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Diamond Cut Your Green-Eyed Monster Into An Emerald Green Heart-Shaped Gem (Part 2)

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Part 2 of Jackie Morrison’s guest blog  for Access Your True Nature.

Sofia has decided to turn her “Green-eyed monster” into a muse to develop a healthier sense of self-worth.

“Forget Hank!” scolded Sarah-Jane over cyberspace from her home in South Africa.

Sofia knew she was right. In fact, it was her own addiction to misery that Sofia was using to stay stuck. Sofia lived in Southern California. The population of L.A. alone rivals that of NYC. Both Sofia and Sarah-Jane knew that Hank wasn’t the only man in the world.

“Like you said Sofia, would you want every actor and film to be a clone of Michael Fassbender? Yes, he talented and handsome, but would you really?”




“No,” replied Sofia.

“Why not?” pushed Sarah-Jane.


“Some roles are meant for certain people to play best,” answered Sofia again.

“Exactly! Could you imagine Michael Fassbender being cast in all of Colin Farrell’s movie roles?”

“That wouldn’t work. Only Colin could have made those characters believable.”



“My point exactly. Stop thinking you had to be Barbara or Monika. The only person’s approval you need is Sofia’s!”

How does Sofia finally get that? Easy. As Sarah-Jane’s Diamond Cut Mastery ebook outlined, it’s time for Sofia to polish up and shine her inner Diamond.


The truth is: Shiny rocks aka diamonds are a rare stone indeed BUT every person has an inner diamond. There is no scarcity. We’re all just in an illusion sometimes that we have to be a clone of someone else to be our own brilliant gem. The reasons vary and none of them matter. By investing one’s energy into doing a diamond cut on themselves, that is the only thing they need to do, to get it for themselves. Here is how Sarah-Jane’s diamond cutting process worked on Sofia:


Before you can clarify and claim your divine brilliance, you must remove any obstacles from your path. This includes limiting beliefs, attitudes and considerations that you have been programmed to believe are true that actually are not even yours. Commit to you, choose what is true for you and choose to commit to all of YOU! (Quote from Sarah-Jane Farrell)


“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without”


Sofia needs to do an overhaul in her mental programming first and foremost. Before any external makeovers, Sofia has to get her mind cut to the right beliefs. Truth is, Sofia grew up an oddity in Montana. Everyone around her looked like Jessica Simpson. Sofia looked more a hybrid between Lucy Liu and Maria Callas. When she hit puberty her peers told her to just not bother liking anyone because no one would ever pick her. Why? She didn’t look like them. After high school, Sofia moved to New York and learned that diversity was a good thing. She got it in her head but never her heart. Remember, diamonds can be white, green, purple, etc. Any way you look at a diamond, it’s precious. This underlying belief is what is behind Sofia’s perception. She still believes it is true.

Remember the Judy Garland quote: “Better to be a first-class you than a second-rate someone else.”

“There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond and to know oneself.” Benjamin Franklin


Sarah-Jane’s Directions: Take a few moments to contemplate the following questions, before typing your thoughts in the provided area. Then, work through the rest of the book until you have discovered your diamond cut insights.

Sofia’s got some deep digging excavation to do. Instead of comparing herself to others and coming up short in her own mind, Sofia is on an exploration to discover her best inner qualities, talents, abilities, etc. She has always been afraid to really look deep within herself because of misguided shame at being different. Turns out, being different is the root of originality. Wasn’t it Coco Chanel who said that an original always stands out in a crowd?

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela

To use a Hollywood analogy, when Leonardo DiCaprio was a child actor he was cast as Luke in the TV show “Growing Pains”. At the time, the show’s star Kirk Cameron was one of the most popular teen idols around. During his time on the show, it is rumored that Leonardo once believed he would never be as popular as Kirk. History proved otherwise. Leonardo just didn’t know it. Had Leonardo tried to be a clone of Kirk it would have never worked.

Sofia will never be like someone else. She is better off being her best genuine self anyway.

“What if everywhere you think you are falling apart, you are actually falling back together – stronger and more resilient than ever?” Sarah-Jane Farrell.


Your unique expression based on your experiences is what colors your world – it is what you are capable of that you have not even imagined possible.

1. To stand in your truth about what really matters to you takes vulnerability.

2. Open your heart – Vulnerability is the space where you choose to push the barriers down and live an intense life.

3. Give yourself full permission to feel vulnerable – this is where tenacity is currency. This is what makes you value your cut, clarity and color, as rare and beautiful.

