June 2014 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Who are you making bigger than you?

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Who are you making bigger than you?

In this time of chaotic, fast change, the world is at a turning point as consciousness has reached critical mass – it’s quite extraordinary and at times confusing!

Gurus and sages, politicians and oracles on the streets have been talking about this time in history as one of great transition- of the old order and the old ways finally giving way to a whole new way of being. It’s happening in almost every facet of life- from the environment to government to inner work to spiritual awakenings.

Change is coming and it’s coming fast – whether we like it or not.

And we all have a choice – surrender to it and become more aligned with our truth and our path, or run the risk of hurting ourselves, our community, our planet.

The choice is yours.

star shine

One of the things I have seen happening over the past year or so, especially the past 6 months, is this greater need to accelerate healing. To figure it all out – NOW. There is an urgency to healing that I’m noticing and a desire for many to dive deep into the pool and heal- so that we are more integrated, more aligned, more free to live the life we came here to live.

I have men and women from all walks of life contacting me daily, determined to not only heal their physical ailments, but also their deeper spiritual ones as well. From artists to bankers to yogis to therapists, I see an urgent need to dig beneath the surface, identify what needs to be healed, what patterns need to break, what grief and love for the self needs to be fully realized. To locate where these things are hidden in the body and allow the body to heal.

Allow the self to heal.

Allow yourself to do the healing.

What I am seeing emerge time and time again is not only a willingness of more people to heal themselves, but almost a primal need to. More people are being called upon to do The Work, and they are suddenly empowered to do so.

You see, it’s not about the doctor, shaman, guru, goddess, priestess, healer or priest.

The solution and fix-all is actually… YOU.

I’ve had this conversation with many teachers and healers over the years who I’ve studied and practiced with. Recently I was feeling disempowered by certain people who were not exactly walking their talk, regurgitating material with no heart and the almost blind following of others in this group.

It wasn’t just in this one group that I started to feel this – I was seeing it happen all over the ‘consciousness and spiritual marketplace’. Women and men following a teacher instead of trusting why they know intuitively, their own core truths and desires. It felt wrong, constricting, and against what my true nature source is here to do.

Instead, I finally began trusting and listening to my own inner voice and wisdom when it came to my healing – and took on the personal responsibility to create the path of practices that are in resonance to my calling to better serve me, my clients and the animals.

I want you too, to have Faith that you already have the answers inside. Faith that you already know what is best for you, what you require to be happy!

Whether or not I always listened, well that’s a whole other story.

Over the years and as I’ve developed my programs and tools for clients, I’ve spent a lot of time with this question of authority of the facilitator vs. responsibility of each person in their own path and healing. And what I find is this interesting mix-up has occurred. Somehow over time, we as humans have come to believe that our leaders/teachers know what is best for us, and for many, the result is to follow them blindly, rely on them, expect them to heal us in whatever it is we need- without having to do any of the Work ourselves.

In a way, this is very much Blind Faith. Blind to the realization that the answers are already inside of you.

Yes, I’ll say it again – the answers to your healing are already inside of you.

You already know what you need.

You are your own guru.

Just as I am mine. And she is hers, and he is his… As we all are.

When you work with me, I don’t know everything that your soul needs. I don’t know what the deepest longing of your heart is. I don’t know how exactly you need to heal what pains you.

What I do know is how to guide you there and give you the tools to do it yourself- to find your own answers.

And this, I believe, is the greatest value of any teacher, guru, priest or professional in your healing path. Empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need to do the healing work yourself. We can be here to guide you & teach you methods to get there. But-

It must be you who goes to the deepest places of your being to heal. You- and only you- can make yourself whole by trusting what you know from the heart space of your being, knowing, perceiving and receiving all of you – perfectly imperfect and unique in every way.

If someone comes to me and says ‘Fix me, I am broken’ (and yes, it often happens just like that), I smile wide and tell them it will not be me who does the healing, but themselves. After the protests that this is impossible, I give them a session and then politely suggest owning and acknowledging their potency, using the recommended tools from my Guidebook to Happiness ( you can get in under my free resources here : http://accessurtruenature.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Guidebook-To-Creating-a-Magical-Life.pdf

 and to make a personal commitment to a private one one mentoring or group program (either mine or another practitioner)- taking full responsibility for their own process.

