November 2015 - Sarah-Jane Diamond

Greatest You Summit Replay

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Replay – End the Addiction to PainSuffering and Disease with SARAH-JANE FARRELL
Sarah-Jane: – Assisting highly sensitive people and animals heal from trauma, anxiety and depression naturally through integrative functional medicine and energy healing.
Sarah-Jane is an Amazing Gifted Lady with a Huge Heart of Gold
On The Call:
Sarah-Jane gives freely and never holds back. Just for you she came, she delivered. What a beautiful gratitude meditation Sarah-Jane guided connecting us to our ancestors etc.
Sarah-Jane spoke about demonic entities and simple ways to get them to leave, explained how to employ your spirit guides. She touched on karma and Soul contracts and more…
Sweetly she addressed caller’s concerns. Here is one of the comments SJ received:  – “Sarah, you are really an amazing healer, I felt a shift with every single process you did with the callers Thank you. You Rock!” Jeanie
Sarah-Jane’s Special Offer:-
If you are ready to take responsibility for your own health and increase the level of personal commitment to the process of whole-hearted living, this package is a great place to start.
Five Elements – Cycles of Generation and Control
& Going with the Flow through the Ancient Medicine Wheel
Price: $97.
PACKAGE B – (Includes Package A)
2 – 1 Hour ‘Ask Me Anything Group sessions’
Price: $197.
Combo of Packages A and B
PLUS 30 Minute Private Healing energy Session
Price: – $247.
Wishing you a Bright, Extraordinary New Year and delightful memories of Christmas 2015  xoxoxo
Growing up in the African bush veld, Sarah-Jane Farrell has been using her magic to communicate with nature and animals ever since she can remember.
With over 15 years’ experience in holistic energy medicine and mindfulness practices, she inspires others to claim, own and acknowledge their True Nature.
Sarah-Jane is on a mission to get 1 million women’s voices rising in Africa, through her Project “Ancient Soil – Sewing Seeds for a Sustainable Future”.
After her own profound spiritual emergency in 2002 she went on to certify in many healing modalities and has developed a successful healing practice, empowering her clients to write their own personal prescription for whole body mind health and wellness.
She lives in Johannesburg, SA where she has an active practice with clients locally and from all over the world.
She also teaches workshops and trainings on topics ranging from integrative health and intuitive development to purpose clarification and leadership development.
She is the founder of the True Nature Bodytalk Systems, Diamond YOUniversity – Fertile Living & Feminine Wealth Mastery, Out of the Blue – from fear to free, Journeys On Ancient Soil™ Safari Retreats and Being Human Through Animals™.
She is the author of the book “Paws for Raw – Whole Foods for happy Pets” and “The 4 Keys to Diamond Cut Brilliance”– claiming your divine birthright to success and live your best life in a new feminine economy of conscious connections.
She is currently writing her second book “Beyond the Edge of Madness – the gift of depression to full expression”.
She consults in person, or via skype to a global clientele ready to heal from depression, anxiety and “not enoughness” naturally, through root cause resolution and integrative holistic medicine. The True Nature Systems include the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the cutting edge science of gut micro biomes and epigenetics of the body, mind and spirit.
Sarah-Jane guides her clients to get back on track to live in their true nature, by healing core wounds and giving themselves permission to say YES to their calling, so that they can live abundant, healthy lives.

What does gratitude mean to you?

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What does gratitude mean to you?

No Black Friday “pseudo” discounted big promises of “how to magically make everything better” or “how to make 6 figures in 6 months” – just a little loving from my heart to yours !
Click here for a guided invitation of gratitude and support

Usually, when we talk about gratitude, we express gratitude for our blessings. I’m grateful for my beautiful daughter Thalia. I’m grateful that I live close to the wild savannah and the sentients. I’m grateful to feel like I am smack dab in the center of living and fulfilling my calling to be of sacred service in my own unique ways. Gratitude for our blessings opens the heart and raises our vibration, calling in more blessings. Being grateful for our blessings feels good and reminds us to appreciate what is with us already. This kind of thanksgiving is easy when we remember to pay attention to it.

