September 2014 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

October brilliance – living fully engaged

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Many of us go day to day, week to week, month to month living an unlived life.  We get into our routine, from our programmed mindset  that was set in place from childhood, that says something like this…’ find what you like to do, get an education, a job, work hard, create a family….’, and somewhere in there you are suppose to love your life and live the dream.We are in a time of great awakening now and we are awakening to the fact that we are not happy and we want something more fulfilling and meaningful.  From feeling unfulfilled and financially unsatisfied, the only dream we are living is what could be considered a nightmare if we really took a closer look. We continually try to give energy to something that is zapping our life force.

Our lives are filled with so much outside stimulation to numb our senses that we can’t possibly see or feel the side effects that build and build until one day the only way God, source energy can get our attention is to essentially ‘break it’, and make our lives fall apart.  Whether it’s illness, loss of job, or loss of relationship, the message is clear. ‘This is not working, nor is it meant to work.’ We are missing a bigger part of ourself that is trying to emerge from deep within us.

We suffer when we pursue a life that doesn’t belong to us. And believe me,  the messages only get louder, the more we resist.  What we resist persists.  The universe, Source is trying to show us the life we are meant to live.  Let your soul’s yearning call you to your true purpose.  The turmoil that is shaking our world is trying to move us towards our destiny, our purpose, our real true life.  “Ruin is a gift.  It is the road to transformation.”  If you feel drained or depleted you are betraying yourself.  Suffering comes when we feel powerless to change or stop the pain.  Suffering is optional.  It is time to stop suffering.  When we feel like we are losing ourselves we are not on our Path.  We know we are on our right path when we never have to compromise ourself.  There is no unease on our true path.

We think we are not happy because of what we are not getting in life, but truly our source of unhappiness stems from what we are not giving.  What we are not giving to the world in the way of our gifts, our serving others with our gifts, our passions.  Those passions will lead us to our purpose. Our entire life has been shaped by our experiences, our personality, abilities, passions, and our spiritual gifts.  When we get these all together and then shift our paradigm about our work  from getting a pay check to one of wanting to be of service, we will get our purpose.  When we are on purpose, truly wanting to use our God given gifts to make a difference, to serve in whatever capacity that is our authentic design.  The more we reach for being authentic the more our purpose is revealed because we signal we are ready.

Money  flows because we are in flow and the universe is supporting us.  We are dancing with the rhythm of our life.  Our work doesn’t feel like work.  It feels like ‘just what we do’.  That’s where joy lives and the magic happens. Our lives are meant to be joyful, not struggle.  It’s all about  creating a change of mindset.

Are you ready to create ‘Big Change’ in your life by releasing what is no longer serving you.  Are you ready to step into your power that comes from being your true authentic self wrapped in your gifts.  By saying ‘yes’ you are telling the universe you are ready to take action.  When we take action, that first step, we begin to accelerate the shift to move into our purpose.

There’s no turning back.

Step into your new world.

Are you ready to shift your life but unsure of how to exactly to get there…
I will get you from where you are to where you want to be.  Living a purposeful life filled with joy.

Much Love, joy and gratitude,


What’s been going on in my life….
Many that know me, know that I have been working through some health challenges this year with the re appearance of a brain tumor. It has not been easy and I really had to look at how I wanted to live my life and become even clearer on what I am here to become and serve more greatly. Each day has been a journey to live more authentically from the heart space, to let go of certain things that were no longer serving me and stay congruent to what truly is important. I know as insane it is that I would have created another 
timor to get back to my True Nature and I am not out of the woods so t speak, what I do know to be true is that life is too precious to waste just getting by…..One of the questions I aways ask my clients and class participants is: ” If you had one day left to live your life, what  would you do, who would you be with, and what would you wish you had done with your one precious life?”

Please don’t wait for some life threatening moment before you live fully engaged with what matters. Have gratitude for everything, live life with no regrets and stay focused – don’t sweat the small stuff.

Look at just how rich and flu your life truly is. Wake up every day celebrating that you did open your eyes to a beautiful new day filled with infinite possibilities. Trust that you are totally supported -that what you are seeking is seeking you – Rumi.

Laugh lots, let go, appreciate that you mater and that you are truly miraculous!!

I am going through a visceral process of death and rebirth in my life as my business right now and will be bringing you some wonderful new ways to work with me in the next few weeks. Thank you for joining me on the Courageous, Confident, Inspired woman global tele summit, I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did and that the amazing speakers gifted you inspiration and actionable steps to move in to the greatest version of you.


