April 2014 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Choice trumps clearing every time

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Choice trumps clearing and doing every time. It is part of our human design to step in to human BEing not doing!

This week we move in to the gate of struggle or challenge which is always crucial to our growth. What direction are you going in? What if you could be multi directional instead of judging yourself for not taking  certain direction, which actually takes you out of choice.

Don’t take anything personally. Your response ail create your reality and we are being tested or challenged in the next few days to be honest and look at the distractors of guilt and responsibility. What are you in response as action to? What are you responsible for and what is not yours to change? Using the who does this belong to tool is a great way to raise your awareness to what is really gong on here.

What do you do when you have way too many choices? You see so many ideas and possible paths to take? Does overwhelm stop creation so you can validate your reality of ” you see I am right/wrong!”

“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” – Napoleon Hill

One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average person’s familiarity with the word “impossible.” He knows all the rules which will NOT work. He knows all the things which CANNOT be done. This book was written for those who seek the rules which have made others successful, and are willing to stake everything on those rules.

Success comes to those who become SUCCESS CONSCIOUS.

Success is a choice and looks different to each unique individual. For every limitation or contraction that comes up for you ask: “Is this a choice or a possibility?”

Are you vested in the outcome so you stay in the discomfort of what you know is safe and comfortable that actually is not?

beyond your comfort zone

Sometimes it’s easy to choose and make decision in life, and other times — especially when it comes to business decision, we procrastinate the decision, because we just don’t know what to choose? We ask questions like what would make the most money, bring the most people, but are these really how we should be choosing?

At those times when you have several different “big” or “life changing” directions we could go in — all that feel light and fun; How do you choose?

The no choice reality is still a choice. Ask: “Is this a big choice or a little choice?”

Try to go beyond impossible to the I am possible

Step 1: Write down all your possibilities.
Step 2: Next to each one write the level of “lightness” you feel with it on a scale of 1-10.
Step 3: Next to each one write the level of “uncomfortable-ness”.
Step 4: Add up the numbers of each column and then add the together!
Step 5: Choose what has the highest number!

Where have you mis identified excitement as fear based on the energy or read of other people’s realities??

This will take you out of your comfort zone!

Here is a reminder of the heavy/light tool:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/Av4ws5-Q0_s?list=UU0AJvw_z39AQPw6NYcUn3mg” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Living Beyond Your Comfort Zone

As we discover the lights of what choice and possibility is in front of us and causes the most uncomfortable-ness, we may also begin to sense that it is outside of our comfort zone.

Our comfort zone can be like an electric doggy fence—inside is safe, it’s what we know. Outside of the fence is the unknown, a mystery that we haven’t experienced. As we attempt to go beyond the fence thoughts like ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ may come up.

Too often we are electrocuted by these thoughts, and we retreat back inside our fences. This is why it’s easier to NOT choose this change!

nothing just happens

Conditioned Behaviors – Run From Change!

When did we learn that taking the easier path is the direction we should go? There is a difference between aggressive choice and easy—for example, it may be easier to ‘just get a job,’ than in another area growing like growing a business. Just because a new creation is a big mystery doesn’t mean that it is dangerous is just a choice.

When you observe places where you have misapplied danger and fear and make a different choice, you literally changes the synapses in your brain. This means that you are changing the way you are thinking—you won’t always be going to the same place but will instead make decisions from a place of freedom and total choice.

What choices are you making based on fear of failure, money and internal control? Would you be willing to give that up now?

These elements can set you down the path that is true to you and your greatest possibility.

Give yourself permission to be free and look at nurturing yourself. Lok at your core values and how yoyo can apply your truth, the heart in your personal life and for the  collective. This is bigger than yoyo. Be authentic, and take your time to see your truth.

You do matter and you are making the world a better place just by showing up and serving the planet most fully as you!!

here is to your miraculous life!

What is stopping you from having the success you desire?

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What is stopping you from having the success you desire?

“What you imagine is a confirmation of a creation you’re destined to receive. Such a creation materializes into form, once you are rooted in a level of consciousness, where having what you want honors who you are without becoming the next thing that defines what you are.”

There’s a secret that many of the world’s most successful and inspiring people know.

This secret is that whether you want to increase your income, meet your soul mate, transform your current relationship or hit any other goal in any other area of your life…

It’s your mindset that will either make or break your success!

Your internal belief system about who you are, what you’re capable of and what you think you deserve will either:

1. Quantum leap you towards your goals at light speed


2. Keep you stuck in your present, hoping and wishing things were different

Here’s something else:

Very few people are born with a “success mindset.”

Most people have to work to cultivate one.

But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be HARD work to get there.

