March 2014 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

What struggle are you maintaining that if you stopped would give you back to you?

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When I moved to South Africa I was aware of just how much people talk about struggle.

Is it the struggle for freedom against apartheid? is it the struggle of their families and the stories of oppression? The word itself is so embedded in to the South African psyche, people are literally unable to see that there is an easier way. Choice to change hysterical or should I say historical culture of the past. Struggle takes you out of being present, of the I Am presence to create a brighter future.I realise that struggle is a contagion on the planet, along with judgement and separation sickness every where not just in Africa and I want you to know you have the power to change that now!

What are you struggling with?

Could it be struggle with the energy of struggle?
Struggle is an invasive energy that we can become so accustom too, that we don’t even recognize it for what it is… 
Resistant energies that can rule our life!

Do you feel struggle with just getting up out of bed in the morning to start your day? 
Do you feel taking care of day to day items or chores is a struggle? 
Do you feel life is just to overwhelming that struggle is a main stay in your life? 
IF you answered yes to any of these questions, I invite you to ask this question: “Who does this belong to?” Is it even yours?

Here is a little reminder video:


So let me ask you- do you have a contract with Struggle? If so… lets cancel that contract!

You will be guided on a energetic journey to cancel the contract of Struggle (at least one contract – many of us have multiple contracts –I will be gifting the recording of the call so you can re-listen to the class 
or join in future classes). if you are ready to unlock your struggle codes and contracts now, join me and let me show you what else is possible.

Do you have Struggle living so deeply within your cells that it feels like it has a “HOLD” on your life? Are you ready to let that go?

So you can step more freely, passionately and forward in your life!
So that you can BE on purpose with YOUR Passion!
So everyone in your energy field of influence will be blessed in new ways.

Discover how using verbal clearings, light activations and energy pulls, can assist you in relinquishing the energy of struggle. This can be every day struggles or it could be something that has been a life long challenge. How many times has struggle shown up as physical disease and sickness in your sweet body?

What if the energy of struggle was no longer a part of your life? 

What would your life be like, look like, feel like if you ended the war on struggle and going against your true nature?
Would you be more present with the energy of Joy?

Would it not be easier when you choose to STOP going against the natural flows of abundance and regeneration and flow towards you and your happiness and freedom to choose a lighter life?

When you let the struggle go, it opens the doors to the wonder and magic in your life! I wonder what the world could BE come if we all surrendered to a different world of allowance, honour, trust, vulnerably and gratitude today?

What ways have you ended the war with struggle?

Post your comments on my Facebook page and look out for the call in details of the next free Endng the War with struggle tele call coming your way mid April!


What truths and lies are limiting you in your joy of business?

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Here are 36 things that are true about business:

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Ignite oyur heartsong

  1. Your business will never ever be the same as it is today, so get used to changes and stop worrying so much that it’s not perfect.
  2. Investing back into your business is one of the best (/only?) ways to grow.
  3. Running a retreat is way easier than people say it is.
  4. Launching an online course is way more complicated than people say it is.
  5. Working with sketchy internet is almost as frustrating as getting hung up on after waiting on hold for 45mins with the bank.
  6. Not showering or leaving the house for 3 days is a luxury.
  7. Now showering or leaving the house for 3 days makes you smell kind of bad which makes you not want to leave the house even more. It’s a vicious cycle that no one talks about because they secretly love it.
  8. Online friends are no longer a weird thing… until you tell your real life friends about them.
  9. If you’re looking for the magic secret on how to grow a business here it is:Patience.
  10. Even when you’re the worst at being patient, you STILL have to be patient. No one gets a get out of jail free card on this one.
  11. No one is an overnight success.  It takes years to build a successful business. Those people who say they are? Are lying.
  12. Eggs do NOT make a good meal if you eat them three times a day. Even if you cook them in different ways to fool yourself into thinking you’re actually eating a whole different meal.
  13. You have to do the fucking work. You can’t just expect things to happen on their own.
  14. It IS possible to create and sell out a new program overnight, when you knowexactly to a tee what your clients want and need. But that takes time to learn.
  15. Running a new course or program is ALWAYS more fun with someone else. So much less pressure. So much less stress. And yes, so much less money. It’s still worth it.
  16. Hearing negative feedback about your work is always hard, whether the person telling you is your coach or a totally random douchebag. But every piece of feedback will teach you something about yourself and/or your business. It’s worthwhile to pay attention.
  17. Getting clear and specific about what you actually DO for people is your golden ticket to faster business success.
  18. Web design does matter.
  19. Writing your about page is one the hardest things you will ever have to do (other than  all that actual hard life stuff).
  20. Nothing you do really matters all that much in the grand scheme of things.
  21. It’s up to you to know your ideal client and do the research to find out what they need. No business coach can tell you exactly what your specific market needs.
  22. Having your financial shit in order takes a massive weight off your shoulders, and ignoring it is only going to screw you over harder at tax time.
  23. Ditto with your legal crappola.
  24. Some clients will just never be happy, no matter what you do. It’s ok.
  25. Running an uncaged business likely means working more than you have ever worked in your life. Funny how that happens. But being able to work those overtime hours in Belize, or Holland, or Morocco, or the Dominican makes it totally worth it.
  26. You can’t do everything alone. Hiring someone to do the stuff you absolutely hate doing is 100% worth it. You’ll make that money back because you’ll actually have time to market and promote your business, instead of getting stuck in WordPress glitches, Mailchimp woes, and technical stuff that you shouldn’t be messing with anyway.
  27. It’s hard to find a great VA because a lot of them are creating their own business on the side and being a VA is just a filler job.
  28. Working from coffee shops is overrated. I prefer to have my fridge nearby and be able to take off my pants whenever I want.
  29. You have no choice but to be confident. The alternative means you won’t have a business.
  30. Your old blog posts will embarrass you in a year’s time, and you are totally allowed to go in and delete them.
  31. People pay attention to what you say, and you have more of a responsibility than you realize to stand by what you put out there.
  32. Some people close to you will just never get what you do, and they don’t need to
  33. Creating a business literally is like having a baby… and I don’t know how people who have ACTUAL babies do both #supermoms #howdotheydoit #nothanks #sexyghost
  34. Things will feel like they aren’t working for a long time before they actually work. It’s part of the process, and if you crap out too early you’ll never get to the part where it works (which is obviously the fun part).
  35. You have all the time in the world to create your business, and the more you rush it, the worse it will be.
  36. More often then you’d imagine, you’ll worry that your webcam is accidentally turned on and that you’re secretly being broadcast all over YouTube as you smash down that greasy burrito down while typing with the other hand. Don’t worry, its almost never actually on.