But can we also practice Radical Gratitude?
Can we feel just as grateful for our struggles—our painful experiences, our crises, and the Dark Nights of the Soul that we experience both individually and as a collective?
Can I access the state of consciousness that allows me to feel grateful that I I love are leaving their bodies or suffering with chronic disease—many of them way too young and tragically?
Can I be grateful for the unkindness and abuse from someone close to me and what is to come through disharmony, anger, blame, hurt, betrayal and projection that is moving into unchartered waters?

Can I be grateful that my beloved sanctuary I go to to move through grief, loss and hurt has been closed down?
Can I be grateful for the hostility, fear, separation and devastation going on around where I live – strikes, unrest in the Universitys’ ,corruption in the government, breakdown of basic service deliveries?
Can I be grateful for a drought that has left so many animals and birds without food and water?

More radically, can we as a culture feel grateful for what is happening with ISIS, as innocent people are murdered around the world in the name of a jihad?
Can we find it in our hearts to not only accept but even thank those suffering souls who think they must become suicide bombers in order to stand for what they think is right?

Can we be grateful for climate change?
For extinction of animal and plant species?
For genocide?
For sexual trafficking of women and children?
Can we be grateful for starving babies and suffering refugees and megastorms that threaten to flatten whole cities?

Can we be grateful for all of these things as they all point towards how far we’ve ventured into what Charles Eisenstein calls the “Story of Separation”—the worldview that marks us as separate from one another, separate from nature, separate from the Divine, separated from the Oneness mystics point towards?

If we can find a way to feel grateful for the ways in which our eyes are being opened as individuals and as a culture, so we can be radically grateful for what we are realizing about the nature of this Oneness, 

maybe . . . maybe . . . We can finally—humbled to our knees with the painful experiment of “progress” in the name of Western culture—start to come together to write a new story—the Age of Reunion? 
Maybe in the Age of Reunion,of benevolent capitalism, of a sustainable planet, we won’t choose to judge everything into right and wrong, black and white, good and bad? 
Maybe we can just be grateful for everything that allows us to grow as human KINDNESS, embodied souls, to be fully connected to the body of Earth, to open ourselves vulnerably, radically, undefinably – to the deep experience of being ALIVE.

Remember, this isn’t about condoning terrorism or celebrating the ways in which humans violate each other and the natural world. It’s not about employing some sort of spiritual bypass that asks us to skip past the devastation of losing our loved ones and watching humans destroy each other and the sentients and the Earth.
It’s not about numbing the pain or using some mental construct to distract us from the pain the Story of Separation Sickness creates in our hearts.

It’s about cultivating the ability to hold a paradox.
We can both feel the deep pain of grief, loss, and tragedy, and we can be grateful for the ways in which such experiences crack us open, shatter the illusions of the ego, and wake us up to the truth of being, so that we are finally able to SEE and FEEL and EXPERIENCE that we are all One, and we are simply here to love each other and care for one another, should we finally choose to say yes to this true calling.

We can cry out with the horror of the heartbreak, and we can also feel gratitude for the opportunity to dive all the way into the fully enlivening human experience of heartbreak.
Both can be true at the same time without skipping anything.
We can open our hearts to all of it —the betrayal, the violation, the disappointment, the horror—but also the ways in which tragedy brings us together, reminds us who we are, helps us remember what our core values are, and knocks us out of the complacency of everyday life.

The more I explore this practice of undefinable,imperfect, radical gratitude, the more curious I get about what it means to BE human. I have come to realize that my journey has had many necessary pitfalls built into it, that I couldn’t have skipped the hard parts without slowing down my own journey of remembering and waking.
I have needed these breakdowns to breakthrough, to wake up in order to give my divine true nature, the seat of my soul more feedback in how to live my life on purpose. 

