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Are you mean in your business of life and money?

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The Law of Reciprocity (if you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you and if you are mean to me, I’llbe mean to you) is demonstrated every single day in my house. It looks something like this: Thalia says something to me, the cat, her dad and then gets what she wants and manipulates herself out of the “deal” or gets scratched! Or  Misha my husky pinches Pongo the dalmation’s bone and he is like what just happened here and they have a snarly match. Everyone ends up heavy and mad. Or, Thalia decides to be really helpful and packs her stuff away or cooks with me and I returns the favor in a similar manner.Its a win, win when you know exactly what the deal is. Deal and deliver is how I live my life and get really clear are where I am at, and other people.



I love what Krista Martin has to say about reciprocity at Make your Mark !

It’s easy to think that we need to wait for someone to give to US before we give to THEM. Who knows if they are really going to do what they say, anyway, and you don’t want to waste your energy. Or your time. Or your money. 


I wonder, though, how much time do you spend wondering if and when that other person will actually give to you? 


I have learned that in business, just like in life, it’s best to give and to not worry about when and how it comes back to me. Learning this has given me back so much time. It’s refreshing. 

When a colleague asks me to please help promote his or her event, I am glad to do it. I do as I promise and I go on. 

 When I ask colleagues to support me by promoting my events, I don’t worry or stalk them out to see when and if they did as they promised. 

 Because it doesn’t matter. 

 It’s the giving spirit that is created within you and when you focus on what you are creating – not measuring the exact things that people do or don’t do – you are opening up yourself to receive more. 

 It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. 



“Trying to get without first giving is as fruitless as trying to reap without having sown.” ~ Napoleon Hill

 Try “deal and deliver” this week and see what changes for you. 

It goes something like this: ( set up a Deal and Deliver session and see how much freedom opens up in your world! or take an Access Consciousness™ core class like foundation, level 1 which I am teaching in February where this comes from, thanks Gary and Dain!)

What is the deal here?

What do I want delivered or the deal to look like?

Can this persons deliver?

Will they deliver?

What do I have to deliver to get what I want? 

What am I unwilling to ask for?


I’ve noticed that many of us, as entrepreneurs, don’t always take this philosophy to heart and start aware of everything. When you get exact about what you are asking for and what reciprocity looks like, your whole life and business will get easy.  

I’ll work with my child Thalia on implementing the “nice” version of this law and try not to get so freaked out when she is extra nice to me. On purpose.  

and remember : never justify, never confront or seek approval. Trust you and trust that other people will choose what they are creating and then you won’t find yourself in any place that is not a kindness and reciprocity – a mutual gifting and receiving where everyone expands and changes the world !

What else is possible?

Thank you for allowing me space in your life to receive from me. As always, please comment or contact me at any time with questions, ideas, or suggestions. I’m here to help you make your dream life the joy of business your reality!  

How to be madly in love with yourself!

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Have you ever noticed how some days you wake up and everything just seems to go right? There’s an effortless flow and cool synchronicities happen – some that could even be considered miraculous.
I call that “living in the magic miracle zone.”
While I still love it every time one of those things happen that’s completely synchronistic or defies explanation, I’ve actually come to expect it.

Take the other day, for example…

 My enjoyable other and marketing guru, Hugh, and I were brainstorming over dinner about the awesome co hosts lined up for my upcoming Madly in Love with ME and Reap what You Sow programs.
“My old friend Lisa would be perfect,” I said, “but I’m embarrassed to ask her because she emailed me last week and I don’t think I ever responded to her email. I meant to, but the days have run away with me……”
Just as I was finishing my sentence, the ping on my mobile let me know that a new message had come in. Instinctively I glanced at the message knowing magic had just happened!

 “It’s Lisa,” I said.

 “What’s Lisa?” Hugh asked. “The ping on my mobile went off . Lisa just e-mailed with the subject line: ‘thinking about you.'”

