August 2015 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

What has your healing crisis gifted you?

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I know how challenging it can be to find the gift in disease and depression.

When I was finding my way through breakdown to breakthrough, part of my recovery process was not to try fix anything but rather integrating all the core woundings of all the parts and pieces of myself that had created the disharmony in my body mind, one step at a time.

Being in the mindfulness process of un ravelling, un learning, un doing, un becoming everything I had identified as the NOT me.

Reading and speaking to other people going through similar challenges from a space of empowering story telling and actionable enquiry a huge contribution to changing old outdated belief systems and perceptions holding me back from moving from hopelessness and diagnosis of chronic illness and into embracing those dark nights of the soul.

When I felt isolated, separate and alone – where family and friends could not “go there” because of their own fears and discomfort, I found people I had never met before connect, inspire and enquire about what else was truly possible and they have become part of an incredible tribe who are choosing change from a space of allowance and empowerment – healer be healed.

To trust that nobody knows their innate wisdom and body language better than you is a great place to start and to then ask for support to get to root cause resolution by addressing body, mind, heart and spirit. In todays fast paced information age its easy to get overwhelmed and move away from what is true for you and what you need most. Reading powerful memoirs like How toBe Sick by Toni Bernhard, Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani and Broken Open by Elizabeth lesser gave me introspection, support and inspiration. All these authors share their stories of how they transformed disease, deep grief and loss though their own unique process of coming undone and broken wide open and second chances.

I know how powerful it is to know that I am not alone on this topsy turvy, winding road to living whole heartedly health and happy and because I honour and appreciate the power of community that supports, uplifts and celebrates the essence of living in True Divine Nature I would like to invite you to share your story on my blog.


Why Sharing makes a whole and healthy

I’m sure you can relate to the power of parables. Since the beginning of time we have told stories through pictures before there was spoken word. It is our human nature to pass on information and wisdom on what it means to be connected in to human being ness and the power of the tribe.  If you’re healing a chronic health condition, if you have felt alone and unsupported, if you have felt confused, angry, depressed, hopeless, unsupported, isolated I want you to know you are seen and heard and loved.   I know your story matters, that you are resilient and that there are other people who you may never meet in this lifetime, that are waiting for you to share your story – what you know and what you are or have transformed in profound and deeply spiritual ways.

Everything about your story is so utterly valuable. Would you be willing to acknowledge that?

Would you be willing to shine like a Diamond of hope for others to know they can come back to their hearts and thrive being the greatest version of themselves they came here to be?

Here’s why:

▪ People moving from deep depression to deeply happy, people healing from life threatening illness need to know that they can get back on track to their divine true nature

   That they are not alone.
▪ They also need to know that there is a gift in their challenge that is healing the whole morphic field of humanity
▪ That sharing your story can be cathartic, and is a way to release energy and emotion and that there is deep insight and wisdom in the mindfulness process.
Listen to how you can use The Peace process here.

How To Share

The Share your story part of my blog is dedicated to… Your Story. The ups and downs on your healing path and what you’ve learned along the way.

If you’re overcoming a chronic illness (or have already recovered from one) and you want to share a little about your path, please fill out the interview questions here.

I will personally read your story with my whole heart. And if your story is inspiring which I know it will be, I’ll share your story on my blog. (Yes, anonymous posts are welcome. And yes, of course, it’s free!)

Click here to go to the questionnaire and share your tory with the world.

People are assholes

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People are assholes!

Did that get your attention in a triggering sort of way?

I love everything about Ash Ambirge from

How many times does just pulling a middle finger at some stupid change the energy anyways?

If you relate, keep reading. I have been finding myself streaming from loving the world of change agents to groaning at the stupidity and unconsciousness that is going on in this world of duality. Whatever your world looks like and what you observing out there in the insane asylum called planet Earth, keep going towards the light, towards your truth, the very moral fibre and values that align with you and the world you want to live in.

You matter, don’t give up and join the stupid assholes out there. This is bigger than all of us.

Remember that….pull a finger, have a hissy fit, scream, laugh and then go anyway.

 Here’s a pessimistic point of view: People are assholes.

The older I get, the more I seem to notice them—which is either because the more time I’m alive the more I increase my odds, or because that god damn Certain Dri deodorant is actually some kind of dick magnet.

Or, you know, maybe it’s the internet. As a tool that’s given a population of people one big, fat pink slip to run around screaming, “Me! Me! Me!” all the live long day, I suppose when they re-enter the real world and it’s not “Me! Me! Me!” it can provoke a mood.

