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Sisters are doing it for the world!

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Sisters truly are doing it for the world – it is bigger than all of us this thing called a new feminine economy.

Every day we see powerful, courageous women speaking in their truth about things tat really are creating a new conscious, kind, feminine economy. Britain have a new women PM who showed up on her first day in a soft, beautiful Sari adorned with beading and who knows, perhaps Hilary Clinton will rise to power in the US – no comment on politics, lies, lines and manipulations there.

I spoke the unspeakable about lies, lines, manipulations and how you can trust yourself more over here:


It never ceases to amaze me in my private practise how many women come to heal past trauma, reclaim their identity of self because under all the roles they play as mother, executive, lover, sister, friend they have not only lost their joy BUT they don’t know who they are any more resulting in mystery illness, anxiety, depression and pain.

I want you to know it does not have to be this way -even though millions of us are feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled—in spite of the extraordinary gains we’ve made—those feelings don’t stem from any personal failure.

We’re the most educated, powerful generation of women in history, and yet studies are showing that we’re less happy and more lonely and depressed than we’ve ever been.

In fact, over 20% of women are on antidepressants. (Statistically speaking, that’s one in five of all the women reading this!)

We’re being heralded as saviors of the global economy…

We’re even graduating in higher numbers from college than men…

And we’re now the primary breadwinners in many American households…

Yet, six out of ten women experience overwhelming financial stress to the point where we can’t sleep at night—and not sleeping is the #1 cause of chronic illness!

We also have the freedom to create any kind of relationship we want to have in our lives…

But studies are showing that as many as 50% of us are living alone, and those who do have partners, surprisingly, are having way less sex than our grandmothers!

We’ve even been launching businesses at a higher rate than men for years now…

And yet a staggering 95% of us never break through the six-figure barrieror go on to have the larger impact we want to have or make the contributions we want to make.

What’s going on here?!

In my work with nearly 300,000 women, I’ve discovered that over the last 50 years, women have been mastering a logical, linear, masculine power system that has enabled us to create things at an unprecedented rate that are predictable and controllable.

But as useful and necessary as that power system is, it can’t create the things our hearts and souls are now are aching for, like…

  •          Authentic confidence
  •          Intimacy
  •          Discovering our genius and calling
  •          Creating a prosperous career aligned with our values
  •          Deeper spiritual connection
  •          Creativity, adventure and fun
  •          Helping to heal and transform the world
All of these require the divine Feminine Power to bring them forth, and I’ve made it my mission to awaken this new kind of power in every woman by getting to the root cause of trauma.


Have you taken the ACE test to see how your adverse childhood experiences may be holding you back from trusting yourself and creating the life that you know is your birthright?

We’ve experienced so much pain, frustration and confusion in our attempts to manifest our deepest desires without the power to step into these potentials, and that has often left us feeling helpless and victimized.

The first step in awakening your Feminine Power is to change your story from one of being a victim of your circumstances to one of being a creator of your experience.

Just think about how often you’ve blamed your external circumstances for your experiences?

How many times have you said to yourself,

“If only I had more money, more knowledge, a better education, a better job, could lose 10+ pounds, had more ________ (fill in the blank)

…then I’d be able to live the life I was born to live!”

We’re conscious women who’ve done our personal and spiritual growth work, yet the vast majority of us still identify these external obstacles as the primary barriers to our success.

Our focus is on trying to source the power to change our lives by pushing harder, by managing and controlling the externals of our lives—our to do lists, our circumstances, trying to change other people, our schedules, our finances, our bodies and so on—only to end up feeling frustrated and powerless.

This external relationship to power is so deeply entrenched in our culture, so undistinguished and pervasive in our thinking, it’s been hard for most of us to escape it until now. Like water to a fish, it’s what we’re used to.

But what if the primary barriers to the realization of your dreams and deepest desires are internal, not external?

The truth is that your experience of life is being generated much more by what’s going on inside you than outside you.

The ways that you habitually relate to yourself, to others, and to your life circumstances are the deeper source of your experience.

So, to change your experience, you need to cultivate the power to shift what’s happening on the inside, and this is the power of the Feminine.

The true source of power you need to fulfill these deeper desires is within you, just waiting to be awakened.

I’d like to invite you to participate in a powerful exercise that has already caused an instant shift in many thousands of women.

