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What do crouching tigers have to do with feeling confident you may ask

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What do crouching tigers have to do with feeling confident you may ask?

To your nervous system, your brain and those incredible adrenals – everything.

If you have read the book “Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers” or if you have worked with me on your health or conscious business or taken any of my programs

then you will know that in order for you to have dynamic results that don’t have you slipping back in to your old patterns and programs of disease ( this is the epigenetic work I practise along with somatic release and TCM), I always start with

the Mindfulness process to uncover the root cause of your discomfort and release it somatically in a safe, supportive way.

You see our stories that we keep telling ourselves triggers the nervous system and

your whole body mind to run away from the tiger or play lemming aka fight, flight or freeze.


If you want to resolve old trauma causing your anxiety, depression to run away from being present to create your future then you may want to

take some time out to join myself and Loralee on the

Freedom in 5 the art of stress less living online masterclass series  starting November 3rd

or look at some of

my other offers like the brand new “Out of the Blues – from anxiety, stress and depression to calm, clarity and true expression 30 day nervous system reboot”.

You can achieve everything you know is possible when you have cleared the root of your current problems so that you can shine your light

courageously and confidently.

Free global summit www.courageousconfidentinspredwoman.com

What Does it Mean to be C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T?

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem), and belief in your own ability, skills and experience. People who are confident share these important characteristics:


Confident people are capable.   They know they are good enough, competent, and can handle life’s situations.

Admitting you are capable also means knowing that if you cannot handle a situation completely on your own, you can find out where to get the necessary help, information, or skill.

Knowing you are your greatest resource protects you from stress. Believing you are capable means that whatever the task, you will handle it. By believing in yourself, you can face life with complete assurance.


Confident people own their opinions, emotions, feelings, words, and even choice of dessert.
You’re you, you want what you want, and you do what you do.  No apologies. No explanation.


Confident people believe in their value and worth. They feel they are worth the time, money and energy required to nurture and support themselves in their fulfillment and growth.

This could be things like taking a class to learn something new, taking time out to exercise, having quiet time to re-energize and rejuvenate, or pampering themselves with a massage or manicure.


Confident people engage in the present moment when they are with others.  They are not concerned about think about how they look, sound, feel or smell.

Constantly thinking about what you feel or look like takes you out of the moment. Practice not thinking about the past or the future. Concentrate on what’s in front of you — there’s probably something exciting about it.


Confident people are true to themselves.  They honor who they really are and will do things that honor their true selves, despite what others may say or think.  When people are true to themselves they feel more comfortable, and that produces confidence.


People with confidence have a physical presence.  It shows in their posture, body language, eye contact, and dress.

If you look like a confident, capable person, people will treat you accordingly, and eventually you will start to feel it too.


Confident people don’t give up.  They take risks, know they will make mistakes, and that sometimes they will fail.

Everyone makes mistakes and fails. If you don’t, you’re not trying hard enough. Don’t think of these as mistakes and failures as negatives, but rather as learning opportunities.  Because confident people remember that beneath their failures, mistakes and missteps, they are capable.


Confident people are not arrogant. Arrogance is detrimental to interpersonal relationships. For people who are confident it’s not about getting the praise, attention, or being better than others.

Confident people lift others up.  They give others credit for their work, encourage progress, and offer compliments and sincere praise.


Confident people take action.  We all want to do or try certain things but fear we may fail. These feeling are normal. The difference is that a confident person will act on their ambitions and desires and will not let the fear of failure stop them.

The more we take action, the more our confidence grows. We try something and are successful, and the next time around it feels easier to do it again.



 Confidence Activity:  “Who Am I if I AM JUAT MY BREATH?”

Just as every snowflake is one-of-a-kind, so are you. There is no one else like you.
Of all the 7 billion people in the world, there is none other than you.
No one else feels completely the way you do.  No one else sees things as you.
No one has had the same experiences as you. You are extraordinarily unique.