I am genuinely grateful (now, not then) to have been “blessed” with a brain tumor ( acoustic neuroma) because of all the gifts that came alongside the tumor. I would not be helping other highly sensitive women who have known depression, anxiety and chronic disease heal naturally, reset their brain and nervous system and overcome the addiction to not enoughness, if I had not known all of this myself and found away through to living fully expressed.
No matter what we have lost along the way, we receive many miracles too.
It sucks I know, its raw, painful and frightening and devastating.
But beyond the feelings, the idea that we cannot endure any more of the intensity of those exepriences, in the darkness of it all, there are so many gifts – in the depression, the hurt, the separation…..

When I am comfortable, it is easy to rest in the space of infinite possibilities, but when I get shaken by grief, I remember Why I Am Here and What Really Matters.
I is the mastery of surrender, the great cycle of flowing through life.

Please God, help me to choose the path of grace and kindness more than the opposite or unside,  so I don’t have to be shaken awake. And when i do need a shake (not a stir) awake, please—Bring It On so I may thrive and be that contribution for a New Earth.

Thank you for you, thank you for who you are and who you are becoming.
I am so grateful to be on this incredible journey with you through this one precious life!

Much love

Moving through your mood swings naturally

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How do you move through your mood swings naturally?

Where have you made your mood swings or emotional ups and downs the wrongness of you?

Most common conclusions around moodiness or being “unhinged” make us wrong for going with the flow through a natural, healthy nervous system response to

daily triggers and stressor that have not been resolved. The root of feeling stuck in the present that perhaps you no longer have access to for whatever reason in the past.

Perhaps it was not safe then or you were hurried through the full state of identification and integration because someone else was uncomfortable with where you were.

The common conclusion of moodiness always seems to carry the weight of holding back in true expression and the gift in the moment dismissed by

“oh she is just having one of her moods, ignore her”

or “just relax shit happens to all of us, deal with it!”

or “oh its that time of the month, you have not been eating right, its all the booze, cigarettes, late nights” making you behave so “badly.

No matter what the reason and justification, not being able to express your full range of emotions through self control or not wanting to make others

feel uncomfortable is abusive and unkind to you!


Review release reintegrate 2014 to flow in to 2015 with resillience and claim your diamond brillaince.

Our culture has taught most of us to medicate it away or exercise to exhaustion ( work it out of your system), stuff down with food, alcohol or some other form of addictive compensation, distractions (watching TV or reading)or talk therapy which gets most of us more frustrated and pissed off.


Through somatic attachment release and mindfulness practise with diet, rest, exercise, supplementation and support aka DRESS, my hope is that you will empower yourself to BE your own medicine

by learning to bring your nervous system down or up, taking a proactive approach to managing your moods and increase your sense of self-esteem through health, safe presence to your attachment style.

saying no

I believe that one of the causative factors of stress which results in becoming “unhinged” or experiencing erratic mood swings is 100% created by distortion at a cellular level by information that is  stored in your sub of the sub conscious mind and autonomic nervous system response. There are often different elements of the story (which are totally unique to you) that activate your sudden change in mood – which is why the other people couldn’t see it coming. Because the specific ingredients of your environment like the music playing, the colors of the curtains or somebody’s clothes, the body posture of the other people, the type of food, lighting (the list goes on), are stored somewhere in your subconscious as a fried circuit, neuro net or bad cluster. And as soon as there are so many of these ingredients present, you get triggered to the unresolved trauma buried deep within your pre frontal lobe and your body responds as if you are reliving that trauma even if you don’t know what it is and that somatic body response aka your adrenal and nervous system response to fight, flight or freeze rapidly affects your mood.


In one of my previous blogs I explained the existence of “bad neuro nets or clusters” in your subconscious. In this post I won’t go into more explanation, but I’ll take you through an exercise that will help you overcome your own mood swings in just a jiffy!


