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Permission to say yes to self love

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“a big part of building your self love muscle with integrity and alignment is permission.”

permission is actually a big part of everything you are here to do: igniting your light, beaming your message out in a way that feels authentic, building your tower and your foundation, and taking the steps you need to take to get unstuck.

permission is a huge key to all of it. and it is something that comes up again and again as i work with and talk with women in biz.

I recently ad the honour and privilege of standing with a tribe of incredible women at The

Entrepreneurial Women’s leadership summit with Sage Lavine.

I wept with relief at the infinite amount of love and kindness that is possible when women

truly see each other for the gifts that they are and I knew that I was not insane for knowing

it is truly possible to have a tribe who are supportive and loving of each other no matter what!


My story is not unique, as a collective all the women I met related to the ancestral and kharmic

programming of being a woman shunned, persecuted, hung, cast out and killed for being in her

true nature. That is the heart connection of the women like Sage that I met, that brings us together

to write a new story and live into LEGACY that it does not have to be this way any longer!


Throughout the course of my life, I’ve had women both stand by me, and abandon me.

Women have been my biggest cheerleaders and my biggest enemies.

Women have been brutal, bitchy and backstabbing during super vulnerable moments

when I’ve stepped into my leadership, sometimes for the first time.

And, women have lifted me up when I’ve fallen, dusted me off and sent me back out into the world…

with a nurturing love that heals, transforms and changed my life.

I’m guessing you may know what I’m talking about.

In your path to self-expression you’ve been supported,

and knocked down a few notches when you become perhaps…

“too big for your britches” in the eyes of a so-called “girlfriend”?

What about you, have women failed to support you at key moments? 

If emotions come up, express them, journal, cry if you want to… and hold yourself.

Give yourself the gift of expressing that pain.

Then, call a trusted girlfriend who has EARNED THE RIGHT to support you,

someone you really trust.  Ask for what you need from her, ask her to remind you who you really are.

Ask if she will stand by you NO MATTER WHAT as you build your business… 

and when she says that she will, let it in.  Use that as a springboard to take your

next risky business step.

This is the Diamond zone of a new feminine economy and this is what I what my

community is about… 

giving permission to tread softly on the feminine

standing with women in our tribal strength as natural carers and nurturers together!!

It’s the action steps that heal, not repetitive inner work.  And, you need to have your women alongside you to take those bold actions.

As you give yourself permission to shine, as you heal, you can ALCHEMIZE

any old girl-wounds into part of the gift you bring to your clients, a hurt

when alchemized becomes compassion, empowerment or courage.

You’ll bring these qualities to your work with clients.

I’ve gone from being the underdog among my woman peers at high school and business,

to being a leader of women in my 4th decade.

My woundings continue to emerge as my biggest gift.

Because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of women’s competition

and unkindness and wrath, I also intuitively know how to hold a safe space of community

for my women clients.

And so it will be with your wound… what you’ve been through will emerge

as the golden lining of your business message.  

Use each other.  Support each other.  Tap into the Wisdom and Wealth of Women

to support you.

and consider some of the places you have not loved yourself enough to give permission

to saying YES and going beyond old woundings and stories keeping you stuck in

what you DON”T want*

what if choice can be easy?

who else is going to give you permission?

there is no boss, no manager, no leader, or teacher to figure this out and tell you what to do.

this is your job now. you are the boss, the captain of your own ship.

you need to be in charge. you need to tell you what to do.

you have permission to decide.


often we don’t give ourselves permission because we don’t actually trust ourselves.

start there.

start with what you know for sure and build on that. build belief in what you are doing.

you have permission to trust yourself.


what would happen if you did?

what would happen if you didn’t?

what are the benefits? the consequences?

will anyone even care?

and if they did, so what?

are your worries about this thing real, or are they in your head?

you have permission to get real.


instead of asking who am i to ______ (do this thing i dream of doing)…

start asking who am i NOT to? if you DON’T do it, what are you saying?

that you don’t care about those people that you long to serve?

you have permission to feel worthy.

to own your carat worth!


when people tell you that they love what you do, that they support you,

that they want you succeed, that they value you, that they are looking to

you for the next step…

believe them!

people don’t just make that shit up. they don’t lie about what they love.