4. Follow your bliss by knowing your pain.

(Excerpt from Sarah-Jane Farrell’s ebook, to read steps 5 to 10,

“If someone shows you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them”-Anon.

Sofia has another deep dive to undergo. The 10 steps that Sarah-Jane outlines in key three. For years she has been painting over her own true colors. These next steps are a process of stripping away all that which Sofia has used to cover up her own unique shine. Whenever she compares herself and feels less than others is one way that Sofia covers up her natural glow. Truth is, maybe Hank doesn’t and never will care for Sofia to the degree he does for Monika and Barbara. So be it. Sofia has to remember that people are free to love who they do. However, just because one person doesn’t love you it’s not a sign you’re unworthy. You’re just unworthy to them but again, the only person’s stamp of approval needed is your own.

Sofia would be doing herself a disservice to attempt to gain Hank’s love by trying to become someone she is not. First, she won’t succeed. Second, eventually the real Sofia will reveal itself, and it won’t be good for anyone involved. Sofia being her best diamond self, shining in her own self-respect, acknowledging her worth, will attract the right person for her that will love Sofia just the way she is. It is a cliché but it’s true.


Def: karat – a unit of weight for precious stones and pearls, equivalent to 20 milligrams. A measure of the purity of gold, pure gold being 24 carats:  The modern carat system started with the carob seed. Early gem traders used the small, uniform seeds as counterweights in their balance scales. The carat is the same gram weight in every corner of the world.You are worth your weight in gold, silver and precious gems. Just like a diamond your weight is what makes you valuable along with the other 3 C’s.  (Excerpt from Sarah-Jane Farrrell’s ebook)

The last step can be the toughest. Sofia must know her value. Then she must own it and work it to her advantage. This is not about competition but radical self-acceptance. Sofia has to realize her intrinsic value in her heart and emotions not just in her head. The intellect is no match for the emotions hidden in the subconscious mind. Strong intense feelings will hijack the pre-frontal cortex easily. Emotions are primal and felt by the rest of the body.  Intelligence is no match.

How does Sofia acknowledge and own her worth deep down into her bones? She has to do the toughest task of all: Prove it to herself. Often the hardest person to convince is oneself. Once she succeeds in this, Sofia will be cut like a diamond.


Yoga enthusiasts talk about the heart center as corresponding to the color green. A yoga teacher once wrote that the green-eyed monster happens when a person has an absence of self-love. Some say that a lack of self-love causes the heart center to lose its natural green colored hue. Sarah-Jane’s diamond cut process is about cutting past the poison spewed by the green-eyed monster. The more one undergoes the cutting process, the more their heart center grows back its healthy green glow. Like a rock diamond, each cut is a step towards refraction, and eventually a person emerges from the diamond cutting process with their natural ability to reflect the light of their inner sunshine effortlessly.

When Sofia was done being a diamond in the rough she was her own kind of Emerald.


How to Use Your Inner Muse to Polish Your Diamond Self to Shine (Part 1)

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“How is it working for you?”

I am thrilled to introduce to an incredible warrior sage with a double Scorpio sting and a fierce will to be the change!

My guest today is Jackie Morrison is an incredible catalyst for personal change and deep inner healing. Her ease with words comes through her own personal journey with pain, shadows and green eyes monsters.

Sarah-Jane Farrell asked Sofia across cyberspace during a fit of being possessed by the Green-eyed monster.

“I guess I should write a blog on how that could work,” was her reply.

So she did. This is it.

Unlike most women it seems Sofia is never jealous or envious of someone in the present who could or is a romantic rival. Rather, her eyes turn green over those who are a part of a significant other’s romantic past.

Why? They are, after all, in the past.

It’s not rational. Sofia’s explanation is that she blames them for taking up space in his life so she met him later instead of sooner.  To answer Sarah-Jane’s question, this dynamic doesn’t work well at all for her. There is no time machine and even with one, still no guarantee that it would speed up meeting a beloved sooner than later.

So, how could Sofia make this jealous pattern work for her?  She sat in the question for a while. The answer that emerged was that she could tune into her own diamond essence, as Sarah-Jane calls it. Every precious gem is one of a kind. It’s when we forget that our souls are just as precious and unique that gets us going. Jealousy is about fear, lack, and ownership.

The hidden gem in jealousy is that it’s the exact inner muse to use to polish and perfect your own diamond essence. Connecting to one’s diamond essence is exactly the antidote to the venom of a green eyed monster attack.

