July 2014 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

The power of human design

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This month I would like to introduce you to an incredible woman Karen Curry, who is another brilliant speaker whom I will be interviewing on my upcoming summit “Courage, Clarity and Confidence” starting September 2nd, where you can receive the inspiration to move beyond fear and doubt in to leading a courageous life being YOU and get paid well too!! If you are not familiar with Human Design, it is an amazing system to get to know who you are and what you are here to do and karen’s book is a must read if you are asking the big questions like Who am I, and what is my big What??

You can find out more about Karen here at www.joyfulmission.com and her book is available on Amazon. com. If you are in South Africa, karen will be arriving to teach Human Design early in 2015 and it is my privilege to be hosting her on our shores.


We start this week with the Gate 31, the Gate of Leadership in the Sun and the Gate 41, the Gate of Fantasy in the Earth.  This is a powerful combination that allows us to envision a new way of coming together that is peaceful and egalitarian OR that creates leadership rooted in fantasy.  It’s also a great time to take leadership with your personal dreams and visions.


We’ve been working with this energy since late last week and you may have felt inspired to begin moving forward on making your visions come to fruition.  Any steps forward or actions that you’ve taken have been crucial in helping you create what you’re intending right now.  Keep moving forward!


On Thursday, the energy shifts and we move into the Gate 33 ,the Gate of Retreat, in the Sun and the Gate 19, the Gate of Intimacy, in the Earth.  The energy is sweet for a nice retreat over the weekend.  The Gate 33 invites us to step back, make sure that we are creating from a clean slate and not carrying old baggage forward with us and, with the Gate 19 in the Earth, we are sensitive and connected with our loved ones.  A nice weekend to pull back for a bit.  


Also, expect secrets to be revealed this week.  People will be more inclined to be totally honest with you and vice versa.  Remember that Truth is healing and ultimately creates more intimacy.


Mercury moves from the Gate 62, the Gate of Practicality to the Gate 56 on Wednesday.  So we shift our focus and communications from details to more story-telling.  Now that you’ve gathered the information you need, taken the lessons from the past and used them in an empowering way and make a bold commitment to moving forward, you can begin to share a new story about yourself and your life…one that truly serves you!


Venus begins the week in the Gate 39, the Gate of Provocation and moves to the Gate 53 on Thursday.  Anytime we see Provocation, it’s important to remember that we are being provoked into remembering that Spirit is our Source of Abundance.  People, situations or things that get under your skin are only there to help you remember that your connection to Spirit is your True Source.  


With the movement of Venus in the Gate 53, the Gate of Starting things, we are given an opportunity to start new in our relationships with each other.  It’s a great time to remember that most of what happens in relationship isn’t personal until we make it that way…You are the source of your own abundance AND happiness.


Mars moves from the Gate 50, the Gate of Values to the Gate 28, the Gate of Struggle on Wednesday.  The Gate 50 is a sweet, nurturing energy.  When we move into the Gate 28, we struggle with taking a new approach to things.  As we push into a new start and beginning, expect some hiccups along the way.  They aren’t there to torture you.  You’re just on a journey to discovering what your true priorities are.  The lessons you learn from struggle will help you maintain your focus and your creative perspective.


The outer planets are stable this week.  We are in a cycle of taking leadership by sharing our unique contribution to the world. Now is the time to follow your authentic life path with great courage.  If you don’t, the Universe may create unexpected events that will push you into your Truth anyway, so why not start now?


We are focused, dreaming big, discovering what is truly valuable and taking bold steps towards creating a harmonious and sustainable New World.


Have a great week!!  Spend some time this week meditating on your True Source of power.  You are more powerful and influential than you know…


Being bold Authentic this August

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August is upon us. A name that means ‘exalted, acclaimed, renowned,’ among other things. To live an ‘august’ life implies being bold, grand, powerful – even legendary. It means to live the fullness of our authentic potential, holding nothing back. But even in our daily walk and individual goals, we can live more boldly. 

Sometimes it’s good to grow incrementally and work merely to stabilize our life structures, but other times we must make big moves that shake up the status quo of our comfort zones — and catapult us into a new and unfamiliar world. Sometimes we must leap instead of step, run instead of walk, and dive in instead of dipping our toes. 

