July 2015 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Are you missing opportunity to learn and grow more inspired by doing this?

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I find it interesting to sit in a South African event with global speakers at the Masters of Wealth 2015  and look around.
I have attended similar events in America and noticed that people are lit up, they are on time, they are committed to take control of their financial destiny and do the work. They actually talk and use every opportunity to introduce themselves to each other and have conversations.

Here the room was half empty at start time.
People avoided making eye contact with the other people they were sharing the room with. Nobody engages, barriers were up which amazes me that I could sit next to a total stranger and not say hello. there is opportunity everywhere if you can just receive it –  connection in the room, with people you share the same city with is a pretty good space to realise that connection is currency. But it starts with connection, a conversation, a smile, a curiosity.

I sat next to a wonderful man who turned out to be a trauma doctor! We exchanged details and really saw that even though we work from opposite ends of medicine our goal is the same – to help people heal from the abuse of trauma and that together we have so much to learn from each other in creating a united front where how people get change and regain there health doesn’t matter as long as they move away from pain.

Get the video version here
Everyone came here to learn how to be wealthy and on first impressions I just don’t see the commitment.
Nobody looks excited, in fact they look like the walking dead and it drives me insane. During the tea breaks I spoke to people waiting in line who were closed and guarded and I realised how lucky I am to get out of my won way and be vulnerable. Every conversation was valuable and each one brought more connection and expansion to the joy of knowing we are more intrinsically connected than we give ourselves credit for.
We as proudly South African have something weird going on and I am on a mission to change it now.
Perhaps it is the fact that we were cut off form the rest of the world for so long during apartheid that we are wandering around like the lost people who cannot see their own true value and talents.Lost in apathy, lost in the dead zone of not owning our own power, no willing to be accountable, lost in the illusion of separation and that we cannot change what we don’t want into something greater than all of us.

I have often found it curious that South Africans seem hungry for change but are not willing to receive greatness from their own communities, their own local motivators, success coaches, people making a great living being who they came here to be. To take inspired action and create a revolution, a tsunami wave of consciousness that infects everyone of us to live from benevolent capitalism and thrive for a sustainable planet.
To stop playing small, to start celebrating the incredible wealth of talent and change makers we have right here. Why are we not engaging on a deeper level to ask local entrepreneurs who are achieving financial success how they are doing business differently through power cuts, daily challenges and getting brilliant results.

How it works in South Africa is different to anywhere else. JT Foxx is proclaiming he has us as a nation figured out.
Name dropping the likes of Richard Branson who has made billions out of South Africans through his virgin brand.

Funny thing is it still seems that as bright and shiny as it looks on the outside, some of my clients and I offered our services to the Branson institute as  mentors months ago and have never even got a reply. I don’t give up easy so yes to answer your questions I sent many emails asking what they needed, what could we give of our time and expertise and none of us have never heard back – not even an auto responder!

There is opportunity everywhere but you have to ask. I also sent several emails to the Masters of Wealth organisers asking if they were offering local entrepreneurs an opportunity to speak or breakout sessions. Again I never heard back from anyone there!

Perhaps they should go on A basic marketing course or at the very least learn so manners.
If you have some awareness on what the hell is happening here in South Africa where we show up like deer in the headlights, and believe anything those smart American people tell us…so coachable and so predictable. Success takes effort, its not always fun and there is no get rich quick pill out there…..
And everyone is saying it can’t be done – to make money in South Africa but that is so not true – I see lots of people doing it including me. It takes guts and a bit of cheek to get what you want, so take a risk on you, make connections, show up, ask questions.

The way you do anything is how you do everything !!

JT Foxx makes jokes about all the holidays, the unproductivity
The disappearing and that he knows how to operate and work the cultural mores and moralities here.
Big brag and super easy when you can get on a plane go back to first world countries that actually support entrepreneurs.

So what makes it different to hear the facts about excuses, fear and creating your own financial,futures from a NON South African that has people rushing to the back of the room and spending their SA rands ???

Apathy, mistrust, non accountability , procrastination, lack of funds…..
What makes most SA people willing to trust a loud mouth guy with a great speech and a funny joke sell you over that you cannot get from your own tribe, support your own local economy and build great collaborations ??


Now I am not saying he does not get results but it’s the 1 percenters here that make a success of their lives all these guys are talking about.

It’s about social proof and credibility …
The right information

There is no space here for the imposter syndrome!

You have to take a risk, take action, be accountable, do the work, show up no matter what and most importantly TRUST yourself!!

So why are we not taking action??