We both laughed at yet another demonstration of what we call “living in the magic zone.”
Maybe you’ve also noticed that you’re living more and more in the miracle zone – that place where magic miracles are just the order of the day.
Or maybe not….
 do u believe in magic
What I’ve learned is that living in the magic miracle zone depends on your ability to receive miracles, to let them in. And your ability to let magic in is based on your sense of inherent worthiness, the NO judgement zone.You are magic, be it! Not always easy, you may say and I totally agree with you. Bt what if it could be? Would you give yourself permission to say YES to you ? What you have been struggling with is not working, so what have you got to lose by changing it?
Many people (and especially women from what I’ve noticed) struggle with feelings of unworthiness. We don’t love ourselves unconditionally , heck most of the time we don’t even know what that is, let alone BE it!
I know that too well as I have momentary lapses of judgement and not enough ness to this day – yes, I do – they jet don’t last very long any more with what I practice and am so excited to share with you.
And we can’t feel worthy of miracles without total allowance and the 5 cornerstones of intimacy ( in-to-me-see)that create a space of self-love.
Now, I’m not talking about self-esteem here; what I’m talking about is allowance, total self-love and honouring of you. There’s an important difference. My interesting point of view is that Self-esteem is “I like myself because….” You can fill in the blank with, “I’m smart,” “I’m pretty,” “I’m a loving person.” But all the “because” make it conditional.
On the other hand, allowance and self-love are an unconditional experience of love for yourself no matter what. It doesn’t depend on you being perfect or being good enough or being anything in particular. It’s beyond what you have defined as an unconditional acceptance of your deeper Self. Instead of self-worth, I call it soul-worth.
While high self-esteem is a great thing to have, it’s really allowance and self-love that you
need in order to live in the miracle zone of heart spaced connection to and as YOU. When you don’t have the 5 cornerstones of intimacy with you : allowance, trust, gratitude, trust and vulnerability, ( we cover these in depth during class including the Access Core classes I teach as a certified facilitator) you block the miracles because you don’t feel worthy of them-you energetically
push them away.
Want to know if you’re pushing away your miracles-both big and small?

Let’s see if these symptoms of self judgement and shaky self-love apply to you…

ipov i hve this pov

-Do you feel uncomfortable when someone pays you a compliment and you immediately deflect it?

-Do you have a hard time accepting gifts? Does your body tense up a bit when someone gives you something really nice?

-Do you feel obligated when people try to help you out or support you, and you feel like you have to give them back twice as much?

-Do you feel guilty when things come easily to you and feel you should have had to work harder or struggled more for the good that shows up?

-When something wonderful happens to you, are there friends with whom you downplay it because you don’t want them to feel badly that it didn’t happen for them?


There was a time in my life where I would have said “yes” to most if not all
the above. Kindness, allowance, Self-love and appreciation was not a happening thing for me, and I lived with disease, mental anguish and hopelessness as some of the consequences.
For me to live in the miracle zone, I needed to shift my consciousness to a higher level of worthiness, where I could accept the good coming my way.
In the Madly in Love with Me ( MILM) interactive class, I share what I’ve learned about how to shift your life to a higher level of worthiness and appreciation of you so that you can access YOUR true nature.
I also walk everyone through a powerful activation, so that they can take the first step to increasing their own worthiness and self-love. And with greater allowance, worthiness and self-love, comes life in the miracle zone. And that’s a great place to live!

Here’s what a recent play shop participant said about what she experienced from the process:

“The morning after listening to your seminar I did exactly what you recommended and I was astounded when I became aware of how my own feelings of unworthiness showed up in my actions and the damaging repercussions. I “played the worthiness game” and the shift was instant. I am more than ready now to let those miracles flow into my life. In fact, they are beginning to manifest already!” 
 -Sasha, Joburg, South Africa 

We hope that you are also ready to let those miracles flow and fall madly in love with you.

If you cannot join me in person for this amazing love shop in Joburg, SA, then would booking a private session via Skype make your heart sing ?

You can register here for the next MILM class here and I will send you all the details –  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/copy-of-creating-wealth-beyond-2014-how-to-realise-your-big-vision-tickets-10128902821

soulful women retreat

or take a look at what see is available for you here:



I love to travel – would hosting me in your city be fun for you?

let us explore the infinite possibilities together?


Are limiting beliefs holding you back from thriving?

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Do you tend to go through your day asking “what is wrong with me, I can’t ______.”


This isn’t really a question, you have already decided you are messed up, wrong, bad, horrible.

That is one of those lovely decisions, judgements, conclusions and computations I talk a lot about at Access Your True Nature.

Please know, none of this is your fault – it is just the bad programming of this reality and you can change all those blocks and

stops by staying in the question, rather than in conclusion. Remember the heavy. light tool?


The light heavy tool


What is a question that will start to undo that and create greater possibilities?

“What is right about ME I’m not getting?”



What if you are not inherently wrong as a being?

What if you have never been wrong?

What if no choice you have made is a judgable offense?

Every choice gives you awareness.