In fact, as an overall part of a dynamic life plan, we need to design such August moves into our way of life. It keeps our ego off balance enough to activate our emerging energies and prevent us from looping around in the same story. (Remember, part of the ego’s job is to keep us the same, while giving us the illusion of making progress.) 

So this could look like setting a goal to write a whole book in 30 days instead of three months. It could look like committing to running a marathon in 3-6 months versus just trying to lose ten pounds. It could be deciding to have ten dates with new potential people in the next 30 days or less. Or it could be going on a multi-day, silent retreat instead of just trying to learn to meditate 20 minutes a day. 

In other words, if you’ve been trying to grow some area incrementally and are not making the kind of exciting progress you want, what big, bold moves could you make to really go for it –to really say to the Universe, ‘I’m ready to live my life full out now!’ 

Take time to consider this, write about it, and make a plan to begin living your legendary life. If you’re really bold, you can post your leaps in our private or public Facebook pages and invite others to do the same. Then, together, we will hold the collective energy for these quantum leaps. 

My intention for you this month is that you have a real breakthrough; that all this theory becomes a living wisdom that lifts you to the next level — and sets you on course to have a truly extraordinary year! 

Are you willing? That’s all the spirit needs. As Michael Beckwith says, “Where there’s a will, there’s a wall. But where there’s willingness, there’s a way!” 

To Your Emergence! 



3 ways to making self sabotage your best friend

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Ok so we all have blocks!

Many of them we are WELL aware of – maybe we deal with a lack of self-confidence or we have some nagging fear. Maybe we hate our job or we are stuck in a destructive relationship.

We know about these blocks, yet … why are they SO hard to break though? Why do they keep hanging over us, sabotaging our efforts and keeping us small?

What most of us don’t realize is that it’s not our conscious blocks that are doing damage in our life but it’s really our invisible subconscious blocks.

“INVISIBLE?!” you might think,

“If I can’t even break through my visible blocks, how can I even begin to break through my INVISIBLE ones?”

Well here’s the light: Our subconscious blocks are the real enemy, in fact, most of the time it’s our subconscious blocks that are responsible for our conscious ones. So we have to tease our invisible blocks out of the shadows in order to break through them.


1. Identify what’s NOT working in your reality.

We can bring our invisible blocks into daylight by looking at our reality and identifying what is going on that isn’t working for us.

For instance, if you are in a job you can’t stand – that is the reality you are currently experiencing – that I’m going to assume is NOT working for you. What is the value of choosing anything that is not a contribution to you. Asking

a) will this be fun/

b) will I learn something

c) Will this contribute to where I want to go?

d) Will it expand my agenda and make me money now and in the future?


2. Is it really true?

Dig up the limiting belief (or STORY) that is fueling that reality.

What that reality is showing you is that  there is a belief or “story” about yourself or the world that you have subscribed to as truth. It might look like this:

It’s not safe to make career changes…

Following my dream is impossible…

I can’t manage risk or the judgement of others…

There are hundreds of possibilities and usually there is more than one little false story hanging out in there…your job it to pinpoint them.

Truth is: it’s not the work misery that is the block – the real block is the limiting belief that is hiding in your subconscious that keeps reflecting itself in your reality. So it’s time to write to a better story!


3. Be aware of what is true for you and what is the truth! 

Ask TRUTH before you question anything! Start looking for evidence of the reality you WANT to be experiencing. If you want to start transitioning into a vocation that lights up your soul you need to agree that it’s possible, look for proof around you or in your past and remind yourself every day that change can be easy and that you actually CAN manage authentic and calculated risk.

Once we start believing in what we want to see, it automatically influences our thoughts and actions – it also activates the law of attraction to support the manifestation of what we want to see happen!

Now that you know where your blocks are hiding…dig up your sleeves and break through!


When did you stop having sex?

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If money was your lover, would you still be having sex?

Ok, let’s get it out right now.

You have got to change your limiting self talk about money.

Right now!

Like seriously.

Stop making money wrong. 

The more I step into my work with facilitating people to see themselves as their most valuable asset, their TRUE self worth as the energy of money, claim it, and breakthrough their limiting beliefs around money, the more I see that the kind of relationship you have with it is critical. People confuse money with success, or no money as never having to be successful….

