money to love?. If you complain that you have too many bills and can’t afford anything – you just uninvited money.

4. PUT 10% OF YOUR EARNINGS away every day of every dollar you earn, and DON’T spend it. It’s about honouring you. Not your bills. Are you willing to tithe to the church of you and be that kind to you and your body?

th_money-and-happiness 5. BE WILLING TO BE RICH – outlive your family, your friends and everyone else! What would a wealthy person choose right now? Hanging out with creators who are wealthy in more ways than their bank balance is fun too. Are you willing to have that much fun and to ask questions on how and what they know about wealth and financial freedom and actually receive all of that?

6. CREATE or BUY intrinsic wealth. Verses fashion jewellery but something that actually has some Gold/Silver (buy it with your 10%). For me, looking at the things like my antique silver frame and bottle collection or my husband’s dinky car collection when I am feeling “not wealthy” reminds me how at any given moment, I can sell any of my things that have intrinsic value and be set for months. What thing with intrinsic value do you get pleasure out of seeing in your life that support you at any given moment?

7. CARRY A LARGE SUM OF MONEY AROUND WITH YOU – carry what you perceive a rich person would carry. I carry all different currencies and gold and precious gems on me at all times. It creates an energy of having money. You have to be willing to have money. How much fun can that be – remember it is not the paper or ink, rather the energy of receiving what that currency can expand in your world to create more change.

8. MAKING THE DEMAND – do whatever it takes to get out of debt. You have to make the demand of YOU. You are the one that created the mess you are in and you are the only one who can change it .

9. How much money do you want to create a month, 6 months, a year from now. Give the Universe a number so it can assist you in actualizing all of it. Truly the Universal laws want you to succeed !

For more tools and tips on money see some of the greta Money books available from Gary Douglas like Money is Not the Problem You are ! Here is the link to the store


Are you ready to “Receiving YOU as your Most valuable Asset”– Making the Impossible Possible in the business called your life!

Watch out for the upcoming one day class “Receiving YOU as your Most valuable Asset” and the free intro telecall coming your way in the New Year, where you will receive tools & processes to change any area of business and money flows that you have believed impossible. Anything is possible if you are willing to change it and CREATE something different.

Together We Make A Difference… Please Share This! 🙂

I am grateful to be of service and bring you content, like this, free of charge.

Your support enables me to empower more people worldwide to live more conscious lives. Thank you! 🙂


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Your Money Should Work Harder Than You

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Your Money Should Work Harder Than You

Do you work for money or does money work for you?
What can you generate, create and institute today to make money right away?
Are you friends with money or do you say mean, nasty things to make it go away? if money was your lover would you still be having sex? It is an interesting thought isn’t it. Go on an write down all the excuses you make to chase money away.
Imagine a world where money grew on trees…
money grows on trees
A life where anything you put your energy into (be it 
a business, a new relationship or a specific goal) 
manifested into your life…
And a place where love, happiness and fulfillment 
were your natural states of being.
Just imagine how it would feel to literally have 
anything, everything and more of what you could 
ever want…
Are you ready for it?
I’m about to share a huge secret with you today. Did you realize most people honestly believe that the means to real financial independence is through a higher salary? How about you?

Are you working for someone else in a 9 to 5 treadmill, a JOB ( just on broke) just trying to continue up the corporate ladder to a point where you can finally “get ahead” financially? Or, are you chasing the dream of starting your own business on the side, maybe to follow your passion, or as a way to generate extra income or just to be able to jump off that 9 to 5 treadmill?


Trust me, working full-time and starting your own business is a recipe for disaster as you work ’round the clock and only see slow, tiny steps forward on the path to increase your wealth!

Well, here’s the secret… very few millionaires make their money from a salary! And you can bet those CEOs at the top of the corporate food chain make tremendous sacrifices of their time and in their relationships to earn that 7-figure salary.