Because if you don’t take the time with yourself to hear your own wisdom, no matter what I say on a call or on the table, the pain will always return. The tears will continue, the illness will not cease. A miracle will not happen. But spending time listening, using the tools I or any other healer/teacher/guru provide, will give you what you need to heal what you are experiencing.

It may not heal the injury or illness directly, but it will help you be at peace in the midst of it. And that is often what healing, true healing, is all about.

More and more, I am witnessing this shift as we each begin to wake up and take responsibility for our own lives- no longer relying on others to ‘fix’ us – we are not broken to begin with. No longer living in the dark. No longer denying our own power.

And instead, meeting your one true teacher: YOU.

Let me know your truth and how you’re discovering the guru in you! Post a comment below or friend me on Facebook


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What happened to your heart?

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Hi Beautiful

It’s Sarah-Jane here. 

I was thinking about this today.

The key to living on your purpose driven life path is quite simple.” 

Follow your heart. 

“Where your treasure is, there your heart lies also.” 

I always thought those words implied a caution about what you choose to set your heart upon.
In other words, beware! Don’t seek after the wrong things. It reflects what you truly love.
But what these words teach us is this:
If you follow your heart, it will lead you to the true treasure in your life. 
I believe we choose affluence when we follow our hearts.
But often, we get distracted.

We listen to our parents, our spouses, our friends.

Or our fears block us from exploring our true treasure. Or we shut down. We sell out. We get scared or angry.

Through a series of detours, we get disconnected from our heart and inner knowing.

Have you ever mindlessly eaten that chocolate bar because you were feeling a little lonely?

Or disregarded your intuition because you wanted to please others?

The hero or heroine’s journey is to follow the promptings of our heart. 

It takes courage to check in to our hearts. To listen. To honor our heart’s desire. To push down the barriers and just breath, just open our hearts.

Sometimes, I am good at living on purpose and priority. And sometimes, I fall short. Yes, I use my own strategies from the Platforms and Priorities Program to keep myself expanding and congruent with my heart space all the time !!
That’s why I loved Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist.
A young boy is told in a dream to find treasure beneath the Pyramids in Egypt. He embarks on an adventure.
Coehlo reminds us that affluence is not about the trappings of material wealth. It is not even the destination. It is the journey of following one’s heart.

You are the hero in your own life. Are you honoring your own becoming? 

When you think about living your purpose aligned with your core values, your platform and priorities, how do you feel? 
You may already be doing what you love. But how can you up level the joy factor? 
Yesterday, I rode on the back of my horse friend Chica, down the river trail by my house. My heart raced with joy. It had been a while since I got out from under horses and received back from their big, beautiful powerful hearts. I am so grateful to these big powerful teachers and how they give me back to me being fully engaged and present.

At the River cafe on the side of the park, dogs were playing with their humans, Gypsy Kings ( my favourite) was playing on the air  and some children were laughing and dancing to the tunes. I stopped, smiled and swallowed up the simplicity of being truly happy, just to be in gratitude for everything in each and every moment. 
For me, living my purpose is incorporating more in to my life of what makes my heart sing and less of what I don’t want – the worry, the push, the noise…..
Yes, it’s helping others transform their lives. Yes, it’s loving and raising a family.  Yes, it’s caring for my health. And yes, it’s service it is giving back to the animals and the big things I want changed for the planet.

And it also means scrutinizing each area of my life and seeing where I can  expand my heart and increase my joy every moment with every breath. 

What does living your purpose mean to you?
Where can you increase your capacity for joy? 
Did my sharing resonate with you today?
Are we friends on Facebook yet?
Share your thoughts on my page – Let’s start a conversation. 

I would love to hear from you.

Ease, gratitude and much joy
Sarah-Jane and the pack!

Analysis Paralyisis

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Want to get unstuck? Maybe it’s time to stop analyzing it.

