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Messages from Dog = God spelt backwards

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Dog medicine teaches us what loyalty and unconditional love is, not blind love. Dog reminds us when it is healthy to stay or go as abusive controlling blind love or total allowance. All dog wants us to know is our own personal power! The dog energy asks us to step up and in to our leadership qualities to create our own way and go, regardless of what other are choosing! and…. to know we are loved, no judgement, just total allowance!!

When talking to dog, like all animals keep your energy high. It is a bother to them to see humans crying too hard about them leaving. we get too low in matters of health and concern over them. They remind us that they are here and they are there in God’s council. There is no death or disease for dogs although they will take on your worry and sickness even when you ask them not to – that is loyalty of dog in your life in spirit or in a body. You can run with the pack and be true to your wild essence and you can do lone in times required for introspection. Dog will always show you who you are and how to play more – the give away is always in the motion of a dogs tail regardless of how low or how much you shout at them, the tail ways because it can 🙂


Today I received this story written by a veterinarian which made me wonder what joy we can receive by the energy of dogs in their true nature. You may have read this story before, it is so expansive of what is possible. What other gifts have you received from your animal companions that show you how to be JOY ? I would love to hear your comments!

Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog’s owners, Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle.

I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn’t do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home.

As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience.

The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker’s family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away.

The little boy seemed to accept Belker’s transition without any difficulty or confusion. We sat together for a while after Belker’s Death, wondering aloud about the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives. Shane, who had been listening quietly, piped up, ‘I know why.’

Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I’d never heard a more comforting explanation.

He said, ‘People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life — like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?’ The Six-year-old continued, ‘Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.’

  •  Live simply.
  • Love generously.
  • Care deeply.
  • Speak kindly.

Remember, if a dog was the teacher you would learn things like:

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.  (My dogs Mischa and Pongo and my cat Winston (the designated meeting committee in the pack), meet me at the door every time, letting me know they are happy to see me!

  • Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.  (All I have to say is “Do you want to go in the car and he runs for the door.)
  • Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure Ecstasy. (I always put the back window down and he loves to put his head out – so cute to watch.)
  • Take naps.  (What Bailey does best, LOL)
  • Stretch before rising.  (Wakes the body up.)
  • Run, romp, and play daily.  (We don’t get enough of this in or at least I don’t.)
  • Thrive on attention and let people touch you. (Human touch is so important for the soul.)
  • Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.  (Know what energy is called for at the time.)
  • On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass. (Well this might be a bit too much, I have snakes in my yard – yuck!)
  • On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.  (The lazy days of summer – water is needed for hydrating.)
  • When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body. (Dancing like no one is watching.)
  • Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.  (Awe, love those walks.)
  • Be loyal.
  • Never pretend to be something you’re not.  (Be Authentic, BE YOU!)
  • If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it. (Don’t give up on your dreams.)
  • When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently. (Silence is golden.)


Access Your True Nature and BE YOU !

Infinite gratitude and ease

Sarah-Jane and the pack

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[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] This was sent to my today and it has such a wonderful and powerful message that I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

What is your techni coloured dream coat?

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At a recent class I ran “Listening to Truth through Animal communications and bodywork”.

We are reminded to reject nothing – consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. To embrace that intuitive energy is your first line of communication not the words. I want to invite you to remember that you can communicate telepathically, receive the gifts from the wild animal archetypes as well as the physical qualities of all sentient beings to show you what you have forgotten.

Whether you know it or not, your energetic communication is broadcasting important messages to everyone around you, and you’re also very likely to become entangled and reactive to the energetic messages you receive from others. Receiving messages from physical animals and animal archetypes and learning to listen to your body’s messages, will help you know it—and use this understanding skilfully to ACCESS YOUR TRUE NATURE.

In the guided exercise to connect you with your spirit animal or animals reject nothing as the pairing of spirit animals can often cognitively seem preposterous. To push down the barriers and receive the gifts they come to you with can be a magical key in having the freedom to have all of you! If you would like a copy of the exercise, please let me know and I will gladly pay it forward so you can journey in to the adventure of the I AM presence.

I am so excited that so many of you are waking up to receiving the messages from all species, insects, birds, animals, from the tiny aphid to the almighty dragons and dinosaurs – now is the time to ask so you can receive all of you!!

I mentioned that the domesticated cat is very involved in creating their beautiful, unique coats and got a lot of questions on the varying 69 shades of grey and every hue of colour in between!!  I wanted to give you a shortened version of  what some of these kitties have shared with me over the years of Talking to these energetic leaders of a conscious world!