I asked a builder to do a small plastering job for me and he said the job was too small. I was gob smacked. If he took on all the small jobs that came is way his money flows would have expanded incrementally! In the Universal laws of attraction, that would be a clear message of NOT being willing to receive it all regardless of what it looks like. It takes effort to create true wealth. YOu have to be willing to do whatever it takes. When I had a 7 figure furniture manufacturing business, that meant sweeping the floors, sanding, being up to y elbows in toxic spray paint fumes and thinners to get it done to create my future. I am so grateful I had great role models who set me up to always succeed, to never give up and do whatever it takes. After all, we are the creators of our own lives – nobody else……

Then where on earth can you find that money?

Believe it or not, it might be located just next door, down the street or across town! You can find this not-so-buried treasure in the real estate market. I know, you don’t know where to start and might be thinking it’s the wrong economy to get into the business. Wrong!! Don’t buy into what 98% of the population believes; the winning investment is in true skills to sell, negotiate and finally get where you are going – envisioning and creating YOU financial freedom and abundance is a choice!

So, you’ve got to be asking yourself, “Where are all these millionaires getting this money if not from big-name jobs and salaries?” This is about so much more than making money, this is about creating genuine wealth. If Hans and I stopped working today, we would still have a steady money flow for years to come. Why? Because we have multiple streams of passive income!

Now, you might think that investing is too risky. And it’s never too soon or too late to start… my 7-year-old daughter just hit double digits on her tithing account. And she chose to HAVE money rather than spend it on “stuff” by putting what she made from her lemonade and car washing efforts away! The look on her face when she shows me how it is growing is simply priceless!Image

In my house, we aren’t in the business of giving our child a free ride or life handed to them on a silver platter. And yes, you can sit there and just assume I’m lying (like many on my Facebook page did at the time).

But, I am so proud that my Thalia has accomplished something most adults will never do. So, Friend you’ve got to ask yourself,“If a 7year-old can find the means to start investing in herself, then what’s holding me back?” Or you could say, “Hey, I wonder how she did that?” If she could do it, then you most certainly can! Look into it yourself! You might learn a few things — starting right here:

  1. Ask yourself why you want to start a business. Is it to be your own boss? Create a legacy for your children? Attain financial independence? Maybe it’s all of the above. But identifying your specific motives helps to establish a true vision for your target. And there is no right or wrong answer! It really is okay to just be in it for the money! Ask what would your business be from a a space of joy – your life IS your business. if money was not relevant, what would you choose?
  2. Start investing NOW. If you ever want your bottom line to increase, you’ve got to start investing now. And I do mean NOW — you can’t wait for that “when you have the money” or “when the economy gets better” excuses! Set aside money each paycheck, whether it is $10, $100, $1000 or more… just do it and earmark it strictly for investments. It will make the “big risk” seem a lot less scary. Then when you make money from those initial small investments, turn that money around for more and new investments.
  3. Continue to put money in savings. Remember wealth isn’t just about how much you earn, it is often about how much you KEEP. Realize that most savings accounts are just money saved to use later. Have you started your 10% tithing to the church of you, honouring account? All for you, all for fun. Watch it grow because you are worth it !


Increasing your bottom line is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It requires an investment from you! That investment could be your time, your training or your skill set. Would you be willing to see YOU as your most valuable asset?

What will be your first investment today?Let me know and don’t forget to “Like” and “Share” today’s post on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe you’ll be improving your happiness and well-being by joining me this coming Sunday for the Access bars class, you can register here – Or in beautiful Mauritius for Bars and Energetic facelift, followed by a 3 day being Human through Horses at the Blackriver, Mauritius Polo club on the 6th January.

Are the old ways of doing your life working for you?

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We have been receiving some incredible information about the upcoming shifts. Some from a 9th dimensional being whom when asked what system he comes from he told us we have no reference points so it does not really matter. These shifts peak just after Thanksgiving and just after Christmas. As in all waves they have an ebb and flow or a build up, the peak then integration. When these waves move through the various grids and fields of energy life will not be the same. The energies are exponentially increasing each wave building on the other.