How is that working for you?

  1. We all have fears and failures, no matter how smart or good-looking you are
  2. FAILING SUCKS. I WANT TO WIN. Stop talking about failure as if it’s the end goal. It’s not.
  3. There are ways to make sure you overcome fear and virtually guarantee success

Yesterday, I talked about how to create a win win through the fire element of connection and creating a financial future. People don’t find you if you don’t shine. Having a fancy website and showing up now and again is not enough.

A lot of subtlety and hard work goes in to growing a successful, consistent revenue stream while changing other people’s lives. At each step, there are going to be fears, doubts and a crap load of resistance and at each up level I continue to receive, recognize, acknowledge, and overcome.

Along the way, I have learnt that the key to overcoming these barriers is to do the internal work and then to stop looking inwards and start looking outwards. That’s right, god damn millennials, no matter what your parents taught you, the world isn’t just about you!


When I started looking outwards and focusing on other people, everything changed. (When I ask people why they want to start an online business, almost 100% of people say, “I want freedom…I want time…I want to control my future…” — I, I, I. Almost nobody talks about the people they want to help.)

When you change your focus, you can separate yourself from 99% of me-focused businesses and stop worrying about risk. If you can help people achieve something they want, and charge a fair price, your business will grow. It’s undeniable.

Let all those other people talk about how business is risky. Sure, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s risky.But if you know how to find a profitable idea, how to test this idea with real people, and how to deliver them something outstanding — you’ll build a profitable business and stay in your heart aligned with your core values and what matters the most to you where you are an expert because you are living it.
Branding and marketing it key to your success but you have to know WHAT you stand for and confidently tell people about what you do. All the best programs and products and mentoring in the world won’t get you the success you want if you don’t know who you are and who you are here to create a positive impact to with what you know as the expert of your own life and experiences.

If you need some assistance in getting clear on the legacy you are growing in to, join me for the free call on AUGUST  13th by registering here

Ready to shine live your legacy masterclass

and lets stop the money leaks by standing in your true divine nature!

and the next time you go to a networking event or masterclass be prepared ahead of time to receive every opportunity to see others shine and celebrate them. Ask how you can contribute to the event. Stay posted I will tell you how to do that and send you  a great checklist to follow to play a bigger game and shine! I was trying to upload it for you now but my iMac has other ideas – probably reminding me not to overwhelm you with too much information all at once.

So for now take inspired action and:

1. Look at where you can close up leaky money holes and connect by showing up in service

2. Opt in for the FREE telecall August 13th and get ready to Shine

Ready to shine live your legacy masterclass


3. Kick fear and rejection to the curb after you have thanked it for moving your butt towards your success


You are brilliant, believe it, live it, create it!

Love always



3 Ways to grow in to your living legacy and have what you want now

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How to grow in to your legacy and thrive now free masterclass!
Are you ready to Shine?

Most women are tired, really over it–you know?  Exhausted from the proving, the over compensating, the competing…BUT many don’t know how to stop.

Most women are addicted to the cycle of accomplishment with perfectionism attached! (I call this a obsessive compulsive addicted personality and no you are not OCD!)

Do you want to know what happens when you are running in that cycle?

The more you do, the more exhausted and anxious you get and the less fulfilled you feel…DEPRESSION sets in – so what do you do?

You DO more.  Hoping, trying, praying that maybe this next thing will bring some relief… but it doesn’t. And here’s why…

There is a major disconnect between living on purpose and BEING on purpose.
I am going to share with you why alignment and integration is so important right now.  Now is the time to remember why you are here and what you came here to be.
You can go kicking and screaming or relax in to the flow but either way you are going anyway!!

happiness travel (2)

You see even though you are aware that doing more and more isn’t making you feel any better, you have such a set pattern around it that you fear you will be lazy if you stop. You are out of alignment with what you came here to be!

Know what I mean?

So you keep going on and on and on to the next thing, trying to squash your dreams and desires and the Universe just won’t let you any more.

What you end up with is a list of accomplishments that you never really RECEIVE all of you in alignment! Yes we might have done a lot…but you never received the value, self worth and integrated the full experience.

So how do you break this cycle? How do you let go of the tight grip on this reality and go in to the flow of truly being in the moment?

I’ve been in the online health coaching / holistic wellness / entrepreneurial world for over 15 years now and in that time I’ve seen some pretty amazing, inspiring  things happen for some practitioners. I’ve also seen a TON of holistic practitioners and coaches struggle – including some of my own clients… this is frustrating, simply because it doesn’t have to be this way.