You can work out your family of origin issues, and neuroses, and past life traumas with your shrink or your shaman. You can talk talk talk it out all day long (I know, I’ve done it). You can trace the cause of your wounds and why you’re so stuck. But at some point, eventually, who cares WHY you’re stuck. Instead of focusing on how you got to where you are, you’ve got to shift your attention to where you’d rather be.

I’ve had at least a thousand conversations about success and desire. And I’ve noticed that when someone starts over-explaining WHY they’re stuck, it can be an indicator that they’re not 100% interested in getting unstuckRecapitulating the past can provide a lot of comfort and confirmation. But…

Too much analysis can create paralysis. tweet

As the saying goes, “Who cares why the elephant is standing on your foot? Just get him off.”

When I worked one-on-one with strategy clients, I began starting our session with this: “I’m asking you, for this hour together, to try to not talk about your past. We’re here to create your future, let’s just declare that the past has little bearing on where you want to go.” Some folks squirmed, could barely resist slipping into old stories. Some people were like, “What a great idea. I’m so tired of my story. Let’s move forward!”

Sometimes you can’t see why you were stuck until after you get unstuck. Hindsight and high-sight solves a lot of mysteries. In the mean time, you’ve got a new story to write, and it looks nothing like your past.

Thanks Danielle la Porte !


Living from the heart space

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If you clear past hurts and live from the heart space, can you see how you can love all of you completely and utterly, no matter what anyone else has to say about that?


This morning I want to spend a little time in front of the mirror with you. Does that sound uncomfortable? It used to be uncomfortable for me.

I used to see myself as a fat, ugly, stupid person who could do nothing right. I saw myself the way my father and my ex husband brain washed me to think of myself when they called me all of those horrible things. I actually believed them. I want you to understand that your point of view creates your reality. And you are limited by what you cannot see!

For example, if you view yourself as fat and ugly like I used to, you can’t see beyond that. Your view of your destiny is limited by the mindset that you can’t do anything right, no one will ever want you, you’re ugly or fat.

But let me tell you, life and death is in the power of the word!

When you look in the mirror, what life or death are you speaking into your life and at your body? Are you feeding the vision of a “nobody” who will never obtain success? Or are you speaking into a destiny Universe/ God source has assigned for you?

This morning, you are going to create a new vision for yourself.

Write down how you want to see your character, your health, your marriage, your career, your finances and your future.


Ignite oyur heartsong

And start speaking life into that! Anyone without a vision will end up living an unfulfilled life.

Without a vision there is no great destiny.

Instead of that great destiny the Universe has planned for you, you end up settling into someone else’s mediocre vision, “My dad died at 65- so will I.”

Are you ready to set a vision for your life and step into the destiny He has set for you?

And if you are overwhelmed, in a deep dark hole you cannot get out of by yourself, sign up for a FREE “Courage to clarity” 30 minute Skype discovery session with me now. If I can turn my life around from wanting to curl up and die to phenomenal, joy filled living, then with a little help, so can you!

We all need a mentor to help us see the beautiful gift each and everyone of us is.

You do matter.

Here is a short clearing to assist you in getting over past hurts so that you can open your heart to receive all of you in your true nature.

Leave me your comments and be sure to Like and Share today’s message with your circle of influence.

Break through your glass ceiling and fly the bird cage free at last!

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Break through your glass ceiling and fly the bird cage free at last!

The death of Maya Angelou brought back memories of the age I was when I read her autobiographical book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.  If you have never read it, go find it – it is one of those books that transforms how you think about life. I was in very dark place in my life I though would never end.
Regardless of life experience, each of us seemed to be able to relate to the caged bird with its clipped wings, singing to be free.
Even then I realized that each of us finds ourselves in cages at different points in our lives, and when that happens it can seem impossible to find the path to freedom.
If you have ever felt trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, then you understand the caged bird.
If you have ever been stuck in a job you hate, then you understand the caged bird.
If you have ever been held prisoner by your own negative thoughts, then you understand the caged bird.
If you do not know that you are a unique being of talent and gifts, then you understand the caged bird.
Fortunately, most of the cages you might find yourself trapped in are of your own making.
I say ‘fortunately’ because within you is the power to set yourself free.
This week I ask you to reflect on the cages you have trapped yourself in – do you diminish your value in the world by how you think about yourself?
Do you hesitate to make a job change because you fear to risk failure?
Do you fear to tell someone you love them because you fear you might not be enough?
See this week if you can open your cage door just enough to fly free and see what happens.