Please share what your awareness of what you know about Cats and their unique colouring and share the love !

Miaw = mi/hau = hello in chinese!!

Collective cat matrix: “You see us all across bloodlines, across colour charging around as comical, we see ourselves as the entity seers, the energetic leaders inviting you to see it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Will you use your subtle senses and know what you know, that it is never what you think it is – we are pure freedom of energy in motion.”


1. Tabby cat – “you know how we joke around and make you laugh? We are a cat collective with a mission to get you humans to lighten up and laugh at yourselves more. We are the orange cat brigade and you fondly know our spokesperson Garfield. We will do what ever it takes for you to facilitate the Earth with your laughter instead of the heavy resonances of fear, anger and un love.”


2. Black cat – “we have had a bad wrap with superstitions and bad omens when all we have come to this Earth pane for centuries to assist in moving you humans to embrace that without a knowing of the dark, unseen sides you cannot embrace the light. The magic and mysticism of our wild Pathera lines invites you to embrace the shadow so you can amplify your capacity to see through the dark and know what you know. We come to our human person especially to assist you in your healing capacities to assist others through times of darkness and struggle. ”

3. Black and White cat – “we are a melding of fully integrated balance of old wisdom and magical powers and the white new souls that are here to learn in this space time continuum. The amount of black to white is not significant to us although you make it so. We invite you to find a balance of dark and light in any given moment as there is a time for both seen and unseen, the yin and the yang. Where are you hiding in the shadows or saying it can only be a force to overcome the pieces of you that you have defined unlikable that actually are not? Like Penguin medicine shows you, there is a comical aspect to our kind too, to put on a suit that is not quite comfortable. WE ask that you love the skin you are in and use your costume as just that. Some call us tuxedo cats, the difference with us is that we choose to be both black and white where the either or reality does not exist. Would you be willing to shed the false self and embrace all those parts and pieces of you that you have judged a judge able offence based on other peoples points of view? Is it true ? ”

blk white cat








4. Tortoiseshell cats – This special genetic combination is subdued in thought and expression, and always challenges owners to understand their behaviors – for they are splashed in colour and splashed in thoughts – multi hues fully representing the rapid change of thought patterns within these cats.
“We think for a moment of this and then of that and never seem to achieve consistency of direction.
It is a wandering eye so to speak kind of colour, easily distracted from purpose into something that interrupted the moment.You will notice this now that we have mentioned it, this lack of concentration.”
For one moment she likes you and the next she bites you.
The darker the colour in tortie the more prominent the display of behaviour, and the softer shades are gentler in expression.
See this in all colouring – that the softies are softies all over.


In the power of the pride cat collective is flat. Cat teaches us there is no hierarchy – we have each others backs as lion, each our own unique capacity to work together or starve to death! Cheetah and leopard are loners it is high vibration of mowing inter connectedness expands beyond what we see as aloneness . There is a freedom in the nature of the beast. Be true to the wild essence of and as you and you will know that there is a time to to be part of the pride as if your life depends on it and when it is time to be alone, to introspect or create a new collective of you own. use the cats whiskers, the feather touch of your psychic, intuitive knowing and so it is !

For more information on animal talk and totems and all things inter species, I will be having another conscious conversation with my dear friend Judy Anderson on Access Your True Nature through animal communications March 11th. What will it take for you to join us and embrace the joy of receiving across the barriers we have created in language and cognition?

Or join me for a private session or class in your area.You can chaco my schedule or email me here: www.accessurtruenature.com



Are you asleep in aspects of your life?

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Are you asleep in aspects of your life? Do you feel like a zombie – the walking dead??

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you juggle your job, family and marriage with a good intention of keeping a positive attitude for life. Life is so busy that you end up having zero time for you and at the end of the day you are exhausted and frustrated.

Any success you have requires a lot of effort. You just started the year highly motivated to keep being inspired and taking positive actions but the busyness of life takes over. It’s February already and you can sense how the same old story is happening again: people around you think you have the perfect life but something is dying within yourself.

stop running away

Just couple of days ago, one of my clients shared with me this powerful statement: “It is a question of life and death for me. My soul is dying.”

I remember trying really hard to live the perfect life people thought I had, so I took more responsibilities, gave parts and pieces of myself away where others were unable to receive me, tried to master my parenting skills based on what others were choosing, invested hundreds of thousands of rands in my personal growth to make me feel valuable and worthy. I’ve taken many programs, read hundreds of books but it still felt like I parts of me were walking dead asleep!

Until 12 years ago, when I had a couple of not so fun wake-up calls. I may be cute, just not so bright so I had to created a break down, near death health issues and the destruction of my successful business and guess what???