While I may not have 50,000 people on my mailing list, or the magical “multiple seven figure practice”, I’m working 4 hour days doing very well, and doing something I deeply care about- something I want to see more of in this space because the world needs your special gifts ad talents.

What annoys me is seeing unrealistic promises – all the “Quick Six Figures in 3 Easy Steps” business programs out there – because for me it upped the overwhelm and “not enoughness” that kept me spending money on the next best thing and out of alignment of trusting what I was the expert in – my phD of life experience that was unique to me and could not be learnt in a 2 day class or $10k program.

You cannot meditate or ride your way on the back of a ‘What else is possible? Unicorn, you need support and a plan – your personal prescription, not someone else 12 step program. I learnt the hard way and I want to share what I know so you don’t have to spin your wheels wondering when you are going to be enough.

I laugh when I see the “5 Days to Change your life” claims, because I bought in to that and (cringe) used to be a part of that false claim. As someone who’s built any successful businesses and “lost” as many over the years, I can most definitely say it wasn’t easy, and it took waaaaaay more than 5 days or 3 steps!

I’ve found that success (however you define it) doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen when you try to do everything yourself. As I tell my clients all the time “you can’t build a business in a vacuum.”

Trying to do and figure everything out yourself will drive you to crazy, depressed and disillusionary!

Its a sure fire way to go down the rabbit hole never to be seen again….

What’s helped me to keep focused and stay aligned to my big What and to consistently E-X-P-A-N-D, breakthrough the inner limits, the glass ceiling – is having mentors and masterminds – a space of support where I can actually talk about my business and colleagues who are all on the same page. A safe space to get my butt kicked and the support to keep going through the resistance and in to more flow.

surrender in to you

Here is a 3 step process that I use and that has catapulted my level of receiving and shifted my internal motivation towards more Being and less doing.
I now receive the pleasure from what I have already created and less obsessive, compulsive, addiction towards doing more that leads me away from aligning and integrating with the NON self that drives auto pilot doing.

This process will dramatically affect your energy flow, so that you can transmute, grow and evolve in to the courageous woman you came here to be even when it is difficult and painful. Its time to listen to that whisper and focus on your path so the voice can quieten and you can break from the madness and the pain of not looking at what needs to be integrated and get in to alignment.

Step 1

Make a list of 5 ‘things’ you have done in the past 2 weeks.   They can be big or small by someone else’s standards, that doesn’t matter, the important thing is that they feel expansive and light to you.

Step 2

Look at the list and rank them from 1-5 the level of fulfillment you received from it.

Step 3

Go back through your list and ask yourself “where can you receive your Carat worth in alignment (health) with your core values from EVERY thing you listed?
How can you receive more from it?
What was the gift in each experience?
Did you receive the love, the self awareness, the acknowledgement, the deepening awareness of whom you are being?
What is the real insight and awareness from that completed task.


  1. Call with Book agent

  2. Finished spring cleaning closets

  3. Completed video module

  4. Called Aunt May for his birthday

The opportunity for us as women to constantly increase our capacity to receive, needs to be a priority. When you are not practicing self care, you cannot show up and be authentically aligned for any one else to receive – you feedlots and depresses, confused and in a constant cycle of “what’s next?” and “I am not enough”.

Use this simple process especially when you feel you haven’t DONE enough and shift from energy leaks into receiving all the cosmic star dust available to you.

The next step in the process is actually intentionally choosing things that will move you in to a relaxed receiving mode.


Join me on the next “Ready to Shine” open call Thursday 13th August at 7pm CAT
Register here and receive your bonus audio now
and discover how to get in to alignment with your power so that you can integrate and radically change your life Where your living legacy is bigger that your to do” lists. In this call I would like to explore with you, why avoiding this level of intimacy with yourself is causing so much misalignment, angst and unnecessary suffering.

I will show you how to stand in your power more and more so that you can guide others to their Diamond shine. I’m going to be sharing my exact personal process and experiences with you so that you have the support to create your desired life – the legacy you can grow in to and put divine appointments on your calendar.

It is my desire to hold a sacred container for you so that you can create fulfillment rather than just accomplishments–and I want you to be there for it.

I’ve had the privilege to hold space, mentor and work with hundreds of intuitive, sensitive women (and a few great men) just like you, who have been “Ready to Shine” join us in this organic process where we work and prepare you to fully step in to whom you cam here to be on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This is your time to live in to your legacy and make a difference.

