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Are you making desire wrong based on someone else’s point of view?

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What if everything you have been told about desire, orgasmic living being sinful and wrong has been a lie?

What if you squashing down your hearts deepest desires is keeping the world in pain, struggle and hardship?

Have you ever felt guilty, wrong, bad, terrible, awful for having desires? Selfish, undeserving, spoilt?

These are all issues and assigns that have been given to you through the programming of cultural beliefs, family, society, religion….. they are designed to keep you small and out of staying present to ask questions, to expand you in to all the possibilities available to you right now, always.

Is there a inner mean girl, a demon voice inside your head that says things like:

“Who do you think you are?

You will be sorry for that….

I guess I don’t really need THAT much money…

I should just be grateful for the relationship I have. (shrug)

My dream career is too big for me to create and manage…forget it.”

Lean in here: Your deepest, most authentic desires – to write a book, to travel, to serve, to create art, to make money, to find love – ALL of them – have a very important purpose. A purpose that goes well beyond the confines of your own life and affects the whole unified field of being human.


Your desires matter!!

woman horse leader pic

What I believe is that desires are DIVINE. They do not come FROM us randomly, they come THROUGH us by design…from a governing force much, much greater and more sophisticated than us.

This force (God, the Divine, the subconscious, the quantum field, the Universe, Divine Intelligence – whatever you want to dub it), shoots you with “desire arrows.” Kind of like Cupid.


Because desires act like comic carrots that dangle in front of you and propel you forward to EVOLVE, emerge and elevate for the greater good of the whole.

Your desires motivate you to expand and reach,beyond your current level of comfort, to learn and grow, to take new action and release blocks, to become the biggest, brightest versions of yourself!

The purpose of a desire is not even related to the desire itself – it’s actually about who you become in the process of creating your desire that is of universal value.

What’s more is that once you successfully create your desires, there are other ones waiting, waiting to receive what only you can give. There is always more to become, to emerge into and to give back and to receive in the flow we call the cycles of your life.

So the more you get what you desire, the more growing and evolving you end up doing…and ultimately the more you inspire others to evolve.

In consistently creating what you want, you are contributing to the up levelling if the planet and all life!! That is the gift you truly are when you own and acknowledge that you matter, that the world needs you unique talents and capacities.

And in that continuous, collective progress is where you will find sweet relief and fulfilment of your True Nature, your bliss.

You deserve to create that financial freedom you want! The body, the love relationship, the family, the freedom that is your divine birthright….and in so doing, you inspire others to step up and do the same.

I teach goddess women just like you to claim their diamond brilliance through the Diamond Brilliance Wealth mastery Process so that you can achieve the level of success, as Danielle la rote says – a desire map to get you everything you want to actualise now.

When you know the exact steps, unique to you to close your “desire gap” over and over again, you become the catalyst, the creator for your personal evolutionary journey – not only will you get to have and experience all of what’s most important to you, but you will learn how to keep expanding into your highest soul purpose and priorities and positively impact others without getting stuck in the insanity of this reality.

So what desire have you been pretending you don’t or cannot have?
What have you been feeling guilty about wanting?
NO MORE – Now is the time for you to take a stand, to create that reality for yourself so that others can shine – it is a win win for everyone!

Much love, gratitude and to your shining diamond success,


Free to be Me


PS. Curious about how the Diamond Brilliance Wealth mastery program and peace process will work to make YOUR desires in to a reality? Apply for a free Discovery Session with me here:)



Are you suffering from chameleon syndrome?

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Are you suffering from Chameleon syndrome?


Growing up in the bush in Zimbabwe I was fascinated by Chameleons and their ability to change and adapt, to camouflage themselves to stay safe from predators. I loved their gentleness and the way they took their time in moving. Chameleon also gifted me the bittersweet experience of death and dying but that is a story for another time…..

Chameleon is a wonderful archetype to bring in to assist you in

– the patience to slow down,

–  adapting to your environment

– the presence to go deep and tap in to your intuitive knowing

– to stay in interesting point of view and quiet observer

– how to use reach beyond what is comfortable to attain your goals and dreams

– shapeshifting and preservation of energy and life force

As a Diamond cut entrepreneur it is easy to go in to comparing yourself to others and lose sight of what your big WHAT is.

In order to attract the people you are here to serve, you need to be visible not invisible so that your ideal clients can FIND you!


When I meet you at a networking event who do I see?

When I visit your blog who do I feel?

When I receive your newsletter who do I hear?

When we have a conversation who do I encounter?

You don’t want to use chameleon medicine of invisibility in business!

Stay focused on who you are in your true nature and shine no matter what anyone else is doing. Remind yourself what truly matters to you and what you are here to change in the world. Use your unique colours, your unique gets and talents to CAPTIVATE – be original. Remember what  fired you up and encouraged and motivated you to get started on this entrepreneurial journey in the first place.