If your choice(s) were not wrong,

what did you become aware of with the choices you have made?

What were you aware of that you can now acknowledge?


One of the greatest ways we limit ourselves is by what we choose

and how we are judging us as a being as wrong.

Did you know it is actually a choice to make yourself wrong?

Did you know you can always change your choice at any moment?

Ignite oyur heartsong

Start asking “what is right about me I’m not getting?”

when all you can see is how you are wrong.

Let the universe show you how you are not wrong.


Why choose this?

When you begin to get out of the wrongness of you, it makes living more enjoyable!


Have a great day and start asking “what is right about me I’m not getting?”


What is your special secret sauce?

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There are a million (or more) business and life coaches out there. And I couldn’t be more excited.


You’ve probably noticed that, too – there are at least one million (sometimes it feels like WAY more) – other people out there that do what you do.


I conducted a complimentary consult today for a potential client and she mentioned that she’s talking to several different coaches to find the best fit for her.  Instead of feeling upset or competitive or put off, I appreciated her honesty and congratulated her.


I did…uh…what?


Yes, I congratulated her on taking her time finding the person that is the best fit for her and her business.  You see, Health Coach A isn’t the same as Health Coach B.  Virtual Assistant C isn’t the same as Virtual Assistant D.


Nope, no way, no how.


What makes each service provider different and ultimately decides if he or she is successful or not is the ability to connect with – and clearly communicate – what makes him or her unique.


What does Coach A offer that Coach B doesn’t?  Well, a lot, actually.  And it’s up to Coach A and Coach B to share what makes him or her unique with their followers because these differences are the deal breakers on whether or not someone chooses to work Coach A or Coach B.


So….what is your special secret sauce unique to you?


Did you know that there is nobody else on the planet today that does things the way you do, your talents are your talents and only you walk your talk the way you do. Yes, that makes you very special – would you own and acknowledge that right now please!

There isn’t a right or wrong answer on this so please take a few minutes to reflect on your life experiences as you go through these questions.  The answer may come up for you right away or it may not come up at all.  However the downloads come, celebrate that it never shows up or looks the way you think it will, but the aha happy dance will come no matter what!


Below are some questions that I want you to consider as you start to figure out what your special secret sauce looks like.


  • Is there a story or a life event that defined you as your own unique person?
  • Are there a series of stories that weave a common thread throughout your life?
  • What are your core truths ( Not beliefs ) about life?  What are your core values?
  • What about your training?  Is it in a specific area or really general?
  • Why does your life + your business matter? What gets you all fired up and excited?
  • What do your friends always ask you to help them with because you are just so good at doing it and it feels effortless on your end?


While your brain is churning around and processing some of these questions, please know that you’ll probably switch gears and change your special secret sauce throughout your business life.  That is absolutely perfect.  Even if you only come up with a few of the ingredients that you want to put into your special secret sauce at this time, today, that’s awesome, too.
Are you a fiery tabasco today, or a mild Mrs Balls chutney tomorrow. What if choice truly does create your reality? Would you be willing to give up the controls, form and structures about HOW you show up and move in to the JOY of business?

And if you need a little leg up on that one, consider if my Platforms and Priorities sessions would be a valuable addition to you and give me a call to set that up. You see once you know what your priorities are, what your agenda is for now then anything that does not match the energy of your future business targets is crystal clear.


I’m going to give you a hint:  If your priorities do not resonate with your unique platforms, then anything you create WILL be hard and difficult and I really don’t want you to struggle. if it is not easy and fun, if it does not make your heart sing so the money can come to you as a side effect of your jy as your business, then why the heck would you choose it??Your special secret sauce is probably so obvious and it’s probably really easy to overlook because it is just so much fun for you, you cannot see it! 


As a Possibility activator and Life strategist, I realize that there are many choices out there.  I love that there is a flavour of sauciness to match every taste bud out there! If I am a bit too hot and sassy for you, there will be a milder version that works for you out there! You just have to be willing to ask questions on how that person can show up and contribute to you! Perhaps its a blend of sauces – you don’t have to keep using tabasco because you liked it yesterday, Nandos is home grown and yummy too. if you are South African you know what I mean. I would buy their sauces on their controversial, current, oh my Gosh audacious advertising alone. I want some more of that, it gets people moving in more ways than just in their bowels from all those chillis even if it initially seems uncomfortable !!!


It  is a win-win.


It’s sort of like dating.  There are lots of options but you choose the person that is the best fit for you at that time.