you have permission to believe them.


you are not a volunteer. this is a business. it is your job to build something

that allows you to earn money doing the work that you are here to do.

even if it is easy, natural, authentic, fun, or stuff that you would do anyways!

you serve, you deserve.

you have permission to create your Diamond wealth zone

you have permission to shine

you have permission to claim your financial freedom.


we have all these rules in our heads about what we need to do and

how to do it, sometimes based on what we see others doing, or

what we’ve been told to do, or the stories we are telling ourselves.

but who says?

who wrote that rule?

you have permission to ask WDTBT?


we often wait for everything to be ready, to be right, to be perfect,

to be figured out, to have our ducks all in a row, a 5 year plan,

or a 10 point checklist. but you are allowed to just fucking do it.

it’s ok to take action before you are ready. you have permission to JFDI.


somebody might not like it. someone might be upset. you might hear that

you are wrong or crazy or making a mistake. that’s ok though,

there will always be people who feel the need to spread negativity

(and it’s always more about them than it is about you!).

you have permission to ignore the haters.


often when we allow ourselves to consider something our heads get way

ahead of us, our brains start going crazy.

it feels impossible and overwhelming fast! start with the tiniest step.

keep it as simple as possible. make it incremental.

you have permission to start small.


we feel obligated to say yes. we feel bad if we say no. we feel guilty.

we feel like we are missing out. we feel like it might make us look like a bitch.

or look selfish.

or greedy.

but we can only stretch so far, and a NO is a yes to something else.

you have permission to create boundaries.


it is in doing that we get clarity. it is in talking that we find the right words.

we learn as we go, and as we know more we can do better.

but we don’t learn anything or get any clarity if we stay in our heads and never try.

you have permission to just try.


we are so close to what we do, it’s so personal. and there is only us…

only one perspective. sometimes fresh eyes and a fresh perspective can make a huge difference.

that’s why coaches and mentors and mastermind partners and other Diamond geniuses

are so important.

you have permission to seek support.


sometimes all the support and all the learning and all of the seeking

just confuses things even more. you have a sense of knowing already built in,

you just need to learn to listen to and trust that inner voice,

that intuition or knowing.

you have permission to follow your inner compass.

you have permission to say YES to claim your freedom.

you have permission to say YES to being self FULL

because when you track your north star and claim it

then others get to say YES to themselves too.


can you add to this list?

pop your ideas below!

how else can we give ourselves permission today?

Why you don’t need another certification to thrive

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Have you ever felt that in order to really have a successful coaching or healing business that you have to go out and get more certifications?

Do you wonder if your lack of qualifications is what is stopping you from actually creating a business that financially supports you?

You know something isn’t working so you:

– attend a retreat
– get another certification
– sign up for another training

Deep inside you know that you’re AMAZING at what you do, that you can actually help people SO much, but you have no idea why they aren’t hiring you!

Well here’s the deal….

The problem isn’t that you don’t have a variety of certifications, or the fact that you don’t have an MBA, or that you haven’t learned ten different healing modalities….

It’s that you don’t actually know the step-by-step that is going to help you build the business you desire.

It’s that you’re probably putting your time and energy in the wrong places if you’re not seeing results.

It’s that you haven’t invested the time or the money to REALLY learn how to grow a business.

So before you sign up for the next training, consider the next certification, or buy a ticket to learn yet another modality, ask yourself if it wouldn’t be more efficient to find someone who can teach you BUSINESS.

You’re ALREADY amazing at what you do, the only thing missing is the how-to.

Go out there and get the right kind of support, instead of convincing yourself that you’re just-not-quite-ready yet. You are ready. 

As always, you know I love hearing from you,


P.S. If you think that *I* might be your next mentor, hit reply to this email and tell me a bit about you and your business. I have only three openings in my private practice right now for the next few months, so if you think the time is now, then just hit reply and tell me about yourself!

You will know if this is for you if you have said to yourself before, “I really think I need to talk with her,” but have been too scared to reach out. I am a creator/ruler archetype and am willing to stand in the fire with you all the way. I have a huge lion heart and occasionally give love bites that can trigger you in the best possible way in to your greatness, so just send a note if you feel like this is speaking to you.