Most people are pretty aware of their fear of failure or their lack of money. But the wild thing is that even more people are deeply afraid of success and what having money would change in their lives.

When you think about going BIG, thoughts like these come rushing in: “Can I handle all the responsibility?” “Will I have to work so hard that it will ruin my life?” “What if it all goes to my head?

I am not good managing money, I always seem to lose money or invest it badly……

The truth is, if you don’t learn how to deal with your fear of success and having money, then you’ll constantly put on the brakes the moment things start to speed up….

A while back I did a 7 week series all about easy, pragmatic ways to change ALL that. You can watch the series here https://www.youtube.com/user/accessyourtruenature/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=1

If you prefer to be stuck, sitting on the big BUTTS and excuses of never truly showing up as abundance that delete this mail now ok ?? 🙂

OK great, I am so glad you are still with me here…..

So imagine that you had a best friend that you REALLY wanted to see more of. You wished she’d come visit and hang out. But she doesn’t because you go around saying stuff like this:

“You are never around.

I can’t count on you.

You are dirty/filthy.

I don’t want to deal with you.

You are not here for me.

I can’t trust you.

You are the root of all evil.

You will change me in bad ways.”

Do you see how insane this is? Any friend that you spoke to like this would be (and should be) running for the hills!

Yet that’s what you do with money.

So let me give you ways to start to reframe how you think about money that will open your ‘receiving channel’ in bigger ways.

  1. Get clear on what you REALLY think and feel about money. In my Courage, Confidence and Inspired Action 3 month program and the Cash to Clarity  – get your money handled 4 week program, we do a lot of work around getting real and releasing old/funky beliefs so that you can get tangible results fast and create consistent action to achieving your abundance quota – it is rinse and repeat at its best. I’d encourage you to write a letter to money as a Poor Girl and as a Wealthy woman. Are you mad yourself or mad at money? Do you feel money let you down, hurt you, abandoned you?? The important thing for you right now is to have an understanding of your BASELINE, get really honest about where it applies to your relationship with receiving and where you have cut off your flow of money as that energy. Don’t censor your rant and make sure you get really honest about what you have been telling yourself about money up until now.Another fun way to look at relationship def: the distance of separation between two things i.e. you and money is to play this game – ” If money was your lover, would you still be having sex?” What do you say to money to make it go away?? ( It helps to have a sense of humour here – seriously the point of views are not true but you have done a really good job trying to buy the lie that you are ever in lack or scarcity.)
  2. Determine if what you believe is really YOURS. Seriously. We are like giant satellite dishes picking up other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions all the time and because we sense it, we think it belongs to us. Use the Who does it belong to? tool I talk about on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/accessyourtruenature/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=1  For years I had the script that life is hard,and you always had to struggle – on top of thinking I was my family’s BS about money and had no choice but to adopt the inherited genetics (and Irish feast and famine genes with the confusion of the Jewish blood that pumps through my veins !!).  Carrying the Irish DNA of suffering. If you aren’t aware of what you are carrying, you are living unconsciously and are actually a victim to thoughts that may not be yours. Dig in to see if you have family messages, cultural, or even religious indoctrination that you don’t really believe but have taken on. It’s like pulling apart the puzzle and finding what’s you and what’s true, and then choosing what you want to keep.
  3. Decide what you’d like instead. If your relationship with money could be represented by a person, is it the weak, wimpy nerd who never had the balls to chase you down or a hunk that knew what he desired and went after it full throttle, ready no matter what it took to step up and CLAIM you? How about turning him into Antonio Banderas and have him DESIRE and pursue you!  I love the idea of embodying money into a loving form. I’d suggest you create a visual representation. But now let’s also put some feeling words to it.
  4. If you could give money a new feeling, an energetic sense, what would it be? Here’s mine… I like to think that money is love. It’s energy, like breathing, more deeper and more in grace than before. It’s all around and abundant. It’s from Source. It’s a blessing. By reframing how you FEEL about money, you are much more likely to be in resonance with money. When you fear it and are anxious about it, you are actually pushing it away. So how about you? What do you want to feel when you think of money? One of the favorite activities from last year’s High Shine – cash to clarity retreat http://accessurtruenature.com/schedule-of-event-seminars/soulful-woman-retreat/, was the work we did around money and healing the money wounds. 
  5. Make the decision that you will reframe and befriend money as your lover. This is key. JUST CHOOSE and go in 199% committed to have what you want as the expert of your own prosperity abundance. If you take an honest inventory of how you are with money, are you happy? Is it serving you? After my bankrupcty and financial collapse a few years ago I decided that I would NEVER be in that position again. I had to learn what caused it (unconscious blocks/money issues) and then set on a course to change it. It took creating new habits to be sure, but it all started with the decision to be different, thus creating a new experience. Actually, this is what is leading me to teach the Courage and Confidence to Consistent Cash Program. It comes from my journey of being completely out of control to see ME as my most valuable asset, to demand to be in greater SERVICE so I can have more money,and change more lives of the people, animals and the planet as the CHANGE I desire to see that starts with me being in a really good place with the flow of and as the energy of money. 