Power Practice: From Victim to Creator

1. Make a list of all the reasons you tell yourself you can’t live your best life, realize your highest creative potentials and make your greatest contributions to the world. Those phrases you tell yourself, like “I’m too busy,” “I don’t have the money,” “I’m too old,” etc. And be honest! Write down whatever those little nagging voices in your head are telling you.

2. Next, notice how many of them are external reasons. Here is the challenge for you: just for today, let go of any and all reasons outside of yourself as to why you’re not realizing your highest potentials and making your greatest contributions.

3. When you’re ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing your awareness to drop down into your body. Move into a place of listening and receptivity, becoming aware of your deeper knowing and connecting to the part of you that holds wisdom and has access to true power.

With a sense of authentic interest and curiosity, ask yourself, “How can I be responsible for my current experience of life? What are the choices I’m making (or not making) that are contributing to my current reality?”

For example:

Do you say “yes” to things you don’t want to say “yes” to because you want to be liked?

Do you choose to not focus on money because you don’t really care that much about it?

Do you play a smaller game because you don’t want to risk rejection?

Simply be aware of what comes up for you, with no judgment.

4. Finally, ask yourself: “What’s one new choice I could make today that will give me access to a new story of my power to create a different experience?”

5. Show up as a creator and make that choice. Then notice how your sense of power increases. You are now the heroine of your life!

After doing this exercise, I invite you to post your comments over at

And if you are still feeling like there is something more to shift, use the power of forgiveness.

Be kind to yourself as you listen to this guided forgiveness prayer specifically created so that you can release the trauma, self imposed or from someone else around receiving and money.

best free

Feel like you would like some support to heal from sub conscious patterns that are making you sick, tired and depressed?

Book a complimentary CLARITY to health, wealth and happiness breakthrough session now

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How can you afford not to invest in you?

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There are literally millions of opportunities to make a living without a j-o-b. Ways that pay the bills and feed your soul.

Opportunities to work when, where, and how you want. To put life first and work second.

Sadly however, there are an abundance of excuses for letting the opportunity to launch your dream business pass you by.

Too old
Too young
Too tired
Too fat
Too confused
No time
No support
No confidence
No business idea

The least acceptable excuse of all may surprise you. It’s also one we’ve ALL said…

Click here for 12 easy to implement

12 ways to change your money flows

“I Can’t Afford It”

Before you insist, “But I really can’t afford it, Valerie!” hear me out.

Or rather, hear out author of the best-selling Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! Robert Kiyosaki

In it Kiyosaki contrasts two money mindsets.

The “poor dad” spends his life preoccupied by things like job security, Social Security, vacation and sick leaves, company insurance, salary raises and promotions.

In contrast, the “rich dad” approaches money not from the mindset of “security” but from that of “opportunity.”

Rather than focusing on paying the bills, the goal is to be financially self-sufficient.

Instead of thinking on how can I “make money,” the rich dad looks for ways to make the money he does have – regardless of the amount – work for him.

It’s an approach that was crystalized when a young Kiyosaki was complaining that he could hardly afford to buy anything on his meager salary.

That’s when Kiyosaki’s dad told him, “Never say, ‘I can’t afford it.’”

He told his son that instead of dwelling on how little money you have, what you should be dwelling on is answering the question how can I make more money?

When you ask yourself, “How can I make more money,” it stimulates the brain to take action.

In contrast, when you say, “I can’t afford it,” your brain effectively stops working killing initiative and promoting passivity.

Telling yourself, “I can’t afford it” means you miss the opportunity to make more.

Does that mean you should go into debt to take steps to have your dream business? It depends.

Perhaps like you, I was raised to think that any kind of debt was bad. Now that I think like a “rich dad,” I see things differently.

Now I see that the whole notion of debt and credit came from the farming community. The farmer needed credit to invest in seeds and equipment.

When the crops were big and beautiful he sold his harvest and paid back his debt. If he had a bad year, they had a forgiveness clause for a year. If he had two bad years, then the lender took a piece of farm equipment.

It’s the same with borrowing money to start a business.

Good debt is when you borrow money for something that supports you in having a plan to pay it back.

Training for a new career, purchasing inventory to start a business, or hiring an assistant to free you up to focus on your real gifts are all examples of good debt,

Whether you borrow from a bank, a credit card, or from family or friends, the purpose of the debt is to put you in a positive position in the future.