I am also launching a new group program for holistic entrepreneurs and coaches to fill their practices which may be just what you have been asking for. So if you want to know more about how to stop struggling by using the “6 Elements to 6 figure services”  Book your complimentary Clarity discovery session here

What do you need to get you where you want to be?

Being fully met + self love = honouring

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When you are being fully met in every area of your life and no probably not all at the same time, but truly conscious of that exchange of energies, the gifting and receiving you trull begin to trust self love as an honouring of not only you but everyone and everything else too.

There I was, fully supported and loved and nurtured by my friends Cal-Ling and Tracey in San Jose

a week ago, rambling on about some relationship challenges and full throttle in my drama and story
, in all the excuses I was providing for feelings of disappointment and guilt and other inner mean girl talk

and what a gift to be gently and firmly stopped to expand in to something else. They both so cleanly, efficiently and fiercely loving brought me back to my multi sensory world of present time, as truth often does.

Tracey said “Bottom line, it sounds like he’s not meeting you where you are ready to be met right now.
He’s not showing up like you are and frankly, you deserve more than that.”

I let the words hang in the air for a moment. And then they began to reverberate down
through the gauzy layers of my mind, through the soft tissues in my body and finally
landed in my very cells, where they lit up bright and golden, unleashing light everywhere
in my body.

Truth, when it resonates energetically, words are unrequited and totally not necessary –

I call it the space of UN- words.
It just is.
And this golden beam of my friend’s deep intuition layered in to the darkness of “un seeing”
that I didn’t even know was there.

I had lost myself, blind sided so to speak by the filters on my normal laser vision

I give to my own cients and friends and it was such a relief to be received in this

messy place that no matter how much we all cognitively know bites us back from

time to time!
I love the concept of “being fully met”.

We’ve all learned and applied the concepts of cutting toxic people out of our
lives, setting healthy boundaries and surrounding ourselves with people who
truly want the best for us. If you have gone through the 4 C’s of Diamond Wealth Mastery

you are familiar with the first C – CUT and are open to being aware of cutting ties and chords

and demons as a constant practice.

You will have come to realise already that through the lens of making sure that we’re being fully met, we gain much more subtle insight into what things in our lives are truly energizing us and what
is actually silently draining us. Let me explain…

In early 2012, my business hit its first multi-six figures. Everything was gaining
momentum and things were going great, but I noticed towards the end of the
year, I started to feel burned out.certain things I had committed to expand for a certain

organisation were out of congruence and then that tumor came back in to being to remind

me to look deep in to my heart and make some difficult choices and cuts or suffer on until

I did. It took me a while to get it – yup, we are all human, and make some not so great choices

until we get it. You remember that the way we do anything is the way we do everything!!

At first I went in to the wrongness of me and that this was all my doing, that they could not

possibly be at fault – after all these were people I held in great esteem and besides I had

invested way too much time and money into making this modality work for me to let go….

My 1:1 coaching practice was maxed out, I was working 14-16 hour days, 7 days a week,

everything on the material plane was thriving while my body had a complete breakdown and

I carried on over giving and abusing its call for help or it would stop me.

and I had just launched my first two digital programs, being Human and Going with the

Flow through the medicine wheel. Guess what? My body pushed back, I could not work

I had to stop and everything, and I mean pretty much everything went away. The clients, the

workshops, the money – vanished into thin air and I had to ask for help, get medical care,

surrender and go deep inside back to the question of “do I want to live or die physically?

It was a sobering moment of change or die on every level…..

By the end of 2014, I was on the mend, the tumour had shrunk, I had made some huge

changes and still  I was feeling more burned out than the year before.

It didn’t make any sense—I had made the lifestyle and business
changes necessary and I had a lot more space in my schedule.

I thought I was living more in PRESENT time when really I was mind F***ing

myself rather than living present as a moving, flowing VERB !!

After really hearing Tracey and Cal-Ling remind me again of what I was out

of congruence with how I was loving and honouring, I realized  that the
problem or should I say the GIFT wasn’t my schedule, or the country I live in, or my business.

The problem/ gift was NOT being fully energetically met by
the structures, people and environments I was exposing myself to.

Being “fully met” = FLOW. It means the energy you are putting out there,

is coming back to you.