Think about it. My favorite actor is Michael Fassbender. Before I discovered him it was Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy. Does that mean Fassbender should be jealous of Jackman and McAvoy? No. Not unless he buys into the lies of scarcity. Not if Fassbender doesn’t get how talented and handsome he is in his unique way.

There is always someone else, either the equivalent or better, in terms of compatibility. When you tune into your diamond essence, it’s a self-worth issue. The lie of scarcity suggests that this one person is the only or last one to love you. Its desperation and beliefs that make you not have choices or even options of love in abundance. Even more important to consider, if you were a diamond, then you are not a mass product. That means that a few people approach rather than droves of individuals. It’s a GOOD thing. Quality matches are far better to meet than large quantities of poor matches.

Consider that if your significant other chooses someone over you and leaves, it’s because a better match is wanting to enter your life? Rather than waste time being jealous of the other person, tune into your diamond essence, and the sooner you do the quicker a better match materializes. The more tuned in you are is a process of deepening self-love. Self-love is a vaccine that immunizes the heart against the green eyed monster and its emotional poison.

Here is the paradox: that green-eyed monster is prompting you on how to best tune into your diamond essence. Sarah-Jane is brilliantly onto something. It works like this:

Case Study Part 1: Sofia is jealous of ex#1 (Monika) who was with Hank for two years. The top five reasons for this are:

  • Monika had a collection of special memories with Hank.
  • Monika was brilliant, cosmopolitan, a high paying career, and feminine in that European way.
  • Monika was integral to Hank’s life. During those two years they did everything together.
  • Monika and Hank never broke up for the usual reasons. Monika moved away and Hank couldn’t go with her. That threatens Sofia.
  • Monika met Hank naturally so in Sofia’s mind their relationship was superior.

Case Study Part 2: Sofia is also jealous of ex#2 (Barbara) who was with Hank for three years. Her five reasons for this are:

  • Barbara went from a husband of 10 years to a three year relationship with Hank. Sofia is jealous that it’s easy for Barbara since she has that All-American look going for her.
  • Barbara had kids and yet Hank made time for all of them in Sofia’s mind. So she doubts Hank really cares about her.
  • Barbara also met Hank naturally , just like Monika, so they were more valid as a couple. Sofia is convinced Hank doesn’t value her the way he valued them.
  • Like Monika, Hank has picture of himself with Barbara, and Sofia also believes he was proud to be seen with them but is somehow ashamed of her.
  • Barbara is from old money and Sofia believes she will never belong in Hank’s world and its always going to hard for her to find love but super easy for Barbara and Monika.

All this vulnerability triggers Sofia away from tuning into her own diamond light. It also makes her want to strike back and pull away from Hank. For Sofia, its as if Monika and Barbara are like living breathing personifications of the subject in Blondie’s 1999 song Maria. Listen to the lyrics. Debbie Harry is singing about this larger-than-life magical Goddess. Sofia’s mind has successfully convinced her that she is so less than ordinary in contrast. Not a good thing. Certainly not true. Sofia needs to convince herself out of her own illusion fast!

Sarah-Jane’s wisdom to Sofia is this, “Yes, I get it too. I choose to run towards even when it is in my nature to run as far away from that intensity as possible most of the time.”

Now it’s time for Sofia to apply Sarah-Jane’s Diamond Mastery Method to put a stop to the destructive force of her jealousy. Actually, it’s more an antidote to the venom of poisonous green eyes.

Remedy #1: Sofia gives herself permission to love herself. Rather than wait for validation from Hank or anyone else, grant it to herself NOW.

Remedy #2: Acknowledge her own innate strengths. Sofia does a brainstorm exercise. For one hour she writes non-stop about all the assets she possesses, such as her intelligence, creativity, etc. Then she interviews all her friends and colleagues to uncover what they see as her strengths. By the time she complete the entire activity, Sofia has a roadmap of what to focus on and where to invest her energy. In basic terms, Sofia ramps up her strengths.

Remedy #3: Sofia chooses to create the reality that she loves. In other words, what kind of life could she lead and fall in love with whether Hank was in it or not? Sarah-Jane hands Sofia a worksheet titled “Diamond Discovery Process”. Sofia is to spend the whole day getting down in detail in answering every question on the worksheet. Then she must come up with a list of intentional actions and goals with timelines to materialize every single diamond goal.