To further explore and discover your true self, answer the following statements:

  1. I am…
  2. I am at my best when…
  3. The best thing that could happen to me is…
  4. People notice that…
  5. When I am proud of myself, I…
  6. I am very happy that…
  7. I get lost in time when…
  8. I look forward to…
  9. I am passionate about…
  10. I am good at…
  11. I wish others knew…
  12. I am happiest when…
  13. I am proud that…
  14. I would like to…
  15. Five adjectives that describe me are.

The 7 common ways we create stress

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7 most common ways we create stress and resist a beautiful life.


As you read through these, see if any of them feel familiar to you. Chances are, working out of this resistance will wash away your current bad feelings:)


  1. Disallowance – we don’t allow something to be what it is. This could be a situation, a person, even the self. When we want something to be other than it is we resist its true nature.

The remedy: Start giving everything and everyone permission to be what they are. Just say it in your head, “OK, I can accept this/you/myself.”


  1. Attachment – we cling to things and want them to stay a certain way or we want to have/own/keep something. Again this could be a circumstance, a dream, a person or relationship. Attachment is resistance to change as well as resistance to letting go of what’s not serving the highest good for all.

The remedy: Release expectation of and attachment to any outcome, thing or person. Say,”I will be OK letting this go. It’s for the highest good of all.”


  1. Blame – we place responsibility on others or on circumstances, leaving us powerless to control our reality. This is resisting the truth that we are the cause of all that we perceive and experience.

The remedy: Take radical (and I mean 110%) responsibility for creating everything that you perceive and experience. Say,”Consciously or not, I have created this…in.ter.est.ing!”


  1. Resentment – we harbor anger, rage, frustration or annoyance (sometimes without even realizing) projecting them towards other people or circumstances. We resist forgiveness and acceptance of reality.

The remedy: Process the bad feelings you are projecting towards others by feeling them fully and then make a choice to forgive, grace and bless the circumstance or person, even if it’s you!


  1. Deceit or denial – we lie to ourselves and others. This is resisting the truth.

The remedy: Get totally honest with yourself about who you are, what you want, what’s a problem, where you’re blocked etc. Often we only lie or deny to others because we are unknowingly lying or denying to ourselves. Start with you first!


  1. Suppression – we stop ourselves from expressing and living our authentic thoughts and feelings.

The remedy: Express yourself. Have the conversation that needs to be had, sing the song that needs to be sung, create the lifestyle your soul authentically calls for! Take action to overcome fear.


  1. Judgement – we decide something or someone is wrong (or right) or bad (or good). We resist loving all of creation as creation itself because we give things personal meaning.

The remedy: Acceptance of all that is, just as it is… as simply “what is.” Avoid projecting your own meaning onto things. Grace all that is with your love as part of divine creation no matter how good bad it may seem.


Resistance is like interference in an electrical circuit. It blocks the flow of energy/life force/love through our beings and our lives. The biggest cause of resistance is fear. When we choose love and acceptance for all that is we more easily eliminate resistance and all the low frequency emotions along with it!

Welcome back to feeling good!


Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way to serve others. This is the true love of self.


When we trust the value of our wealth and are willing to stand in the truth of that no matter what and receiving data that is aligned to how to live from a whole heart energy flows. Money is just energy, it likes to flow, you are not your emotions, thoughts or feelings so if you define yourself as poor or lacking in wealth that is what you will receive. For me it is never about the money or wealth, it is always about receiving, receiving love, receiving anything.


The way you do anything is how you do everything so when you get still inside, and do the fertile listening to the whispers and nudges from your body, physical, mental, business, family as its own entity or life force you are avoiding then you can stop judging and start receiving everything as a gift


The reality is, living from love is a practice of vulnerability, caring and kindness which starts with self, embodying your heart and soul is a never-ending action of selflessness, an ever-expanding embrace, an ongoing surrender, a messy work of art and a sloppy spiritual ass-kicking (for most of us) – it’s the being human part of having a body as a spiritual energy. We have mis identified intensity as pain and avoid it at all costs with defensive systems and barriers and a closed heart. We cap how much love we are willing to receive as if that way we will be safe from hurt


And, that’s why we need brutally honest human truth telling, reflections, authentic reminders, sisterly support, and a (sometimes dirty) sense of humor on our journey home to our love Selves.