I am offering 10 more Clarity, Confidence discovery sessions in October, so if you would like to explore where you are and where you desire to be, hop on Skype and let us chat. All you have to do is drop me a mail and we can set it up now.

best free


About Sarah-Jane….
I am an Intuitive life design strategist and wealth activator, who assists people transform their lives from where they are, to where they want to be.  We are in a time of awakening to be more purpose driven in our lives. The process is one of transformation.  Transforming the old way of being and the old ways of providing for ourselves to a new way of being that trull is abut stepping in to redefining what true wealth mastery is about – a new mindset that will allow us to create the lives we are desiring from deep down inside of our being.  Being an intuitive allows me to see the big picture for my clients, to tap into what’s really going on in their lives, to envision more than they could have imagined possible.I had spent over 30 years working as furniture and interior Designer and manufacturer, until one day I realized I was becoming less interested in designing my clients homes and furniture and more interested in “The Interior Design landscape of their lives”. My clients ‘soul home’.  It was not without a serious healing crisis then to get “out of a life and business, a marriage that was quite literally killing me” but that is a whole other story!!

In short, I lost everything material from my home, my businesses, my marriage and almost my life. My businesses were liquidated and I was personally sequestrated. I tried to commit suicide, checked in to a government mental facility – I had a complete breakdown to have a breakthrough. I was diagnosed manic depressive bi polar 2, I had a timor on my right cranium the size of a tennis ball and another smaller one of the left side. I was given 6 months to live. That was the trigger to exploring holistic energy modalities to claim my life instead of dying to be me….. the rest as they say is history.
The universe was trying to get my attention.  It was saying, ” look over here, look over here.”  As my awareness grew so did the steps to take to bring me into healing my self and living in my true nature, which gave me the platform, the tools to assist others to low there is an easier way and my true authentic work.  The work that needs to be done now, for this time my in life.  I now work with clients all over the world that I love.  The work is effortless for me and joyful.  It comes naturally as Source works through me.  I could not have imagined such an amazing life of ease and flow.  This is how life is meant to be when we are fully tapped into our heart based work and our true authentic purpose.  It is a new paradigm…a new way of being.  I now get to teach others how to get there quicker, easier and without creating a destruct program to let go of what is out of alignment with their soul urge.

Follow the calling, move through the pain, follow your knowing.  Follow the subtle messages that won’t let you go, the God winks and quite whisperings of what you are here to be, to contribute to the raising of consciousness on the planet that you came here to give. Come back to who you are and live your best life!

being human through horses

Creating the peacefulness you need to create

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Creating the peacefulness you need to create


Whether you’re a stay at home mom, working a full-time job, or running your own business, you have a need to create. Not just the things you have to create, but just for the sake of expressing your creativity.


But to be able to express yourself, you need time to yourself, without other tasks to do. But the external peace and quiet isn’t enough. You also have to get to a peaceful place in your mind.


For some, this shows up automatically, when they sit down to do their creating. For others, it has to be created. There are a number of ways to do this, and I want to introduce you to some of them.


listen to your voice

Ways to create peacefulness

  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe deeply
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Read
  • Take a walk
  • Meditate


Which ones works best for you, depends on your preferences, and on how stressed out you are. Once you start using some of these, you’ll probably find more ways that work for you.


You need to quiet the part of your brain that’s constantly thinking of all the things that need to get done, the worry center. That constant churning stresses you out, makes you ineffective, and puts a dampener on your creativity.

Create a permanent space of peacefulness

Creating a place in your home that’s only used for relaxation and creativity, will help a lot when it comes to shortening the time it takes to get to the stage you need to create.


Fill that space with things that feel peaceful to you. Things you should consider are colors, materials, and objects. For example a soft chair, a furry blanket, a candle, or something else.


If you don’t have the space to do this, you can create other kinds of cues, for example putting on a special perfume, piece of clothing, or some music you keep for this purpose.


Once your mind has gotten used to these cues, finding that peacful place in your mind will get a lot easier.


If you feel like giving this a proper try, why not join The October Creativity Challenge?


Linda Ursin is a Creative Intuitive Guide, grounding her practice in her Scandinavian tradition of natural and feminine energy. She works with creative moms who are dimming down, hiding or sacrificing their creativity for others. Helping them inject creativity into their lives. So they can feel more fulfilled, whole, grounded, and have more fun.Jou can find her at

How to say NO with grace, when you are a people pleaser

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“A ‘no’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘yes’ merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.”


Before I tell you all about learning to say ‘no’, just take a second to re-read the quote above because Gandhi nailed it.

This past weekend I was in Charleston, South Carolina celebrating an amazing girlfriend who is getting married next month.  I was there with a group of 15 dear, old friends.  15 women.  1 house.  Without getting into the details, the weekend was incredible (BBQ pork and maple bacon included) but I’m not writing to you to tell you about the bachelorette happenings.  I’m actually writing to talk to you about something that happened while I was there because it’s such an important message for women.


Saying “no” is truly one of the most challenging things we women face on a daily basis.  For the most part, men don’t seem to struggle with this in the same way, but it is the most common thing I see among all of the women I work with.


Think about how often you say “yes” when you really want to say “no”.  We all do it.  We’re afraid to disappoint others. We’re afraid of letting people down.  We’re afraid of missing out.  We feel responsible.  We feel obligated.  So we overcommit ourselves and load up our schedules because we’re so used to taking care of other people before ourselves. Am I right?  You don’t have to tell me…I know I’m right.  It’s crazy.