Here are 5 simple things you can do starting today that will help you shift yourself into a success mindset that will help propel you forward instead of keeping you stuck:

#1: Always be learning

Consider putting yourself into some kind of structured learning program, like a personal coaching program or even something like cooking, foreign language or dance classes.

When your course or series of classes run out, find something else that looks interesting to you and put yourself into it.

Make a demand to learn new things on an ongoing basis. This will keep your brain stimulated and forward thinking – plus it’s great for increasing your level of self-confidence!

Ask, if I choose this will I learn something? Will it expand my agenda? Will it be fun? Will it make me money?

#2: Surround yourself with people who believe anything is possible

Just like the saying “You are what you eat,” you also become who you spend most of your time with.

Spending time with positive-minded people who believe that life is what you make of it will help to remind you that the only limitations in your life are the ones you put on yourself.

This is an important mindset to have in order to stretch yourself to reach new and exciting goals that are outside of your current comfort zone.

Ask: Who or what aligns with my target to be, haven, generate, create and institute this today? You may be surprised at what shows up. Are you willing to receive, no matter what it looks like or how it shows up?

#3: Consider turning off the TV

Did you connect with nature today? It can feel great to turn on the TV and sit back, relax and unwind after a long day…

But it’s SO easy to get sucked into watching it for hours without even realizing where the time has gone!

And what’s wrong with that, you may ask?

Well, research has shown that prolonged television watching actually slows your brain activity, even after you’ve turned the TV off.

To keep your brain happy, healthy and firing on all cylinders, try to limit your TV time to an hour (maybe two) a day if you can. Connect with nature, listen to the night jars, just be oneness and space.

#4: Be kind to your body

Remember the saying “healthy body, healthy mind”…? Well it’s so true!

Drinking tons of water and eating healthy “live” foods (like salads and uncooked vegetables, for example) have been shown to increase brain function, which of course will lead to greater creativity, flow and productivity.

So ask your body what it requires to support you with kindness, hydrate regularly with live water ( y structure water units are available in South Africa) and aim to eat at least one fresh “live” whole food each day to make sure you’re honouring  your body.

#5: Have a plan

What are you working toward? Have an end goal.

I set three large targets that align with my heart based business for myself each year, plus I also set mini targets ( remember the big choice, little choice I spoke of in a previous blog here ) that I work toward each month.

I also have my own “rewards system.”

When I hit each of my targets big or small, I reward myself with something I enjoy…

A delectable drink from your local coffee shop, a delicious meal out, a massage or perhaps even a vacation for hitting a truly big milestone.

Set realistic targets, work toward them and then remember to acknowledge and reward yourself once you reach them.


Out of the 5 tips I’ve just shared with you, which one are you willing to take on for today?

Come and post a comment below or on my Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Accesstrueconsciousness  to let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

To your shift, shine and successful life


Mr Doubt fire shut up you are abusing me!

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How are those inner mean girls that make you doubt yourself and limit you, working for you?

This Doubting Voice inside you head might sound like this:

  • Do you really think you can making a living doing what you love? — what about getting a real job and grow up?
  • It sounds too risky to shift careers now… why would you want to do that?
  • Where will you get the support to take on this new project?
  • What happens if it doesn’t work out?
  • Do you really think you have the talent to write your book, it’s really difficult…and anyhow what makes your story so special that you think anyone would want to read it?

Essentially, this inner mean voice is that part of our thought pattern that is negatively questioning everything we say or do.It wants to keep you safe.

And the problem is that when your Doubting Voice collides with your Calling, your big WHAT that you came to this life to contribute to raising consciousness and making a difference, then it has to find all the ways to keep you from going to the “unknown scary edge” — to the places that you’ll have to extend yourself, to risk, and to grow in likely uncomfortable ways.



The Doubting Voice’s mission is to eliminate risk, keep things the “safe”, and to NOT be uncomfortable. This obviously puts you in conflict with yourself at times, and why it is a core block to living your best life. We have been programmed to play safe even when it is not working for you, out of control is a no-no. When you get that being out of control means that nobody or no thing gets to control you, doesn’t that feel so much more spacious and exciting?

So, how do we unhook and change the programming of our Doubting Voice?

I have found that the best way to work with the Doubting Voice is to make friends with it. 

I know, easier said than done. But here’s my process of be-friending, not defending and integrating my inner Doubter. First realise anything that is not you is the ANTI- you!

Start with naming the Doubting Voice in you. You might call it: Mrs Doubt fire, or Cantankerous Cathy, or simply Mr. Doubter. What this does is two fold: 

  1. Brings lightness and humor to that part of ourselves that is pretty heavy and a limiter of our full, authentic expression
  2. Allows the witnessing part of yourself to arrive so you can see the bigger perspective beyond distraction of your fearful, doubting ego-mind thoughts/voices.