What I know for sure is that these past months I have felt very much like a caged bird and it has brought up so much insane crap for me, my clients, the world as an invitation to truly experience death and rebirth all over again.We have been diving deep in to this body of work in the 4 week tele series of “Expanding the natural Flow through the medicine wheel”. (It will be available in my store in a few weeks). It seems we are all going through transitions that have seemed at times to be painful beyond belief – growing pains…..

What I am aware of more than ever, is NOW is the time to step up, reintegrate heart based living and break out of your bird cage, the glass ceiling of excuses, judgement and pity partying.Everything is changing and we are in unchartered waters that are deep, dark and unfamiliar.

I have realised we all need support when the kibble quite literally has hit the fan. We are social beings that require interaction, butt kicking accountability buddies and communion – what we are all experiencing is way bigger than the singular I.

In my self enquiry of who and what is the best match to assist me in up levelling my joy of business, that person most suited in mentoring me to out create, expand and shatter those pesky old patterns and limitations that surface, was the question : Well what if it does not have to show up in one person or body of work?

I invested in some 1 on 1 time with some incredible women whose core message and services resonate with me. It has been an inspiring, exciting, petrifying experience to realise just how energetically connected we as a tribe of feminine potency we are and how much mirroring takes place in processing.

Let’s just say I did a lot of self-coaching before and during and after those sessions.  And here’s what I learned. Maria Shriver, Panache Desai,Danielle LaPorte, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Beck, Jeff Walker, Dr Dain Heer, Rikka Zimmerman, and other visionaries are all vulnerable enough to admit that they do not have all of their shit together!!

Here’s what they’ll tell you:

The “shit” never goes away.

You’ll never be squeaky clean and free from shit.

So how long are you going to stand on the sidelines, telling yourself that you have to have your shit together before you…

… launch that program,

… start that blog,

… finish your book,

… go out on your own?

You see, successful people don’t have their shit together BUT they’re still willing to jump into the ring, shit and all, and take bold action in support of their dreams even when it terrifies them.

So as pretty a bird cage you may have created for yourself,does it feel safe or is it a lie that you have bought into to keep you small and emprisioned ? What are you waiting for to fly free and experience the adventures of living your best life?

I’ve created a one-of-a-kind 6 week coaching program called “Be Fierce and Free in Business (and Life),” for women on a mission — coaches, business owners and other women who want to drop the approval dram and play big in the world even when it scares the shit out of them.

So if you want to:

  • Overcome your fear of risk, judgment and failure to
  • Finally make an impact in the world the only way YOU can while
  • Magnetizing to you a tribe of raving fans who will gladly pay you to do what you do… 

Then I invite you to join me and an unruly tribe of other “women on a mission” for my one of a kind coaching program, “Be Fierce and Free,” right now:

We all  need a compassionate witness to our experience.

Playing big requires stepping out in a serious way and that is vulnerable and often terrifying. It’s supposed to be! But in our culture, a compassionate witness isn’t easy to find. In my I Shine program, you will get the support you need to start playing a bigger game. I’m not saying it won’t be scary, but I’ll have your back! That’s for sure!

A different outcome for humankind IS possible if enough of us focus on the incredible breakthroughs in global movements for positive change that are creating millions of acts of good will, peace kindness, healing, and love.

A massive shift is building not only in our consciousness but in how we live. We’re reaching a critical mass of people who are taking a stand for a new way.

We just need to recognize it.  And grow the movement, together.

With deep gratitude for the life and incredible words of Maya Angelou,

I don’t know how much longer I will be around.

I’ll probably be writing when the Lord says,

 ‘Maya, Maya Angelou, it’s time.”