And, that is what I hope the True Nature systems and being human through animals series provides you.



Why is self love so important to us women?


I believe that if we cannot nurture and feed our inner most desires we cannot show up in an authentic way for others. We have deep woundings from our mother’s mother’s mother’s to show up in self deprecating humor, of over giving to the point of exhaustion to stay small and give up what matters to our very existence as lovers, mothers, care givers as wholehearted. We separate from being woman instead of holding our whole self as the invitation of everything that is love. We shame ourselves and our bodies, we compare the incomparable, we unravel, we starve ourselves and lose our way as if that is a selfless act of kindness. The truth is it is all abuse.


“When sleeping women wake mountains move – I say when loving women love themselves the whole world moves with them”.


  • Give without expecting anything in return.
  • Be another’s pillar of strength; it has the ability to reverberate strength unto us.
  • Give love, unconditionally – even to those who we feel don’t deserve it.
  • Acknowledge the talents of others; the uplifting of others can be rewarding in itself.

“When you bring the magic that you are to this reality…

when you do not let it die…

do not let it get stopped and do not let it get slowed down…

you can be the magic that changes this reality.”



What if it’s time for something different that’s actually gentler, kinder, and

easier on us, where we can actually be the kindness towards us that we

always hoped someone else would be willing to be towards us. When you’re willing to be it for you, when you’re willing to demand it for you, the world follows suit


The willingness to ask what is it about my life and living and loving that’s not working for me and what would it take to shift and change that? And the reason I use loving … loving is ongoing, creative and generative which is totally different than I want to fall in love. And it’s the willingness to be loving with you, loving with your body and loving with every single part and portion of this universe and planet that contributes to you. You get kind of how that might change and shift your sex life?”


When you are willing to have a level of comfort in your body you are the invitation for other people to get out of judgment of themselves and their bodies and in to loving the skin they are in, more willingness to be playful and curious in how they interact, how they show up and their attitude to wholehearted living in the present moment


When you stop judging your choices and what you are doing, you open the door to new possibilities you cannot get any other way


Stop looking outside yourself in hard times and go within so you stop drifting around and allow the world to write the story of how much reward and punishment you use to determine what you do and reflect on what you are here to become. beyond agony and dread hard choices give you the gift of opportunity and power to create reasons for yourself t be the best you came here to be as a god send not a curse

Start loving yourself by joining the self love 30 day challenge now


I trust that resistance and the inner critic, the doubt will always be there to greet me in the morning and I listen. I drop the barriers and allow my inner wise woman to rise up.

I don’t think I am alone in doubting my own experience of my own reality. I think the lack of self has got so confused with the identity of who we as woman are being is what I have such enormous gratitude for women like you who are supporting the collective field of woman to wake up and get out of judgment and in to unapologetic self love that is shared between us.

Not just The love of each other, of the universe of God the divine but also loving and being loved by your whole being as a woman as spirit in a physical body – the connection with self so we can connect with others and our environment

The golden hour of touching the ground lightly, gratitude for waking up for breath and creating mental white space, tuning in to my body and asking what is required of me.

I get deep and quiet and grounded into joy.

I use my peace process to quiet down the noise and create mental white space. ( You can find both of these here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0AJvw_z39AQPw6NYcUn3mg )

I realize that it can be a long and lonely journey un learning and learning how to accept and forgive myself, accept and forgive others, and accept and forgive the Bigger Plan we are all co-creating together and role-playing for each other. That is self love – loving exactly where we are, taking a leap, enjoying the breeze on your face and when we land land softly,  ground deeply into gratitude with your whole heart  and loving more then you could imagine possible as a woman who loves herself perfectly imperfect and unapolagetically.


Know you are love and so loved!


For more information on my services and how you can work for me please go to:

www.sarahjanediamond.com or



I am offering a limited time only special for you as part of my tribe – a 30 day self love challenge

Join the 30 Day self love challenge

join the revolution here and get back to loving ALL of you







Five element personality questionnaire

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Five Element Theory is utilized in Chinese Medicine and stems from ancient Chinese philosophy. The five elements are symbolic for different phases, or primal forces within the universe, nature, and our bodies. Each element is also attributed to a certain personality archetype. Knowing which element(s) predominates our personalities can help further insight into our lives and relationships.