The exercise we are going to do is a basic approach to the Progressive Mental Alignment technique. You can use it for any kind of negative feeling that suddenly pops-up. This could be an irritation, anger, jealousy, sadness, depression and any other nasty feeling you want to overcome as fast as possible.


If you are working with me either privately or through the Freedom 5 – The Art of stress less living or the Out of the Blues from anxious and depressed to calm and fully expressed, you would have already been using the orientation, peace and body scanning processes to keep you in your body so that it can complete the natural cycle of response and release it on a cellular level by shivering, shaking or panting so to speak!

what if choice could be easy?

This is another very simple exercise to play with and expand into your true nature:



  • Pay attention to WHEN exactly you felt your good mood going down the drain.
  • What did you see, hear, smell, taste or touch just seconds before that you didn’t like?
  • Don’t start “thinking” now, just go with the first moment that pops-up, from just before your mood changed?
  • Focus on that moment?
  • What specific part this moment do you not like?
  • Is it something you see, hear, smell, taste or touched?
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t THINK about this but pay attention to your body! You body will tell you instantly. How? By intensifying the negative feeling you already experienced.
  • Now just focus on that particular detail in that moment. Is it something you see, hear, smell, taste or touched?
  • After you clearly feel what the specific detail is that intensifies your negative feeling, focus on that detail.
  • If you focus just on that particular detail, how does that affect your feelings? Does it get worst? Great! You are on the right track and almost there.
  • What is it exactly that you feel? Try not to describe the feeling as a label, but WHERE in your body do you feel WHAT? Pay attention to even the slightest changes in your feelings.
  • Now focus only on that particular detail that you do not like, and become fully aware of how this makes you feel.
  • Now allow your brain to spontaneously come up with any memory it wants to.
  • What is the first memory that pops-up spontaneously? (It can be anything! It doesn’t have to make sense to you at this point WHY this memory came up. Just allow at and don’t push it away!)
  • What is dominant in that memory that just popped up?
  • This memory is now our next point forward and we are going to repeat the previous process.
  • So again you ask yourself: What in this memory creates the most negative feeling in my body?
  • Once your body tells you what the moment is (remember, don’t think! Feel!), you focus on that moment and ask yourself: What in this most is that one thing that annoys me most and intensifies my negative feeling?
  • Once you found the detail of that memory that is most important to you, focus on that detail and allow the feeling that it activates until SPONTANIOUSLY a new memory pops-up.


Do you notice that focusing on this moment and detail intensifies the feelings?


This brief exercise is to help you learn how your subconscious mind uses comparison material that you are usually never aware of. Your subconscious processes between two million times more sensory data than you will ever become aware of. If it would not do this, then you would have no awareness! The “spontaneous” memories you just saw are a part of this subconscious comparison material. The feelings attached to those memories cause your specific mood swing.


Most of the people that follow this exercise instantly feel better, just because of the many connections your subconscious has made through this new insight. Some people that try this exercise might feel that their negative has gotten more intense after these first two rounds. So you’re probably saying, “Oh wow, great! Thank you Ingrid, now I feel even more miserable than before!” No, No, I wont let you hang there J. Actually, the feeling that you have right now tells you that you are on the right track and the only thing you have to do is finish it and make a home run!


And again you don’t have to do this by yourself, I will give you the right tools to do so. Now we’re getting to the core of what Mindfulness Alignment  Process is all about. Now, continue this exercise and keep doing what we did before, until …… a spontaneous memory pops-up that you could never consciously remember before but your body was giving you the signals all along.


And, you are so right to say that this is technically not a “memory”. It is the content of a bad cluster. This bad cluster is the root cause of your mood swing. Once this image (“memory” for lack of a better word) pops-up in your conscious brain, you will immediately feel the negative feeling wash away. You can compare it to carrying a bag of stones on your back and suddenly it is not necessary to carry that entire load anymore. Now you have the freedom to decide what you want do with your regained energy.


The amazing thing about this process is, that once the brain circuitry of the neuro net or bad cluster is brought into the present as a conscious memory, your body can release it naturally through the identification and to your safe attachment.