What lessons have you learned in your business?

How your stress can impact your dog’s health and well being

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It may sound a bit weird but the relationship with another person, dog or any pet for that matter is not just about your every day reality. Someone in a close relationship senses when those they live with and love are in a good mood or if something feels ‘off’.

I see a lot of stressed out dogs in the work that I do and I know that a lot of this stress is being picked up or sensed from stressed out owners. We live in such a stressful world these days, whether work related, family related or financial, we all worry, but what effect does that have on our dogs?

Just as stress has a negative effect on our lives both mentally and physically, our dogs can be equally affected by our stress. Our dogs, which are so highly tuned into our habits and moods will sense the increase in stress hormones like cortisol in your body and will respond in a few different ways.

Firstly they might respond by reacting to your stress, if you are worried and stressed there must be a reason for it – time to get worried too.


Or if you have a dog that thinks they are a decision maker and looking after their family in what ever way they can, they now are burdened with further responsibility of taking care of that member of the family, increasing the stress of their job.

So What Can We Do?

The word Positive doesn’t only need to be associated with training. Just like negative environments and feelings can be detrimental, positive ones can impact you and your dog’s life in very positive and nurturing ways.

How can visualisation help me and my dog?

Visualisation or meditation can be a great time to refocus, for you to take 5 or 10 minutes to yourself. It’s time to recharge your energy, leave your work day at the door and focus in the now on what life can become for you and your pup.

If there’s one thing we should learn from our dogs, it’s life is to be enjoyed and lived in the now, guilt and stress free!

Visualisation is really just about using your imagination in a positive way, seeing your thoughts play out in your mind. Many successful people use this easy and accessible technique to be creative, to change their mindset and improve their mood, so why not make it a part of your routine to leave stress outside the door?


5 Top Tips For Leaving Stress at the Door

  1. Take some time out. Make it part of your routine to take 5 or 10 minutes to get your head in a positive space. Pick a quiet area of the house free from distractions, light a candle or change into comfortable clothes, anything that helps you relax and creates that good feeling inside.
  2. Time to Breathe; take long calm breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth. This is known to calm and stabilise your heart rate and blood pressure and gives you something to focus on in the now.
  3. Use your Imagination; time to dream or imagine past or future positive scenarios. Don’t hold back, this is about getting into a feel-good space. Future holidays, winning Crufts! what ever makes you smile.
  4. Feel it! I like thinking about when I’m surfing, when I’ve been on country walks with my dogs or how I feel when I get positive feedback from a client. You want to actually start feeling those positive vibes and your muscles start to relax. (This takes a little bit of practise)
  5. Smile. Smiling has a physical effect on our emotions and physical wellbeing, that’s why we love our dogs so much as they make us smile and we feel good! Smiling reduces stress, boosts our immune system, releases endorphins in our brain and makes us feel confident. What’s not to like about smiling more?

You’ll find that building this little routine into your daily habit will not only give you a way to unwind but it will also have enormous beneficial effects on your relationship with your dog too.