And if you lose touch with what grounds you, with your own story, style and stance it’s all too easy to shape shift like a chameleon into whoever you think you should be, based on what you have seen or what you think a prospective client wants.

It’s especially common when you’re starting out or feeling a little concerned of where the revenue is going to come from. When this fear kicks in, you can find yourself losing complete track of what makes an ideal client for you and end up working with clients who just do not fit you at all.

We’ve all had that experience.

It’s not your clients fault – they thought they were signing up with one type of person when you’re really someone else entirely!

The chameleon effect claims another victim….

Bright and shiny outsides don’t always tell you the full story

It’s really important to remember that just because someone has what you judge to be a fabulous website and awesome programs that you believe must be selling like hotcakes and setting them up as multi millionaires, that doesn’t make it true.

Your Inner Critic, if she is wearing the Comparison Queen Hat, can have a field day with you and have you creating a whole story in your head.

But I repeat, that doesn’t make it true.

Many an entrepreneur has dived down the “woe is me, I don’t measure up” rabbit hole when they’ve taken this route regularly.

The Chameleon is aiding and abetting the Inner Critic.

You’ll may be tempted to imitate

When you have that story running about how great a particular program or service is, you can be seduced into crafting your own based on what you have seen.

But you have your own audience waiting for you. And they need what you have to give.

You have your own experiences and insights to share that will attract a very different type of client. YOUR type of client, which is exactly what we are seeking when we build a wholehearted business.

Imitation may be seen as flattery, but it rarely leads to sustainable, fulfilling success.

The Chameleon Effect dulls your shine and makes it harder for your clients to find the real you.

You won’t be able to hear your own voice

If you allow yourself to dive into the middle of the very deep and wide ocean of competition, the pounding of the waves will soon drown out your own voice.

Your creativity is soluble in water.

And it needs space and silence to unfurl.

So gift yourself that space and silence. Unsubscribe. Turn your attention inwards awhile. Connect with what you have to offer. And how you’d most like to offer it. Persevere and break through the creativity drought you may feel you are in – your ideas are there, they’re just waiting for the chance to come centre stage instead of playing the understudy, I promise.

The Chameleon needs to be banned from your production altogether!

A consistent core message is where it begins

When you take a stand, when you share your opinion, when you consistently communicate a core message you begin to build a personal brand. And from there you begin to attract a following, a community. People who resonate with your perspective and experiences and ideas and want to hear more.

And then creating your services and programs and products becomes a natural extension of what you stand for and what your audience needs.

And my experience of you becomes clearer and stronger. I associate you with a stance. A style.

You’re grounded in a core message that I’m drawn too and I resonate with you.

use chameleon power as your totem with conscious presence and let your diamond brilliance shine through.

Time to cut the comparing, gain clarity on who you are and  step into your own true colours?

and remember to be brilliant and kind to you!


To your diamond cut success!



P.S: Have you downloaded your 4 keys to Diamond Cut Brilliance e-book yet? It has 4 core resources that will get you out of chaos and confusion and assist you in stepping in to your diamond shine FREE to be ME lifestyle…..it’s a free gift of love from me because I believe in you :)

P.P.S: here is the link to an old video I made about competition – it is a good one

Finding your own Diamond Cut Brilliance

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be able to manifest or create true success in every area of your life….Let me just say….It’s Amazing!
Attracting the money and relationships is a great part of creating true success and living your divine life & lifestyle but also feeling happier in your own skin…honoring and nuturing yourself in greater ways and making more conscious choices around health and well being.
listen to your voice

One of the biggest secrets to creating what we desire to is master our thoughts and all the mind chatter that inundates our lives all day long.

Our thoughts are continually creating our reality that we are currently living.

I don’t know about you but that concept alone was a real wake up call for me.

When we practice eliminating negative thoughts, fears, and doubts and replace them with thoughts of what we do want for ourselves we begin the process of creating that life.

We have a choice of what we allow in our mind.  Mind chatter is not in charge…we are.

When our lives are in a constant cycle of perpetual struggle and worry about money, work or relationships we are certainly not living our dream.  As a matter of fact we are pushing our dream further away.

Learning to master your thoughts and becoming consciously aware of your doubts and fears is one of the tools you will walk away from when you join me in my 90 minute Diamond Cut to Brilliance Session.
I will move you through the 4 C’s of diamond mastery to take the fast track to creating the life and lifestyle you desire while expand your brilliant shine staying authentic to who you are and who you are here to serve.

Taking Inspired Action is the first step to Finally Loving your Life, your
Relationships and creating your financial greatness that you desire and just never knew how to tap in to before.

Aren’t you tired of having ‘just enough’ to get by…stuck in a constant cycle of perpetual worry about money.  We put soooo much energy there that we can’t possibly create the life we really want for ourselves.