We do so many things out of guilt, while ignoring our own needs and doing things that don’t truly fill our hearts or nourish our souls.


I don’t know how this turns out for you but I can imagine it looks something like this…You feel depleted, exhausted, and stretched-thin.  You don’t feel like you’re getting what you need . You find yourself snapping at the people you love. Your energy fades and life feels a bit flat.  Your relationships suffer.  You find yourself reaching for any quick fix to make you feel better (coffee, chocolate, potato chips, wine, ANYTHING!) because your nervous system just wants to feel balanced.  If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll like the rest of the story.


So here’s what went down this weekend for me…


I woke up Saturday morning and threw on my track shoes.  My body wanted to move.  My soul wanted to recharge by being outside listening to music, walking and dancing.  Alone.  That’s what I wanted.


On my way out the door, my daughter saw my track shoes and she excitedly asked “Are you going on a walk?  I want come! Can I bring the dogs too Mommy?”


Ohhhh shit!  I love her so much.  I want to be with her.  I didnt’ want to upset her.  Every bone in my body wanted to people please and say yes. But deep down, I knew that I needed this alone time to recharge and be with myself.  So I was honest with her.


“I love you so much Thalia, but I’m really feeling the need to be by myself, outside with my music.  I love you and it’s not about you.  I just need some alone time is that okay with you?”


I saw the look of disappointment on her face, but she understood.  The thing to remember is that we can’t control the response and emotions of other people.  That’s often why we women feel guilty.  We don’t want to hurt others.  But what good are you if you’re walking around trying not to hurt others but you’re hurting yourself?
So here’s how to say “no” nicely:

1) DETERMINE WHAT YOU NEED (or don’t need)

You KNOW what you want and don’t want.  Usually you’re first response is the right one so I invite you to begin listening to the first voice you hear when someone asks you to do something.  As Marie Forleo likes to say “If it’s not a ‘Hell Yes!’, then it’s a ‘No’.”  Looking at your decisions in this way is incredibly empowering and enlightening. You will quickly start noticing what you REALLY like and don’t like.



Sometimes in our own guilt, we can get a little snappy or bitter about doing or not doing certain things.  We say ‘yes’ too many times when we mean ‘no’.  We make ourselves martyrs by over-giving and then we sit around waiting for someone else to fill up our cup in the way we’re used to giving.  When that doesn’t happen, we’re left feeling depleted we get upset and sad. Pissed, may be a better word.


So ask for what you need kindly, with love and compassion.  Imagine what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of your “no” and just shower that person with love as you claim what you need for yourself.  You might have noticed that I said “I love you.” and “It’s not about you.” Once you’ve stated what you need, the icing on the cake is to…



When you can explain why you need what you need, it will help the other person understand the reason behind your decision meaning they are less likely to take it personally AND it will also help you feel better about choosing yourself first.


Explaining your reasoning allows the guilt to melt away.  Explaining why you need something is really you saying “Hey, I’m human and I just don’t want this right now because I need to do this instead…”  It’s you honoring your own needs and I promise you that you will inspire others in your life to do the same.


Here’s the best part and if you remember one thing, remember this….


When you give yourself what you need rather than waiting to get it from someone else, you can show up in your relationships and your life WHOLE and empowered and more connected.  You will have more to give away.  Everyone wins. 



So tell me…can you commit to saying “no” one time this week when you really mean NO and would have previously said yes?

Living dangerously or playing it safe.

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Challenges bring opportunities.
There’s no question about that. 

There’s also no question it’s hard to
“embrace” a challenge or problem by yelling,
“Yay an opportunity!”

The essence of who you are wants freedom.

You’re always naturally seeking expansion,
fuller expression – of who you truly are.

When you allow yourself to grow you’re
at your happiest because your soul thrives
on adventure.

But most of us shrink back because
adventure means CHANGE!

Why do we fear change?

Change takes us into the unknown; new
experiences. The new, the unknown is
unpredictable. “Unpredictable” is too
dangerous and uncomfortable for a
human being who is focused on survival,
so they pull back to safety.

We’ve been programmed since childhood to
“survive” but remember our true essence
desperately wants the majestic adventure
and we’re the party pooper saying no.

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
~~ Thomas Jefferson

You can only suppress you for so long.

This day-in-day out, week-in-week out
continual suppression and denial brings
enormous pain, frustration, anger, depression,
anxiety and boredom.

There comes a time when the pain is so
you’ll be willing to say YES, grab the
opportunity and leap into the unknown.
There you’ll discover the magic of the
adventure and FREEDOM, PEACE, JOY

It’s time to shine your splendid light.

You’re ready for the grandest life and
no-one will ever again be able to put out
your light.

If you’d like help with this feel free to ask!

Stay with me because this is an awesome ride 🙂