Then it’s time to have a brief dialogue with your Doubter. It flows like this:

  • “Mr. Doubter, do you have some true wisdom for me that I should know about?”Here you’re investigating for important information that might be in the doubting voice. A grain of truth that you feel may be important to the issue at hand. Listen to what comes back.
  • Then say to yourself: “Thank you for sharing. I don’t need you at this time. I’m now going to make room for a choice that is for my highest good – my empowered choice.”
  • And now there is space for you to make a new choice toward your purpose, toward that which brings you more alive.

I am gifting a FREE tele call this Sunday at 8pm GMT on how to tame your negative inner voices (what we call Inner Mean girls or Bullies) into allies for your growth and expansion. 

Click here to register: https://thalia.leadpages.net/shiftshinedefine/

So, I encourage you to let your Doubting Voice be the new fuel for your growth, for a deeper self-acceptance, that will bring more energy and clarity to your purpose work.

Clearing the knots and ties of frustration

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Clearing the knots and ties of frustration  that keep you from being present to create a phenomenal live, living and body.

Living in South Africa with continual non delivery of basic essentials is common place. Knowing what is does not mean that clearing the daily frustrations of power cuts, no internet is not easy. We know the power of blueprints, so we won’t address that here.

When we get frustrated by our conditions, we inevitably end up becoming frustrated with ourselves. It can take us over and we tend to run with it. It can creep into every aspect of our lives, from how we relate to the people around us, to how it will impact our business.

If the frustration builds for too long, pretty soon we might forget altogether what the hell we were frustrated at in the first place, yes?

This happens in business all the time, especially when in the early stages of the business, cash flow can fluctuate maddeningly, which then leads to all other kinds of frustrations from payroll to profits.

There’s an energy attached to frustration that sucks the life out of your business, and if you’re not dealing with this as a business owner, it’s only going to go downhill from there.

Moving back away from whatever the problem is, step one toward a solution is simply being able to classify your frustrations. Is it with your team? Your results? A process that doesn’t seem to flow efficiently?

Some typical early-stage business frustrations include time (there never seems to be enough of it), feeling like you’re too bogged down with menial detail-work instead of bigger-picture tasks, or relying on people to get things done that don’t follow through. Just to name a few.

This is where the importance of systemizing your business processes plays a huge role. First you name your frustration, and then you develop the system to address it.

So if you’re having problems with freeing up your time yet ensuring that essential tasks still get done, then the real problem is the absence of a system that will hire the right people rather than you doing it all yourself. That way, not only is your time freed up, but the right people will also help micromanage the way processes continue to develop and flow.

The good news is that frustrations within your business are fairly easy to identify and deal with, though they may take time. Inner frustrations, on the other hand, not only take more time and energy to deal with, but may also be harder to identify in the first place. You could be mad at yourself because you’ve done something poorly for so long, and you get frustrated about not seeming able to turn the corner. Or worse, you externalize that frustration toward everybody else—the customers, the suppliers, the vendors, the client; everybody but yourself.

When it comes to outer frustrations that we can identify, though, the questions are much simpler. What’s my frustration? What’s the gap in the system? What system is missing altogether?

Frustration is another form of anger – I find asking is this generative or destructive? Does it get you moving in to inspired action or is it literally stopping you from identifying what it is and creating disease and chaos in your life and body??

If your frustrations begin with ‘I’, it’s about you. It’s inner directed. If it’s about ‘them’ or ‘those people’ or ‘those lousy clients’ or ‘those suppliers’ or ‘that lousy machinery’ or ‘that way’ of doing something, it can then be addressed systematically and objectively.


What do you think? Have you experienced similar or even different kinds of frustrations, and how did you address them? Did systemizing play a role? Leave me a comment and let me know your experiences and how you overcome those frustrations (or are still working on identifying/overcoming them).

For Your Freedom and fiery successful life


Does the absence of germs make you sick, fat and unhappy?

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With winter creeping in to the southern hemisphere the pharmas are pushing immune boosters and flu shots as predicted for this time of the year. But what if there is another way that allows the bacterias we previously were told are unhealthy actually create a health climate within the cells beyond scientific bullying. Instead of dreading catching a bout of the winter flu virus, what if you could take the rest and allow your body to update its microbial data base naturally. Think of it like a big giant super computer ( which it is). If the blood brain barrier does not get the opportunity to update all the mutations of disease which have increased in speed to thrive against the latest super drugs, then how can your brain recognise what pathogens and defines system to activate when your body is attacked? Take one little bacteria that thrives in acid climate of the gut for example –  Helicobacter pylori.