The reason for that was because the content of a neuro net or bad cluster was never identified and integrated in a safe, gentle way up until now. What is even more amazing is the fact that by transforming the stuck energy of neuro net or bad clusters, many of the psychosomatic complaints or symptoms like headaches, intestinal problems, depression, addictions, chronic fatigue and many, many other health problems are resolved without DOING anything more.


This process can take as little, or as much time as you would like it to. But what’s important to remember is that your overall wellness (mental and physical) is 100% about the proper communication between the information stored in your subconscious you cannot “remember” and the emotions you attach to this information through your conscious awareness. As soon as the conscious brain becomes aware of this “wrongly stored” information, this information will be stored correctly within a split of a second and major medical psychosomatic problems you’ve suffered from (for years!) will immediately subside. This is neuroplasty at its most natural and is a generative rewiring of all the broken, open, short, crossed, thevenised and closed circuitry.


Let me know what awareness you have when using this practice and what changes on your level of pain either in the body or mind.

And remember, Rome was not built in a day so tread gently on yourself.

Slow, steady and consistency is your path to a new you.

The power of commitment and promise

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The Power of a Promise

Yup of you have taken any Access Consciousness training you have probably entrained to destroying all oaths, vows, fealties, comealties, promises and commitments. You can unsubscribe now or choose to be curious and choose from the truth of who you are and what you are here to do beyond anyone else point of view…..we are all programmed even when we think we are not, its part of being human, to want to entrain in order to belong to something greater than you. Don’t ever make anything bigger than you – go deep within and realign with your truth.
If you have followed me for a while you know I always say not to believe a word I say – to trust YOUr gut, be your own true north!

This time of the year, probably more so than any other, is the time that we reminisce over our past, and contemplate our futures.
It is STRESS full which is exactly why Loralee and myself created the Freedom in 5 = The Art of Stress less living group program to
do our best to set you up to enjoy the PRESENT no matter what chaos is happening around you at any time and set you up strong
and confident to be YOU and flow through your life with more ease and grace.

While we are attending gatherings with friends and families, breaking bread together, sharing gifts and good times, and rolling into the new year with new energy and gusto, we are also creating big dreams, setting exciting goals, and making important promises.
“I’m going to make 2016 my best year ever”,
“I’m finally going back to school to get my degree.”
“I’m not going to work so hard”, “I’m going to finally get my health back.”
“This is the year to pay off my debt.”

You know your promises – you’ve probably made them more than once in the past. Some you have kept; many are nagging reminders of unfulfilled commitments. Be willing to commit and be willing to fail!

I wrote about my personal fears and being AFRAID and the firewall of fear we just took 26 right sparks through in week 2 of the Freedom 5 training here:

In Bill Phillips’ book Body for Life, he explains why keeping promises to ourselves is much more important than it appears on the surface.

Bill writes, “When you set an important goal you must promise yourself that you will finish what you start, no matter what.  That vow, although it might be very easy to break, is by far one of the most important ones to honor.  You see, the very essence of confidence is self-trust.  Would you trust anyone who repeatedly lied to you?  Someone who broke the rules of the game again and again?  Of course you wouldn’t.  So if you’ve developed a pattern of not honoring self-promises, this is a great time to make a change.  If you can’t honor, trust, and depend on your own word, well… that may be the root of a lot of challenges in your life – a lot more than you realize.

This is a critical – and eye opening – issue for each of us to face.

Most people have a very hard time answering the simple question,
“Do I keep my word to myself?” (Or, should I say, they have a hard time answering it honestly.)

The thing about lying to ourselves is that we never, ever get away with it.  On the surface we may fool our minds into ignoring and not admitting what we’re doing, but deep down, in the place where all truth resides for each of us, in the place where we know and see ourselves as we really are – in that place, we are causing pain and damage every  time we’re not totally honest with ourselves…

…It doesn’t have to be like that though.  No matter how long it has been like that, it doesn’t have to stay that way.  Contrary to what many people think, it’s a lot easier to keep the promises we make to ourselves than it is to break them.