Either way, it seems that there’s an entire cadre of self-entitled little shits springing up, and I gotta be honest: It’s terrifying.

There’s a lot of, “let’s disrupt THIS! and let’s disrupt THAT! and oh my god would you look at the size of my Keurig?”

There’s a lot of, “Oh, you actually expected me to do the work you paid me to do?”

There’s a lot of, “I’m the best! …and don’t you dare question my qualifications.” Because, “fake it ’til you make it, baby!” (I want to sucker punch the eyeballs out of the person who came up with that phrase.)

Not to mention all of the liberties people take these days online, offline, whenever it happens to suit them. Like, no you cannot just MAKE UP TESTIMONIALS. What? The fact I even need to write that sentence is terrifying.

It’s like the internet needs to start coming with an HR handbook for users.

Rule #1: Thou shalt not make false claims.
Rule #2: Thou shalt not swindle.
Rule #3: Thou shalt not steal from others.
Rule #4: Thou shalt not continuously talk about cupcakes.

Which isn’t so much a guidebook for the internet as it is a guidebook for human decency, you know?

I mean, where did human decency go? Is it hiding? Is it on sabbatical? Is it stuffed into god’s sock drawer somewhere?

Where are our values? Our principles? Our sense of right and wrong?

How is it possible that no one seems to have a conscience anymore?

That everybody’s only “in it to win it?” That “hustle” has turned into “hustle others?”

And why does nobody seem to mind that they’re living amongst a population of royal assholes?

I suppose it’s not that painful until you meet the one or two grand royal assholes who will, at some point or another, come into your life, and, like osmosis, will try to suck you into being one, too. They’ll try to do it by testing you; by pushing you onto the ground and daring you to get up. They’ll try to do it by backing you into a corner; by bullying you until you cover your head with your arms and call a truce. And they’ll try to do it because that’s what assholes are: Self-conscious egomaniacs who feel so out of control, they’ve got to find it any way they can. That’s where you come in.

You won’t see it coming; couldn’t have even suspected.

You’ll be blindsided by their lack of regard for what’s right.

And you’ll be left with no choice but to show your own teeth—or get eaten.

Which, very likely, involves a risk that you, too, will eventually turn into an asshole. And that’s the real reason I wanted to write this.

Because I desperately, fervently want to urge you not to do that.

To resist the urge to turn into an asshole when you’re confronted by a cadre of them.

To protect your goodness; your softness.

And to stay open-hearted…even when the world is trying to slam its lid right on your left ventricle.

No matter what happens to you in this world—NO MATTER WHAT—you must be prepared to cup that heart of yours in your hands and run, run, run as fast as you can into the night. You must learn to leap over fences and guard your optimism like you’re guarding your life—because you may very well be. You must make off with the little light that still shines inside of you—no matter how dingy and damp the dungeon is that they’re trying to put you in.

And most importantly, you’ve got to remember to do it again and again and again.

Because in a world full of assholes, it’s likely that you’ll have to protect yourself over and over and over again. And in all that protecting, you might get tired; you might be tempted to join the other side. You might say “screw it” and want to fight evil with evil.

But the minute you do that, you haven’t just lost the battle.

You’ve lost yourself.

And, honestly, there’s no asshole on the planet who deserves that trophy.

8:8:8 Lions gate portal and what it means

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2015 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = An 8 energy YEAR.


And on the 8th August 2015, we have 8 + 8 + 8 giving us a trinity of 8s which align with the Lion’s Gate portal, a yearly cosmic event that connects the Galactic centre, the Sirius star-system and our own Sun, and opens a direct channel of light energy that is harnessed on the Earth through the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx.

The Sirian star system is one I am very familiar with, the star family I resonate with. The language of vibration, the universal language, of sound, form and colour is articulated with great clarity by the Sirians, and these aspects of cosmic information will be GREATLY amplified through the multiplication of the energy of the 8 via the Trinity!

8’s energy is INFINITE, we know that the 8 symbol is the INFINITY symbol. And symbolically, the 8 also reflects the spiritual axiom of AS ABOVE –SO BELOW. 8 is constructed from an upper and a lower circle, with the upper circle representing the heavens or spiritual consciousness, and the lower circle representing objective, 3D consciousness and the earth plane.
The symbol of 8 shows that the material realm is a reflection, the polar opposite of the Spiritual world. While under the influence of the 8 we must keep our energy cycling between the two realms to feel truly successful and fulfilled.