You are planting seeds, and once they grow, you pay it back.

Bad debt is when you purchase things without a plan to pay it back and/or does not support your dream or you are using that thing to fill a void in your life.

Splurging on new clothes when your closet is already packed with stuff you never wear. Buying a huge flat screen TV or a new car when the ones you have work perfectly well.

So instead of saying, “I can’t afford this opportunity” ask yourself,

“What can I do to make money to afford this opportunity?”

Can you sell jewelry you never wear?

Ramp up an eBay business?

Unload an old car or computer equipment?

And yes, when necessary – can you borrow from a credit card?

To be clear: I’m not advocating spending way above your means so that you drown in credit card debt. Nor am I suggesting you mortgage your house.

But I am suggesting that certain kinds of debt are actually very positive to have in your life.

Put another way…

Debt that funds your dream business can be a pragmatic strategy to start living life on purpose and building a business you love.

Please don’t let “I can’t afford to” stop you. Can you afford not to invest in your future?

How can I help you get out of your own way?


People are assholes

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People are assholes!

Did that get your attention in a triggering sort of way?

I love everything about Ash Ambirge from

How many times does just pulling a middle finger at some stupid change the energy anyways?

If you relate, keep reading. I have been finding myself streaming from loving the world of change agents to groaning at the stupidity and unconsciousness that is going on in this world of duality. Whatever your world looks like and what you observing out there in the insane asylum called planet Earth, keep going towards the light, towards your truth, the very moral fibre and values that align with you and the world you want to live in.

You matter, don’t give up and join the stupid assholes out there. This is bigger than all of us.

Remember that….pull a finger, have a hissy fit, scream, laugh and then go anyway.

 Here’s a pessimistic point of view: People are assholes.

The older I get, the more I seem to notice them—which is either because the more time I’m alive the more I increase my odds, or because that god damn Certain Dri deodorant is actually some kind of dick magnet.

Or, you know, maybe it’s the internet. As a tool that’s given a population of people one big, fat pink slip to run around screaming, “Me! Me! Me!” all the live long day, I suppose when they re-enter the real world and it’s not “Me! Me! Me!” it can provoke a mood.

Either way, it seems that there’s an entire cadre of self-entitled little shits springing up, and I gotta be honest: It’s terrifying.

There’s a lot of, “let’s disrupt THIS! and let’s disrupt THAT! and oh my god would you look at the size of my Keurig?”

There’s a lot of, “Oh, you actually expected me to do the work you paid me to do?”

There’s a lot of, “I’m the best! …and don’t you dare question my qualifications.” Because, “fake it ’til you make it, baby!” (I want to sucker punch the eyeballs out of the person who came up with that phrase.)

Not to mention all of the liberties people take these days online, offline, whenever it happens to suit them. Like, no you cannot just MAKE UP TESTIMONIALS. What? The fact I even need to write that sentence is terrifying.

It’s like the internet needs to start coming with an HR handbook for users.

Rule #1: Thou shalt not make false claims.
Rule #2: Thou shalt not swindle.
Rule #3: Thou shalt not steal from others.
Rule #4: Thou shalt not continuously talk about cupcakes.

Which isn’t so much a guidebook for the internet as it is a guidebook for human decency, you know?

I mean, where did human decency go? Is it hiding? Is it on sabbatical? Is it stuffed into god’s sock drawer somewhere?

Where are our values? Our principles? Our sense of right and wrong?

How is it possible that no one seems to have a conscience anymore?

That everybody’s only “in it to win it?” That “hustle” has turned into “hustle others?”

And why does nobody seem to mind that they’re living amongst a population of royal assholes?

I suppose it’s not that painful until you meet the one or two grand royal assholes who will, at some point or another, come into your life, and, like osmosis, will try to suck you into being one, too. They’ll try to do it by testing you; by pushing you onto the ground and daring you to get up. They’ll try to do it by backing you into a corner; by bullying you until you cover your head with your arms and call a truce. And they’ll try to do it because that’s what assholes are: Self-conscious egomaniacs who feel so out of control, they’ve got to find it any way they can. That’s where you come in.

You won’t see it coming; couldn’t have even suspected.

You’ll be blindsided by their lack of regard for what’s right.

And you’ll be left with no choice but to show your own teeth—or get eaten.

