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In Praise of Women

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by Danielle La Porte

I often hear “women are our own worst enemies” in terms of our culture. I’m tired of that argument. I think everyone is their own worst enemy, and I don’t think it’s about something women have specifically against each other.

The uh, broadness, of my experience with the women throughout my life leaves me humble, optimistic, proud, and grateful. I’ve been screwed over by females in business and love, and I’ve planted a few landmines myself. But those enemy-making times were the results of bumbling, struggling humanness, not ovaries or hormones. We could argue the bio-instincts to procreate, protect and feed that spurs some nasty behavior from chicks, or about Queen Bees and Wanna-Bees — all very real social dynamics, but I’m here to give witness to the force of pure Goddess positivity that is the hallmark of my life. Word.

I love when having a dose of strong medicine opens up new dialogue and enquiry.

As women Danielle La Portes post I just saw made me smile as she spoke of how we as women push
Push out babies, push out creations, push out truths and push out support into the world

It’s innately within our womb an space to push so stop denying being too pushy and share your voice unapologetically.

And I am reminded again and again how walking the spiral path of ones true calling requires a constant state of death, birth and renewal over and over again.

That as women when we can hold a space to be in the presence of women on a mission we can love the parts illuminated and the parts in the dark as equally memorable and see the power in the cycles of death and rebirth together and let’s push a kinder more connected, beneficent presence out into the ether and the earth

‪#‎goddess‬ power

Remember we are all in this together. Whether we like it or not our friends are going through the experience of life on Earth just the same way that we are, just as our family has, just as our enemies do.

This thing of being human is Mary Magdeleine, Kali, dragon breath, creator and destroyer and when we can see the potential of all things as equal, true change begins that puts into motion a collective bigger than us all.

We are all in this together, the agony and ecstasy of BEING human.

What would happen if we acted and actioned all of it ??

Creator and destroyer ??

I wonder, what is one action you could take today to support our inter connectedness

The fragility and potency of this thing called human Beingness?

Tell me about it and let’s do this thing together




Women shake their cosmic pom poms. Go sister go! How many times has a girlfriend told you, that you got it going on, before you head out the door or the dressing room? That even though your new haircut makes you look like a mushroom, your ass looks grrreat. They’ll be looking at your ass all night, not your hair. Really, you’re hot. Just keep your hat on and don’t sit downGo get ‘em.

A woman makes a cup of her heart. She carries your concerns and fears with you, for you. When your eyes fill up with teary news, so do hers. It happens with women you’ve known for years, with women you just met at the grocery store, in the ladies room, in a prayer circle. She carries your story with her. She mixes honey with it and re-tells it to you and helps you notice how great you’re doing, in spite of everything, because of everything.

Women bare their fangs for you. Like when Tammy threatened to butt her cigarette out between buddy’s eyebrows if he didn’t leave us alone. He walked, we rocked.

Women feed each other – literally and figuratively.  Think of all the meetings or retreats you’ve been to. Who brings the cocoa and sparkling water? Who remembers that you’re lactose intolerant? Who asks you if you have everything you need?

A woman will sacrifice without calling it a sacrifice. Leila was three months pregnant. I was moving cross-country (again.) Road trip anyone? We U-hauled our way from Seattle to Santa Fe with Leila coughing her cookies at every truck stop. I made it to my desert home and she flew back to the coast. And named her little girl Phoebe Danielle.

Women hold on. It’s like Audrey Hepburn said, “Never throw anyone out.” It’s like my soul sister Donna says, “We’re all bozos on the same bus so just go with it.” Meep meep.

Women bypass history. A good sister listens to you bitch about the same jerk for years, she helps you pack when you’re smart enough to leave, and she stands by you when you repeat the same lesson with the next emotionally lame lover. She loves you enough to let you do it your way – again, and again, like it was the first time. No drama is too big for big women. 

A woman howls to help you remember what matters the most. She loves you enough to intervene. She will drag you out of your comfort zone and into the moonlight to say “What the fuck are you doing? You may have temporarily forgotten who you are, but I haven’t and I’m here to remind you.” Like when Karen told me over green tea, “D, maybe it’s all about the divine feminine for you, maybe that’s the question to live. It’s time to move on from playing small.” Arooooo!

Women touch you. Michelle and I went to visit a friend in the hospital recovering from surgery. Miche brought lavender lotion and massaged Friend’s feet while she lay achy and groggy. I’ll never forget that stunning moment of loving service.

Women push. Push babies out, push babies into the world. Baby ideas. Baby thought forms. Baby parts of you. “But Danielle, it’s just a thought-form that you ‘can’t take more,’” Navjit told me. “Don’t constrict. Expand.” Boundaries, pushed.

Women know how to navigate the layers because they love the layers. Folds of skin, the sediments of time, the stories that build into the present. Like how Candis not only remembers what I love but knows why I love it. She is reverent, keen, actively interested in the why of me – and that is what it means to be witnessed by a woman. Word.
All Love,

P.S. Check out my For women, women, women reading list for most posts like this one. Feminine power. Let’s talk about it. We’re all goddesses.

Share with the women you love. Press forward.

Women feed each other – literally and figuratively. 
No drama is too big for big women. 

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How to own the magic in your broken bits

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How to own the magic in your broken bits

I hope you’ve realized that the parts of you that you think are broken are also the parts that illuminate and shine – the magic and moon dust that makes you unstoppable and inspiring. The parts of you that feel driven to birth creations into the world and make shit happen, are the same parts that refuse to wear pants indoors, or won’t wear shoes ever like me because I need to stay connected to the Earth even when its frozen or “inappropriate” in some one else social standards!

BTW my amazing client Lee-Ann has a great solution for barefoot babes who hate rules, that truly makes my inner Goddess very happy – take a look at here beautiful foot adornments aka feetlets here
….because I believe your feet need to be free, or maybe you just can’t freaking STAND being told what to do even though um, sometimes you could use someone to tell you what to do.

I was writing in my morning pages today about all the ways over the past almost 5 decades used to make me think I was too broken to fix instead of celebrating that thats how the light gets in and thought it would inspire you to share your 101 plus ways you can turn your story around and inspire someone else. So here goes in the hopes you will dig deep and get to the root cause of what has kept you suffering instead of celebrating –
After all you get it when you get and it never shows up the way you think or looks the way you think it will but at the end of all the self judgement and beating yourself up over it, the botheration, the lamentation, the red, hot and holy it is simply YOUR MAGIC. Time to sprinkle it around like seed planting and proclaim to the world I have got this! Its time to be your own magic and shine .

101 plus ways I’m NOT broken can you relate to any of these?

I routinely scoff at books I know I need to read,
like The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Retirement Make Sense
or Master Your Cravings 4 Life (4 Real This Time)
or How to Adult Like You Care About Adulting.

I love salt even though it makes me weepy
and salty liquorice even though it makes me look 6 months pregnant
and Facebook even though it gives me zombie-screen-face.

I want to save the world and blow it up. (Sometimes in the same breath.)
I love people and wish at times the Earth would tip and all the stupids would slide off so the kids could run the world because they know how to have fun and
say it like it is and never let NO stop them
I don’t watch the news because it hurts to see how lost people are in fear and anger and how dying to be free is actually killing them because they don’t stop long enough to ask Is this True?
or How can I change this?
I care more about homeless animals than homeless adults.
I’m not sure my efforts to make a difference in the world make any difference,
just like I’m not sure my writing makes any sense to anyone but me
or that my life has an ultimate
deep-down-for-real-for-real purpose other than the one I give it.

I can’t extrovert for more than an hour at a time
and would take last place in the Small Talk Olympics.
“So um…yah…um…”

I’ve got a soft spot for all animals
and I love to have conversations with insects and rocks
and hug trees and howl at the moon with my huskies
and wish I could make the pain I feel for all living things
go away.

I routinely drink too much coffee and need to remember that coffee is medicine when taken as an enema literally saved my life many times.
I wear my pjs to the shops occasionally
and don’t brush my hair often because it does not like to frizz.

My I.Q. is embarrassingly high when compared with my credit score.
I believe cash is king and banks don’t like that and thats fine.

I suffer from seasonal affective disorder
and depression and abibliophobia —
the fear of running out of reading materials —
so I packed twelve books for my last trip and forgot I could
have made it easier on me and the poor guy who had to lift my case into the plane and just take my kindle.
There is something very satisfying about highlighting a paper page
even though i was told that was not very respectful to the books.

I routinely colour my whites in the wash because I forget to separate and
often have tissue all over my clothes because I don’t check my pockets before I throw them in the machine.
I would rather travel than spend money on just about anything else
with the exception of learning and giving back to great causes like animal sanctuaries, feeding schemes for feral cats and animal shelter, and Pachamama and Pencils for Change.

I am, officially, ‘obese’ on the medical terminology scale
and am better at showing people how brilliant they are and how to make money doing what they love than I am for myself.

I cried when I watched Avatar because my body knows dragons from past lifetimes and that as a human we need to wake up.

I avoid shopping malls and grocery shopping because all the entities hanging around want to have conversations and people give me the crazy look when I
stop and stare into space like a crazy person when I am actually telling them they don’t have to stay.

I still don’t know how to do contour makeup or like wearing any.
A 9 year old client told me just yesterday I should wear lipstick and that my hair is very grey.

She is right and I cannot wait to be totally grey and live into my wise crone.
The one time I tried to do eyebrow stencils I had a crooked eyebrow
and looked exceptionally skeptical all afternoon.
I have since had them tattooed by the creative genius Yvonne Taylor
I highly recommend her for all thing beautification she is truly MAGIC and bringing the Goddess within out!.

I would rather live in a shoebox by the water than anywhere else
but for now I live a landlocked life and love that I can visit the bush and the elephants, lions and rhinos in a 60 minute drive.
Missing the ocean hurts every day which I ease with lots of splashing in an epsom salt bath..

I want to say I’m wise and beyond  trying to fix myself
but really, I know there is nothing to fix and the broken
bits is truly where the magic seeps in,

and so when I make extended eye contact with kids
and we break into dance at a restaurant or stuffy church service
I can call it ‘broken’ or ‘magic’
and either label will fit, depending on where I meet my other self.

When we gather and don’t talk about the weather
or exchange recipes but discuss souls and light and dark
and you show me who you are
we can call it ‘broken’ or ‘magic’
and either will be true

and when we agree that having to feed yourself three times a day,
every day,
is really the worst,

One and the same.

So let’s be magic, forever and ever,
which means broken, forever and ever,
and let’s enjoy the way the sunshine hits your forgotten to-do list,
the way you failed at meal planning again,
and all the other ways magic has found
to weasel its way into your existence,
today and every single day.

(But really: no shopping malls or grocery stores alone.)

For more random facts about me like you care – I share more
surprisingly imperfect things about me on my new website
and if you are wondering who made my website so incredibly
beautiful and so me and want to know how she can help you get your
message into the world
contact Nicole Barratt  at Alchemy
yup she is another magic maker
Her website,will be live soon,
we have been making magic some amazing offerings for you!

And let me know
What magic making capacities have you not been acknowledging?

Much love and gratitude




OMG I just love this … I laughed and laughed and laughed…

You are simply the best in every way possible… and one amazing person… actually most amazing person I am yet to meet..

I am truly blessed to have found you and have you as part of the most exciting journey of my life … you r the very first person ever to have made a difference and when I see already the difference I am so excited for the rest…

You are an angel from above and just know how grateful I am for you


Depression is A Disease of Civilisation: Hunter-gatherers hold the Key to the Cure

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Depression is A Disease of Civilization: Hunter-Gatherers Hold the Key to the Cure










Depression is a global epidemic. It is the main driver behind suicide, which now claims more than a million lives per year worldwide. One in four Americans will suffer from clinical depression within their lifetimes, and the rate is increasing with every generation.

It robs people of sleep, energy, focus, memory, sex drive and their basic ability to experience the pleasures of life, says author of The Depression Cure Stephen Ildari. It can destroy people’s desire to love, work, play and even their will to live. If left unchecked it can cause permanent brain damage.

Depression lights up the pain circuitry of the brain to such an extent that many of Ildari’s psychiatric patients have called it torment, agony and torture. “Many begin to look to death as a welcome means of escape,” he said in a Ted Talks presentation.

But depression is not a natural disease. It is not an inevitable part of being human. Ildari argues, like many diseases, depression is a disease of civilization. It’s a disease caused by a high-stress, industrialized, modern lifestyle that is incompatible with our genetic evolution.

Depression is the result of a prolonged stress-response, Ildari said. The brain’s “runaway stress response” – as he calls it – is similar to the fight or flight response, which evolved to help our ancestors when they faced predators or other physical dangers. The runaway stress response required intense physical activity for a few seconds, a few minutes, or – in extreme cases – a few hours.

“The problem is for many people throughout the Western world, the stress response goes on for weeks, months and even years at a time, and when it does that, it’s incredibly toxic,” Ildari said.

Living under continually stressful conditions – as many modern humans do – is disruptive to neuro-chemicals like dopamine and seratonin, which can lead to sleep disturbance, brain damage, immune dysregulation and inflammation, Ildari says.

Civilization is the disease

hadza-dance-tanzania_13187_990x742Epidemiologists have now identified a long list of other stress-related diseases as “diseases of civilization” – diabetes, atherosclerosis, asthma, allergies, obesity and cancer. These diseases are rampant throughout the developed world, but virtually non-existent among modern-day aboriginal peoples.

In a study of 2000 Kaluli aborigines from Papua New Guinea, only one marginal case of clinical depression was found. Why? Because the Kaluli lifestyle is very similar to our hunter-gatherer ancestors’ lifestyle that lasted for nearly 2 million years before agriculture, Ildari said.

“99.9 percent of the human experience was lived in a hunter-gatherer context,” he added. “Most of the selection pressures that have sculpted and shaped our genomes are really well adapted for that environment and that lifestyle.”

In view of nearly 3 million years of hominid existence, since homo habilis first began use of stone tools, our genus has undergone rapid environmental change since the advent of agriculture about 12,000 years ago. And in the last 200 years, since the industrial revolution, our species has had to cope with what Ildari calls “radical environmental mutation.”

While our environment has radically mutated, our human genome is essentially the same as it was 200 years ago, Ildari says. “That’s only eight generations. It’s not enough time [for significant genetic adaptations].”

“There’s a profound mismatch between the genes we carry, the bodies and brains that they are building, and the world that we find ourselves in,” he said. “We were never designed for the sedentary, indoor, socially isolated, fast-food-laden, sleep-deprived frenzied pace of modern life.”


The Cure

Though he’s not entirely opposed to medication, Ildari says we can throw all the drugs in the world at the depression epidemic, and it won’t make a dent.

Anti depressant use has gone up 300 percent in the last 20 years, but the rate of depression has continued to increase. One in nine Americans over age 12 is currently taking an antidepressant, and one in five have been on them at some point.

The answer, Ildari says, is a change in lifestyle. He says the results of his six step program have exceeded his wildest dreams:

1. Exercise

2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

3. Sunlight

4. Healthy Sleep

5. Anti-ruminative activity

6. Social connection

In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of exercise and social connection, as they are two of the hardest parts of the program for modern Americans.

Exercise is ‘not natural’

Ildari says the results of exercise on depression are so powerful that if they could be reduced into a pill, it would be the most expensive pill on earth. The problem is 60 percent of American adults get no regular physical activity. Ildari says it’s not their fault. Between long days at work and household and family responsibilities to attend to, who has the time or energy to hit the gym?

The dirty little secret about exercise, Ildari says, is “it is not natural.” We are designed to be physically active “in the service of adapted goals,” not to exercise on a hamster wheel.

Hunter gatherers get four or more hours of vigorous physical activity every day, but if you ask them they will tell you they don’t exercise, Ildari says. “They don’t work out. Working out would be crazy to them. They live.”

“When you put a lab rat on a treadmill … it will squat down on it’s haunches, and the treadmill starts to rub the fur and the skin right off it’s back side,” he said. “When you stare at a piece of exercise equipment, there is a part of your brain that’s screaming out ‘Don’t do it! You’re not going anywhere!’”

If you can’t go out gathering your own nuts and berries or hunting your own meat, Ildari recommends brisk walking with a friend. Walking for 30 minutes, three times a week, has better effects on depression than Zoloft, he said.

Social Connection

Another huge factor in modern depression is the lack of social connection in our modern nuclear-family bubbles. “Face-time with our loved ones puts the breaks on our stress response,” Ildari says.

The problem is we’ve replaced face-time with screen-time. “Our hunter gatherer ancestors spent all day every day in the company of their loved ones.”

Unfortunately illness, including mental illness, triggers people to isolate themselves, which only makes depression worse.

“Resist the urge to withdraw,” Ildari says, “because when you’re ill, your body tells you to shut down and pull away. When you have the flu, that’s adaptive. When you have depression, it’s the worst thing in the world you could do.”

Rewilding and Tribal Living

What Ildari didn’t mention in his Ted Talk is how difficult his cure is for most modern humans to attain. Sure, we’d all like more fresh air, sunlight, exercise, a better diet, better sleep, less monotonous work, and more interaction with loved ones, but who has time for all that?

I’m stuck here staring at my screen typing about it in an effort to make a living for myself, and many of you don’t even have time to read this article because you have 50+ hours-a-week jobs of your own. Meanwhile, immediate-return hunter-gatherers work an average of 17 hours a week. In this world, we certainly can’t just quit our jobs to be less stressed, when the financial stress would create more stress.

In my opinion, the answer lies in baby steps. Baby steps away from dependence on civilization, and toward nature, earth skills, and self-sustaining communal living.

Its about remembering to come back to your heart, your true nature and loving where you are.

Getting back to your roots, following an ancestral diet, listening to your body, going with the flow of our natural cycles with nature, trusting your gut knowing are the keys to set you free.

You are not broken, there is nothing to fix, there is only a return to the present moment of loving what is.

Interested in getting to the root cause of your disease, suffering, anxiety and depression?

Book a complimentary CLARITY to healing through lifestyle medicine session now

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Permission to say yes to self love

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“a big part of building your self love muscle with integrity and alignment is permission.”

permission is actually a big part of everything you are here to do: igniting your light, beaming your message out in a way that feels authentic, building your tower and your foundation, and taking the steps you need to take to get unstuck.

permission is a huge key to all of it. and it is something that comes up again and again as i work with and talk with women in biz.

I recently ad the honour and privilege of standing with a tribe of incredible women at The

Entrepreneurial Women’s leadership summit with Sage Lavine.

I wept with relief at the infinite amount of love and kindness that is possible when women

truly see each other for the gifts that they are and I knew that I was not insane for knowing

it is truly possible to have a tribe who are supportive and loving of each other no matter what!


My story is not unique, as a collective all the women I met related to the ancestral and kharmic

programming of being a woman shunned, persecuted, hung, cast out and killed for being in her

true nature. That is the heart connection of the women like Sage that I met, that brings us together

to write a new story and live into LEGACY that it does not have to be this way any longer!


Throughout the course of my life, I’ve had women both stand by me, and abandon me.

Women have been my biggest cheerleaders and my biggest enemies.

Women have been brutal, bitchy and backstabbing during super vulnerable moments

when I’ve stepped into my leadership, sometimes for the first time.

And, women have lifted me up when I’ve fallen, dusted me off and sent me back out into the world…

with a nurturing love that heals, transforms and changed my life.

I’m guessing you may know what I’m talking about.

In your path to self-expression you’ve been supported,

and knocked down a few notches when you become perhaps…

“too big for your britches” in the eyes of a so-called “girlfriend”?

What about you, have women failed to support you at key moments? 

If emotions come up, express them, journal, cry if you want to… and hold yourself.

Give yourself the gift of expressing that pain.

Then, call a trusted girlfriend who has EARNED THE RIGHT to support you,

someone you really trust.  Ask for what you need from her, ask her to remind you who you really are.

Ask if she will stand by you NO MATTER WHAT as you build your business… 

and when she says that she will, let it in.  Use that as a springboard to take your

next risky business step.

This is the Diamond zone of a new feminine economy and this is what I what my

community is about… 

giving permission to tread softly on the feminine

standing with women in our tribal strength as natural carers and nurturers together!!

It’s the action steps that heal, not repetitive inner work.  And, you need to have your women alongside you to take those bold actions.

As you give yourself permission to shine, as you heal, you can ALCHEMIZE

any old girl-wounds into part of the gift you bring to your clients, a hurt

when alchemized becomes compassion, empowerment or courage.

You’ll bring these qualities to your work with clients.

I’ve gone from being the underdog among my woman peers at high school and business,

to being a leader of women in my 4th decade.

My woundings continue to emerge as my biggest gift.

Because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of women’s competition

and unkindness and wrath, I also intuitively know how to hold a safe space of community

for my women clients.

And so it will be with your wound… what you’ve been through will emerge

as the golden lining of your business message.  

Use each other.  Support each other.  Tap into the Wisdom and Wealth of Women

to support you.

and consider some of the places you have not loved yourself enough to give permission

to saying YES and going beyond old woundings and stories keeping you stuck in

what you DON”T want*

what if choice can be easy?

who else is going to give you permission?

there is no boss, no manager, no leader, or teacher to figure this out and tell you what to do.

this is your job now. you are the boss, the captain of your own ship.

you need to be in charge. you need to tell you what to do.

you have permission to decide.


often we don’t give ourselves permission because we don’t actually trust ourselves.

start there.

start with what you know for sure and build on that. build belief in what you are doing.

you have permission to trust yourself.


what would happen if you did?

what would happen if you didn’t?

what are the benefits? the consequences?

will anyone even care?

and if they did, so what?

are your worries about this thing real, or are they in your head?

you have permission to get real.


instead of asking who am i to ______ (do this thing i dream of doing)…

start asking who am i NOT to? if you DON’T do it, what are you saying?

that you don’t care about those people that you long to serve?

you have permission to feel worthy.

to own your carat worth!


when people tell you that they love what you do, that they support you,

that they want you succeed, that they value you, that they are looking to

you for the next step…

believe them!

people don’t just make that shit up. they don’t lie about what they love.

you have permission to believe them.


you are not a volunteer. this is a business. it is your job to build something

that allows you to earn money doing the work that you are here to do.

even if it is easy, natural, authentic, fun, or stuff that you would do anyways!

you serve, you deserve.

you have permission to create your Diamond wealth zone

you have permission to shine

you have permission to claim your financial freedom.


we have all these rules in our heads about what we need to do and

how to do it, sometimes based on what we see others doing, or

what we’ve been told to do, or the stories we are telling ourselves.

but who says?

who wrote that rule?

you have permission to ask WDTBT?


we often wait for everything to be ready, to be right, to be perfect,

to be figured out, to have our ducks all in a row, a 5 year plan,

or a 10 point checklist. but you are allowed to just fucking do it.

it’s ok to take action before you are ready. you have permission to JFDI.


somebody might not like it. someone might be upset. you might hear that

you are wrong or crazy or making a mistake. that’s ok though,

there will always be people who feel the need to spread negativity

(and it’s always more about them than it is about you!).

you have permission to ignore the haters.


often when we allow ourselves to consider something our heads get way

ahead of us, our brains start going crazy.

it feels impossible and overwhelming fast! start with the tiniest step.

keep it as simple as possible. make it incremental.

you have permission to start small.


we feel obligated to say yes. we feel bad if we say no. we feel guilty.

we feel like we are missing out. we feel like it might make us look like a bitch.

or look selfish.

or greedy.

but we can only stretch so far, and a NO is a yes to something else.

you have permission to create boundaries.


it is in doing that we get clarity. it is in talking that we find the right words.

we learn as we go, and as we know more we can do better.

but we don’t learn anything or get any clarity if we stay in our heads and never try.

you have permission to just try.


we are so close to what we do, it’s so personal. and there is only us…

only one perspective. sometimes fresh eyes and a fresh perspective can make a huge difference.

that’s why coaches and mentors and mastermind partners and other Diamond geniuses

are so important.

you have permission to seek support.


sometimes all the support and all the learning and all of the seeking

just confuses things even more. you have a sense of knowing already built in,

you just need to learn to listen to and trust that inner voice,

that intuition or knowing.

you have permission to follow your inner compass.

you have permission to say YES to claim your freedom.

you have permission to say YES to being self FULL

because when you track your north star and claim it

then others get to say YES to themselves too.


can you add to this list?

pop your ideas below!

how else can we give ourselves permission today?

Dare to dream big or stay small

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March is the month to Dare to dream and dream big


The energetic theme and magical work of March are: renewal, breaking inertia, new beginnings, potential and possibility.

Think introspectively and journal about: What is possible for you and your life? What do you want to manifest in 2014?

March is the perfect time to start a new project or endeavor – taking advantage of the growth energy in the air.

Set and intention, cast a spell or work on clearing out what no longer serves you.

 If you watched the Oscars, you saw that The Wizard of Oz was celebrated for its amazing 75 year journey. Judy Garland’s children were in the audience (Ellen made what some call an unkind remark about Liza Minnelli), and Pink sang the theme song. Like The Snow Queen and Snow White, The Wizard of Oz embodies the story of the heroine in search of treasure. Stay tuned…this theme of the hero/heroines journey is vital to helping you understand your own personal journey….You will ride forth a hero/heroine with your banner unfurled!

 Dreams are fragile things. They are birthed like butterflies, from splashes of colorful inspiration. If they aren’t given attention, they will fade and die, forgotten, very quickly.


However, there are other ways to destroy dreams. If your dreams are important to you, you want to make sure that you have adequate care and feeding in place, so your dreams not only live, but thrive. That they become the biggest expression that they can be – and YOU become the biggest expression of your dream, purpose and vision that you can be.


Here are a list of dream-killers:

◦    Telling the wrong person about you dream. We all know there are people in our lives who encourage us, and those who feel it is their sworn duty to point out possible pitfalls in any plan. Tell your dream only to those who will encourage you, or keep it to yourself until it feels stronger. 

◦    Not giving your dream enough nourishment. Dreams are nourished with time – time spent thinking about them, brainstorming, researching, mindmapping, and visualizing. If you have a stellar idea, but don’t give it time, it will starve. 

◦    Pursuing too many dreams. Most transformational entrepreneurs have more dreams than they can possibly bring to fruition. It doesn’t mean you can’t have those dreams, but you can only pursue so many at one time, especially if your dream involves building a business. Write down all your dreams, give them a little mental exploration, but choose the ones that you will pursue with passion, time, attention and energy. Put the others in hibernation. If they’re important, they’ll come out later. 

◦    Trying to do your dream alone. When you’re ready to tell the world about your dream, enroll others to help you bring it to life. Having support in implementing your dream, whether it’s from a coach, a mastermind, a volunteer group of enthusiastic supporters, or an accountability partner can mean the difference between having it happen, or having it just be a long-ago idea.

So tell people who will support you, give your dreams time and attention, focus on the few that you really want to bring out, and you’ll manifest the business and life you’ve always dreamed of!