The Five Element Personality Questionnaire is extracted and used with permission from “Between Heaven and Earth”, written by Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold.


The following questionnaire is designed to help you map how the FIVE ELEMENTS PHASES act and interact within your inner climate and true nature.

The letters A to E in the sections refer to each of the Five Phases.

5Efeeding cycle

Mark the space at the beginning of each statement according to the strength of your response.

If it strongly typifies you, place a 3 in the space,

If it characterizes your some what, put a 1,

If you feel ambivalent or indifferent toward it put a 0.

If you have a definite negative response ( I am not like this at all) put a -2 next to that statement.


When you are finished, total up the number of positive + and negative – responses for each section according to the letter code A<B<C<D and E.

Do this before you look at the code key so that you are not biased in your responses.

Record the number of positive and negative responses on the Five Phase diagram at the end of the questionnaire to plot your particular traits and patterns.


Look at the phases with the highest positive scores and see whether they are opposite or adjacent to each other in the feeding or ko cycle.

For example wood, fore and earth  are adjacent where as wood , metal. Fre and water are opposite.


Adjacent phases with high scores reflect strong supporting sheng sequence relationships.


Opposite phases with high scores reflect a strong conflicting ke sequence relationship.


Negative scores also suggest conflict with an opposing Phase.

In this context, conflict is not necessarily good or bad, right or wrong. It represents the potential and possibility for movement and change as instability and disharmony. Going against the flow of your true nature and the nature of the collective consciousness – the micro cosm of the macrocosm, the unified field of inter connectedness.


If all the scores on the diagram look pretty much the same – that is, if they differ by a value of only 1-3, you may need to go back to those questions and review your responses and eliminate those that are only a +1. This will help to accentuate the numerical contrast between Phases.

By being very honest with yourself you will begin to see a pattern emerge that reflects your primary type.


For a deeper enquiry into the psychology of your 5 element type as a tool,

only to assist you in noticing how you respond to life please enquire about how to book a session with me and if this interests you and you want to do a deeper self assessment, I highly recommend going through all of the exercises and questions in Harriet Beinfield L.ac and Efrem Korngold. L.Ac. O.M.D authors of Between heaven and Earth. This book has traveled with me as a reliable companion for the past 20 years and is a wealth of information in to understanding the power of alternative medicine.


The questionnaire consists of 5 segments, followed by a results page with further information. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the form and evaluate the results. To begin the questionnaire, please click on the link below:




Enter your name:


MARK each with + typical of me or – unlike me



Section A

  • Be honest even blunt, though not necessarily tactful or diplomatic
  • am cautious and sensible
  • be content being anonymous or on the periphery of social events
  • be critical and skeptical when observing people and events
  • enjoy frequent periods of solitude and introspection
  • enjoy indulging my imagination and curiosity
  • keep my feelings, thoughts, and opinions to myself
  • am content being anonymous or on the periphery of social events
  • am considered unusual or eccentric
  • involve myself in intellectual pursuits
  • am content with a few good friends and minimal social activities
  • am content figuring things out for myself
  • am careful about what I reveal to other people
  • feel self sufficient in or out of a relationship
  • enjoy projects that don’t involve others
  • choose privacy over intimacy, solitude over socialising
  • can be a stubborn defender of the truth as I see it
  • am patient and preserving in spite defeats or dead ends
  • am objective and dispassionate
  • feel self-sufficient either in or out of a relationship
  • choose privacy over intimacy, solitude over socializing
  • pursue my own interests regardless of what others consider important
  • enjoy projects that don’t involve other people
  • reflect upon the place of my life in the grand scheme of things


