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Gifts from animal totems at year end

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Spirit Animal Messages for the Week of December 30, 2013

THEME: Koala

spirit animal koala

For this week—the last one of 2013 and the first one of 2014—Koala brings the theme of nurturing and single-focus commitment. This nurturing can relate to mothering, as Koala is a symbol of Mother Earth. But Koala’s nurturing more often applies to nurturing your creative ideas—what you birth from the depths of your creativity.

Koala keeps her joey (baby) in her pouch for 6-7 months and then later on her back for another 5-6 months. The lesson for you is to keep your creative ideas close to your heart when they are still in their infancy. Pushing them out too soon can make them die. Timing is of the utmost importance.

Nurture your creative ideas until they are ready to emerge. And then, when they have emerged, help them along until they are ready to thrive independently of you. Then let them go.

When Koala becomes pregnant again, she completely severs her ties to the previous offspring, even aggressively chasing it away if she has to. That may be harsher than you’re willing to be. But if Koala has shown up in your life, I recommend you examine both what you need to nurture more fully *and* what you need to release more fully. Yes, that creative idea, that book, that project, that business will always be your baby. But you won’t have the energy or resources to create again if you stay tethered to this  one forever. If you’ve done your done, it will live on without you. If it still needs, really and truly needs you, then it’s not time to cut the cord—AND it’s not time to conceive again. Koala is telling you to focus on one project at a time.



Lingering to resolve is the integration of speed with strength and wise competition. Unlike Cheetah, who blows all its strength when it uses its speed, Leopard can use its speed and still has enough strength to pull its kill safely into the trees.

Wise competition echoes Koala’s message of keeping what’s precious to you close at hand. Spiritual gurus may say there is no such thing as competition. But in the physical Earth plane, it is possible to have your ideas stolen, to have your work used without being given credit, to have someone plagiarize you. Leopard is reminding you of this fact and suggesting that you keep what’s precious to you close at hand—until the time is really right to set it free.


Moose echoes (I love it when these messages echo this much!) Leopard’s message of integration. The message here is to let go of the clumsiness that comes from being out of balance—from having too much gentleness and not enough aggression or too much aggression and not enough gentleness. You are more than one or the other. Don’t limit your view of yourself to either-or thinking.

FOCUS: Buffalo

In keeping what’s precious to you (your creative birthings) close at hand, focus on knowing your true worth. Your true worth is not dependent on money or what you produce or how you sacrifice yourself. Your true worth is there—solid and grounded—as fertile soil from which you can create that which reflects your worth (not which defines your worth).


To act on this week is having complete faith in yourself and defending yourself (and your work) when necessary. Yes, you can choose to turn the other cheek (giving away the rest of your work when one piece is copied or stolen). That’s a valid choice. But, if you choose to listen, Skunk suggests that an equally valid choice is to defend what yours.

Receiving gifts – Making every day a present

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I am so grateful for YOU.
Thank YOU for your “presents” in my life.

With the dawn of oneness and unity consciousness shining the way, may you gracefully and effortlessly flow through the holidays and into 2013 and beyond.

May you remember, each and every day is a present.  Each and every person is a gift.  Every animal, plant and mineral is a precious aspect of Creator, God, Source, Spirit, The Divine, The Universe and The Cosmos.


Give yourself the gift seeing that All-ness and One-ness in EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE and of living fully in each moment and appreciating all of the amazing souls in your life who are giving you such a rich experience and who may sometimes challenge you to step into YOUR GREATNESS!

Be ever mindful, that beyond these holy days, we will continue this process of intense clearing of all low vibrational energies and densely held thoughts, beliefs, energies and emotional patterns at the subconscious and conscious levels.

However, just for today and…. for the rest of your life, let’s Celebrate! Indeed, all over the world, there is peace, love and oneness.  It is here for us, now.

And I wonder….would asking your body to run the bars “Kindness, gratitude, peace and calm” be a contribution to you and the world?