Keeping these promises unleashes enormous energy and potential.  That potential emptiness created by self-deception will become filled with strength, certainty – and yes, confidence – if you honor self-promises.  (We’ve all heard the phrase “The truth shall set you free”.  Well, nowhere is that more true than when we apply it to our relationship with ourselves.)”

So how can you take this knowledge and apply it to your business, career, health, finances and relationships?  Are there promises that you are making and not keeping?  How does that affect your energy, motivation and progress?  How does it make you feel about yourself?

So what can you do to make this shift?
How about starting small?  ( My mantra is slow and steady)
How about setting daily targets (not goals which are really just permission to never reach them) and sticking with them?
How about making the commitment to establish a great life as your joy of business – a business plan with activity targets that are FUN and financial goals that are a stretch but at the same time realistic, so you know where you are headed?
How about giving yourself permission to fail?
How about agreeing to measure and adjust along the way so you know you are not “stuck” with a plan that is not ideal?
What else can you do?

PLAY to complete the following activities to increase your confident awareness around promises you make and keep, and those you make and break.  Additionally these activities will strengthen your promise making and keeping ‘muscle’ for more commitment, follow-through, confidence, and yes – trust.
(You can either include these activities with the article or offer them as a separate opt-in giveaway.  If you are offering this as a separate opt-in giveaway, put that information here)

The significance of keeping promises to ourselves is profound.  Examine your own habits to see if in fact you break the promises you make to yourself.  And if so, make the shift to putting your promises at the top of your commitment list.

(If you offer this as a separate resource, perhaps as a companion offer to the article,
create a short intro here.)
Exercise: The Power of a Promise

Answer the following questions:

1. What is a promise? ____________________________________________________________
2. What is the importance of a promise? _____________________________________________
3. Why are promises held in such high regard? ________________________________________
4. How often do you make promises to yourself?
You may not use the word “promise”, but the language and intent is otherwise the same.
– “I’m going to exercise 3 times this week
– “I’m going to start my diet tomorrow”
– “I’m going to lose 10 lbs”
– “I’m going to get out of debt”
– “I’m going to keep my house more picked up”
– “I’m going to watch less t.v.”
5. How often do you keep your promises?__________________________________________________
6. How do you feel when you do? _________________________________________________
7. How do you feel when you don’t? _______________________________________________
8. Why is it that we make and keep promises to others, but we don’t make and keep them to ourselves? _____________________________________________________________________________
9. What can you do to treat commitments to yourself with the same level of importance as commitments to others? _____________________________________________________________________
10. What can you do to make, and honor promises to yourself this week? ___________________

Write your promises to yourself each week in the document below.

Exercise: Commitment/ Promises to Myself

Write your commitment / promises here.  Keep your list realistic so that you can fulfill them. Keep them short, simple and attainable.  Start with little promises so you can achieve them and have some successes under your belt.

Keep this document handy.  Write your promises to yourself each week.  If you do not fulfill a promise DO NOT beat yourself up, give up, or stop doing this exercise. Just make a promise to do better the next week.

Week #_____ Promise:  _______________________________________________________
Fulfilled:   _______ yes   _______ no
If yes, how does it feel to achieve my promise?   ____________________________________
If no, what will I do to fulfill my promise next week? ________________________________

Week #_____ Promise:  _______________________________________________________
Fulfilled:   _______ yes   _______ no
If yes, how does it feel to achieve my promise?   ____________________________________
If no, what will I do to fulfill my promise next week? ________________________________

Week #_____ Promise:  _______________________________________________________
Fulfilled:   _______ yes   _______ no
If yes, how does it feel to achieve my promise?   ____________________________________
If no, what will I do to fulfill my promise next week? ________________________________

Week #_____ Promise:  _______________________________________________________
Fulfilled:   _______ yes   _______ no
If yes, how does it feel to achieve my promise?   ____________________________________
If no, what will I do to fulfill my promise next week? ________________________________

And remember you are not alone!
Be willing to ask for support and accountability to keep your commitments and promissory love notes to yourself.
That is why I invest in myself with mentors and mastermind buddies who hold my vision and make sure
I make it happen when I cannot see it for myself. They REMIND me of my bog WHY.