I bet you got to know the person and then decided to date him or her, didn’t you?
and remember if you are choosing right relationship for you wether a business partner, a life coach or a sexual partner asking
is this person fun?
is it easy?
will I learn something?
is it going to be expansive?
and trusting your knowing and your body’s knowing too can give you everything you know is possible in kind, caring, nurturing, expansive relationship.


It’s the exact same thing in building your business.


That is where defining your special secret sauce will attract people to you in every aspect of business as living,   based on what you are about and what the energy of your business stands for.


So at the end of the day, all of these business coaches accomplish essentially the same thing: they help their clients get from point A to point B using their special sauce.


See what I mean?


My personal journey continues to take me in at least 10,000 circles and the adventure of living which for me is making a difference in the lives of people and animals across the planet.  Seriously.  I want you to learn from my challenges and that’s why I’m sharing this process with you.  I tried so hard to make it a difficult process and I really resisted what was staring me in the face.


Until recently.


I looked at the huge selection of my favourite books in my clinic and saw a common thread.  It was so obvious that I couldn’t help but smile.


Can you guess what my special sauce is?



Yep, you are right.  You are one smart cookie!


My target is to empower people (and animals) just like you, to know that they know they are magic,and how to use it so that they can get out of their own way and have phenomenal lives, bodies and businesses. Beyond fear, doubt and distractions!

This is where my horse teachers are so great in equine psychotherapy sessions and classes to show you  what secret hidden agendas are keeping you stuck in lack, scarcity and limitations. You can run but you can’t keep hiding – I guess you can choose that. I would love to show you a totally different possibility. After all it is the year of the horse – I am a fire horseand this is the time to dig deep,whinny a lot ( no more whining and pathetic), take the courage (2014 = 7 energy) to be child like wonder and PLAY again. Horse shows us how to play, are you ready to access your true nature??

Take Action Now:  Please share your special secret sauce (or a few of your special ingredients that will be combined to create your special sauce) and practice verbalizing what makes you different.  What makes you stand out.  And what is going to make your customers not only be attracted to working with you but also WANT to work with you.  


3 ways to thrive in a down economy

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Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to attract wealth so easily no matter what the economy is doing… while others always seem to struggle just to get by?

For the most part, the reason for this isn’t due to their level of intelligence, education or work ethic. It has to do with the beliefs you have inside of your subconscious mind.

Often, the beliefs you have about money and wealth that reside in your subconscious mind will either help or hinder you in your pursuit for prosperity in ways that you don’t even consciously realize.

Pursuing wealth and attracting money is something anyone can do. By removing any self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts you have about money and what it represents, you’ll be much more likely to be a magnet for the wealth you desire now and in the future.

The good news is that if you’d like to create more financial prosperity, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to assist you.

Here are 3 steps that will help you do just that:

Tip #1: Understand that money is “neutral

We often project our emotions and beliefs onto money. But the fact is that money is neither good or bad. It’s merely a form of neutral energy that you exchange for things that you need or desire.

The first step to attracting more money is to stop criticizing it. Understanding that it’s neutral on it’s own will allow you to shift yourself into a higher vibration, which will help put you on the path to increased prosperity.

Tip #2: Create a clear intention

Even though many people desire to have more money, on a subconscious level many believe in some form of the statement “money is the root of all evil.”

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As I said a moment ago, money is neither good or bad on it’s own. It’s what you choose to do with it that determines the kind of energy that you put out into the world.

If you suspect that you have a subconscious belief that money is somehow bad, to help loosen it’s grip, set a clear intention as to why you’d like to attract more money.

Do you intend to use money to help yourself or others? Or to do the opposite? Be clear on what you intend, and this will continue to raise your vibration and help you manifest more money more easily.

Tip #3: Accept that there’s nothing wrong with desiring to have more money

For some reason, a lot of people seem to experience shame around admitting that they want more money – to themselves and to others.

But as Joseph Murphy once said “You are not here to dress in rags and go hungry. You should be happy, prosperous and successful.”

There’s nothing virtuous about being poor, just as there’s nothing virtuous about being wealthy. Again, both are neutral.

But when you have money in the bank and you’re free from financial distraction, you have the resources to help others and the freedom to spend your time giving back to your family or your community.

So I say again – there’s nothing wrong with desiring to have more money. Be honest about it, both to yourself and others, and you’ll send a clear message to the Universe of what you’d like to manifest.

If you’d like to learn more about how to attract more money into your life join me for this 4 week teleclass or join me at a live event. Check the events calander here