Please enjoy this Complimentary after Christmas Gift from Me to YOU:

I’m sending you so much love and light as 2013 comes to a close. Take brilliant care of yourself, your animal companions and enjoyable others, so you can BE a source of joy in the world. The world needs you and your light shining bright.

Ease, joy and gratitude

Sarah-Jane and the pack

9 Practical ways to bring the ho,ho,ho back in to the holidays

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What if the Holidays truly could be the most wonderful time of the year? 

Are you willing to cruise through the rest of the year (and beyond) empowered and inJOY?

This season you are invited to ditch the stress and excessive egg-nogging by navigating your way through The Holidays with way more laughter and merriment. Here is a list of survival tips to make this a happy time of year, by keeping expectations at a reasonable level and by setting realistic goals. Let’s move from surviving to thriving!


1. Choose a different view ~ Decide right now, as we approach the hectic Holidays, to look at December from a different perspective. What if you replaced the mass chaos, maxed-out credit cards, crowds of people, stress, overeating and exhaustion, with imagining and creating what is pleasing and brings you joy. Remember and look forward to the excitement and the feelings of the true Holiday spirit. Can you let go of the stories from past holidays and the experiences of pressure and anxiety of all the seasons past? And… instead, choose to see it from a different view?

2. Remember what matters most ~ Do you have to have the “perfect” outfit for your office Holiday party? Are the most expensive and elaborate gifts, really the best ones? Do the holidays need to resemble a Lifetime Movie Special or Hallmark Greeting Card? What if you focused on the special moments spent with loved ones or the joyous, peaceful times with yourself? What do the holidays mean to you? Do you treasure time spent with family and friends? Remember to have perspective and look at the big picture by asking yourself… “Does this truly matter? And…will this bring me joy?”

3. Stay healthy and take care of yourself ~ Treat your body, mind and spirit with care during the Holidays (and everyday!). It is possible to eat and drink what your body desires while staying healthy and vibrant. Ask your body “Do I really want to eat this 7th piece of fruitcake or drink this 2nd glass of spiked eggnog?” You can maintain your health regime and be playful this season. Find balance and indulge consciously so that you feel good about your choices. Your body, mind and (Holiday) spirit will thank you!  You can enjoy your treats this holiday season guilt-free by making mindful choices you truly desire.


4. Gratitude ~ What can you be grateful for this Holiday season? There is often a sense of idealism, pressure, overwhelm and loneliness around this time. It is often described as “the most wonderful time of year,” and that is not always the reality (until NOW!). Each day focus on the good in your life. What would open up and be revealed if you played in the energy of gratitude this season? Enjoy the simple pleasures, experience joy, laugh, share, and dance through this Holiday with greater ease.Squash your inner Scrooge and be thankful for all the gifts in your life (and not just the ones wrapped in pretty paper!).

5. Spend less stress less ~ The Holiday season can cause financial pressures with all the extra expenses from gift giving, traveling and buying lots of mistletoe. Sometimes we seem to forget that the holiday season is not ALL about presents. You do not have to give and receive expensive presents in order to have a happy holiday. In fact, would you be happier if you created and stayed within a budget this year instead of maxing yourself out and becoming a Grinch? Would a Holiday of less stress and more money make you more joyful and at ease?

6. Learn the power of “no” ~ The choice truly is yours … would you like to write a different story this year and un-wrap your old Holiday mind-set to reveal the joy of the season?! Make it your kind of Holiday by doing what brings you happiness, joy and laughter. If you feel bombarded with Holiday obligations, learn the power of “no” or ask for help. Release the stories from years past when your eggnog glass was overflowing with Holiday hustle & bustle and anxiety. Ask yourself: “Will this be fun/ rewarding/ smile inducing?” If not… say Yes to you by setting boundaries with family, friends and coworkers this year so you can experience the true delights of the season.

ImageThis should bring some laughter in to your holidays ! 

