November 2014 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Making the impossible, possible

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Are you making the impossible, possible or have you given in to a life of doom, gloom and struggle?
What if the whole purpose of life, your living legacy or will, is the will, strength and determination to live your best life?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you’re right.”

Let me ask you something.

If there was ONE thing, one LEGACY you could teach – what would it be?
If you could tell the World ONE thing, what would it be?

Every single one of us has something amazing inside of us that needs to be shared with the world. The only thing holding is back whether we “think we can or can’t.”

Over the last few months, I’ve been developing the ability to rest in the challenge, to bump up against the barrier and be willing to stay there raw, rough and vulnerable – to experience and observe the discomfort, the “not knowing”.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been sitting back on my laurels.
I’ve been showing up, doing the work in my personal life, social life, and professional life.
But I’m developing a more quiet, patient, discerning presence – observing what’s unfolding, where there’s flow, what the Universe/God is in the drivers seat, instead of me thinking I have to go it alone – grasping at a quick fix “solution” to calm my anxiety about “not being there yet”.
know where u r going

Does any of this ring a bell for you? I imagine it does . . .

Let’s look at how we can apply this more consistently:

1. Notice if you have this tendency to jump to the solution and busy yourself with activity in order to have the feeling that you’re doing something and making progress.

2. Take out a journal and sit with your challenge i a space of fertile, open listening.
Begin exploring – what is the actual challenge?
How can you be very, very specific about it?
Are you just missing some specific resources or information?
Or are you struggling with some tension or discomfort within yourself and your business?
Is it still that fear of not having approval?
Get to the deep dark discomfort, the shadows.
And just sit there…..
You don’t have to figure out, fix it, dismantle it, just be willing to observe and bring awareness.

Often the actual “barrier” that we think we’re trying to overcome, is our own discomfort or anxiety.
Interestingly, fighting against that discomfort and anxiety heightens it.


3. Practice patient observation.
As you begin to see your actual barriers and resist the urge to grasp at feeble solutions to busy yourself, you can hold yourself in that tension and go about your day with keen observation.
What coincidences are showing up?
What is that person really communicating to you?

Look around you with a curiosity of the innocent child. Would you give yourself permission to say yes to the willingness to receive…… more insight, wisdom, encouragement, direction, and resources?
And have no point of view how they show up?

What I know to be true is that it never looks like you think, and it never show us the way you think it will! But… if you breathe, lean in to that quiet God wink, the subtle nudge you will receive what you are asking for.

It’s so easy to become obsessed with the result, the benefit, the solution (this is what marketing is all about, so you are surrounded by these messages whether you know it or not).

The thing is, what I’ve discovered is that being willing to not know, to not have the solution, to let go of the controls and to have the patience, trust and confidence in the Divine, in God, has opened up entirely new (and exciting) possibilities in myself, my relationship, and my career.

Old wounds that have driven me to strive, compete, judge, and criticize are being consistently healed, freeing me to be more fully myself and to more authentically assist my clients from a deeper place of connection, compassion and love.

I have no idea where this will lead or what exactly is unfolding.
And I am, surprisingly, so totally calm, present and alright with that.
I intend to fully receive and utilize each and every opportunity that comes my way so that I can positively impact and empower more women who come to me.
And as I fumble through the messy bits, be willing to be wrong about everything, expand, grow and learn, I know I will become my own living legacy and amplify all of that, facilitate
= make easier, that which is possible to reach my target of 1 million womens voices rising.


What a humbling and potent opportunity we have to grow together in this life and create a sustainable future where it is a win win for everyone. . .

So, now I want to hear from you!
What’s your experience with addressing resistance, being a ‘Pro” and moving toward solutions?
(I highly suggest you read one of my favorite books Turning Pro – by James Pressfield)

Do you grasp at conclusions to come to “solutions”, that actually are distractors that keep you from staying present with your body and its subtle messages (albeit uncomfortable at times) that would give you back all of you in your true nature?

How could you practice this approach?

Post your comments, questions and insights below.
I read each and every one of them.

Here is to your shining Diamond class life, living and business

It’s a girl !

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It’s a girl!

I just went through what seems like a very long labor. She is so worth the pains and melt down moments.

She is beautiful just like you –  an elemental co creation, a new Diamond child and I welcome you to celebrate her with me.

Welcome to and the Diamond Brilliance Wealth Mastery. This is an invitation to you at this special time, loving support and inspired action to assist you – the bridge of the old 3D to the higher 5D reality by connecting through the 4D of your heart connection and the Diamond codes.

November 11, is a master number amplified 11/11, which adds up to 4.  The number four signifies rebirth, resurrection and reunification.


what would it take to grow happy healthy babies?
Have you downloaded my baby shower gift yet? 
People keep saying I am crazy to be given this away for free –
But you know what? I love giving, I love random acts of kindness
and generosity!!

So please receive – I spent a lot of time and energy in creating this little jewel.

You can receive your FREE Diamond Wealth Mastery workbook and
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November is well on it’s way and as you may already know is a 9 universal energy – one of introspect and completion. I am thrilled and relieved to let you know that I am here, I will always be here have made my way to this point in time where I can confidently say I have let go of many things that no longer serve me. It has been a particularly challenging year for so many of us.