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is one of the very few bacteria that can survive the high acid conditions of the stomach. H. pylori has historically been classified as a pathogen but this strain has several mutualist functions. H. pylori helps with: (1) keeping stomach acid levels at an optimum level, reducing the incidence of acid reflux, (2) regulation of our appetite via a hormone ghrelin, and (3) helps educate tolerance of the immune system, protecting us from asthma, skin allergies and hay fever.

Two to three generations ago, 80% of us had H. pylori in our stomachs, whereas today less than 6% of American, German and Swedish children have it. A single course of amoxicillin for ear infection can eradicate H. pylori. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  What if it has nothing to do with good or bad or the human way to kill anything he fears rather than maintain the balance and feeding cycles that nature encourages us to choose?

When balance is disrupted disease spreads like wild fire. We have to stop and ask questions about our REACTIVE life style and go back to our ancestral nomadic forefathers that lived in harmony with the nature of all things. Just taking a look at what the effects of one little bacteria My Pylori creates from imbalance chrones and celiac disease, stomach cancers,  rising obesity rate especially in children, to diabetes, autism, cornea damage, yeast and fungus, candida aides some questions like what is right about this we are not getting??

Here is an interview fem the Greatest You Summit last week – it is a little out of the box look at how you and your body can be best friends. It is pretty hard to kill your body, I know from personal experience !
body best friend

Take a look at obesity: Some scientists believe that the widespread microbiome changes due to antibiotics may be a key factor in the dramatic rise in childhood obesity. Bacteria may influence whether stem cells in the digestive tract develop normally or not. When healthy bacteria are missing, normal development is disrupted causing overproduction of fat cells instead of muscle and bone tissue.

This impact of antibiotics and health has been evaluated extensively in animals so these suspicions about human impacts are well founded. Farmers have done the experiment again and again for over 50 years – in cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. They have tried different antibiotic classes in many different animals, always with the same impact. The end result is that animals gain weight, putting on an increase of up to 15% more weight, increasing their body fat, and precipitating changes in the microbiome. In both animals and humans, there is an overall loss of microbiome biodiversity, a reduction in the Bacteroidetes groups and an increase in Firmicutes with weight gain. In humans, there is a specific subgroup that dominates in obesity, the Prevotella genus. On high carbohydrate diets, Prevotella species tend to outcompete their neighbors.

So what happens when you change the relative distribution of the gut species? Does it matter? The data suggests that when you eliminate or reduce the Bacteroidetes members (remember, they are the ones that make the hundreds of enzymes to digest things that would otherwise be undigestible, harvesting calories for us to use), the remaining microbiome and the host (that is us) both have to shift their metabolism to get enough calories and increase their capacity to harvest energy from their diet. The bacteria activate genes that break down carbohydrates into different substances (short-chain fatty acids). These fatty acids feed the cells that line the gut but also trigger the body to make more fat cells, storing the excess calories as fat. The liver cells of the host (bacteria do not have livers!) also shift their metabolism, tending now to store more calories as fat.

One of the things I love about working with energy medicine like Parama Bodytalk , body chemistry and epigenetics is the efficacy of addressing these imbalances and upgrading the data base through search and retrieval formulas set up by the body’s innate wisdom. It is only by looking at the climatic conditions of single cells and the body as a whole that the physical body evolves, upgrades and reintegrates the consciousness as organic – all things as equal and restores balance with the morphogenic field of the sum of the parts.

body gift or burden
Think about it for just a minute…maybe you don’t even need a minute…
Imagine a germ and discomfort free world where no one got sick, no one experienced unpleasantries and no one ever had to deal with anything uncomfortable…ever.
What do you see? On the surface, a pristine utopian Garden of Eden perhaps? Wait! Close your eyes and look again. Within that bubble of unreasonable perfection absent of dilemma and discord lies the blah box of homeostatic neutral. Translated that means when we live without any stressors of any kind, we remove challenge from life. Without challenge we do not grow. Without challenge we cannot become resilient. Without challenge we can never know how to truly thrive.
So the next time you desire to “sanitize” your world, think twice. Those germs of life, from the microscopic to the catastrophic, infect us with possibilities to be stronger and greater than we ever imagined. And that very infection is what builds immunity to negativity, strength of character and survival (actually “thrival”) of the fittest. It is evolution in motion – so instead of stopping growth, why not ask questions to you body and encourage life itself on the planet to thrive. Are you ready to plug in like the tail of the Avatar and raise a conscious world rather than be the destruction of it ?
And if you would like to book a private session to support your body as the seasons change, then why not set it up now and enjoy a lighter life, happy body !!
Click here http://accessurtruenature.com/request-private-session/ and lets get your data base revved up and your immune system strong.