Remedy #4: When all else fails, Sofia is to visualize with all her sense how it would feel to be living her dreams now.  As a bonus, Sofia is to imagine herself in a wild romance with her favorite actor. If this is the only way for Sofia to realize that Hank isn’t the only man in the world, Sarah-Jane urges her to do it. Then Sofia stumbles upon the big block in her brain. It’s this: She believes true love is impossible. So are diamonds but they exist. This is a major key in resolving the jealousy monster for Sofia. Sarah-Jane then prescribes a tenacious practice for the next 30 days to bust this belief.

Remedy #5: Love happens by choice. Sofia has to choose to make actualizing love her number one priority with a stable, long-term, steady man. If Hank is not that for her then Sofia must move on. Love and money are connected. When a person’s love life is flowing so are other areas of their life. Love has been Sofia’s Achilles Heel since puberty. She isn’t jealous except when it comes to romance. Sarah-Jane knows that this is the key. Sofia has to believe she is a diamond and commit to owning that she is a prize. Regardless of how things look, Sofia has got to believe and embody this, or else she will continue to struggle.  The Universe responds to action. Sofia’s habits need to support a new reality which puts her in choice and abundance versus desperation and scarcity.

Each of these five steps are part one of Sarah-Jane’s Diamond Mastery Method. Sofia has 30 days to really show herself and everyone else that she is serious. This means taking the attention off Hank and onto herself.

Time for Sofia to get a wake-up call that she is, in the lyrics of a Katy Perry song, a firework in a good way ….  ignite the light and let it shine.  (This piece of advice came from both Sarah-Jane and Heather Strang, another BodyTalk practitioner/diamond cutter)


“Do you know that there’s still a chance for you
Cause there’s a spark in you

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you’re a firework
Come on show ‘em what you’re worth
Make ‘em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you’re a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make ‘em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
You’re gunna leave ‘em fallin’ down-own-own

You don’t have to feel like a waste of space
You’re original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Maybe you’re reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow
And when it’s time, you’ll know”


Are you ready to receive the gift of giving?

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Are you ready to receive the gift of giving?


It is the eve of Christmas Eve and Thalia is really getting excited about Santa coming later even though she really goes from Is he really real or not? I toast to all that has been and what is to come for us all with a Campari soda ( yup its red and its hot here in South Africa) as I sit writing this one last message to you before I officially ban myself from the joy of creation as my business. 

I miss my family a lot this time of year thinking back on the memories good, bad and ugly so many years of togetherness and chaos have passed by. My Dad passes this time 3 years ago, he slipped away quietly and quite suddenly. My family this Eve are scattered around the world – thank heavens for Skype and I am grateful for my daughter Thalia and my enjoyable other Hugh and my furry friends being here now in this moment to remind me how lucky I am to be alive for another Christmas eve that is creating itself exactly how it is meant to be. Our beautiful tree is lit with colour and filled with decorations from places we’ve been, people we have known, some crafted by our own hands as children and some crafted by Thalia’s sweet hands. We even have blue eyes Frankie and Michael Buble belting out some of our favourite songs – just because we can.


Thalia Christmas wishes

This little message to you today is my gift….because I can not hug every single person whom I have the privilege to know and celebrate life with, those of you across the world that  have connected with me one way or another, because I can not send a handwritten note to every single person who reads my blogs or messages on social media or comes in person to a class or retreat from the Diamond Class playroom…..because I can not call you up on the phone to tell you how very much I appreciate you giving me the great honour of your presence…..


My gift is my gratitude, my delight and my appreciation for you….I hope you receive it in some small way around the world, or across the city…wherever I find you, please know that I do this work to reach you, support you, connect with you, as a colleague, a friend and guide…..oh, what magic will we create beyond 2015?


I have been intent on completing this gift for you since we met on the Solstice Diamond masterclass call on Saterday, in between clients, cooking up some yummy treats, paying with Thalia and gift wrapping just for you….

I hope that you find it as much of a gift as I did in creating it to where you are and whom you are becoming…..

Review release reintegrate 2014 to flow in to 2015 with resillience and claim your diamond brillaince.


If you know someone who could benefit from it – please pay it forward and let’s give this gift together. You and me.

2015  diamond sparkles

In the spirit of giving…..and with deep gratitude for all you give to me by being in the Diamond Class YOUniversity with me…..


I raise my Campari  soda up to you….and toast


‘To us.’
Together we can make a difference to a sustainable planet and thrive!

Happy holidays and to your diamond brilliance success in 2015!

How to keep your jolly on during challenging times

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Part 3

How are you doing keeping your jolly button on during challenging times?