Being met is a constant loop of nurturing energy and harmonic waves.

These are the basic laws of entropy in our universe.
Think of what happens when you put your hand up to a cold window pane.
When two objects of different temperatures touch, energy flows between the
two objects until both objects become the same temperature.

Energy seeks balance.

When you’re not being met by the same amount energy that flows out of you, you begin
to develop power leaks. Energy is flowing out, but an equal amount of energy is not
flowing back in.

Spring enough power leaks and energetic burnout occurs.

So many change-makers come to work with me because they are burned out.
So many clients come to work with and tell me “I feel like I am doing everything by
myself and I just want to feel a hand on my back holding space for me. I feel like
I’m holding everything and everyone and no one is holding me”.

Boy do I know that one well!!

I am so grateful that I have the love, support and holding space from the wonderful women

I am honored to have as my friends to remind me to ask and for me to be fully present, vulnerable

ad messy enough to move shame aside and jet let it FLOW to and through me…..

If you’re can relate—consider asking yourself

are the people, structures,
relationships & systems in my life set up in such a way 

that they can meet me
with the same force of energy that 

I am meeting them?”

When you’re fully met in your relationships, you walk away feeling energized and
nourished by your interactions.

When you’re fully met by your business model, you’re being supported by it
instead of being a slave to it.

When you’re fully met by the people you’re working with, you could spend 4
hours talking to your client, several times a week and never feel drained.

When you’re fully met by your team, everyone is playing to their excellence,
as passionate about your vision as you are and you’re not constantly having to
pull people up or micro-manage them.

When I asked every area of my life this question, “am I being fully met?”

After my reminder from Tracey, I was surprised to discover that I had subtle

energy leaks all over my life.

This is the constant state of flow of the medicine wheel.

It is the death and the rebirth of relationships with all things.

So, out went the relationships with people I was constantly giving advice to but
that never had the capability to support me.
In came relationships with people who met me with the same level of devotion
and uplifting energetic frequency.

Out went relationships with “friends and colleagues” who were constantly

triggered by my success.

Out went keeping myself small in subtle little ways so that I wouldn’t upset them.
In came relationships with people who were as happy for my success as they
would be for their own.

Out went the team members who weren’t pulling their weight, weren’t committed
fully to the company vision or who required vast amounts of energy from me to
manage their volatile emotions.

Instead, I am in the process of growing a new team that want to meet me

in the zone of Diamond class excellence,instead of the zone of mediocrity.

As a result, I started waking up really excited to log on and communicate with

them on our latest projects and for the first time in
the 15 odd years I’ve been running my business, I felt the support and motivation from
a team that I have always wanted to play and grow and celebrate with.

Out went the clients who never fully showed up to their commitments, didn’t
participate in their transformation or expected me to give them all the answers.
In came a new, bold policy where I tell all potential clients that I only work with
people who are all in to truly co-creating their transformation, while valuing
personal responsibility and commitment to self love and personal success.

You don’t have to be bitter about people not meeting you where you’re ready to be met.
Everyone has a right to their process and sometimes, people just aren’t there yet.

This is not about having a tit-for-tat mentality or keeping track of what people are
doing for you. All relationships have ebbs and flows, where one person is giving
more than the other for periods of time and vice versa.

What you do have control over is how you set up your world so that you’re fully met.

What you do have control over is sealing up your power leaks by cutting the chords
to anything that is not meeting you with the full force you put out into the Universe.

You know what happens when you do this?

Your body breakdowns and burnouts ends.

Mine did. As soon as I cut the chords on those relationships where I was doing
all the mentoring and supporting, I suddenly felt like my relationships with the
people who DO meet me fully, deepened. I felt more supported than I ever have.

As soon as I cleared the team members who were not on board for excellence,
caring about serving clients from generosity, my wellbeing and their own or

being fully committed to the vision of the company, I felt a huge
energetic boulder lift from my shoulders and years of my leaked energy came
back to me.

As soon as I got rid of the clients who did not care to show up for themselves as
fully as I was showing up for them, I got a rush of incredible, motivated clients
that I was excited to support.

In the end, it’s you who determines whether or not you’re going to continue
to allow the power leaks in your life to drain you.