So, immense energy is recycled with the ever-flowing, tidal motion of the 8, and this great strength is reflected in the meaning of the 8th Tarot card, which is, you’ve guessed it, STRENGTH!



A great place to start tapping in to your intuitive gut knowing is in the 8 week group program READY-TO-SHINE where you will clear all the old programming keeping you stuck in old destructive patterns and get 10 clients n 30 days consistently doing what you love from a space of courage and authentic heart selling.

and to clear away past hurts by listening to this activating meditation here:

In the traditional Tarot imagery this card depicts a woman standing over and grasping the open jaws of a lion. She is calm and in control, and has power over the lion without being forceful or aggressive Most decks have 8’s symbol of Infinity pictured above the woman’s head.
The lion symbolises our wild side, our animal-instinctive self that must be tamed by the intuition, or the seeker within us, which is symbolised by the woman or the feminine, receptive side of our nature (the Goddess). The calmness she displays tells us that we must seek to tame or focus our animal instincts with a gentle attitude, rather than a severe one. Through calm and focused discipline, we can balance our minds and develop the ability to consciously create and take responsibility for our reality.

The Lion is the Ego, the Solar Plexus centre, our individualized will. When we act according to our animal desires, we become entrapped in the dense suffering of materialism.
Rather than trying to ignore, avert or go to war with our ego-selves, 8’s ebbing and flowing energy reminds us of the continuous flow of water, working away at the stone, in a calm, patient but very assertive way, which is the correct approach in the transformation of the ego self into spirit self.

The word responsibility adds up to 8!

So as we pass through this immensely energetic portal today you have the golden opportunity to take responsibility for your total existence and experience of life, and once you do, abundance is yours!

Once we let go of ego-driven attachments, the Universe can cycle her energy towards us for us to use without any impediment, and so no obstacle will deter us, that is the gift of the 8, and the key theme that is magnified during this star-gate portal.

The karmic cycle is what keeps us focused on the earth plane, and underpins the physics of gravitational attraction, something the figure and energy of the 8 displays graphically.
But 8’s energy also pulls us out of density on her magnetic slipstream and gives us a glimpse of the cycles of cause and effect that give us a clearer and deeper understanding of how our thoughts and actions, our karma, create our experience. 8’s energy often highlights where our energy is trapped, usually in a web of karma and ingrained habits.

Pythagoras called 8 the Light and the Darkness: too often it is the lower half of the 8, the gravity of materialism and craving that is most apparent, the upper half, the higher, non-physical aspect seems out of reach or invisible to us. So we continue reacting to thoughts, actions and feelings with the same ego-driven responses, creating more sticky karma for ourselves, and remaining ignorant to the deeper meaning of events and our response to them.

This is an opportunity to find and utilise your inner strength to overcome your ego-driven desires, that is the main message with 8’s energy. Take total responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions, go deep within and observe how you react to things, often without thinking first. This is going to change. You are being urged to use your feminine receptivity to become aware of and control and conquer any ego-driven impulses.

Courtesy of Rosalind Pape

Awakening to your True Nature

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Awakening to Your True Nature

Spiritual growth is the process of allowing your authentic self to shine, clarifying and living your purpose, and creating an awareness of your true nature.

You are like a drop of water in an infinite, endless ocean of consciousness (energy). That little droplet is inseparable from the ocean, because the ocean has no surface, no bottom, no beginning, no end… therefore you ARE the ocean! That is your true nature!

But people feel separate from each other, which means we feel like we are outside of the ocean of consciousness.

Here is my top 7 steps to celebrate the genius of sensitivity:

7 steps beyond madness opt in




This separation leads to feelings of anger, suspicion, hatred, fear, misunderstanding, jealousy, inferiority, superiority and insecurity. But that is not the nature of universal consciousness! Universal consciousness – the intelligent energy of light and love – is not the energy of separation and hurt!


Spiritual growth is the process of realizing oneness with all there is. HOW you go about your spiritual growth is a highly personal journey. What’s right for one person may be completely wrong for you – so honor your intuition, honor your inner guidance, and don’t allow yourself to be told that “THIS” is the only way to spiritual enlightenment. Follow your heart, not the voices of others! A spiritual journey can be religious, or even scientific – understanding the universe in scientific terms can lead to a spiritual awakening!