Tap into what you love….what turns you on…lights you up…what your true nature is, what your purpose is and how you can make a difference being the greatest version of you so that you can facet your brilliant cut, make your mark in the world with your gifts and inspire others to shine.

 When you Say YES by knowing your NO in your private Intuitive Diamond Cut to Brilliance Laser Session which includes  2 follow up sessions, we will fast track you to Living Your Divine Diamond Life as your business so that you can set your Clarity and Colour in to the Carat value that supports your lifestyle.  I work from a place of not only an intuitive coach helping you but also encompass a complete look at your personality through Animal archetypes to get you crystal clear on what has been going on in your life and where you going.

You will walk away with the tools you need to:
~Recognize and eliminate the limitations we create.

~Learn to raise your heart vibrations to align with your desires to live fully present and engaged in a world of ease and  continual flow of and through money.

~Uplevel your money frequency so that you align with the work, the clients or the business that is fully aligned with you, allowing you to raise your rates and attract the people that will easily and effortlessly pay for your services.

~Learn and then utilize the tools to stay on purpose and stay out of the  lower vibrating energy of struggle, lack and scarcity.

~Once and for all, stop sabotaging or walking away from your know you are here to do with your unique talents and capacities and claim your diamond insight so that you shine your brilliance and attract your ideal clients.

When we believe our desires are out of reach, we are living in a state of limitation. It’s time to move out of self limiting beliefs and create a more loving relationship with yourself. By using the laws of sufficiency through trust and vulnerability, you can create beyond what you ever imagined possible.

It’s time to make a choice!  Do you want to be the world’s best kept secret or are you ready to claim your worth and share your gifts with the world?  Make your dreams your reality. Live the Lifestyle that you dream about whatever that is.

Perhaps it is to travel the world and experience new people, food, and shopping.  Being able to work from home and have the freedom to walk the beach when you want to and Never ever worry about money again or a state of lack in anything in your life.  Ask yourself ‘What is that worth to me”.

It really is that simple.  Your unique service to the world is needed.

Stop waiting and get creating your best life now.

October is 8 energy – time to step in to your power and create the financial rewards

and sharing your talents with your ideal clients.

I believe in you so I want to make this really easy for you today YES to Success –

Just for this month, I have opened up another 4 spots to women like you who are

ready to step up and shine at the special price of only $497. I won’t be offering this

package again at this price so take advantage of this and get in to action for the year ahead.

Just send me an email to farrell.sarahjane@gmail.com and we can get you started.


Transformation is not about becoming better it’s about becoming who you are meant to be.
Fully tapped in!
It’s Time….you are here because you matter !!

Let me show you how to tap in to your Diamond Brilliance so that you can share your shiny facets and polished cut with the world now.

3 ways we hold ourselves back

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3 Ways We Hold Ourselves Back

A Fear-Less Guide for Feminine Leaders

#1 Fear: Being Judged by Others

#1 Truth: People will ALWAYS be Judging Us and it’s OK

There are so many women (and men) out there not Offering (or Marketing) the next level of their Purposeful Product/Service/Program because they are afraid of what people will say/think about them. The truth is, as Leaders we are Polarizing. So YOUR people will LOVE you and people who are not your Tribe won’t.

The Truth is: people WILL judge you! So make peace with this FACT and move on! Judgement is how the human brain is able to make sense of reality. The brain categorizes the people we meet into neat little boxes by identifying others as “like me” or “not like me”. It’s just how we make sense of life and it’s OK. The negative part of Judgement comes about when we take this natural categorization function of the brain and attach NEGATIVE emotion to it because we find the existence of people “not like us” to be THREATENING to us and our belief system (and ultimately, our way of life).

So, those people who choose to categorize you as “not like them” and then proceed to feel threatened by your existence will judge you publicly by speaking or writing some not very nice things about you. Maybe it’s a relic of the times of Colonization that when we see someone “not like us” we feel afraid that they have come to destroy our way of life (like the Spanish and English did with the Native Americans). Or maybe we remember times in which we were persecuted for having different religious beliefs or being a Medicine Woman when “medicine” was practiced only by men.

Who knows for certain where this fear of being “Judged” comes from, but it’s there and for so many of us Judgement means extinction. I invite you to honor your fear of being “Judged” and look it straight in the face. See how it cannot hurt you in this Digital Age and let all those lifetimes of persecution go.

The fact is, people will say bad things about you and people will also say good things about you too. The more visible you become, the more you will be the topic of peoples conversations. That’s a fact.

fear reality never

#2 Fear: Not being Liked/Accepted by Others

#2 Truth: As Leaders, we are not here to be Liked.

All great leaders throughout history have been “marked men” so to speak. This is because leaders are not here to be liked. We are here to stir things up and change things. Because we are the heralds of change, we (by default) are not liked.

