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What does integrity mean to you?

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Integrity In Business and Life

Whether in personal life or in business, many opposing forces are at play. Choices constantly have to be made between your own values, the values of others, your own best interest, and the interest of others, etc. etc. Never does a decision stand alone; a decision always comes with its own list of effects and consequences. Integrity in business and life is one of those values, and I like to discuss it in this article.

As you may know by now, I am a firm believer in what I call the “Pull Principle” (in other terminology: the “law of attraction”): what you do unto others and the world in general is what you will be pulling back into your own life. Like attracts like. Personal and professional integrity IN, personal and professional integrity OUT.

Wikipedia describes integrity this way: Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity in business and life is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.

Recently, I observed two events, to do with –in my opinion anyway- breaking integrity.

One was relatively close by, to do with a mentor of mine, who I always regarded highly in terms of integrity in business. He decided to step away from a professional group he had been part of (and in which he has always been a fervent and outspoken supporter of integrity), join a new one, and was recruiting members of his old group to join him in the new one –all for his financial gain, and to the detriment of the old group.

Another came from one of my neighbours, who had been an employee for a small, community orientated company. This company’s CEO had wilfully neglected to pay superannuation (pension) payments and salary sacrifice payments into the employees’ superannuation funds and salary sacrifice funds for over 12 months. Now, the company was facing bankruptcy, so payments couldn’t be made anymore anyway. My neighbour, who was their payroll officer, did find out that two days before bankruptcy was declared, a property was sold (and the deal settled) for cash, and SAR500,000 suddenly disappeared from a bank account as well. No-one had a clue where the money went (I do……).

Integrity in business and life has the tendency to go out the window for some people when their own financial (that is the most prominent one) interests get too much involved. Me before you. Save yourself, then the other ones. As long as I am right, it is all good. That kind of attitude.

In the long run, this attitude is going to bite you in the bum. The intention you put out into the universe is that you don’t give a rip about someone else, as long as your business is in order. From a Pull Principle point of view, this potentially has two consequences:

  • You will most likely come across more circumstances where you have to let go even more of your sense of integrity. In other words: the situations will get more “severe”.
  • You will very likely run into people who have similar ideas about (the lack of) integrity, who will blithely do similar things to you as you have done to others.

How Does Lack of Integrity in Business and Life Affect You?

Now, this is not to say that “you will get punished for your evil deeds”. I am not talking about revenge and retaliation. I am purely talking about an intention level, that will set off a chain of events that will not serve you in the long run, integrity wise. The Pull Principle is not a “good vs bad” type principle. It is a “what goes out, must come back in” principle. If your lack of integrity has the consequence of damaging someone else’s interests or livelihood –which was definitely the case in the two examples I mentioned- then you shouldn’t really be surprised if at some point a curve ball comes straight back at you, and you will not be able to catch it properly.

The ultimate consequence of lack of integrity in business and life is loss of trust. Trust is a MAJOR factor in being able to do business profitably and consistently, and in having fulfilling relationships. Once trust is lost, it is hard –if not impossible- to earn it back. The word spreads quickly, and a blemished name is a nasty possession.

What to do to ensure maximum integrity? Margaret Thornsborne in her book “The Seven Heavenly Virtues of Leadership” states:

“It is not for nothing that the development of emotional intelligence involves the capacity to self-reflect—to understand self—before being able to understand others! Which is why integrity has such a strong role to play if you wish to develop and maintain emotionally healthy relationships….. The people you manage and lead need to know what you stand for (your values) and where you are taking them (the goals of the organisation and for their own work). You must demonstrate that you are reliable, honest and trustworthy and that you walk your talk. They need to see your values in action, that you value healthy relationships and that you have their best interests at heart. They need to see that you value openness and honesty in interpersonal transactions. They need to know that they will not be deliberately diminished by your actions.

In other words, to maintain healthy relations with those you lead, you must act with integrity. If these things don’t happen, people will experience disgust and shame, often felt as confusion and anxiety, betrayal, rejection and isolation..

She also describes a number of ways you can ensure maximum integrity in your personal and professional life, which will ultimately –in conjunction with the Pull Principle- make your life a downstream journey. You just have to enjoy the ride. Here are a couple of key points and suggestions, that will assist you with maintaining your integrity at all times.

1                     Integrity is essential for fulfilling and profitable relationships. Realise this at all times, and stick to it. Trust is a massively valuable commodity.

2                    What you do unto others, will come back to you; this is the essence of the Pull Principle. Be aware of what you would like to happen to YOU, and do the same to OTHERS.

3                    Observe someone who has spectacularly failed in terms of integrity. Take this piece of “contrast”, and flip it around 180 degrees. What would IDEALLY have been the right thing to do in this case? Commit yourself to doing THAT.

4                    Find a coach/mentor who you know has high standards of integrity. Pick their brain, and learn from them. How are they behaving? How do they deal with lack of integrity in others?

5                    What are YOUR values? What do you stand for? Why is this so? How would you feel if someone else with certain values didn’t stand for them? Would you like to feel this way about yourself?

6                    Be courageous. Having high integrity means you will have to sometimes “take a beating” short term. Instant gratification may seem really attractive, especially if it solves a pressing issue. If this is accompanied by loss of integrity, it will not serve you in the long run. Have the courage to opt for the long-term advantage.

7                    Aim to always do what you say you will do. And if that becomes impossible for whatever reason, take responsibility, and be open about it.

Final Thoughts on Integrity in Business and Life

Personally, I could not live with myself if I dropped my sense of integrity in business and in my life for some instant gratification. That is not to say that I am therefore “good”, and others are “bad”. What it does mean, is that I will always make choices based on what I –at the time I make the decision!- believe to be the best option for both myself, and for the people
and environment around me. I believe that, if we would all act this way in business and personal affairs, the world would be a much better place.


These 5 reasons are the most common reasons why you rent getting where you want to go in having it all and thriving!!

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5 reasons your business is not as successful as you want it to be (yet)
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Sometimes you just don’t get the results you crave. Which is frustrating – especially when you don’t know why or how to fix it. 

When your business is not as successful as you want it to be, it’s usually because of one of these reasons: 

Reason #1: Lack of clarity 

What does success mean to you exactly? What does it look like? How can you measure it? How does it feel? Why is it important to you? 

If you don’t have a clear answer to these questions, this is the place to start: 

Figure out what success means to you, and why it matters. Be as specific as you can. 

Reason #2: Lack of commitment / no decision 

Once you know what you want, you DECIDE you’re going to create the success you desire. 

And you COMMIT to do whatever it takes to make this happen. 

Feeling uncomfortable even reading these words? Haven’t decided or committed yet? 

Take some time to make the decision, and commit to acting upon it. If you feel any resistance, figure out why that is and solve that first. 

Without decision or commitment it’s almost impossible to reach any kind of goal. 

Reason #3: Lack of action (or not taking the right actions) 

Yes, the universe has magical ways to bring you what you want or need. 

Yes, it helps to visualize and create vision boards. 

AND YES…YOU have to take ACTION too. 

Don’t sit back and wait for the universe to bring you what you want, without you having to do anything for it. 

Take action, and make sure they are the right actions as well. 

How do you know what the right action is? 

By using your intuition & your brain. And being very honest with yourself. If you’re honest, you usually know exactly what you have to do. 

“The problem is not that we don’t know what to do. The problem is that we don’t do what we know.” ~ Chris Argyris 

Reason #4: Not being open to receive it 

Here’s how the creation process works in a nutshell: 

You determine, very specifically, what it is you want. You decide it’s yours, commit to doing whatever it takes to make it happen, and trust it is on its way to you. 

You take inspired, committed actions. 

You let go of your attachment to HOW your desire is supposed to unfold, WHEN it will unfold, and even IF it will unfold at all… (yep, this is a tricky one.) 

Be open to receive whatever it is you wish for, AND for inspiration, ideas, opportunities and chances that come your way. And act upon it if and when needed. 

Reason #5: Giving up too soon 

Sometimes, things can manifest real fast. And sometimes, it takes more time. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither is a successful business. 

A lot of people are impatient or give up too soon. I get it – I’m someone who wants everything done yesterday, thank you very much. 

But the reality is, that life doesn’t work that way. Business doesn’t work that way. 

Keep believing, keep trusting, keep taking actions, and remain open to receive what you asked for. 

There’s no reason why you can’t succeed if you just keep going. 

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.” ~ Richard Bach 

These 5 reasons are the most common reasons why you rent getting where you want to go in having it all and thriving!!

Knowing where you’re stuck is the first step in getting unstuck. Take some time to find out what’s holding you back right now. (If you don’t already know…) 

Once you know, the next step to move forward usually becomes clear pretty quickly. 

Here is to your shining, thriving success as your joy of business !!


P.S. Still not sure why your business is not as successful as you’d like yet? Or how to move forward from where you are today? 

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Are you scared out of your big girl panties??