As we move in to the season of gift giving and mustering up the strength to be jolly when perhaps you are not,  here are some of the things I invite you to consider:


  1. Choose to be happy where ever you are in your life and give the gift of presence no matter what. Playing board games by candle light is fun!
  2. Give a gift because you want to, not out of obligation or not at all. If you love gift giving like I do, make it priceless!
  • a hand made card or bottle of home made jam from the apricots off our tress, sweet basil pesto from the garden or lemonade…. (you know the saying – if life gives you lemons, make sweet lemonade!)
  • an IOU for a massage or some yummy, tantric sex
  • a book to read your children every night by torch or candle light
  • a promisary note to be present for the evening – no electronics just you and your family
  • take the family to serve at a soup kitchen any day of the week, not just on Christmas day


  1. If you love giving (who doesn’t?) and want to spend money on a gift consider buying:
  • Things with intrinsic value – gold, silver or precious jewels,

antiques ( when we left Zim you could not by law take more than a pittance of your money out the bank, or anything out of the country including cars or furniture unless it was over 10 years old – talk about stupidity to think antique cars and furniture did not have more value than bank notes worth nothing anywhere else!!), anything that other people deem as valuable – just check out ebay to see what people are willing to pay for collectibles!


(You can read the other tips on how to own your diamond wealth mastery here:12 ways to change your money flows


Here are some of my favourite ways to celebrate the gift of giving presents in my presence:


  • Sponsor food and supplies to a shelter or a sanctuary or charity and make a difference – pay it forward
  • Buy seed and plant a free pickings garden in your local communities
  • Stocks and shares
  • Adopt a shelter animal

Let me know some of the ways you pay it forward and your favourite things.

and remember in the heart of the holidays, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important.

Don’t forget that the best gift and contribution you can be is the gift of YOU! 

Not the distracted you, or the I’m-not-enough you, but the one that’s fully there.


The one who can be, know, perceive and receive everything as the flow through you and be present.

Here is a little gift in the spirit of giving more:

May this peace, love and gratitude meditation  soothe away all the stressors systems showing up so that you can BE the kindness, gratitude, peace and calm you truly can BE !!




To your shining success, health, wealth and happiness




How to keep your jolly on this during the holidays

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Part 2

I am writing this by the light of my Mac during yet another blackout in South Africa and it got me thinking about how in times of discomfort when the basic necessities like water and lights are not available how easily I get have a sense of humour failure and get downright grumpy. I know my friends in Zim and Botswana have adapted to a life of no power and water for years now but seriously, is this a life of ease, joy and glory?

the devolution of the African tale

the devolution of the African tale


I mean it is one thing to plan to go dark, at sleep overs when you are 5 and torches are fun not essential or being out under the majestic big starry skies of the African bushveld, campfire crackling and the distant roar of lions and snorting buffalos is something you actually choose, as a get away from the city lights and insanity….


What seriously pisses me off is when you pay dearly through “death and taxes” and extortionist service providers for lights and water and they don’t deliver or just decide, without the courtesy of some forewarning to take you off the grid because some idiot forgot to do maintenance or the municipal head of operations ran off and stole all the money!


I realize how “dis easy” it makes me feel to be taken out of choice to create my future reality. That I take basic necessities for granted – that there is fear that comes up in the safety of an environment that supports my desires to have the Diamond class life and all its pleasures. When they are taken away, the playing fields change, I become grumpy and frustrated and stop the flow even more.


I was speaking to a future client today and got cut off just as she was about to make a breakthrough. It left me in an awkward position of scrambling around to try to find her mobile number and pick up the conversation via cellphone, before she was lost in the electrical fuzz pounding in her temples.


I know this is a rant – there is no “yes but” here, it is……

and I am one frustrated entrepreneur, like thousands of others in SA, who cannot create revenue streams without power and connection to the big wide world. I wonder how much revenue has been lost by companies like mine, who actually are doing whatever it takes to create revenue, to pay their taxes for this country against all odds (if it isn’t the tele coms, it’s the water or the power) – like it is not already challenging enough on a good day, to create a sustainable living and future. It is no wonder that South Africa’s currency that 25 years ago was as strong as the dollar, has plummeted to 12 Rands to 1 US dollar and a staggering 18 rands to one pound sterling!


For a country rich in gold, diamonds and natural resources what the heck happened? How can we expect first world countries to have the confidence to invest here, in people like me and you, who offer amazing services and don’t show up because they cannot connect to skype for a conference call or speak to their clients because Telkom (our one service provider owned by the government) says sorry your fault will be attended to just now – which in African time means later, much much later?