I want you to have the ease with money that gives y
ou the freedom to be the best you, show up and have money, so use these easy, pragmatic steps and be on your way to consistently create the abundance of having money as the inspired creator you truly know you have always been and just never knew it was alright to ask so you could receive easily!!

BTW – I’d love to hear from you how you are stepping in to being the energy of money, gold, silver and precious metals. What are you choosing? Share them on my fb page here https://www.facebook.com/Accesstrueconsciousness?ref=hl, blog, or message me privately.

Are you tread watering, at a cross road in your life and in a holding pattern ?

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I’ve come to a crossroads this winter, a few of them actually. In these life-changing moments, I’ve had to go deep in to my heart – look at what truly matters to me, get honest and decide which way to go.

It’s so much easier to coach, teach and lecture on the subject of creating a clear vision and then making all the decisions based on that. The path seems so much clearer when you are looking at it from an observers perspective.

Knowing what you want to create in your life, helps create a foundation that is grounded and strong, but there are so many variables right? So many other people making their own choices, determining to create or not create their own visions. So many little forces surrounding us.

With that said, the truth is this. We are still FREE TO CHOOSE!

We have this amazing, divine superpower to create and decide. To find our own truth and come back to the knowledge of what we really want to make of our life.

Each day, in each moment, we can find our own truth. We can look into someones eyes and connect in a way so honest and so fiercely filled with love that there is no more hiding and no more fear needed. In each moment we make a choice to move forward or to move in the other thousands of direction away from what it is we really want!

I’m calling you out! TODAY is a crossroad. Which way are you going to go?

Sj, You have the power to choose. In fact, I call it one of the greatest gifts ever given.  


  • Do you choose to hold on to a hurtful experience? Or finally let it out?
  • Do you decide to not share how much you really love? Or share the depth of your heart?
  • Do you choose to not make a change because it’s hard? Or move into the unknown in faith?
  • Do you give up what you’ve always wanted to let go of, but just couldn’t? Or see your own strength?
  • Do you choose to keep hiding in fear? Or stand up for yourself and those you love the most?
  • Do you hold onto the safety of a job you don’t enjoy? Or do you trust your abilities to create?
  • Do you live small? Or do you live loudly with all of your desires, brilliance and light?

I want you to know one thing: Living on purpose and living aligned is the simplest way because it is the life we are meant to live. It is the life of joy, direction and peace. However, it isn’t always EASY to know exactly, moment to moment which decision will keep up or put us on this path. Believe me, I know!

Today you have a choice to make, you might even have a few. It’s time to dig deep. See who you are and where you want to go. With trust and courage you can guide your life, day by day, to the beautiful life that is yours.

Need some extra courage? Click here to book a Courage to Confidence and Clarity Session now here: https://www.timetrade.com/book/8TSWS

or join me on this free open q & a call 6th August at 8pm SAST https://thalia.leadpages.net/courage-to-confidence-free-call/

 I’ll help you at your crossroads. Believe me, we need each other.


To your shining success!

Ease and Gratitude





PS: Like I said, it’s so much easier for me to see how to help people keep aligned with their vision from an observers perspective. It is my turn to help you choose – CLICK HERE for your Crossroads Coaching Call.