7. Stay organized and plan ahead ~ The Holidays often come with “to-do lists” a mile long. Between shopping, decorating, special meals, parties, guests, and travel, it can be a recipe for stress. Stay frazzle-free by staying organized with a little planning. Simply just do the best you can. Prioritize what truly matters to you and let go of all the expectations & feelings of obligation. Move through the season with more ease as you simplify, plan ahead and delegate responsibilities to others. Release all of the expectations, attachments and illusions this season often brings. Down with frazzle and up with festive.

8. Deal with family baggage ~ When family is in town for the Holidays, do they also arrive and unpack loads of baggage? Spending time with friends and family can involve complicated dynamics, which is stressful. Are you willing to try new coping mechanisms and interact with people in your life in a different way? Can you be a Holiday energy detective by not taking on other peoples energy, judgments or stories? Truth is, you can’t change your relatives (or force Aunt Martha not to ask you for the millionth time why you’re not married), but you can change the way you relate to them. Hint: Laughter! Your Holiday will be much more pleasing when you are laughing and joyful, regardless of the shenanigantics around you. When possible ask yourself “How is this situation (comment, family member, dynamic…) amusing?!”

. Keep a Routine ~ Consistency in routine can keep us grounded and makes holidays more pleasurable. The Holidays bring lots of changes and shifts in schedules – people are visiting, eating and drinking patterns are different, our surroundings are decked out in festive looks and sleep schedules may be disrupted. These changes in environment and routines can ignite some uncertainty and stress. By maintaining some structure and balance by prioritizing the events you attend, being mindful of the food and drink you consume and making sure to get enough sleep…you will cruise through the holidays happier and healthier.

Making space for more of what you want in your life living in your True Nature

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Do you feel like there is enough room in your life to accomplish your personal and professional bog visions?  What happens when one cycle ends and another begins?  Does it create more space for you or does it just make you feel more distracted, off target and despondent?I love the energy of my BG3 tested logo of my favourite tree – a baobab. It epitomises the cycle of life and the regeneration of what I choose to facilitate in the world. Trees let go of their leaves so that they can take their energy and grow deeper roots during the winter.  That is how nature makes space for the next season of creating.  Like the trees, the end of a season Autumn to Winter, reminds us that it is time for us to let go of what no longer serves our true desires and move in to a process of being greater than we currently are beyond what we can imagine.  We humans, as spirits in bodies, are always creating.  And sometimes we need to clean up our interior.  In the final weeks of the calendar year we get to let go of all the energy we have within our body, life and business, that no longer serves us.

The solar year ends on December 21st this year but we Westerners have conveniently created a two week ending period of holidays and downtime. Hopefully you get to take at least a little bit of a break as inspired action not stagnation.  If you use this time to review your year and consciously let go of what no longer interests or supports you, you end up with some fresh space to create with  in the following year.  What can we learn from the laws of abundance that nature shows us so that we can truly know how supported we are by the Universe? What if ceasing phenomenal life and money could be like breathing, like the leaves on the trees. Everything is energy and energy is in a constant state of motion even when it looks like stillness and hibernation.  Show kindness to yourself by taking time to rest, tell your stories from entertaining change not enter PAINING to keep stuck and imagine a new year beyond what you have ever imagined possible.

Get a picture of a bare tree and the blue sky. Now think of a tree in full bloom laden with leaves and fruit.  Which image resonates more with where you are now? The one with the “mess” of  fallen leaves to clear or the one with a big sky perspective?


I know we all get really busy during the holidays.  But please consider giving yourself the gift of space to reflect and let go.  The pull of the earth is there to support you.  Just as the trees in their true nature slow down in the cold months and let go of energy consuming leaf making, allow your body to slow down over the holidays and breath in infinite possibilities.  Would you be willing to use this to your advantage?  Allow time to open up to new possibilities by giving yourself the gift of some quiet reflection.

If you want some facilitation with creating beyond 2014 or letting go, please join me for a free tele call on January 4th, 2014.  You can do it live or listen to the recording whenever you want.  No matter what happens, I hope you chose some time for rest.

Letting Go of 2013:  
A free tele call to move forward into 2014 with clarity and excitement January 4th 2014 at 6pm GMT.  