A lot of people have made fast fortunes from the desperate times of diesel generators and led, solar power lighting and geysers and gas stoves, so you can actually see the gas stove when you have water to make a cup of tea or cook a meal! One such fast talker took over 10 million from my friends and I, for a deposit on generators and disappeared…. It’s times like that I wish kharma existed !!


I am a problem solver – it takes a lot to get me to my knees but when the back up for the back up fails, what is a desperately seeking the freedom to create a happy, diamond class, successful future girl supposed to do?


Here is the logical problem solving back up options:

  1. When the phone lines go down:
  2. A) use a dongle or
  3. B) go to a friend’s house – make a plan!


One tech guy I spoke to about my “back up” dongle for when the landline is broken told me, I must get in my car and drive around, holding my mac in the air until I get a signal! Besides the possibility of being swallowed up by a giant pot hole in the road, you cant see them in the dark especially when they are filled up with rain water, I just can’t see myself parking my car in some dark road at 3am in my pjs and slippers, to make sure I can get online to speak to a client or on a tele summit or radio show on US time (don’t you know – it is not safe to be out on the roads in the dark here!)


Last night I did just that to ensure I got to speak as promised on Jazz Up your Life with Judy for Simba dog’s bark mitz paw celebratory show. Thanks Lisa for being home and putting up with me interrupting your evening!! On the bright side, the new moon was incredible and I got to spend time with my friend before the show.


Some of the US summits I am on start at 2 or 3am in the morning, so waking up my friends at an un Godly hour of the morning to camp on their floor and use their internet – well the love runs out on that one after a while very fast.


Driving home at midnight with the sinister police presence on the prowl for a lone white woman in the car to harass for a bribe for some ficticious crime, is always such a downer too – thank goodness I took off my jewelry and put panties on before I left the house, you just never know where you could end up!!


Sometimes you just have to make a choice to go with the ease and flow and keep going any way!


  1. When the power goes off:

Get a generator –

  1. a) make sure it gets delivered and installed
  2. b) stock pile diesel, because that runs out here a lot, oh and btw – short of being a fire hazard, did you know that you cannot stock pile diesel because apparently diesel goes off ?


  1. When the water is cut:

Be grateful for a swimming pool – not my favorite thing to grab a bar of soap and plunge in to freezing water in the middle of winter but hey smelling your own stinky after 2 days you just have to take the plunge and do it!

Dig a borehole – if you have underground water to bore in to its great. Pretend the heavy metals and toxins from all the gold mines and toxic dump isn’t there and use a structured water device to change all that.


Big choice:


Leave the country and go somewhere first world – my parents and 85% of the population left Zimbabwe, when the services like health care, water shortages, no power and intimidation with forcible removal from their farms left them with no other option. There was no choice there either. The “lucky ones” who could, moved to Australia, the UK and far away lands and the others moved to South Africa to start again…… this could turn in to a book but you get the gist of my quandary on the little choice or big choices.


I love Africa in a “I dream of Africa” fantasy kind of way. As tough as it gets this is my home and as a “survivor” of a brutal home invasion, attempted car jackings and all the other insanities here we are…. De sensitized, hypervigilant and killing ourselves slowly with the optimistic “oh well, at it could have been worse, at least nobody was “hurt” and where else in the world do you get to live with big houses, blue skies and cheap labor??”

What happened to choice? Choice to create a nation that could thrive, if we get the greed and ego of our politicians out the way and actually work together from the ground up?? No utopian ideals, no clearing statements or “how does it get better than that? questions” or thinking we can meditate ourselves in to an abundant state but actually getting uncomfortable, sitting in the zone of “dis easy” and making the conscious choice to take consistent action to do the work.


So you may ask: “Where can you go first world that would welcome you, when SA is flagged at every airport immigration outside of Africa, as a “high threat terrorist” alert?” (I love you mom for my Irish passport.)


How far can you go in starting over with a currency that shrinks to nothing?

I would love to hear your comments on how you overcome challenges and obstacles getting in the way of your high shine diamond class life.



Here is another collection of my favorite songs to remind me what truly matters and connect me to the LOVE and Gratitude of the holidays. Download it so you can play them on the next candle lit power outages and stay in the ho,ho,hump of silly season


I have some wonderful gifts coming you way, so until then be amazing and know you are loved.

Gratitude for you always and the gift you are to us all

To your shining success, health and happiness