What do you do as a stress reliever?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what ways you relieve stress for you and your doggy companions!

Thanks Bernie Brown for your awesome canine insights !!

Dare to dream big or stay small

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March is the month to Dare to dream and dream big


The energetic theme and magical work of March are: renewal, breaking inertia, new beginnings, potential and possibility.

Think introspectively and journal about: What is possible for you and your life? What do you want to manifest in 2014?

March is the perfect time to start a new project or endeavor – taking advantage of the growth energy in the air.

Set and intention, cast a spell or work on clearing out what no longer serves you.

 If you watched the Oscars, you saw that The Wizard of Oz was celebrated for its amazing 75 year journey. Judy Garland’s children were in the audience (Ellen made what some call an unkind remark about Liza Minnelli), and Pink sang the theme song. Like The Snow Queen and Snow White, The Wizard of Oz embodies the story of the heroine in search of treasure. Stay tuned…this theme of the hero/heroines journey is vital to helping you understand your own personal journey….You will ride forth a hero/heroine with your banner unfurled!

 Dreams are fragile things. They are birthed like butterflies, from splashes of colorful inspiration. If they aren’t given attention, they will fade and die, forgotten, very quickly.


However, there are other ways to destroy dreams. If your dreams are important to you, you want to make sure that you have adequate care and feeding in place, so your dreams not only live, but thrive. That they become the biggest expression that they can be – and YOU become the biggest expression of your dream, purpose and vision that you can be.


Here are a list of dream-killers:

◦    Telling the wrong person about you dream. We all know there are people in our lives who encourage us, and those who feel it is their sworn duty to point out possible pitfalls in any plan. Tell your dream only to those who will encourage you, or keep it to yourself until it feels stronger. 

◦    Not giving your dream enough nourishment. Dreams are nourished with time – time spent thinking about them, brainstorming, researching, mindmapping, and visualizing. If you have a stellar idea, but don’t give it time, it will starve. 

◦    Pursuing too many dreams. Most transformational entrepreneurs have more dreams than they can possibly bring to fruition. It doesn’t mean you can’t have those dreams, but you can only pursue so many at one time, especially if your dream involves building a business. Write down all your dreams, give them a little mental exploration, but choose the ones that you will pursue with passion, time, attention and energy. Put the others in hibernation. If they’re important, they’ll come out later. 

◦    Trying to do your dream alone. When you’re ready to tell the world about your dream, enroll others to help you bring it to life. Having support in implementing your dream, whether it’s from a coach, a mastermind, a volunteer group of enthusiastic supporters, or an accountability partner can mean the difference between having it happen, or having it just be a long-ago idea.

So tell people who will support you, give your dreams time and attention, focus on the few that you really want to bring out, and you’ll manifest the business and life you’ve always dreamed of!



Who’s afraid of the big bad fox?

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When I was in the UK teaching my being Human through Horses last year, I was surprised at how people there saw Fox as a nuisance and the fear of urban legends and exaggerated stories of fox taking babies out of their beds and other interesting points of view coming from a fear based reality! My conversations with a red fox behind my mothers building in the dark of night may surprise and delight you…..

Join me on jazz up your life with Judy and the animals for a conversation with animals and how you can embrace your wild side and receive messages from animal, animal totems and archetypes. You can join us Tuesday 11th March at 11pm South African time by clicking the link here:

How much do you rank animals, insects and other creatures, including other humans as higher or lower in importance in order to validate your reality? How much of your receiving do you cut off by buying in to the lies you bought as true from fairy tales like the brothers Grimm or superstition? Fox like many other species have been persecuted by fear and judgement to extinction in many cases. Is Little Red Riding hood and the big bad wolf true for you? What if you could receive everything as a gift and stop ranking, judging and separating from oneness and contribution of all life on the planet?


Fox teaches us to RESOLVE from choice and awareness:

Still lingering that needs to be resolved is adaptability. This may be particularly useful—or challenging—right now with so much change, from weather patterns, to personal challenge, to your health and business. If you are in a group where you feel misunderstood, you do not have to force yourself to belong. Fox does not sacrifice its Self in order to fit in. But Fox does temporarily speak other languages in order to act as if it belongs. As long as you do not change who you are, as long as you do not feel out of integrity, you can stay true to you while creating the illusion of belonging.

This is difficult to communicate clearly because we do not want you to hide your Self. We do not want you to relinquish your personal power by “going along just to get along.” No. We are suggesting that you can maintain and even increase your personal power by choosing how much to show to whom and when.


Another key piece of Fox’s adaptability is speaking so that other people can understand. When you do reveal more of You, you can do it in other people’s language so that they are more likely to understand—and, ideally, receive.

With all of Fox’s adaptability, let yourself be guided by what feels true and expansive. If is feels false, heavy or constricting, we recommend making a different choice. What will you choose today?