Section B

  • feel confident and act assertively
  • enjoy being competitive and ambitious
  • feel powerful and invulnerable
  • reluctantly acknowledge other people as my equal
  • openly discuss my abilities and achievements with others
  • am comfortable with conflict or pressure
  • enjoy being first, best, unique, or even outlandish
  • act with assurance and confidence, regardless of what other people may think or feel
  • am comfortable with difficult tasks or emergencies that require “thinking on my feet”
  • feel that I’m right, even if others strongly disagree with or disapprove of me
  • can be direct or provocative, even when it causes discomfort or embarrassment to others
  • take pleasure in public recognition and admiration of my talents and achievements
  • am comfortable directing or leading others
  • follow my own hunches about what is right or wrong
  • take the lead when it is necessary to get things done quickly and effectively
  • act boldly and decisively, even when I don’t have all the expertise or information I need
  • enjoy for its own sake the process of striving against the odds
  • want to reject or argue with other peoples appraisals of me



Section C

  • am animated and enthusiastic
  • enjoy the pleasure of my senses
  • easily know what another thinks and feels
  • enjoy physical contact and emotional intimacy
  • am comfortable in very stimulating environments
  • openly share my innermost feelings and desires
  • live in the here-and-now, and don’t worry about the future or dwell on the past
  • see the humorous side of life
  • thoroughly enjoy getting what I want and need
  • can be tender, intimate, and vulnerable with another person
  • enjoy being moved emotionally
  • become easily and completely involved in the events going on around me
  • am emotionally sensitive, responsive, and intuitive
  • remain optimistic and hopeful despite what others may say or believe
  • can be completely open and exposed
  • identify and sympathize with another’s joy and pain
  • am unabashed in showing enthusiasm and excitement
  • enjoy being attractive and magnetic


Section D

  • am nurturing and supportive
put the needs of others before my own
  • enjoy frequent socializing with friends and family
enjoy being relied upon for reassurance and help
  • enjoy being the hub of my social and family network
am agreeable and accommodating
  • enjoy settling disputes so that all parties are satisfied
help people work together in a harmonious manner
  • get involved in other peoples’ lives
create a relaxed and comfortable environment in which very different people can enjoy being together
  • loyal and accessible to friends & people who are involved in some important way in my life and work
can be diplomatic and tactful
  • rely on the skill and intelligent of others
accept other peoples’ characterizations of who I am
  • enjoy just being in the company of other people
sympathize w/ the circumstances of others
  • get close enough to need another person
am comfortable & sociable w/ people I don’t know well


Section E

  • maintain a neat & orderly personal lifestyle
  • enjoy a convivial but undemanding social life
  • am in control of my environment and the way I do things
  • am strongly committed to my moral
  • feel secure & comfortable in my work when I know everyone is following proper procedures
  • enjoy tasks that require logical, analytic, & systematic approaches to problem solving
  • appreciate being thought of as meticulous and discriminating
  • think of myself as being impeccable and above reproach
  • self-contained and not overly-involved in other people’s affairs
  • work easily and efficiently in situations where goals & guidelines are well defined
  • like to be judged according to objective criteria rather than personal biases or intuitions
  • accept the authority of those with more competence
  • am systematic and methodical in my work
  • enjoy the process of solving puzzles and mysteries
  • put virtue and principles before pleasure and fulfillment
  • restrain myself in expressing my feelings or opinions
  • enjoy temperance and moderation
  • am tasteful and discriminating





I am frequently + or rarely – bothered by:


Section A:


Fatigue and tired listlessness following prolonged mental effort

Aching joints and bones from standing, overwork and exhaustion

Dark brown, purple or blck circles around the eyes

Thinning of head or pubic hair

Pain in the arches, heels or soles of the feeet

Sensitive to noise or light

Depression or emptiness after sex

Infertility, loss of libido or impotence

Lack of semen or sexual secretions

Pimples on chine or between the nose and upper lip

Diminished hearing or vision

Stiffness or aching spine and joints

Brain fog, difficulty recalling recent information

Frequent, slow or suppressed urination


Section B:


  • Vertigo and nausea
  • Dry itchy eyes
  • Stabbing sharp and sudden pain in breasts, armpits or between the ribs and or genital or internal organs
  • frequent tension in the neck and across shoulders
  • split, hard or thickened nails
  • tightness in throat or difficult to swallow
  • startle easily, frequent sensitivity to bright light or loud noises
  • sudden blurred vision or ringing ears
  • ears that water a lot
  • cramping or twitching muscles in eyes, face, ears, calves or feet
  • severe cramps at start of menstrual cycle
  • PMS, depression or excessive anger




Section C:


  • Hot flashes
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Cravings for cold food and drinks
  • Insomnia when anxious
  • Disturbing vivid dreams
  • Eczema, dry itchy rashes especially in elbow crease, behind knees or on palms of hands and soles of feet
  • Talkativeness or nervous giggling
  • Premature ejaculation or orgasm
  • Stuttering or talking too fast
  • Sores in tongue or mouth ulcers
  • Irregular or rapid heart beat
  • Awakening anxious or excited
  • Distorted perceptions or mental images


Section D:


  • Craving or avoiding food
  • Weak nails and or tearing inflamed cuticles
  • Belly bloat especially in the evenings
  • Craving sugar or starchy foods regularly
  • Weak wrists, ankle or lower back
  • Rapid weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  • Water retention or puffiness
  • Dry skin but no thirst
  • Bruise easily and often
  • Lack of stamina
  • Hemorrhoids or varicose veins
  • Headaches from overthinking, worry, conflict or disappointment


Section E:


  • Don’t sweat even when its hot
  • Large pores on face, nose and upper back
  • Many moles, warts r skin tags
  • Stuffy nose, blocked sinuses and throat
  • Scanty urine
  • Frequent sneezing and coughing when weather changes
  • Thin delicate skin
  • Cracked sore lips, corner of mouth or nostrils
  • Shallow breathing
  • Front of head headaches due to dryness or congested mucus


Use these questions and/or statements on the questionnaire to make five statements about yourself that you feel are accurate in describing who you are.

These can be used along with the map to help you identify your true nature according to the Five Phase model.


1.What are your talents and gifts you bring in to the world? What do you friends, clients and colleagues say your strengths are?


  1. What would you need to happen to support you in attaining your greatest success and to fulfill your expectations?


  1. What are your core values and what morals and integrity do you admire in others?


  1. What are your basic elements or your key traits that express your deepest objectives and desires?


  1. What do you stand for? What are your rants and how do they motivate you to change what you don’t like in the world?


  1. What do you want from this one precious life you have? What do you need to support and achieve you in accomplishing and fulfilling objectives and expectations?


  1. What are your biggest challenges, conflicts and dualities?


  1. What do you most love about your work? What do you find difficult and frustrating about your work?


  1. What would make you content and at peace with yourself and other people?


Remember this is where you are now and as the 5 elements flow we are constantly moving through the 5 elements feeding/ ko cycle as are yours organs, endocrines and body parts. Your meridians and energy centres are all connected to each other in inter communication and intra cellular communication with the internal body environment and the external climate and environment.



Your Self- Assessment Profile:


Add up your scores below and then scroll down and fill them in on the chart on the next page.


A = Water

B = Wood

C = Fire

D = Earth

E = Metal


5Equiz score


Wood Element –The PIONEER archetype


Keys To Understanding Wood:

  • seeks challenge and pushes to the limit
  • enjoys and does well under pressure
  • admires speed, novelty, and skill
  • loves action, movement, and adventure
  • likes to be first, best, and only


Typical Problems:

  • intolerance and impatience
  • volatile emotions
  • extremist, in either external or internal way
  • headaches, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, nerve inflammations, migratory pain
  • abuse of stimulants and sedatives



Insight and mindfulness:

The power of Wood comes from the capacity to rapidly expand and build up pressure. Wood types need to modulate their intensity and stay flexible, to be able to retreat and yield as well as surge forward and be undaunted.