I keep getting asked lately what the heck I am up to and where have I been?
Its a long story!
I have been gifted so many incredible blessons ( a blessing with a lesson attached ) that I moved kicking and screaming through at times. I am happy to say the brain tumour’s aggressive return almost a year ago is no longer life threatening – a biggie where I spent many a sleepless night considering those big questions like “what am I here to be and what really maters?” You know those questions I ask everyone who works with me from the get go. I have taken a lot of baby steps all over the place, that darting meercat energy in me will always be curious and insatiable!!

SIMPLIFY is a word that keeps coming up for me. So here it is as short and sweet as I can possibly be in this moment.

Please take a look at my beautiful new website created by the incredible Lucinda Rae – one of the speakers on the Courageous Confident Inspired Women tele summit I hosted in September.

Many of you have been asking me what motivated this new direction and the change back to my family name Diamond. Pure and simply it resonates with the new higher vibrational frequencies of the Diamond codes, Christ consciousness, Archangel Michael and animal medicine that have been so supportive of my journey.

I know it seems crazy to move from my other specialty niche – I had created a great business
as an animal communicator and medical intuitive. I love the work, the animals and very
little competition in the field of animals and animal archetypes
So what the heck am I doing now ???

I realised when I was asking “who I am here to serve more greatly –
To create positive impact and influence with?” –
that it was crystal clear that I absolutely love to work with women like me,
struggling with self judgement and stories of their past holding them back
from living on purpose.
That we as women must stop apologising for everything,
divorcing our True Nature in an effort to get it perfect,
to be perfect, 
to people please,
to hold back on self love and kindness.

What I call borderlands, the women like me, that are wanderers, seekers of truth and who are more comfortable around animals than people.

Women who desire to reconnect
– find their place in the chaos,
to more loving of their perceived flaws
to receive their imperfections and flaws as their greatest gift
so that they can come back to their True Nature
…….and thrive
– free to be who they came here to be.

I recognise that I have a gift to hold space for transformations for women like you.
I have seen hundreds  of my clients change one piece of their story,
change every facet of their life

– letting go of what is no longer required
– so that you can move in to a new space of diamond brilliance
and become everything you are here to be!

Take a look at a diamond…. what do you think of when you bring diamond medicine in to your awareness??



A diamond is created under tremendous stress, heat and pressure to become a diamond
and that is for me, what we as human beings are here to shift together.

A remembering of our connection,
what it means to live from an open, pure heart
and an out creation of how we define wealth and abundance.

That is what I desire to create with –
a rebirth of new energies and possibilities.
She has come slowly like a baby in her own time
– unique in characteristics to expand a community
of the feminine goddess energy
to support women everywhere in shining their unique diamond brilliance
and raising consciousness on the planet one facet at a time. I

It is a celebration of a new earth where we as women supporting women,
can live openly and fearlessly from our hearts and shine
and create something bigger than all of us
a sustainable, thriving planet.

I paid attention when I woke heart pounding at 3am to the whispers of the
Universe telling me to act.
I move from the God bumps of knowing my NO so I can say YES to my YES
and the fear of investing when I hired my business coach and my web designer,
the big R = resistance,
the doubt that greets me every morning
and I keep on moving
even though I may not know where I am going.

This quote by Audre Lorde sums up all the fears I have
……about you going away,
Fear of being judged,
even rejected.
Fear that people would think I was full of myself.
Fear that no one would get it.

” When I dare to be powerful – to use my strengths
in the service of my vision, then it becomes less important whether I am afraid.”
[] [/]


How does this change whom I am becoming and who am I now?

Well, I am just being me –
messy, imperfect and inspired to be free –
free to choose, free to love, free to just be.
FREE to change,
to follow my heart
to make a bigger difference.

Which means, that if you need to connect,
to talk,
to book a session,
to book a session for your animal,
to ask a question,
to co create,
to play a bigger game
……I’m here.

And that will never ever change
because I value my connection with you,
my clients, my friends, my colleagues more than ever.

Please join me for an adventure of a life time and let us see where we go.
I want to give more, back to my deep connection with animals and Mother Earth,
to my community and those I am honoured to have in my life.

I will be expanding my body of work with people and their animals,
through my animal archetype work,
through the True Nature Systems
to clear the illusions of fear and suffering that we have all created.

I truly hope this helps to clarify what the heck I’m up to
and how I can better be of service to you and your animals!
And yes, I still do sessions on animals and I love to be of service in this way!

I don’t have the answers,
I don’t know where I am going – I’m still figuring that part out!
It’s a wild ride and I can’t wait to connect with you
along this magical topsy turvy road.

Thank you for being a part of my journey
I hope you stay with me.

Now is the time to claim your diamond brilliance and shine!

Here is to your rebirth,
your success and happiness

Much love and gratitude

Please know
that if doing an Access bars class is of interest to you,
I will be doing my last class  in Johannesburg Sunday 30th.
Prices double in Jan 2015 to R3000 so if this is on your ” I will do it later” list, perhaps you will choose this now at only R1400 or R750 for repeats.