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Off with your head!

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Off with your head! …an invitation for heart opening.

By Myriam Machado Baker

Off with your head!
…an invitation for heart opening.
I will introduce you to the Goddess Without a Head: Chinnamasta.
She is one of the hundreds of goddess from the Eastern Philosophy where – like any other myth – the characters are always reflecting aspects of our own psyche. We all have some qualities of Chinnamasta in us.
If you Google Chinnamasta you will find many classical interpretations like this:
“Chhinnamasta, the headless goddess, is the Great Cosmic Power who helps the sincere and devoted yogi to dissolve his or her mind, including all the preconceived ideas, attachments and habits into the Pure Divine Consciousness. Cutting off the head suggests the separation of the mind from the body, that is the freedom of the consciousness from the material confines of the physical body.”
But I believe our headless goddess is a lot smarter than that.
“Chinnamasta stands for the most radical of radical affirmation. She affirms herself so deeply that she is no longer willing to listen to her own inner voices of doubt, fear or unworthiness”.*
crazy thoughts hdtbt?
And that’s why we can relate our headless goddess with our inevitable Big Heart Opening process. Just like her, when we open our hearts, we are no longer willing to play small.
The Heart Opening comes with the longing to imbibe a direct experience of our own power.  We are happy to cut off our own head because such a sensational act no longer frightens, instead it empowers our desire to experience the whole of our Self.
And the Whole of ourselves is on the authenticity of being just what we are, following and affirming the desires of our own Heart!
This Heart that is the most powerful force we can access within ourselves. In the ancient scripture of the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna teaches Arjuna that when you have an open heart – nothing can hurt you! When you have an open heart, you experience all the pure qualities of your soul: acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, love, courage, wisdom, joy, etc…
In the Bible we hear about Heart’s Intellectual/Spiritual functions:
The heart thinks! (Matt 9:4; Mark 2:8), remembers, reflects and meditates (Psalm 77:5-6; Luke 2:19).  More specifically, as the eyes were meant to see and the ears to hear, the heart is meant to understand, do discern, to give insight.
Advaita Vedanta philosophy teaches that the Supreme Reality (Consciousness) exists as the ultimate essence of one’s being.  It is called “atman,” the Supreme Self. And in our body would be located on the Right Atrium on the physical heart.
The Chandogya Upanishad explains that: “the “Self” within the heart is Brahma itself and not the soul”.
Shivaism also teaches that the greatest quality of the Heart is fearlessness. We must allow our hearts to open, so that we become fearless beings… not the other way around.
soulful women retreat
Our goddess is willing to look at herself with a fearless sword of penetrating clarity. Her self-discernment leads her to a choice that many others might refuse, but by going to that razor’s edge, she discovers within herself a taste of ecstasy beyond previous limits.
My friend Erico Stoneberg says that “Chinnamasta is dancing on a couple in love! (Of all the embodied experiences one might have in one’s body, an orgasm is pretty much one of the best of the best).
Our goddess knows all about the pleasures and blissful states. It is why she steps in all of that. She owns it!
But she also has gone past that limit of good feeling! Chinnamasta says there’s something EVEN BETTER than what you think of as THE BEST human feeling!”
Our Headless Goddess knows that when we’re willing to remove our self-imposed limitations, and instead listen to the call of our ecstatic inner life force, others will want to stop by and have a taste.
That abundance is so vast and so forthcoming – Chinnamasta shares it freely. She knows that her essential nature lacks nothing, and that there’s an endless supply of power inside. That well will never run dry.
May we open our hearts!
Off with our heads!
Its tim to live with a whole heart <3
One way that is very supportive in getting out of your head and in to your heart is through the 4 part masterclass “Going with the flow through the ancient medicine wheel” where in the direction of air and the Ego you give your mind a job. This way what you think you become as the biology of belief that you can begin to change your epigenomes and thrive as nature intended.
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So it is the weekend again and another holiday coming up and to be honest i really don’t know what to make of it all.