Many people start on a spiritual journey as a result of a personal crisis; or after a period of feeling lost, lonely, unfulfilled and unsatisfied, looking for “something” that they may or may not be able to express…

The beauty of spiritual growth is that once you’re on the path, you feel energized, awakened and every day, you’ll feel more inspired, harmonious, compassionate, abundant, calm and peaceful.

It’s not a linear process, though. You may experience doubt, confusion and anxiety, and that’s okay! One day, you may have an epiphany and on another day, be completely lost. It’s best to relax into the process with no expectations. This will help you get through the ‘darker’ periods of spiritual growth.

What will happen when you start developing your spiritual side? Increased inner peace, happiness, harmony, compassion, one-ness, feelings of abundance and a lack of fear or stress. You feel an increased desire to connect with people. You become less judgmental and critical, and much more empathetic, and you will find that your personal relationships improve.

Suggested steps for undergoing spiritual growth:

1. Meditation. Meditation, prayer or contemplation is an important part of any spiritual tradition. It is the time to turn your focus inward while simultaneously expanding your consciousness beyond a sense of ‘self’ that encompasses everyone and everything. Meditation is a time to ask, and to receive answers and to connect with your higher self, spiritual guides and angels. The Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit will help you become comfortable ‘meeting’ and communicating with your higher self, and trusting the guidance you receive.


2. Self-awareness. You can use meditation to become self-aware, but on a daily basis, the way you think, speak and act is important to recognize. Your sense of self is often defined by how other people treat you – yet this is not the real you! The real you – the soul, or higher self – can never be ugly, unlovable, stupid, unwanted, etc. Those are labels that you attach to yourself but they are not the real you. When you’re aware of how you think and speak about yourself, you will be amazed at how your thoughts and language center on separateness instead of oneness.

3. Become non-attached. Don’t mistake non-attachment for not caring and not loving. You can love unconditionally, and care deeply, without the neediness that comes with being attached to something. Attachment causes suffering because you fear loss. You can be attached to people, things, situations, even emotions – and letting go is scary! But remember, while nothing physical is permanent, consciousness is. Imagine loving something without “owning” it. Imagine a never-ending bond between you and someone you love, whether you are in physical proximity of each other or not.

4. Accept change. Everything is changing constantly. Nothing will ever be as it was a moment ago. Don’t assume that change is bad. Things change, and how you perceive them determines whether you see them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. You have immense creative power to create your life circumstances through your intentions, so you can change things according to your desires. This is an ongoing process of awakening and becoming comfortable with your creative power. Set your intentions on seeing good; feeling good; experiencing good; and more good will manifest in your life.

5. Be curious and see the world from multiple perspectives. Look at the world with the curious eyes of a child – who does not judge or criticize, but who sees the good and the wonder in everything. Delight in your creations and in the creations of others. See the blessings in every difficulty and the joys in every sorrow. See “what is” from other points of view that will open your mind.

6. Be present-focused; be here, now, instead of allowing life to pass you by while your thoughts are stuck in the past or wandering in the future. NOW is when you create your future!


Your spiritual growth will result in:

Knowing that you are one with everything

Knowing that you are the creator of your happiness or your misery (your life experience)

Compassion, patience, understanding, empathy, unconditional love

Ability to see from multiple points of view, even those that are completely opposite yours

Ability to choose positive emotions and rise above negative feelings that come from a sense of separateness; no desire for drama, conflict or expectation that other people will act a certain way

Ability to listen to and trust your inner guidance

Knowing that you are a spiritual being who is having a physical experience

Profound inner peace and happiness; lack of stress and fear

Ability to believe that your intentions will manifest; and allowing them to do so

Intense feelings of appreciation, gratitude and love

Awaken the lioness

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There has never been a better time to come back to our hearts than now.

Let the murder of Cecil the lion be the gift to awaken your lioness – to live with courage of standing in your own truth and following your heart no matter what.

Change happens through choice, through mindfulness and intentional creativity.

What can you choose from today to heal the world through love, allowance, gratitude, vulnerability and trust?


If you would like to expand your awareness and contribute to all life on this planet through animal communications and your own intuitive process you can buy this content packed 8 module home study course which includes audios, manual and additional activations for only $497.

Email any questions or to purchase your Being Human through Animals home study  to

For more information on equine psychotherapy or how to work with me go to


Here is a sneak peak in to lessons we can learn from the Power of the pride :