May 2014 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Going with the flow of life

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Are you creating your life as an emergency?

Do you go with the flow, knowing you are exactly where you are meant to be or defend, resist and stop your life at every bump in the road??

Are you a little or a lot like me in wondering what the meaning of creating trauma, drama and chaos as your standard operating procedure? Recently I was looking over my “Official un official Bio” for an upcoming tele seminar I am privileged to be a guest on. (If you have not registered yet her is the link:)

Going with the flow…..

And I realised that although some of the pain, disease and drama I have created in my life is not something I would like to create again I probably will in spite of my highest, greatest good. Looking back on some of those defining moments, I recognise that my stories are what have shaped me in to who I am being and becoming – a greater version of whom I came to the planet in this body, at this time to be in my human design.

It is my target to inspire, uplift and assist others through my stories to look at every challenge as an invitation to move through the intensity, the growing pains and up level who you are being. By changing how we perceive difficulties and heart ache, you can change any thing that is limiting you, making you miserable,causing you heartache and disease.
My question is, if you were not creating disharmony in your world, would you be any less vital in your life’s work?

What if…. we did not have to create grand scale, life threatening events or high drama, near death experiences before we wake up and choose to go with the flow, knowing we are are fully supported always?? What if you could truly receive in the grace state, the natural flow of your True Nature’s and not make yourself wrong or go in to defending your position?
Life is funny sometimes. With every contraction and expansion, it really is all about the surrender.

I’ve found myself saying this in almost every client session and conversation with friends and peers lately. I’m constantly on the look out for patterns and topics that keep coming up in our collective, and after saying this for maybe the 100th time in a few weeks, I decided to dive deep into exploring the Medicine Wheel and the flow through this contraction and expansion pattern called the feeding or ko cycle of life.


If you would like to know how to create more ease in flowing though life’s ups and downs, inhale and exhales, expansion and contraction, take a look at this wonderful 4 week tele class here:

If you trust what you know, truly listen, receive and learn what’s in the flow, you will see that it’s the spaces in between that make YOU possible and it  isn’t as scary as you may think. We see that the contractions can feel good, necessary, fun even.
And it’s in these spaces in between that we learn how to truly LIVE in our true nature.

Once you are able to receive this, you will be able to live life in your true nature – trusting your path and surrendering to each step you take along it, each leading you back to you.

I Invite you to take a deep look at your own patterns and identify what phase you are currently in, and what actions you need to hour your flow.

Life is a dance. A flow. In each moment, you are either in one of these two states or in a space in between. The more you can recognize which state you are naturally in, the more you can surrender to what is happening and allow it to work it’s magic – instead of forcing it to be something else.

When we force our rhythm to be something it is not in the moment, we hurt – Our bodies. Our souls. Our Loved ones. Our tribes. Our animal teachers. Our planet…..
Next time, I will discuss some easy ways that you can celebrate the natural state of flow and the space in between where magic happens.
For now, notice your breath, your heart, your song. Write your awareness and insights in the comments below and inspire others to breath in life with you!

My question is, if you were not creating disharmony in your world, would you be any less vital in your life’s work? What if…. by shaping your life stories in to inspiring action, you can get clear on who you really are and what you are here to be in raising consciousness on the planet by assisting people who identify with the suffering, the pain you know. If that is something that interests you, join me this evening at 8pm SAST for:

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In the next mail, I will be sharing some easy, pragmatic ways you can step in to FLOW.

Much love and gratitude

PS Write your comments below, share your insights on how you create more flow through the expansion and contractive phases f your life and let us grow a more conscious world together.

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