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I’ve been speaking with many of my private clients lately about the illusions of comfort zones and I wanted to explore that with you.  When someone courageously tells me that taking the next step in what they truly desire scares the pants off their big fat “YES but…..” , I get really, really excited for them because that is a big indicator for the divine Universe that something BIG is about to happen to get them to where they want to be. 

You see the thing we are the most afraid of is always the thing we need to receive the most. If something is scaring the pants off your big BUT celebrate!! I cll them the God winks or sometimes they feel like a big 2×4 – either way it is actually BIO FEEDBACK from your innate wisdom, what you truly know to be true for YOU that is an amazing indicator of your next step in where you are going and whom you are becoming……

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As human beings, we are naturally drawn to avoid discomfort or intensity at all costs, both physical and emotional. Often this is what our ego/mind wants to protect us from even when your life does not depend on it. It plays its part in real life threatening situations like the reflex that stops us from grabbing the handle on the hot pan, reminds us not to push our exercise to the point of injury, or serves as an indicator to warn us about people that don’t make us feel good.

But in business, I would argue that sitting in a false sense of safety, your comfort zone, is the number one thing that is holding you back from your soul urge of who you are here to be fully engaged in YOUR True Nature. The longer you put off the discomfort, the longer it takes to get what you want. We can often be tricked with a sense of relief over not stepping forward into something bigger:

– declining the scary speaking engagement in front of hundreds of people
– opting out of the conference
– choosing not to invest in a mentor

I can tell you from my own experience that some of these fears held me back for YEARS and I never got to where I wanted to in my business, until I was willing to step forward through the fear and doubt and get uncomfortable on a regular basis. I still have to catch myself when I want to say no to something, simply because it will release the anxiety that arises when I say YES. It’s a practice.

Asking questions like:
If I choose this will it expand my agenda?
If I choose this will it make me money?
if I choose this will it be a contribution to me now and/or the future?

Check out my youtube video here:


I constantly stay present with my body so I can receive the knowing, the intuitive hit of the YES/NO beyond my cognitive mind. Try it. What have you got lose except your big fat BUT….

Consider that when you hold yourself back, you are also holding others back from receiving the amazing gift you were put on this planet to contribute. When you don’t step forward and find your unique voice in the world to share your message, or get the support you need to truly make a difference, or you stay home instead of shining your light, you’re not just hurting yourself, but your message that could change someone’s life is not being heard.

When you feel called to make a greater impact, your next step is to get uncomfortable.

You’d be amazed at how quickly your own capacity will expand when you are willing to do this, and the things that were scary no longer are, and you can set higher and bigger goals as you go along.

You know I love posing questions to you, so I’d love to offer that you consider:
Where are you holding yourself back?
Where are you choosing comfort in your business?
What leap might you take you closer to the greater success you crave?

As always, you know I love hearing from you!

……and remember don’t try to build your business alone!

Is time running out for you?

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Do you feel like time’s running out? Time is a construct – it may not be real but for many including me it seems to not just be running out, but speeding up !
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I’m talking about your joy of business.

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There is no time ike the present!

There is no time ike the present!

You’ve worked long and hard at becoming an expert in your field.

You’ve done the reading, you’ve taken the courses, and you’ve put in the time. 

You’re a legitimate expert and you’re damn good at what you do. 


Almost no one knows it. 

And all around you, you see other people with less experience and less talent than you getting attention and growing their businesses. 

It’s maddening… and so discouraging! 

You wonder why you’re being passed over.


You wonder why you remain in the background when others all around you step right past you and into the spotlight. 

Over time, it chips away at your confidence and you begin to ask if you’re really cut out for the big time. 

Sadly, I’ve seen far too many extremely talented people throw in the towel way too early over this very problem. 

What if I told you that there was nothing wrong with your worthiness, intelligence, or skill level? 

What if I told you that I could show you to fix the only thing separating you from dominating your market? 

 create from unknown

And what’s more — it’s simple.  

But time’s running out.
The more you delay, the more crowded your industry or niche becomes.
The harder it will be to do what Iyou are here to be, in your TRUE nature and thrive!!
So – it’s up to you to decide.Time to step out of doubt, fear, lack and scarcity and in to being a Courageous Confident Inspired Creator!!
What will your future be?

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listen to your voice
A recognized leader in your industry who can charge what they’re worth (and more!) and have people lining up, happy to pay…
A “me-too” provider, selling at a discount, dealing with people who don’t respect your time and expertise…
As I said — it’s up to you.
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But, your time is running out.  
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