I was born in Zimbabwe and lived through a brutal bush war where death, petrol rations, convoys and sanctions were “normal”. Fortunately, my parents had the courage to finally leave as displaced whites in 1882, after the currency was devalued and their assets frozen and moved to South Africa to start over. I was 16 at the time and through the “story” of my parents I believe thats risk is a requirement when you are striving to live free from what you don’t want.

I realised quite recently that I have always lived in some form of a “war zone” geographically and in my relationship choices and that its time to cut the crap and get what I know about how to heal from emotional and physical trauma out into the world.

Random facts about me

Sarah-Jane Farrell phD C.F.M.W,  is an integrative holistic practitioner, multi sensory and forensic medical intuitive and therapeutic coach who specializes in helping women and a few great men heal naturally from the stressors that cause nervous system related disease, depression and anxiety. She assists them to transform their bodies, businesses, relationships and lives through root cause resolution and self regulation of their brain, nervous system and gut.  If you are someone who has exhausted all avenues to heal from chronic mental, emotional or physical conditions then you are in the right place. I cannot promise it is a quick or easy fix but what I do know after working with hundreds of people over the past 15 years is that it is truly possible to live deeply connected, happy, healthy and free.

When you bring that which is already within you out into the world, everything changes.

That is exactly why I use the same tools to guide entrepreneurs back to their true North so that they can serve their dream clients, doing what they love and have the financial freedom to create a more positive impact in the world.

Translation: I help highly sensitive women to heal from abuse and trauma that shows up as anxiety, depression and non specific mystery illness the natural way, so they can live on purpose – deeply happy, focused and inspired to create their best life.

You can experience a taster of some of my work now — for free.

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I am here

  • to remind you that you can heal from trauma naturally and live happy and fulfilled.
  • to teach you how to nurture your true nature in ways you dont know how to so you stop feeling drained by your sensitivity, intuition, empathic gifts & travel beyond every day challenges & barriers.
  • to support you in being your own medicine and end the weight of judgment
  • to raise your energetic vibrations consistently to experience a reality beyond your wildest dreams and expand consciousness with the facets of your soul
  • to lead you into accessing your true nature, your inner brilliance so that you can live on purpose beyond depression, fear and doubt.


I use my diverse skills and intuitive knowing including Traditional Chinese Medicine, quantum energy, somatic trauma release and attachment theory, epigenetics and microbiome formulae to name to assist people and their animal companions move through the challenges of life transitions and spiritual awakening to own their true nature and thrive.

Through the “biology of belief” and the power of personal storytelling you can access your true divine nature and step fully in to wholehearted, healthy living with courage, confidence and joy to live free.

I am happiest when I get to facilitate and mentor highly sensitive people and alternative health practitioners, conscious entrepreneurs move beyond their fears to get really connected to their authentic true nature so that they can step boldly into their life’s calling and contribute to the world in a big way.I am passionate about working with individuals who want to be their own medicine and are optimistic and enthusiastic about doing the work heal their nervous systems, rewire their brains and trust their guts because they are healthy from the inside out.

You can experience a taster of some of my work now — for free.

Book your complimentary CLARITY breakthrough to health, happiness and abundance now

Why should you trust me to help you?

  • I am an expert on depression, anxiety and stress – I have decades of experience in the field of life lessons.
  • I’ve also got credentials. Plenty of them!
  • First, a quick summary…


My method comes down to a blend of ancient wisdom and cutting edge science”- an integrative whole body mind approach that is functional alternative medicine at its best. I believe in the innate wisdom of your body to heal itself naturally.

  • I continue to amplify my intuitive capacities to scan bodies and see what is really going on at a cellular level that is keeping you sick and tired.
  • My first “apprenticeship” to the body mind connection and the importance of the nervous system was as a young child when I would nurse wounded hedgehogs, birds and baby deer. It was a balancing act keeping my own heart beat slow and steady (adrenalin down, learning up) to create safe space to free them from snares, take the ticks off them, clean their wounds and set them back in to the bush. At 7 I saw my father kill a beautiful big Kudu I had merged with and shut down from the traumatic experience of feeling its terror as my own.
  • The scientific part of my work is based in Attachment theory styles, Peter Levine’s work with Somatic Experiencing and deep fascia release and “tensegrity” body movement like resistance stretching and Feldenkrais.


Food and plant medicine to heal the gut from the inside out, are an integral part of my healing methods along with the Biology of Belief that is consciousness and the backbone of my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


  • For the past 15 years, I’ve been my own medicine and assisted thousands of people from top sportsmen and women with injuries, to families suffering from mild to severe PTSD after home invasions, emotional abuse in relationships and brain injury to top business men with burn out and addictions and women who are depressed and anxious become deeply healthy and happy.
  • I’ve seen my clients radically improve chronic symptoms from debilitating migraines and back pain, fibromyalgia, auto immune diseases like ME, Cancer, Lupus and Lou Gherrigs, panic attacks, fear of public speaking, digestive issues, severe depression, adrenal burnout, anxiety, shock and trauma, strokes, and head injuries. (Just a few of many non specific illnesses!)
  • The joy for me is to see my clients connect the dots, get to the root cause of their symptoms and become unstoppable.
  • How you do anything is how you do everything!
  • When they discover the knock on effect of how everything starts in the spine, the brain to gut axis and nervous system and how that affects the rest of the body mind systems, they truly become their own medicine— and every aspect of their lives, body and business change.


Here are those shiny credentials…


  • For over 15 years, I’ve studied under Dr. John Veltheim, founder of The Body Talk systems. I’m a certified Advanced Parama Bodytalker, and have gone through a 4-year intensive A & P in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr K’Aimi Popolwich and Dr Chang Lu from China.


  • As an Animal Communicator, certified in Psych K , equine psychotherapy and Monty Roberts Join Up methods, I’ve taught many workshops around the world in “Being Human” and the Art of Mindfulness, built a global private practice, and even started a grass roots project dedicated to educating rural communities to be their own medicine and the values of creating a sustainable planet through permaculture and plant medicine.

I brought Access Consciousness to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mauritius and taught many classes as a Certified facilitator for 5 years before it grew in popularity and I moved onwards!

As a 1, Gemini, ruler/ creator archetype I am constantly learning and pushing my upper limits! Can you relate to that bright shiny objects syndrome?


Some of my other certifications are:

Quantum Touch levels 1,2,3 – Richard Gordon

Advanced Mindscape – Kris Attard

Breakthrough – Esther Veltheim

Sacred geometry and Biogeometry/ Radiesthesia – Kris Attard and Dr Ebrahim Karim

Attachment Style Theory and Trauma – David Wallen, Dianne Heller Poole

Somatic Experience – Peter Levine, Maggie Phillips, Stephen Porges

Fascia Release – Lynn Teachworth

Brain Restore Kalish method – Dr Kalish

Tongue mapping and iridology

Kabbalah – David Zakin & Rev Jeudah Burgh

Numerology, Enneagram, Tarot and Kabbalah Tree of Life

Family constellations and matrix work

Functional Nutrition

Hormone Reset and Individual amino acid support

Shamanic work




You can experience a taster of some of my work now — for free.

Book your complimentary CLARITY breakthrough to health, happiness and abundance now