If its time to unleash the wild, raw intuitive nature of who you came here to be then join me in this conscious conversation where we will discuss:

• Reconnect with your real, authentic self, a part of you that knows exactly what your life’s true purpose is.

• Make better, positive and effortless decisions in all areas of your life (relationships, career, health and more).

• Influence your finances — guiding you into the lap of opportunities.

• Explode your creativity — leaving you with too many good ideas.

• Understand your body — keeping you fit and healthy.

• Access your higher self — banishing loneliness forever.

• And reach your soul’s and heart’s deepest desires faster than with anything else.

Do you know what it is? 

It’s your INTUITION.

And in today’s world, it’s NO LONGER optional. 

You must awaken and tune in to your intuition to thrive in today’s world. 
Sign up here to join the masterclass and diaries the date:

Much love and gratitude
and to living in to your legacy


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Don’t ever give up!

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Don’t give up ever!

I may be a little quieter for a while – something agonisingly beautiful is coming your way in the next few months. Its felt like real labor pains, conscious conception of something very close to my heart that I can no longer ignore. It has always been there, just covered up by distractions.

Now I am not saying that it has not been a grift to me and my tribe but looking at my finally completed Diamond Wealth mastery site www.sarahjanediamond.com, a year in the making and plenty of money invested in it, I felt heavy and unsatisfied. I looked at the images of myself all made up and glamorous and (yes, I clean up well)  although entirely possible, it was like looking at a stranger – this is not who I am. I am a wild, African woman, barefoot and messy. I felt like a fraud…..

And then I made myself wrong. The Diamond code work was getting amazing results for other woman and I was making a difference but that darn imposter syndrome I despise so much had me in a dark night of the soul questioning what the hell just happened?

I had got so carried away by the advice and guidance of my business coach and brand strategist to my mothers maiden name Diamond, living in the country of Diamonds and Gold, that what I ended up projecting online as image and not persona, did not match who I am in my True Nature and I was pissed.

Once my clients work with me none of that matters anyhow because they got great results, but what bothered me, was that I had fallen out of listening to my gut and was listening way to much to the external realities of how”business” is done – even in the most conscious of circles and for that I apologise.

There are so many people in the coaching and consciousness circles selling the high life, the glitz and glamour of the perfect 6 figure business where they have the perfect body, the perfect partner and the dream baby, all while creating empires. It reminds me of the models on the glossy magazine, all airbrushed and starving with a dazed deer in the headlights gaze but smiling all at the same time.  Really confusing and not life, this is an illusion to keep us locked up and trapped in the fantasy of fairy tales and disconnected from reality.

Now Susan Evans of Hell yeah – now she may not be everyone’s cup of  tea but I love her authenticity and no BS message. She says it like it is, she does not have a perfect life or a perfect body but she loves her life and is creating a positive impact in the world just being in her true nature.

I got caught up in the fantasy, the lie, the pursuit of happiness (and yes I can be as gullible and naive as anyone), until I came to my senses or had a breakdown or a spiritual emergence or whatever you want to call those moments of falling apart, going back to not enoughness and then…..seeing things in a different light.

Something was telling me that the Diamond YOUniversity was not what I came here to do, that it was an illusion – because in reality, I have only just scratched the surface of what I’m here to really do and be in the world.

From the depths of yet another prolonged period of “depression and petit mort – death of the false self and what no longer aligns with my true nature, my message and my big what, I am so grateful, petrified, excited and so humbled by the depth and the clarity of my next phase of growth in how my work (what has un become, un ravelled and un created) has shown itself to me in a whole new way.

Rebirth and renewal. It continues to be a process that has felt like a nagging achy flu in every joint and every fibre of my being for months and  I have found it deeply upsetting and very dark at times. I did not like it one bit, I wanted to quit, to check out and stay asleep. The sleepless nights, the constant mind chatter, the startling waking every morning, the anger, and the sadness, persisted, nudged, drove me back to madness until I grounded myself and surrendered.

As many of you know the decades of personally struggling with panic attacks, bi polar highs and lows, abuse of various forms, mental breakdowns and a voluntary ( sort of) stay in a government mental hospital in 2001 set me on a new track, to live my own heroes journey in spiritual emergence with my souls calling and desires. This marked my entry into equus, animal communication, alternative health and consciousness work as a forensic medical intuitive.

It has been quite the adventure, choosing the path less travelled ,the winding road of new creations and some no so bright choices in to various modalities with a cultish undertone, unkindness, greed and no integrity or heart. The gift every time in the depths of despair and enquiry all have been to get me back to where I began.