Finally, I got to catch a wake up to ME and who I was choosing to be in that moment!

I woke up to life.

And what about you?

If you had a wake-up call, are you really living aware and awake since then? 
If you didn’t have a wake-up call – why wait for one?

If you had 10 seconds to live the rest of your life, what would you choose? Ok, that 10 seconds has gone, what do you choose? Ok, that 10 seconds is gone, what do you choose now???

This second, this minute, this hour, this day…… this year, I invite you to look in the mirror, het out of judgement and receive all that is reflecting back at you, as you and get honest with yourself. Would you be willing to totally acknowledge and own the fact that there are some areas of life where you are still asleep and ask yourself one question:

** Am I ready to wake up and live life to the fullest? **

What else is possible if you STOPPED divorcing parts and pieces of you that you have judged as not enough, the regret, the blame, the should of, could of, if only’s and make the demand that now is the time to stop WAITING, stop sleep walking through your life and wake up to living your most phenomenal life fully present and engaged?

What grand ad glorious adventures will you have?

and if you feel like you would like a little assistance to get you out of your own way and batting for your OWN team, why not give me a call ?

The choice is yours to: just choose

Book a FREE 20 minute discovery session – http://accessurtruenature.com/request-private-session/

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Book a private session or mastermind and know anything is possible – all you have to do is choose and give yourself permission to say YES, to you!

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Infinite gratitude for you

Sarah-Jane and the pack!

being YOU

How to fall madly in love with you

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I had to stop by today because I am seeing an epidemic going on that I think you might be afflicted by. And as you set out to create your dreams and go for your soul goals, I thought you might want to see if this is true for you (so we make sure you don’t create undue stress and pressure for yourself this year)…
You have a goal or a dream.
A project. Something you want to create or cause.
Or even just the things you want to get done in a day.
You put energy, time, money, love towards them.
And you reach your goal, or come close .
You finish the project. Reach the milestone.
You have what should feel like success.
But somehow the feeling of success and accomplishment doesn’t last very long.
Maybe for a day or a few hours, you feel like wow, that happened. And then almost as if you get concked on the head you come down with amnesia … you forget how awesome you are, how much you’ve already accomplished, how what you wanted is actually occurring… you don’t celebrate or let yourself really RECEIVE what’s happened, all you can see is how much more you need to do. This is why of course, what you do rarely feels like it’s enough.
madly in love with me celebration
I call this Achievers Amnesia.
And it’s no good! Achievers amnesia creates stress, exhaustion and unhappiness for you… and you, love, give so much to what you care about – be that your work, your loved ones, your body, your community, the world, that I am taking a stand as your self-love sister to make sure YOU APPRECIATE and ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF all the way through this year.
So this week, as we go into the new year, I felt like I had to remind you of how much GRATITUDE can nip this self defeating habit in the bud.  As you watch it here , http://youtu.be/y77aGqpJRjU
you’ll receive preventative self-love medicine to make sure that you DON’T forget to FEEL all that you will have done and become as you go along this year…and so get stuck in achievers amnesia never feeling like you’ve done or become enough.

Are you ready to take the daring act of love, and then make sure to put Feb 14th or 15th or both,The madly in love with ME – Self-Love Day celebration in your calendar (I have a special invitation for you here – http://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=10308487965 !)

LOVE LETTER:  Why You Never FEEL like you’ve done or accomplished enough… Achievers Amnesia.


How to make sure you actually recognize & receive all your accomplishments this year so you can stop pressuring yourself to do more, more, more…

happiness is just a choice copy
AND… then take the daring act of love to pour APPRECIATION and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT all over yourself, so you can feel how much you’ve already done… Make an ILOVEME list, and post 5 things you are proud of yourself for on the self-love blog, and I’ll reflect that love back to you, so you can really FEEL it.  
And then, read on as I AM OVER THE MOON to tell you about this..
MORE LOVESelf-Love Day is February 14th and 15th and I am throwing the biggest love party of the year… in YOUR HONOUR along with thousands of women inspired by Christa Arylo to celebrate super women from the heart centred space called BEING You !Can you feel this event calling you ? What would it take to join us here ??

Are you ready to take the daring act of love, and then make sure to put Feb 14th or 15th or both,The madly in love with ME – Self-Love Day celebration in your calendar (I have a special invitation for you here – http://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=10308487965 !)

Let us talk about sex baby!

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February is the month people hook in to what LOVE has to do with anything !!