It’s you who says “enough is enough” and cuts the cords that are leaking your
vital life force energy all over the place and preventing you from unleashing your
light in the world.

Because you were meant to shine.

And you deserve to be fully met.


So tell me in the comments below what energy vampires are you cutting this week to get
your power & energy back? And if you have a friend who could greatly use
some help with their power leaks, make sure you share this with them and

send them the link to get their own kick start to Diamond Wealth Mastery workbook

and 4 part FREE tele training series here:Click here

30 day self love and happiness challenge

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Will you join me on 30 day self love and happiness challenge?

May is my birthday month and in the spirit of generosity I invite you to join me and receive my gift to more love and happiness in the world.One of the most valuable things I’ve learnt in my life is that how I feel and behave is largely down to me. Generally speaking, no one can make anyone else feel or act in a particular way. Discovering the power of choice – knowing you can choose how to respond to situations rather than blindly reacting to them is hugely empowering and a fundamental step in taking responsibility for shaping your own life.
Personal choice extends to general well-being, and breakthroughs in neuroscience now suggest that just like everything else, happiness is a learnt ability and you can actually train yourself to feel happy. Broadly speaking, you can do this by choosing to regularly engage with activities and thoughts that make you feel better in yourself and about yourself rather than one’s that don’t.

Your body’s natural way of learning takes care of the rest, recording information in its dense network of neural pathways and cellular memory. When you have a new experience you literally grow the neural pathways and collect cellular memory to ‘do’ the experience. In effect, your subconscious mind (which incorporates the body and brain) creates a sort of inner map so you’ll recognise the experience again. Each time you revisit that experience the neural network and its map is automatically reinforced. It’s an accumulative process and the more you experience positive states, the greater your capacity and the more likely you are to continue to feel them.

Even better, neuroscience tells us the human body is literally saturated in receptor cells for endorphins and opiates, the mood enhancing ‘bliss’ hormones it produces which also act as natural pain suppressers. Apparently, it has more receptors to experience happiness than any other feeling, and all those receptors are just waiting to be switched on to flood you with feel-good sensations.

So isn’t it about time you took being happy seriously? It’s easy to get submerged by your own troubles and challenges and by world crises playing out around you. But in order to function effectively and live in a fulfilling and meaningful way, you need to be happy and feel good within yourself. And rather than leave it to chance, it’s within your power to cultivate your own happiness.

happiness travel (2)
Here are my suggestions to get you started:

• Notice what gives you inner happiness and do more of it!

• Take pleasure in the simple things life offers.

• Focus on positives rather than negatives, ie:
– look at what you’ve got rather than what you haven’t
– look at what can be done rather than what can’t
– look at what you’ve achieved rather than what you haven’t

• Lower your expectations and recognise when your best is enough.

• Appreciate your daily achievements, no matter how small.

• Cultivate a kinder, less self-critical attitude towards yourself.

• Look to see the good in others.

• Practice small acts of kindness (it feels nice to give).

• Be thankful for all that’s positive in your life. Giving thanks to the universe, a higher force, nature (whatever fits for you) will connect you to the good things you already have but may take for granted.

• Respect and look after your physical needs, such as getting enough sleep, rest and having a healthy diet.

• Make time for having fun and play. The feel-good effects of endorphins can stay in the system for up to twelve hours.

• Meditate, practice yoga or use relaxation tapes. As well as calming you they will boost the production of endorphins.

Click here to start every day expanded and in the art of receiving more self love and happiness no matter what!

• Exercise regularly – walking energetically whilst swinging your arms is an easy way of raising endorphin levels.

• Be spontaneous to get a shot of those endorphins!

And when you’re not feeling great, why not remind yourself that you have some choice in the matter, and let the words of the philosopher and author Albert Camus inspire you as they did me:

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Click here for more information on Sarah-Jane’s daily guided feel the self love 30 day FREE challenge and receive daily lessons and useful practice to expand in to more self love, happiness and abundance.

I am so grateful to have you in my life and part of my tribe where we track our own magnificent purpose and acknowledge the gift you are in the world!

Happy birthday to me – I get to receive the gift you are in my world every day.

How are you celebrating YOU?

Post your comments, insights and breakthroughs below and share the love!