Fire Element

Fire Element – The WIZARD archetype


Keys To Understanding Fire:

  • relishes excitement and delights in intimacy
  • keenly intuitive and passionately empathetic
  • believes in the power of charisma and desire
  • loves sensation, drama, and sentiment
  • likes to be hot, bright, and vibrant


Typical Problems:

  • anxiety, agitation, and frenzy
  • bizarre perceptions
  • nervous exhaustion and insomnia
  • palpitations, sweating, hypoglycemia, rashes, palsy, nerve inflammations, migratory pain
  • abuse of stimulants and sedatives

Insight and mindfulness:

The power of Fire comes from the capacity to liberate heat and light and realize joy and fulfillment. Fire types need to temper their chemistry and contain their fervor, conserving as well as sharing their resources, withdrawing and separating as well as embracing and merging.


Earth Element – The Peacemaker Archetype


Earth Element

Keys To Understanding Earth:

  • wants to be involved and needed
  • likes to be in charge but not in the limelight
  • agreeable and accommodating: wants to be all things to all people
  • seeks harmony and togetherness
  • insists upon loyalty, security, and predictability


Typical Problems:

  • worry, obsession, and self-doubt
  • meddling and overprotective
  • overextended and inert
  • lethargy, unruly appetites, water retention, muscle tenderness
  • unrealistic expectations and disappointment

 Insight and mindfulness:

The power of Earth comes from the capacity to link, nurture, and sustain. Earth types need to balance their devotion to relationship with solitude and self-expression, developing self-reliance as well as building community.



Metal Element

Metal Element – The Alchemist Archetype


Keys To Understanding Metal:

  • likes definition, structure, and discipline
  • respects virtue, discretion, authority
  • seeks to live according to reason and principle
  • holds self and others to the highest standards
  • reveres beauty, ceremony, and refinement


Typical Problems:

  • indifference and inhibition
  • autocratic, strict, and persnickety
  • formal, distant, and unnatural
  • stiff joints and muscles, dry skin and hair, shallow breathing, sensitive to climate, poor circulation
  • self-righteousness and disillusionment


Insight and mindfulness:

The power of Metal comes from the capacity to shape and refine. Metal types need to compensate for their rationality, self-control, and meticulousness with passion, spontaneity, and social involvement.


Water Element – The Philosopher


Keys To Understanding Water:

  • articulate, clever, and introspective
  • self-contained and self-sufficient
  • penetrating, critical, and scrutinizing
  • seeks knowledge and understanding
  • likes to remain hidden, enigmatic, and anonymous

Typical Problems:

  • emotionally inaccessible and undemonstrative
  • isolation and lonelines
  • tactless, unforgiving, and suspicious
  • hardening of the arteries, deterioration of teeth and gums
  • backache, chilliness, loss of libido

Insight and Mindfulness:
The power of Water comes from the capacity to conceive, concentrate, and conserve. Water types need to offset their toughness, bluntness, and detachment with tenderness, sensitivity, and openness, risking softness and contact, exposure and attachment.


Your Self- Assessment Profile:


A = Water

B =Wood

C = Fire

D = Earth

E = Metal

5Efeeding cycle




Recognizing who you are and how you function within the Five Elements Phase is just a starting point from which to gain access to the practical benefit that Chinese medicine offers to whole health and living in flow. It is just a starting point from which to recover, acquire the means to preserve or optimize. It is my hopes that you will use this as a way to evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses and forecast future challenges as

Well as give you a good foundational guide to use in integrative holistic modalities and alternative therapies.


It is time to BE your own medicine and write your own personal prescription.


The Going with the Flow – 5 Elements to 5 Star Health home study program takes you for a deep dive in to the body systems and is a valuable program to use in self healing for anyone including healers, coaches and practitioners.

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 Modern society has come to accept a pretty dismal state of health as being normal. Complaints like fatigue, pain, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and indigestion are considered a typical part of each day. More serious issues such as asthma, diabetes, auto immune, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, and depression are common as well. Even major life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer have become prevalent. In fact, heart disease and cancer barely existed less than a century ago and are now the two leading causes of death in America.


These problems don’t happen by chance. They’re merely symptoms of underlying malfunction.

Join me and set yourself FREE so you can live with LESS stress and thrive being the greatest version of yourself!

To your greatest health, wealth and wellbeing.

 With love and gratitude





The Five Element Personality Questionnaire is extracted and used with permission from “Between Heaven and Earth”, written by Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold.