15 years ago I tried to take my life again….. I had had enough of pretending to bright and shiny on the outside. I was burnt out, broken and a total mess. I checked in to a mental hospital ashamed, confused and alone. What I learnt there was that I was not insane, the world was and if I was going to find my place to contribute what I came here to gift the world it was time to be all of me, in my True Nature!

So, I chose to live – and everything began to change… and I am so, so ridiculously grateful for everything I had been and learnt to get me to that pivotal moment of CHOICE.

I’ve spent the greatest part of my life feeling wrong, judging myself as not enough, paralyzed by fear, hearing the voices of people unseen, sensing pain in animals and peoples bodies, thinking I was crazy, wanting to die to stop the madness, the not fitting in.

I was labeled functional autistic and depressed as a young child, later as bi-polar. My life was duplicity at its most confusing – I seemed to have it all – perfect girl child, valedictorian, champion synchronized swimmer at 12, model of the year, published poet and artist at 16, funny but the truth is, I was dying inside, crying inward, withdrawing more and more behind the veil where judgment and unkindness from people could not get me which made it worse.

I tried to switch off my psychic capacities, binging and purging, cutting, fighting with my body, judging everything, not sleeping… and seeking, seeking, SEEKING – relief, joy, peace anything but this.

I was tortured by being on this planet and not knowing what I was meant to do or be. I was tortured by trying to get everything perfect. And mostly I was tortured by never giving myself permission to truly be ME, in my True Nature.

Nobody told me, there is no RIGHT answer. Nobody told me I could get out of conclusions, ask questions and follow my own truth, my heart’s knowing and create my life, my way.

That giving myself permission to say YES, to stop apologizing and start trusting that the Universe, God, Divine has my back especially when I don’t that magic truly is who I am being.

I devoured everything conscious, I went back to Med school, I studied and practiced the teachings of the Tao, ancient wisdom of Animals, Earth, Medicine Woman, Archetypes, cutting edge energy medicine modalities, holistic nutrition…… I committed to do what ever it took to be free to be ME and in the process of becoming, I was able to let go of my beliefs about what I should do or be, and started to create my life from infinite choice.

Using the tools that changed my life, I birthed the True Nature Systems™ for others to use. I employed my mind to work for me rather than against me and listened to my body. The chronic health problems, that no doctor had been able to diagnose, disappeared.

Chronic pain disappeared. I got off all the medication, I lost 20kgs, the brain tumors shrank, I began to sleep properly again. I had a child at 40, something I was told was impossible. The depression and despair turned in to more ease and joy and I began to generate my life consciously!

Today I travel the world facilitating private clients and classes using the very same tools that saved my life. My workshops and retreats span from public speaking, to ease with bodies, to changing your money, to nurturing relationships, to creating a business you love.

The common thread?

What would you have to change, choose or give up, to create the life you truly know is possible?

A life filled with ease and joy?

Every year I am blessed to work with thousands of individuals who make extraordinary changes in their own lives… changes they never thought possible.

I see people who were afraid to be their own medicine, afraid to be seen, afraid of their success – write their own prescription for health

claim their diamond brilliance and light up with joy as they share about who they are.

I see professionals get to the root of their suffering and trauma break through their old programming and create careers they love.

I see family members give up their points of view about each other, release emotional, mental, physical and narcissistic abuse and set themselves free.

And I’ve seen bodies and minds miraculously heal.

When you heal your nervous system from the insight out, you put the EXTRA into ordinary to create

your life’s work, get paid well and change lives.

That is what I help you accomplish!

Instead of looking for purpose, what if the purpose of life is to have fun ?