Which, very likely, involves a risk that you, too, will eventually turn into an asshole. And that’s the real reason I wanted to write this.

Because I desperately, fervently want to urge you not to do that.

To resist the urge to turn into an asshole when you’re confronted by a cadre of them.

To protect your goodness; your softness.

And to stay open-hearted…even when the world is trying to slam its lid right on your left ventricle.

No matter what happens to you in this world—NO MATTER WHAT—you must be prepared to cup that heart of yours in your hands and run, run, run as fast as you can into the night. You must learn to leap over fences and guard your optimism like you’re guarding your life—because you may very well be. You must make off with the little light that still shines inside of you—no matter how dingy and damp the dungeon is that they’re trying to put you in.

And most importantly, you’ve got to remember to do it again and again and again.

Because in a world full of assholes, it’s likely that you’ll have to protect yourself over and over and over again. And in all that protecting, you might get tired; you might be tempted to join the other side. You might say “screw it” and want to fight evil with evil.

But the minute you do that, you haven’t just lost the battle.

You’ve lost yourself.

And, honestly, there’s no asshole on the planet who deserves that trophy.

What is your magic button?

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Big things are happening and lots is changing over at Diamond YOUniversity HQ so if I have been a little quiet, its because I am doing whatever it takes to give more generously to you and serve you more in the very near future. I am also taking some time off from live teaching events or speaking gigs until the end of September to finish my book that has been 15 years in the shadows and wants to come out of the dark now.

I am so grateful to have some high impact creators in my Facet VIP program who are making such a positive impact with their work and as you know I only take a select few so I can give them each my personal attention all the time. So the way you can still work with me is through the Ready to Shine group program which will be starting 1st August for 8 weeks.

If you have been wondering how to up level or launch your Diamond brilliance and need support then take a look and see if it is calling you to join this amazing group of alchemist ready to shine their unique gifts and talents in the world on a bigger scale.

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You know that one: the magic button. The button that gets my audience excited, fosters real conversations, builds trust, and ultimately allows me to help them transform their brand.

Sometimes I’m convinced that button doesn’t exist.

But lately I’ve noticed something interesting. The days I’m most discouraged about my sales or my social media reach are the days I’ve forgotten about the ONE thing my customers really want to buy.

(Hint: It’s not my services or my products.)

It’s me. 

I am my own magic button.

If you’ve gone through my 4 C’s of Diamond Wealth Mastery workbook and video training series, you already know one of my favorite maxims: 

People don’t want to buy from you. They want to buy into you.

If you have not gone through it yet its a great place to get clear on what you stand for

You can download your workbook and video training here.

You, your story, your beliefs—everything you stand for—are the most important product you can offer your customers. The problem is: most of us hide behind our products and services. We peddle what we have to offer instead of sharing who we really are.

Particularly in creative and coaching fields, what we do is intimately tied to who we are. If a customer buys our handiwork or our thinking, they are buying a piece of ourselves.

But are we conscious that that’s what we really have to offer?

Consider for a moment your favorite writer, artist, or creative personality. When you think of their brand, do you think solely about their products, or do you think about them as people?

Dissect the success of any creative or business superstar, and you’ll likely unpack a brand that’s built around a person. This is the channel through which they sell themselves and their expertise.

Because people don’t want to buy from you. They want to buy into you.

Are you heart selling or desperately flinging what you think your customers really want to buy?

All this may sound simple enough, but let’s face it: It’s far easier to talk about our products than it is to reveal our lives, with all their insecurities and imperfections.

Pushing that button is real and complicated. It can be messy. Even scary.

It might not sound very magical at all.

Yet honesty and authenticity are what customers crave as much or more as our expertise. They are hungry for our unique message of hope, beauty, and truth. If, that is if we are brave enough to step in to claiming our high shine Diamond brilliance, and share it with them.

If this still sounds somewhat suspect, let me share an example that has impacted me.

Last week, I was playing a lot of Lindsey Stirling on youtube . If you’re not familiar with Lindsey’s brand of driving dubstep- and rock-infused violin music, spends some time soaking up her music videos

The show was amazing on so many levels and reminded me of my performance days in synchronised swimming. Imagine an athlete dancing both ballet and contemporary for an hour-and-a-half on stage, all while playing the violin and interacting with back-up dancers, complex digital sets, and costume changes.

Lindsey is an amazing young woman with incredible talent and commitment to realize that talent through her craft.

But her brand goes so much deeper than that.

At her live concerts, Lindsey stops in the middle of a high-energy set to share her personal story. Only a couple years ago, she considered herself the biggest failure ever. She “looked in the mirror and hated what she saw.” (Her words!)

Everything that came out of her life at that point was, by her own assessment, full of sadness, despair and fear.

It was only by choosing love for herself and others—every day, every hour, if necessary—that she found hope again. She spoke about her journey through therapy, to finding her faith and ultimately, planning the first public performance that led her to her breakout career.

“I realized that confidence was skill that could be learned,” she said. “Just like I learned to dance and play the violin, I learned to love myself. You can, too.”

Wow, now that’s transparency! Not to mention a captivating brand message: one that’s embodied both in her words and in songs like Shatter Me and Crystallize.

Most of us couldn’t imagine stepping out before a packed crowd to share the deepest, saddest aspect of our lives. Yet Lindsey’s story is a large part of what makes her brand so riveting. Every day she receives letters from fans who wish they had the confidence she does. And she shares with them her story about where her confidence really comes from.

Lindsey Stirling’s transparency is what makes her brand so powerful.

She found her magic button–and had the courage to press it.

You can, too.

If all this sounds scary and possibly even ethereal, I understand. I’ve been there. Like you I’m also on a journey to become more transparent, speaking from a deeply authentic place about what lies underneath my business. (More on that in future newsletters!)

As a fellow creator and adventurer, I’d love to be on this ride to your diamond brilliance. If you haven’t yet, I invite you to Book a complimentary breakthrough session now and let’s chat about how you—and your unique message—can step out from the shadows.

And don’t forget to visit my blog for some smart tips and advice on how to access your true nature and live in your Diamond genius zone. 

Your Diamond signature brand and unique story has a magic button and high facet. It’s waiting to be activated deep inside yourself. so that you can claim your carat worth

Let’s press “go” together.

Permission to say yes to self love

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“a big part of building your self love muscle with integrity and alignment is permission.”

permission is actually a big part of everything you are here to do: igniting your light, beaming your message out in a way that feels authentic, building your tower and your foundation, and taking the steps you need to take to get unstuck.

permission is a huge key to all of it. and it is something that comes up again and again as i work with and talk with women in biz.

I recently ad the honour and privilege of standing with a tribe of incredible women at The

Entrepreneurial Women’s leadership summit with Sage Lavine.

I wept with relief at the infinite amount of love and kindness that is possible when women

truly see each other for the gifts that they are and I knew that I was not insane for knowing

it is truly possible to have a tribe who are supportive and loving of each other no matter what!


My story is not unique, as a collective all the women I met related to the ancestral and kharmic

programming of being a woman shunned, persecuted, hung, cast out and killed for being in her

true nature. That is the heart connection of the women like Sage that I met, that brings us together

to write a new story and live into LEGACY that it does not have to be this way any longer!


Throughout the course of my life, I’ve had women both stand by me, and abandon me.

Women have been my biggest cheerleaders and my biggest enemies.

Women have been brutal, bitchy and backstabbing during super vulnerable moments

when I’ve stepped into my leadership, sometimes for the first time.

And, women have lifted me up when I’ve fallen, dusted me off and sent me back out into the world…

with a nurturing love that heals, transforms and changed my life.

I’m guessing you may know what I’m talking about.

In your path to self-expression you’ve been supported,

and knocked down a few notches when you become perhaps…

“too big for your britches” in the eyes of a so-called “girlfriend”?

What about you, have women failed to support you at key moments? 

If emotions come up, express them, journal, cry if you want to… and hold yourself.

Give yourself the gift of expressing that pain.

Then, call a trusted girlfriend who has EARNED THE RIGHT to support you,

someone you really trust.  Ask for what you need from her, ask her to remind you who you really are.

Ask if she will stand by you NO MATTER WHAT as you build your business… 

and when she says that she will, let it in.  Use that as a springboard to take your

next risky business step.

This is the Diamond zone of a new feminine economy and this is what I what my

community is about… 

giving permission to tread softly on the feminine

standing with women in our tribal strength as natural carers and nurturers together!!

It’s the action steps that heal, not repetitive inner work.  And, you need to have your women alongside you to take those bold actions.