The Gift of depression and my own story. I am tired of all the “what else is possible?”, the false laughter, the masks and cupboard love, the false prophets and miracle claims that I see in so many healing and personal empowerment circles. I deeply questioned wether I wanted the association and have found a circle of women that are going beyond the crap, staying in integrity and serving from their truth and I sighed with relief that  I am not alone. I want you to know that there cannot be joy without knowing the sadness, there cannot be only kindness without experiencing unkindness and I know a lot about that.

I have never professed to have all the answers, or promised that everything will be hunky dory all the time. What I do know is that it is possible to have more expansion and spend less time in contraction and heaviness, with mindful intention, support, accountability and action. It does not always come from inspiration, in fact for me it often comes out of dare I say desperation, that moves in to activating the potency behind the despair and suppressed anger and the demand that I have had enough of myself to change it. And sometimes its clear that I have not had enough yet, even though I say I have because there is still and probably always will be a resistance, a doubt, a thought, feeling or emotion to stop me and keep me “safe”.

There is no magic pill or organisation or program that will give you back to you. That is something only you can choose. Get support, follow your truth, listen to your gut and keep moving up, down, sideways, any ways but move.

Take the leap, jump, See where you land, enjoy the ride and when you land, see how it feels and if you don’t like it, leap again.

I know I am here to assist others with – “the gift of depression” – beyond the insanity of labels like bi polar, psychosis and wrongness. There is nothing wrong with you.
I like to call planet Earth the insane asylum we are all committed to and nobody knows it. ( I am laughing at my own stupidity as I write this, at all the secrecy acts I must have signed in one lifetime or another because I know “those people” who watch what I am up to so they can jump on the “next best thing” don’t realise they need to follow their own hearts and stop thinking I have it all figured out. It happened the last time I launched the Journey on Ancient Soil™ Safaris to TRACK your on north star – bham a plethora of similar safaris in Africa popped up!)

Don’t follow me, create you own way to your best life. Ask for help, let me support you, co create and play with me please!

For years I have been asking why one has to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough? I finally realised that there is no difference except how one is supported, guided and loved into choosing to live fully expressed in your true divine nature. That I could choose to be in and create emergencies, trauma and drama or emerge, like a butterfly from a cocoon in perfect timing, one step at a time in to the greatest version of myself, eyes wide open and fully expressed in my truth.

What if the difference between diagnosis and a spiritual awakening has nothing to do with what the symptoms are, but instead have everything to do with the degree of commitment one has to becoming a spiritual warrior? In searching for your truth without abandon, especially in terms of oneself and addictions, in having courage to embody those truths, in having the strength of the willingness and vulnerability to stay open?
…….and from them to take inspired action to live FREE to be who you came here to be.One glance out there and you’ll find a plethora of six-figure success stories, and post after post of solopreneurs who are rocking the good life, sipping raw softails on the beach whilst their bank accounts overflow with passive income.

I’m showing up in your inbox today to open up a discussion about what being a INTER preneur can REALLY be like (and the reality of stretching through the heartache of following your path). Lets transform a world of negativity and despair in to one we all dream of living in together beyond this insanity of a perfect utopian ideal.

For the last couple of months, I’ve found running my business especially challenging.

I knew that I (the ‘I’ beyond the depression, fatigue and pain) had SO much more to give – despite my mental and physical challenges. In a way, I felt that my depression was a huge sign from the Universe – nudging me towards following my calling of achieving something exponential.

My journey as “unemployable” as a problem solver in the fashion industry at 23 has been full of ups and downs, as is to be expected. But overall? It’s been pretty amazing. I’ve achieved things I NEVER consciously imagined possible.

Understanding my animal and money archetypes I share in my programs – and choosing to live in my true nature – has changed my life in ways I can’t even describe. I managed to come off of my anti-depression medication 10 years ago and it’s because I use the tools and processes of the True Nature Systems and my animal teachers, that I find the strength to sit down at my desk every day – to show up and serve my clients even when the fear and hopelessness sets in that has been my companion for most of my life.That is the gift of depression, the shadow work, the heroes journey.

I have been wandering in no mans land for a while – forever the borderland personality I am I am forever finding new ways to be more and serve more.

I know that my business and work are evolving – but I’ve been resisting the evolution (probably because it’s always when we’re facing complete alignment that the instinct to turn and run is the most great).

I am currently on a quest to live my life in a way that is congruent with the Imago Dei in my soul. As an expert “sufferer” of depression, it is even more paramount that I discover meaning, where perhaps it felt like there was none before. A big part of that meaning can be found in being of service to others, and the running of my own business (and speaking up as a sufferer of depression, and playing my part in challenging the assumptions around it).