This fear of not being liked keeps us afraid to SPEAK OUR TRUTH! We are afraid to speak our Truth to our Clients, Friends and Colleagues because we are afraid that if we do speak it then our friends/clients/colleagues won’t like us anymore.

In reality (as I’ve always seen and experienced it) speaking the Truth to Clients is exactly why people will want to coach with you and pay you the “big bucks”.

Your desire to make a difference and to create a better world must be GREATER than your desire to be liked by others. Yes, it’s true, some people won’t like you for speaking your Truth, for wearing that dress, for charging that much, for talking with so and so, and in general, being YOU. And that’s OK. Apples don’t get upset with people who don’t like Apples. And the truth of it is, that YOU don’t like everything either and you like some things more than others, it’s natural and it’s human.

So, when you feel the fear of people not liking you coming on, remember: you are a leader and you are not here to be liked by everyone, just by the people who you are meant to serve.


#3 Fear: Fear of Being “Thrown Out of the Tribe”

#3 Truth: It’s safe to be all of you.

For a long time, I was afraid to be myself, to speak my truth and to do what I truly desired to do, especially when it went against what my family/friends/partner expected of me. Not showing up as our WHOLE selves in our Business and Life because we are afraid of how people will judge us and the things they will say about us. The root of this fear is the fear of losing the favor of our “tribe”.

What if your co-workers/parents/friends found out about your spiritual business? What if they found out how much you charge (or want to charge) for your Services? They would revoke their friendship and their love and we would be left out of the tribe, in the cold, freezing to death!

Being thrown out of the tribe is a very real fear for most of us. In fact, it’s programmed into us to seek social acceptance because if we didn’t have that it would mean being kicked out of the Tribe and that often meant death.

This is why showing up as our real authentic selves in offering our programs or services or charging our authentic rates can be so frightening. This is why we are often so afraid of being “selfish” and truly asking for what we want from others. This is why so many of us don’t have healthy boundaries and don’t stand our ground with our loved ones, friends and clients (and even colleagues!).

This is a world in which we are meant to show up as ALL of our selves with our needs, desires and boundaries in tact and LEARN how to co-create with others all of whom have their very own needs, desires and boundaries. This is how we learn compromise, how we learn co-creation, how we learn to collaborate. But it starts with being ALL of who we are first.

 saying no

We all have these fears and feelings of being not good enough or too much and the two solutions to keeping us on our Purposeful track are:

1. Trusting the voice of our Intuition NO MATTER WHAT and

2. Surrounding ourselves with people who do the same!

This is what the Diamond Cut Community at Access Your True Nature I have created is all about. It’s a safe space where we can support one another to be our full selves without holding back. If you would like to join us, you can do so below.


Is Kharma a bitch?

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It’s time to Clear your Business Karma & Start Manifesting your Business Goals

Is karma a bitch or do people just do what they do because it works for them? Why would anyone change what they are choosing if they are getting what they want?
Does it ever feel like you are doing ALL of this up-leveling and clearing and work and thinking positive thoughts and being in the upwards spiral…and it’s like something is still holding you back from manifesting ALL of your Business (& Life) goals?

Really, truly, you’ve done your work. You’ve cleared, you’ve invested, you’ve done it all…so what is this nagging feeling that something is still holding you back? You’ve tried all the traditional coaching, you’ve had breakthroughs, but it’s almost as if this thing, this net, this pattern, is bigger than what you can see clearly, yet you feel it’s limitation on you and your success.

If you’ve tried everything, may I suggest that there may be a Soul Block keeping you stuck. Soul blocks are tricky in that they have very little to do with this lifetime and people discover their Soul Level Blocks whenever they try to really align themselves with their Destiny, their Genius, their Purpose.

judgement kills dreams


What is a Soul-Level Block?

Karma is merely Cause and Effect. You see, sometimes we make a CHOICE that is so OUT of Alignment with who we TRULY ARE as a Soul, that we create a semi-PERMANENT Soul-Level Block to keep our Potential and Soul Expression in Alignment with that original Negative Choice.

You need to find out the choice that you made and CLEAR it ASAP. Otherwise it will keep on Sabotaging your Success (in Business, in Life, in Love, in anything really!).

There are 3 ways to Clear a Soul Level Block:

1. The LONG road: Do It Yourself. Without the help of a practitioner, you will spend an entire lifetime clearing a Soul-Level block and most people have more than one! So, good luck with that!

2. The Medium Road: Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing. This will allow you to heal the block(s) over a series of Sessions with a trained practitioner. This may take months or years.

3. The Super Fast Road: Soul Level Clearing with a trained Medium. I have had the privilege to train with one of the top psychics in the world and I have the “clearance” to do Soul Level Clearings on a Soul’s Behalf.  Other Mediums, Channels, Psychics can do this too. You definitely want to find one you trust to do this type of work on your Soul.