i am guessing you have as many doubts in life as i do can you relate?
take today for example. i was doubting whether or not my toes would actually warm up under 3 pairs of socks and my uggs and if sporadic bursts of trotting on the spot made people waiting for their kids at school thought i was a crazy person. (They did and yes my toes warmed up for about two seconds before going back to ice block status)


its been quite a rude shock coming back to a very real deep darkest Africa syndrome after months in America. for one its winter here and the houses here don’t have double glazing or central heating and are not equipped for cold spells that  are getting more extreme while power delivery and maintenance is extremely ignored and extremely broken.
I got used to being comfortable with heated steering wheels and bum warmers
love my sisters beautiful luxury lexus which is so super smart it turns on when your hands are too cold.

i had really got very spoilt in so many ways over the past few months
i felt safe every where, yes people actually obey the law and can be trusted to use self checkout ccounters and drive through banks without fear of being held up at gun point or having their card swallowed by the machine cos someone has tampered with it
they actually obey traffic lights and drive on the right side of the road
internet is super fast and cheap and i worked at triple speed because the systems support online entrepreneurs and home study is encouraged by providing competitive rates for broadband and giving great customer service


having been without power since 6pm last night because of load shedding whilst our government and municipalities party it up on tax payers money and the majority are literally freezing their butts off ( did you watch carte blanche and the state of the water in the crocodile river and Mr Cash who gets to live in his multi million dollar house in the area amongst the hard working people he continues to steal from?)
I sent prayers for the water systems everywhere and spent last tuesday when we had no running water how long it would take before we drank all the water in the swimming pool and pond
ii gave up calculating that after my second glass of wine and i dont drink wine that often

( My 5 part Going with the flow through the medicine wheel is a life saving!!)

last night i was contemplating the meaning of life and the great mystery of the shadows dancing across the walls from my soya candle until it burnt out and i had no choice but to go to bed….
and my brain went hold on a second it is waaaay to early to check out and go astral traveling to somewhere warm and so that grey matter started thinking about how long it would take being out in the cold with no warmth before i went to sleep like forever and sent prayers to all the people and animals out there where that is a daily possibility

and today well all the plans to get the cake baked for thalias riding tomorrow (yes she fell or should I say slid off again and when you do you have to bring cake) between clients – thank goodness i bought an inverter to keep me connected to my clients around the world and deliver on my speaking engagements and keep communications running between my va’s and jv’s without losing my mind and my sense of humor and i was wondering about you.

how are you doing where you live?

Whats working and what is challenge your funny bone right now?
You might be wondering whether or not to reach out and work with me or not or take my” 6 Elements to Successfully filling your practice” or are you okay with umming and aaahing when people ask you “so what do you do?” If you use the Six Elements to heart selling process and discovery templates you will know by the end of 4 weeks with crystal clarity how to create authentic connections with your potential clients and lead them through your 1 minute intro and your unique story selling parable with confidence and clarity. You can use the exact same process at at your next networking event or for your welcome video on your landing page or in the checkout queue at the supermarket when you thought you would be in and out only to find the teller having to use a calculator cos the computer is offline and she does not know how to subtract on her own to give you change for R200!!

…so because you have actually been applying some of the tools and strategies you have learnt in the 6 Elements to Heart Selling and see everything as an any opportunity ….
there you are waiting in the line and you have nothing to lose so you crack a joke and the women behind you asks “so what do you do?” and you are like wham thank you Universe for the most unexpected opportunity to practice your heart selling process and walk away with a new client or referral!


know where u r going

Are you getting excited yet or have you totally sunk in to the collective doom and gloom and general apathy of South Africas failing systems and infrastructure and corruption and crime and a plummeting currencyfeeling powerless to go down to the sub station yourself to fix the fault and restore power don’t worry i saved some wine for you too
realistically you have a choice to stay where you are contemplating if you did get the training from electrician school if you would even be able to fix the sub station ( i heard all the manuals are in polish from the initial contracts decades ago) or carry on waiting for someone else to save you from your latest conundrum

or you can take action now and intentionally create from what is possible to get you where you want to go now with support and accountability and the systems you have to put in place especially as creatives. you just cant wing it and hope for the best, you need a plan that will work for you to have your dream clients show up and pay you what you are worth
and while i cant solve the country’s energy crisis or fix the broken pipes, telephone wires or burnt down sub stations i do have some amazing strategies and proven formulas to get you clients and a consistent monthly revenue stream anywhere in the world. I offer a full refund after 30 days because i am so confident in the result you will get. this is the exact blueprint i used to turn my practice around and get my diamond vip clients to ca ching doing what they love and changing lives.

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