And I believe I’m not alone. I suspect there are many who are seeking deeper meaning in their lives – maybe even through their businesses – but just don’t quite know how to articulate it.

With the unravelling of each phase, I’m becoming clearer and clearer on the next revelation of my purpose – the real work I’ve been sent here to do. Change always churns up fear of being vulnerable, but I figured that maybe – just maybe – sharing my story along the way may give someone, somewhere, the courage to take the next step, and be strong in following their true path (even if it defies conventional wisdom).

Business is hard.

Don’t ever give up.

The world does not need saving – it needs you to trust that we expand and contract
just like our breath and move. The world needs what nay you have to give –
your unique talents and capacities. It is time to tell your story and inspire others
that there is a way to thrive – your way.

But what’s even harder is quieting the drum of your soul when it gets so loud you can barely hear yourself think any more.

 We weren’t put here to stay in one place forever.

We weren’t put here to play a small game.

We chose to show up in this one precious life to evolve, expand, and achieve great things.

And that’s what I know I have to do.

 If you can relate to anything I’ve written here today, please hit reply to this email and let me know. Even if it’s just an ‘I get it!’.

If you hit reply, your email will reach me personally (you may get an automated response, but your email will still land in my personal inbox). If you’re finding running your life as your business, emotionally challenging – either due to depression, anxiety or just a generalised sense of fear or overwhelm – I’d love to hear from you. So many make it look so easy, but the reality isn’t always that way – and the more we find the courage to speak up about that reality, the more progress we may all make as a whole in making this world a better place.

Love and gratitude always

What is your magic button?

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Big things are happening and lots is changing over at Diamond YOUniversity HQ so if I have been a little quiet, its because I am doing whatever it takes to give more generously to you and serve you more in the very near future. I am also taking some time off from live teaching events or speaking gigs until the end of September to finish my book that has been 15 years in the shadows and wants to come out of the dark now.

I am so grateful to have some high impact creators in my Facet VIP program who are making such a positive impact with their work and as you know I only take a select few so I can give them each my personal attention all the time. So the way you can still work with me is through the Ready to Shine group program which will be starting 1st August for 8 weeks.

If you have been wondering how to up level or launch your Diamond brilliance and need support then take a look and see if it is calling you to join this amazing group of alchemist ready to shine their unique gifts and talents in the world on a bigger scale.

Ready to Shine 8 week group program details here

Fill in the questionnaire here to apply

You know that one: the magic button. The button that gets my audience excited, fosters real conversations, builds trust, and ultimately allows me to help them transform their brand.

Sometimes I’m convinced that button doesn’t exist.

But lately I’ve noticed something interesting. The days I’m most discouraged about my sales or my social media reach are the days I’ve forgotten about the ONE thing my customers really want to buy.

(Hint: It’s not my services or my products.)

It’s me. 

I am my own magic button.

If you’ve gone through my 4 C’s of Diamond Wealth Mastery workbook and video training series, you already know one of my favorite maxims: 

People don’t want to buy from you. They want to buy into you.

If you have not gone through it yet its a great place to get clear on what you stand for

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You, your story, your beliefs—everything you stand for—are the most important product you can offer your customers. The problem is: most of us hide behind our products and services. We peddle what we have to offer instead of sharing who we really are.

Particularly in creative and coaching fields, what we do is intimately tied to who we are. If a customer buys our handiwork or our thinking, they are buying a piece of ourselves.

But are we conscious that that’s what we really have to offer?

Consider for a moment your favorite writer, artist, or creative personality. When you think of their brand, do you think solely about their products, or do you think about them as people?

Dissect the success of any creative or business superstar, and you’ll likely unpack a brand that’s built around a person. This is the channel through which they sell themselves and their expertise.

Because people don’t want to buy from you. They want to buy into you.

Are you heart selling or desperately flinging what you think your customers really want to buy?

All this may sound simple enough, but let’s face it: It’s far easier to talk about our products than it is to reveal our lives, with all their insecurities and imperfections.

Pushing that button is real and complicated. It can be messy. Even scary.

It might not sound very magical at all.

Yet honesty and authenticity are what customers crave as much or more as our expertise. They are hungry for our unique message of hope, beauty, and truth. If, that is if we are brave enough to step in to claiming our high shine Diamond brilliance, and share it with them.

If this still sounds somewhat suspect, let me share an example that has impacted me.