My gift to all of you at the end of a year to invite in more expansion in the spirit of healing and renewal.  I invite you to join this fun, expansive conversation to shift what you think you know  about the reflection and self assessment the 9 energy of December gifted to us. I will lead you through a meditation and toning to release what no longer serves you at the end of the call.

I will be sending out an evenbrite invitation and post this invitation on my FB groups so feel share to spread the love to anyone who may benefit from the call. You can listen via the web or phone. Participate live or later on the recording.

Happy Holidays!

ease and gratitude

Sarah-Jane and the pack!

Tip #10 Creating more mental white (space) this Christmas by Accessing Your True Nature.

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What if you could create a holiday season of fun and delight rather than exhaustion and fight?

Are you dreading midnight Mass or dinner with the in-laws this Christmas eve? What if you could so not seriously embrace all the good stuff, like Christmas carols by candlelight or watching the excitement on your kids faces as you read the “the Night before Christmas?” and just absorb all that gratitude of being alive?

Here is my favourite forever to get you in that warm, fuzzy heart space –

Didn’t someone, with reference to the holiday season, once say, “Tis the season to be jolly”? Yet, often, our holiday experience is anything but jolly! Drama. Trauma. Upset. Intrigue. More drama. More trauma. Many families thrive on this.

What if you could have joy no matter what anyone else around you was choosing? What if you could look at the drama and trauma, not get wrapped up in it in any way whatsoever and actually find the humor in it? Hmmm. I wonder what that might create.

Here’s the thing about drama, trauma, upset and intrigue…. It’s not real. Sure, it might feel very real; especially when everyone is buying it as real and riding the wave of emotions. And yet, all of it is a creation. What would it take to be in allowance of the creation of drama and trauma those around you are choosing and not be at the effect of it?

Tool #10 – Find the humor in every situation

You could begin by asking the question, “What’s amusing about this that I’m not getting?”

When we have seriousness about what’s going on around us, or we are trying to fix the situation that everyone is upset about, or we are attempting to change the people who are choosing the drama and trauma, we are not truly in allowance. When we can see what is going on and actually laugh about it, we are transitioning into allowance.

So, you might be saying, “That sounds good, but you don’t know my family! I don’t see anything amusing about any of this!! How can I change that?”

Great question! Keep asking the question. Stay in the question. Don’t ever leave the question.

“What’s amusing about this that I’m not getting?” “What would it take for me to have and be the joy of me?” And, “What energy, space and consciousness can be and my body be to be the fun, joy and laughter we truly be?”

Would you be willing to give it a try? Would you be willing to create a joyful holiday season for you? Would you be willing to recognize that fun, joy and laughter is YOU and no one can take that away?

I trust you have enjoyed this series – I got asked to be a guest blogger on another website and have been so inspired to gift these tools forward that have changed my life beyond belief ! I am ready to fill my world with all the good stuff of this season, a big turn around from previous years where I found myself avoiding Christmas! I am off to watch Thalia in the kids club version of The Night before Christmas in beautiful Sugar Beach resort, Mauritius and celebrate life! Watch out for my free series on Creating Your BIG vision beyond 2014 that begins with a tele call 4th January – event details are on my FB page here: can go into 2014 doing the same as 2013 or you can get creating what you know is possible! What would it take for you to join me and do business differently ?

I am so grateful I get to fully engage with you in this grand and glorious adventure of living in YOUR True Nature, thank you for YOU !
And to you and your family, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a phenomenal New Year

Ease and gratitude
Sarah-Jane and the pack

P.S. You make my world go round.

I mean it! Much of my practice is referral-based and it is literally thanks to you that I get to keep doing what I’m doing. I had a client ask me the other day if it was ok that she was sending so many people my way. Yes!! This is my favourite way to build my business. It means that you find value and benefit in your sessions and feel good about sending your friends and loved ones. And I get to work with more cool people and animals! 🙂!
Wow, how did I get to be so lucky??