Vision boards and morning pages are  a great tools to see what you are aiming for but then its easy to
pack them away and not take inspired action.
if you love visioning you don’t need to spend money on going to a vision board class – here is a step by step version of
the class I used to teach.

Why not get a group of friends around and play and then ask them to hold that space and
remind you when you forget and get lost in the business of life and forget your promises to yourself?
That is why I see so many people take a class or workshop or program and never see it through or actually apply
the tools daily.

I want to empower you to be your own medicine!
teach a man to fish and feed him forever…..

Let me know what your promises is so i can hold that vision and support you!

Be brilliant, you are and I SEE you.
Much love and gratitude

What are you afraid of?

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What are you afraid of?

This weekend would you curious about what scares the big girl panties off you with me?

We are in the 2nd week – the FIREWALL of fear with 28 incredible women making the choice to live free from fear

and stress and everything it creates and the breakthroughs have been beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I was afraid to do a JV of this level because of some “bad experiences” in the past and all my poor girl stories
And that is exactly WHY i said YES.

I was afraid of feeling everything so deeply as a child.
I was afraid of being a mother and that I am screwing up a lot with Thalia
I am afraid of what will become of the animals and wildlife during this drought
I am so confident and bold on so many levels and on others there is still a lot to be afraid about.
Afraid of what we are doing as a collective who live in fear as i heard about the terrorism in Paris.
Afraid of what we are doing to the planet and other non human species
Afraid of what will become of South Africa under the current government
Just plain afraid of being afraid which is why I know I have to keep going through the firewall of fear and BE the UN side of that.
I am afraid to launch the Out of the Blues – from anxiety, stress and depression to calm, clear and true expression.
I am afraid to finish my book Beyond the Edge of Madness – the gift of spiritual Awakening and depression

I just reached out to family, friends, colleagues and clients to help me help myself, not because I need help but because I want to receive more.
It scared the pants off me so I did it anyway.

The other day a great energy worker, Thanked me for the referrals and praise she had received back from the circles we both play in.

She told me she is afraid to tell anyone that she works privately with me. That she is afraid to tell people how “awesome” I am and

how much I have helped her uplevel her life and her business, because she is scared that they won’t want to work with her.

She’s afraid she’ll lose clients and she’ll lose business.

Like there is a scarcity of thing on the plant!!
I get afraid of the idea that even though I lead with generosity and service first it might be true.
And that is exactly WHY I do it.

I am afraid that when my does ego takes over ( its a constant state of mindful practise) and goes to victims mode of poor me because it is not what I want when I think that thought

and want to grow a community of change agents that can celebrate and support each other.
It sucks when I see so many women “leave me”, they go away after they have learnt from me in my classes and programs and then make

me wrong from that place of fear of not enough and the comparison trap.
That scares me often.


And THAT is exactly why I do it.
I see the fear and then I go anyway.
The miracles and connections from that space are pure alchemy!

I was afraid to write this post
I used to be afraid to speak my truth.

These days my clients pay me a lot of money to do just that.
The more committed my clients are—the more successful they are—the more positive impact they create—the more they are

surrounded by people who say yes, yes, yes and change the world holding that vision together.
They don’t want another yes-person in their world.
If you want to in your zone of brilliance beyond excellence, don’t hide, don’t hold back, and for goodness sake stop trying to please everyone especially your tribe.

It’s not comfortable.
It’s not easy.
It’s not fun.
Often I hate it. Often it scares the crap out of me.
And it’s my VISION beyond needing anything.
I’m in.
Are you?