As you give yourself permission to shine, as you heal, you can ALCHEMIZE

any old girl-wounds into part of the gift you bring to your clients, a hurt

when alchemized becomes compassion, empowerment or courage.

You’ll bring these qualities to your work with clients.

I’ve gone from being the underdog among my woman peers at high school and business,

to being a leader of women in my 4th decade.

My woundings continue to emerge as my biggest gift.

Because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of women’s competition

and unkindness and wrath, I also intuitively know how to hold a safe space of community

for my women clients.

And so it will be with your wound… what you’ve been through will emerge

as the golden lining of your business message.  

Use each other.  Support each other.  Tap into the Wisdom and Wealth of Women

to support you.

and consider some of the places you have not loved yourself enough to give permission

to saying YES and going beyond old woundings and stories keeping you stuck in

what you DON”T want*

what if choice can be easy?

who else is going to give you permission?

there is no boss, no manager, no leader, or teacher to figure this out and tell you what to do.

this is your job now. you are the boss, the captain of your own ship.

you need to be in charge. you need to tell you what to do.

you have permission to decide.


often we don’t give ourselves permission because we don’t actually trust ourselves.

start there.

start with what you know for sure and build on that. build belief in what you are doing.

you have permission to trust yourself.


what would happen if you did?

what would happen if you didn’t?

what are the benefits? the consequences?

will anyone even care?

and if they did, so what?

are your worries about this thing real, or are they in your head?

you have permission to get real.


instead of asking who am i to ______ (do this thing i dream of doing)…

start asking who am i NOT to? if you DON’T do it, what are you saying?

that you don’t care about those people that you long to serve?

you have permission to feel worthy.

to own your carat worth!


when people tell you that they love what you do, that they support you,

that they want you succeed, that they value you, that they are looking to

you for the next step…

believe them!

people don’t just make that shit up. they don’t lie about what they love.

you have permission to believe them.


you are not a volunteer. this is a business. it is your job to build something

that allows you to earn money doing the work that you are here to do.

even if it is easy, natural, authentic, fun, or stuff that you would do anyways!

you serve, you deserve.

you have permission to create your Diamond wealth zone

you have permission to shine

you have permission to claim your financial freedom.


we have all these rules in our heads about what we need to do and

how to do it, sometimes based on what we see others doing, or

what we’ve been told to do, or the stories we are telling ourselves.

but who says?

who wrote that rule?

you have permission to ask WDTBT?


we often wait for everything to be ready, to be right, to be perfect,

to be figured out, to have our ducks all in a row, a 5 year plan,

or a 10 point checklist. but you are allowed to just fucking do it.

it’s ok to take action before you are ready. you have permission to JFDI.


somebody might not like it. someone might be upset. you might hear that

you are wrong or crazy or making a mistake. that’s ok though,

there will always be people who feel the need to spread negativity

(and it’s always more about them than it is about you!).

you have permission to ignore the haters.


often when we allow ourselves to consider something our heads get way

ahead of us, our brains start going crazy.

it feels impossible and overwhelming fast! start with the tiniest step.

keep it as simple as possible. make it incremental.

you have permission to start small.


we feel obligated to say yes. we feel bad if we say no. we feel guilty.

we feel like we are missing out. we feel like it might make us look like a bitch.

or look selfish.

or greedy.

but we can only stretch so far, and a NO is a yes to something else.

you have permission to create boundaries.


it is in doing that we get clarity. it is in talking that we find the right words.

we learn as we go, and as we know more we can do better.

but we don’t learn anything or get any clarity if we stay in our heads and never try.

you have permission to just try.


we are so close to what we do, it’s so personal. and there is only us…

only one perspective. sometimes fresh eyes and a fresh perspective can make a huge difference.

that’s why coaches and mentors and mastermind partners and other Diamond geniuses

are so important.

you have permission to seek support.


sometimes all the support and all the learning and all of the seeking

just confuses things even more. you have a sense of knowing already built in,

you just need to learn to listen to and trust that inner voice,

that intuition or knowing.

you have permission to follow your inner compass.

you have permission to say YES to claim your freedom.

you have permission to say YES to being self FULL

because when you track your north star and claim it

then others get to say YES to themselves too.


can you add to this list?

pop your ideas below!

how else can we give ourselves permission today?