The Sun is going to be very active agitated by the incoming comets, the alignment with Galactic Plane, Alcyone and Sirius. Unity consciousness it the end game along with Universal Law and those who cannot align themselves with these new energies are going to have a real hard time. It is time go get back to basics. It is time to choose to be kind and loving. It is time to set boundaries with those who choose not to be kind and loving. The separation and greed game is coming to a close. Those who willingly participate in actions against Humanity and the Earth or serve those of lesser integrity will experience the same fate as their “superiors.”.


These waves are not unconscious, consciousness and energy is coming in with these waves. They are awakening the unconscious, the masks are coming off and deeds of the controllers and enslavers are being revealed. All religious and governmental agencies that do not truly serve the people will also be revealed. The enslavement through dependency, manufactured lack and misdirection of funds and resources the cause of which will also be revealed.

For some this has already happened and they know they have tough choices to make. Do they continue to serve the beast or begin creating a new world in alignment with Universal Law. A good point of inspiration is karma will be accelerated in the days to come. The servants will follow the fall of their masters if not in alignment with Universal Law. Love is the law that supersedes all law. Love is the manifesting force behind all creation the cosmic glue that holds it all together. All that which is out of alignment with love, the wounds traumas, blocks and patterns will all surface. We have a choice whether we take responsibility go within to our own God selves and heal or deny, project and blame which is a good way to turn karma into truckma.

We are going to be tested as to whether we can hold an unshakeable loving space and get beyond the need for love, acceptance and approval outside of ourselves. We are going to have to set boundaries and choose not to participate in the dramas, unloving acts, or engage in harmful acts to humanity and the Earth. We will also need to break free of the archon network, the mainstream programming that keeps you endlessly seeking externally for love, joy, acceptance and approval through material acquisition. It is an internal process the best of which done in nature. We are going to have to listen to nature in the days to come because she is on the move in her own awakening and healing process that will include cleansing.


It is time to drop the petty separation games, learn to work together, get our priorities in order and own what is agitating us, why we cant cooperate in building a better tomorrow. The 9th wave the Mayans speak of is unity consciousness and it will press hard on all that separates and divides. This leads us back to basics. Being loving and kind to everyone, setting boundaries with those who cannot. It is really that simple. We can find a million reasons why we cant be kind and loving, validate them in the intellect and drudge up painful childhood memories to validate why we have to be contrary to kind and loving yet they are all based on fear, wounds and traumas of the past.

Focus on them and that is what you will create and attract. Focus on kind and loving and see where that takes you. Practice kind and loving in thought, word and deed. That is the path to enlightenment and the path to freedom. Sometimes the most kind and loving thing you can do is tell someone what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, set boundaries when they are not being kind and loving. Let us not forget being kind and loving to self, it is a great beginning. Teach through example.

James Gilliland

Is happiness something outside of you?

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Everyone is looking for happiness.

Aristotle said: “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life,
the whole aim and end of human existence.”

But, truthfully, how happy are YOU?

Do you still feel as though you’re SEEKING something else? As
though you aren’t QUITE in the right place?

happiness is just a choice copyThe potential for true happiness and freedom exists within you
*right now.*

But most people don’t see it. Instead, they focus on the
problematic grey clouds. They never realize the beautiful blue sky
that always exists just behind them.

The Access Your True Nature Systems and Access Bars™ technique, is the ONLY technique that helps you uncover your true happiness and freedom – in the most natural and simple way possible!

Know that you are not alone! Let me show you how to let go of fears. Enjoy higher self-esteem. Embrace fantastic
relationships. Uncover the real you. And much, much more – all when
you ask yourself a few simple questions, using the simple True Nature Happiness
Now technique.

You won’t believe how powerful this course is – and how it can
change your life.

So, if you find yourself still “seeking” in any way, make the
decision to explore this one final key.

or… book a one on one private session now and access your True Nature.

is now the time for you?Access Bars™ class dates:

Johannesburg, South Africa – 1st December

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Johannesburg, South Africa – 2-5th December ( you can take one module or both together, just chose!)

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