Last week, I was playing a lot of Lindsey Stirling on youtube . If you’re not familiar with Lindsey’s brand of driving dubstep- and rock-infused violin music, spends some time soaking up her music videos

The show was amazing on so many levels and reminded me of my performance days in synchronised swimming. Imagine an athlete dancing both ballet and contemporary for an hour-and-a-half on stage, all while playing the violin and interacting with back-up dancers, complex digital sets, and costume changes.

Lindsey is an amazing young woman with incredible talent and commitment to realize that talent through her craft.

But her brand goes so much deeper than that.

At her live concerts, Lindsey stops in the middle of a high-energy set to share her personal story. Only a couple years ago, she considered herself the biggest failure ever. She “looked in the mirror and hated what she saw.” (Her words!)

Everything that came out of her life at that point was, by her own assessment, full of sadness, despair and fear.

It was only by choosing love for herself and others—every day, every hour, if necessary—that she found hope again. She spoke about her journey through therapy, to finding her faith and ultimately, planning the first public performance that led her to her breakout career.

“I realized that confidence was skill that could be learned,” she said. “Just like I learned to dance and play the violin, I learned to love myself. You can, too.”

Wow, now that’s transparency! Not to mention a captivating brand message: one that’s embodied both in her words and in songs like Shatter Me and Crystallize.

Most of us couldn’t imagine stepping out before a packed crowd to share the deepest, saddest aspect of our lives. Yet Lindsey’s story is a large part of what makes her brand so riveting. Every day she receives letters from fans who wish they had the confidence she does. And she shares with them her story about where her confidence really comes from.

Lindsey Stirling’s transparency is what makes her brand so powerful.

She found her magic button–and had the courage to press it.

You can, too.

If all this sounds scary and possibly even ethereal, I understand. I’ve been there. Like you I’m also on a journey to become more transparent, speaking from a deeply authentic place about what lies underneath my business. (More on that in future newsletters!)

As a fellow creator and adventurer, I’d love to be on this ride to your diamond brilliance. If you haven’t yet, I invite you to Book a complimentary breakthrough session now and let’s chat about how you—and your unique message—can step out from the shadows.

And don’t forget to visit my blog for some smart tips and advice on how to access your true nature and live in your Diamond genius zone. 

Your Diamond signature brand and unique story has a magic button and high facet. It’s waiting to be activated deep inside yourself. so that you can claim your carat worth

Let’s press “go” together.

How to be more like Frida Kahlo

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One of my most favourite inspiration creators – if you have not seen the movie of her life its a must see on what enduring and suffering looks like and how to change your point of view to create your own reality and live FREE to be the best version of you, that you came to this lifetime to be !!

Let’s face it: We all wish we could be Frida Kahlo. She was a feminist before her time, incorporated indigenous and national Mexican symbols into her art with complete authenticity, and kept up a passionate — if explosive — romance with Diego Rivera. Her self-portraits are incomparable, as were her spirited, self-aware quotes.

There’s nothing like a great artist’s birthday to make us feel like insecure about our accomplishments. Brilliant writers and painters may be inspirational, but they also make us wonder how we could ever ascend to their godly heights. Luckily, Kahlo was never one to stay silent when it came to worldviews and lifestyle — so she left us plenty of advice.

To commemorate her July 6 birthday, we offer you a 7-step-program to be a bit more like the iconic painter. Uncertain how to approach a challenging situation today? Imagine Kahlo as your life coach sitting opposite you, her furrowed brow staring discerningly. Ask yourself, What Would Frida Do (WWFD)? Who knows, you might just end up becoming a brilliant painter.

frida kahlo

1. Say you don’t do love letters — then write gorgeous ones

“I don’t know how to write love letters,” Kahlo penned ever so humbly to her 1946 flame Jose Bartoli. Then, she added, “Since I fell in love with you everything is transformed and is full of beauty … love is like an aroma, like a current, like rain. You know, my sky, you rain on me and I, like the earth, receive you.” If only we all didn’t know how to write love letters …

The moral of the story: When communicating with lovers, set the bar low and then leap over it with dazzling colors. Kahlo supposed ignorance of the epistolary form may have been her greatest strength. It let her play with language and emotion in ways that normal long-distance communication would have prohibited.

Plus, if you’re lucky, those letters might end up being worth a fortune. In an April auction, 25 of her communiqués with Bartoli sold for $137,000. Pretty good for someone who claimed not to know what she was doing.

frida kahlo

2. Confront your most tragic experiences

When something bad happens to most of us, we run and hide from it — stuffing memories deep into our subconscious and hoping no one makes us confront them again. Unfortunately, that’s not the way life works, and repression tends to lead to all sorts of psychological problems. Kahlo had a different way of going about things.