I am super excited to be celebrating with you at the “Madly in Love with ME” live event in Johannesburg, on 14 and 15th February or both. Read more about that here


or register and come reacquaint yourself with the LOVE of your life -beYOUtiful YOu !!

Lets talk about sex baby!

What if relationship and sex can be the adventure of revitalizing relationships with no effort? What if keeping the fire not just burning but being the fierceness could be easy and joy filled? Over the years of facilitating conscious relationships, i realized that most people give up on life’s blissful pleasures including sex way too early.

The only thing and the one difference you are absolutely refusing is that you would know what is best for you.

How many thoughts, feelings, emotions and no sex do you use to maintain belief in politicians, churches, government, insurance & medicine? This is giving up your awareness in favor of belief.


Would you give up hard for a little ease joy and glory in life?

The real difference in life is recognizing what doesn’t work and then not doing it again. How many of you have been willing to give 150% to someone in a relationship who took then 200%. That is NOT a good relationship.

How many of your politicians are the least worst, not the best? How many of you choose your relationships based on the least worst, not the best? Most people choose the least worst rather than holding out for the best. What if the best relationship is with yourself?

What if you learned the way you learn instead of the way that others have told you that you have to learn. “I’m sorry, this isn’t working for me…”

You think that someone else would know what is best for you.

What if you are the only obstacle to having an orgasmic life? Would you consider getting out of your own way?

How many of you have tried to fix the relationship you are in that doesn’t work? Don’t fix your relationship that doesn’t work, leave it. YOU are the only person you can change. Can you make anyone else happy? Can you make anyone else sad? No. You cannot make anyone else do anything.

How many of you would be willing to give up fixing the entire universe and making sure that everything works?

Here are some tips to ask to keep the excitement and orgasmic living in all your relationships. Wouldn’t you like that adventure of possibilities more than just plodding along in all your partnerships including expansive sex?

  1. Self-love and Acceptance
  2. Distance and Connection

Yes, that is it. Two basic tenets. I like the simplicity in it. I like the feeling of relief in knowing making improvements in my life doesn’t have to be so hard.


Self-love and self-acceptance are not knew ideas. The saying, “You can’t really love someone else if you can’t love yourself.” is true. Cliché, yes? But true nonetheless.


When we are full of hatred and self-reproach it is hard to be available to love. It is hard to be open for it. Too many emotions and patterns get in the way of having a supportive and healthy love.


Learning to love yourself can be a challenge. Sometimes we can’t see what is right before our very eyes. I call them BLIND SPOTS. Sometimes we need someone to shine a light and illuminate them so they can be removed.


Distance and connection are actually pretty simple. That feels good. Let me give you a short list of ways you can create distance within your love relationship:

  1. Nagging
  2. Bitching
  3. Complaining
  4. Acts that cause mistrust
  5. Disrespectful thoughts (yes, I said thoughts), ideas and mindsets about your partner.
  6. Not treating your partner as though they are the most special in the world. (we all know what this means within the walls of our own relationship)
  7. Hating yourself

Now for the short list of BUILDING CONNECTION:

  1. Kindness
  2. Gratitude
  3. Effective and respectful communication
  4. Physical intimacy
  5. Together time
  6. Prioritizing the love as #1
  7. Loving and growing yourself

Sound too easy? Let me ask you, when was the last time you really listened to your partner talk? When was the last time you actually said you were thankful and appreciative for something they did for you? When was the last time you spent time just hanging out to enjoy their company? When was the last time you did something you were interested in doing, even if it was by yourself? And lastly, when was the last time you made love?

Simple things add up in a relationship, good or bad.

Have you forgotten your OWN GREATNESS?

Ruts can be a challenge to get out of, to crawl out of, to climb out of.

Have you ever let yourself down before?

I know I have.

You get into a bad habit of talking down to yourself.

It spills over into other areas of your life.

Here is a gentle reminder to you, dear soul.


Loving yourself is the best way to teach others how to love you the way in which is honest, whole and true.

In order to remember, to wake up and

embrace our own greatness we must give ourselves


Oh, so many times women say to me that feels selfish,

they don’t have the time, or don’t want to invest in themselves.

You must do this.

You really must.

Life is short. You are here for a reason. You have gifts to give.

AND the world won’t see them if you have forgotten your own magnificence.

Can you feel that calling?

Can you feel the giant inside wanting to burst forth?

Do you have a desire waiting for you to give birth to it?

Are you a tight bud aching to blossom?

I say a grand YES!

I am taking a stand, this very day for YOU!

Are you ready to stand up and fall madly in love with you??

In the next post I will be sharing 3 ways to get back in touch with your divine greatness, your magnificence, even if you have forgotten.