Despite suffering from polio as a child and from a terrible bus accident as a young adult, she never despaired. In fact, she began painting while bedridden, for it was one of the few things she could do easily on her back. After her miscarriage at 24, Frida wrote to her doctor, “I cried a lot, but it’s over, there is nothing else that can be done except to bear it.” But she did far more than accept the tragedy; she incorporated it into her artwork. Her painting “Henry Ford Hospital” features a nude Kahlo connected with a set of umbilical cords to a series of potent symbols, while “Detroit Industry” shows a baby huddled inside the roots of a plant. These paintings are haunting and moving — but we tend to forget that they’re radically brave. Kahlo recognized that tragedy must be confronted, that the most private matters can have a place in our public and artistic personas.

frida kahlo

3. Start gardening

Horticulture has long been associated with creativity and serenity, but Kahlo took the hobby to a whole other level. In the courtyard of her famed Casa Azul (Blue House) in Coyoacán, a borough of Mexico City, she cultivated a plant universe so serene it’s still being maintained for visitors today. Her botanical interests also inspired the natural motifs in her paintings, particularly as her health declined in the 1940s and 50s, and she spent more and more time at Casa Azul. “I paint flowers so they will not die,” she said of the works.

So pick up a trowel and some seeds; you may just become so invested in the plants you’ll need to paint masterpieces to save their lives. And if you’re looking for inspiration, there’s no need to fly to Coyoacán. New York natives and visitors can conveniently head to New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, where a new exhibit recreates Kahlo’s garden, with everything from fuchsia to prickly pears to her cobalt house.

frida kahlo

4. Know thyself

Millennials are constantly being accused of narcissism, and the “me! me! me!” phenomena on social media may have us wishing people would know themselves a bit less. But Kahlo recognized the importance of looking deeply within herself — in a piercing and authentic way. There’s a reason, after all, that we cite her self-portraits as her most famous works. “I am my own muse,” she said without a touch of irony, “The subject I know best.”

Rather than presume she could speak for swaths of other people, Kahlo painted what she knew. But there’s a difference between those self-portraits and most Instagrammed selfies. Kahlo’s work was piercingly honest, accepting and portraying her life’s less glamorous side, instead of hiding it the way we tend to today. She did not lurk beneath filters and a shiny social media sheen — for she recognized that knowing herself meant being candid and open.

frida kahlo

5. Live in a world of paradox

Most of us want to believe that the universe is logical, so we present ourselves as consistent human beings. But take one look at Kahlo’s work, and you’ll see that she never saw the world in that flat, boring way. It’s something her lover Diego Rivera captured exquisitely:

“I recommend her to you, not as a husband but as an enthusiastic admirer of her work, acid and tender, hard as steel and delicate and fine as a butterfly’s wing, lovable as a beautiful smile, and as profound and cruel as the bitterness of life.”

Life coach Kahlo would tell you that gentle and harsh can be combined, ugliness and beauty easily intermixed — that your life, like her artwork, need not be understood through a single lens. It’s an incredibly liberating idea: to abandon singular identities and lean into the chaos.

frida kahlo

6. Deny all labels

Long before the “I’m not into labels” undergraduate began to flourish at American colleges, Kahlo was rejecting the idea that humans could be categorized and subsumed under simple words. She is often called a surrealist due to the way her paintings mix images in a dreamlike way — combining symbols and bodies in ways that seem impossible for the waking mind to perceive. But Kahlo rejected the term, saying “They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” Truly great artists, after all, cannot be pegged to single movements or ideologies — and Kahlo knew this. She always defined her work on her own terms: as her reality.

frida kahlo

7: Never get caught up in your success

Even the most humble and authentic specimens of humanity cannot help but be dazzled by validation and fame — unless you’re Kahlo. As her art grew popular and beloved by high-art circles, she stayed true to her roots and skeptical of elitism. “They are so damn ‘intellectual’ and rotten that I can’t stand them anymore,” she once griped. “I would rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas, than have anything to do with those ‘artistic’ bitches of Paris.”

So if you ever become too self-satisfied, too proud of the success Kahlo-as-life-coach has brought you, ask yourself once more, WWFD? The answer: Get off your pedestal and sit down on the floor.

Correction: This article incorrectly stated that the New York Botanical Gardens are located in Queens. They are, indeed, in the Bronx.