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Confused and depressed about your purpose?

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Confused and depressed about your purpose? Read on

Can you believe were are mid way into January already?
I don't know about you but I have hot the ground running and finding my centre, staying grounded and falling gently into my life has been pretty unsettling.

Thalia went back to school this week, my Mom left last night after 3 weeks of nurturing, motherly attention and love and I find myself in a familiar space of questioning the sudden discomfort of loss and trepidation about my life in general. Honestly, even though I assist warrior women reboot their nervous systems and heal from trauma so that they can get their lives back on track fulfilled, calm and clear, I am a work in progress, the mess in my message and an eternal student of what makes me tick. Thank heavens I invested in myself to explore the shadow. my mindfulness process with my own life coach Craig Filek - I am approaching that cave again and its dark and scary and exciting all at once!
Take a self care break right now and receive my 3 top keys to navigate through stress with more ease

My word of the year is "CONGRUENCE" and I realise that in order to weave everything together in a new way, means practicing RADICAL SELF CARE by being gentler, softer towards myself. Kinder. Slower.

Why? Because its time to slow down and give myself permission to feel good and also because the highly sensitive person I am picks up in the mass consciousness of pressure that makes me often feel anxious at the start of the new year.

Are you feeling the same way?
Confused about what thoughts, feelings and emotions are yours and what aren't?
Use the "who does this belong to?" question and take a breath if that is safe for you.
From the feedback of the ENVISION 2016 free 5 day process hundreds of you did over the holidays, the common thread is that there’s lots of pressure to set the right intentions, stick with our resolutions, declutter, and map out the perfect new year going on out there and the process helped you slow down and tread gently on yourselves.

My mailbox has been inundated with countless folks writing about solutions for these very timely issues like weight loss, making money and that just adds to the pressure of what to do.While I have my own strategies and tips, we’re not going to review those today - I know how overwhelming, desperate and pushy it can be.

I want to ask you a bigger question that often leads to the ultimate spiritual breakthrough or crisis: "How do I find my purpose?".

Just thinking about finding your purpose can literally make people sweat — especially in January.
Like it or not, we’re at a precipice. We’re being called to leap into new beginnings and all that jazz.
Perhaps you’re reflecting on the last 365 days and saying “Well, I sure got a lot done, but what’s it all aboutr?
What’s my higher calling?
How do I stop spinning my wheels and get down to business?
And to be even more blunt: What the hell am I supposed to be doing with my life?!”

and how do I even find one spare minute to get quiet enough to go through the ENVISION process?
Download it here and get started gently
2016 Envision experiment

Just because its a new year doesn't mean everything unfinished from 2015 magically goes away.
There is mess to sort for me I'd rather not, like a joiner who has a heap of money to refurbish my kitchen who keeps moving the job out and I am pretty pissed about the lies, lines and manipulations he is using. I just wanted a new kitchen I have been waiting for, for the past 10 years to be delivered as promised.
My partner arrived home with two rescue kittens that as cute as they are and very distracting, they need caring for and I have four other cats thats noses are out of joint because they were not asked if they would be alright with that. The whole family matrix had to be worked on and even though its only been a few days, there is more work to be done on everyone!
A productivity planner keeps me focused and clear on where to put my energy first without beating myself up for not getting things done.

January in TCM is Gall Bladder month, time to water the wood - reminding us all to be flexible so that we can roll with the punches, laugh at our stupidity, flow with more kindness and grace with all the new changes, so that we stay grounded with strong roots and not snap and break, become unhinged. We are going into practical, pragmatic ways to plan and decision make, to take INSPIRED action, to tap into source and nourish ourselves so that we can sustain the seasons ahead in the Freedom Five - The Art of Stress less Living membership club and it's powerful stuff to see everyone lay solid foundations for 2016.
For more details or to Join the Freedom 5 Art of Stress less Living inner circle here

** So, back to purpose......

What if your purpose is very different than what you’ve been taught to believe?

* What if your purpose is to build an everlasting relationship with yourself? To fall deeply in love with precious you? This isn’t self-centered or selfish, it’s self-expansive. Interconnected. Conscious.Download the 30 day self love notes, meditations, written enquiries and tools here
* What if your purpose is to forgive yourself and others? And by doing so, create a ripple effect of love and compassion over the world.

* What if your purpose is to gently heal all self-injury by returning to your heart? And by doing so, you inspire others to do the same.

* What if your purpose is to release all shame and feelings of unworthiness? Guess what you’ll find behind those feelings? Vulnerability—where your true strength and courage reside.

* and what about the common self abuse trap of comparison, perfectionism,complaining, self judgement and criticism?
* What if your purpose is to gently remind yourself of the gift of imperfection, of waiting to get it right and good and perfect and that your never ending pursuit of it, is destroying your life and your relationships? Can you just surrender and move forward imperfectly perfect in your goals and aspirations and take a step?

* What if your purpose is to speak kindly to yourself so that you elevate your energy and the world around you?

* What if your purpose is to BELIEVE and TRUST yourself deeply? To remember your true nature, your essence, your heart and LOVE yourself exactly where you are.

* What if your purpose is to be impeccable with your words, to practise radical self care  so that you have the vital love force energy to serve more greatly AS your living legacy?
* Listen in here: How to be a living legacy of love, compassion and inspiration

* What if your purpose is to create quiet, mental white space so that you can hear the wisdom of your sage that has always been within you?
* We all have a choice to create a deeper awareness to the grande scheme of things.
* You already have everything you need to BE YOUR OWN MEDICINE and find your way home - to your True divine nature, your compass direction.
* And lastly …

What if your purpose (or invitation) is to actually bear witness to your suffering?
To honor and acknowledge, the tense and release of being multi sensory is exactly what is requires in that moment to move through it. “They” say that “suffering is optional.”  I’m not so sure about that - i believe that it is what makes us human. We all experience suffering and separation sickness and our own experience of being human from our own perspective.
I may have agreed with this at one point. But that was before my experience of loss, depression, illness and brain tumors. What I know to be true for me and so many of my clients is that moving through life stressors, getting to the root cause of depression, anxiety and  to enoughness is mastery and its life long practise.

What if finding your purpose is about intentionally practising radical kindness and self care?

Not an external to-do or accomplishment, even if that to-do or accomplishment is the most important discovery of all time. Because if you are the one destined to find the most important ah-ha of all time, you will probably find it quicker and easier if you feel good, loved and happy. Start with slowing down, rest a while because when you feel healthy, happy and loved everything changes. Small, inspired choices transit into big choices and changes.
Big choice or little choice?
What if the whole purpose of living is to have fun?
What if it could be that simple?

Just choose - for today and where ever you may find yourself....
LOVE that as the best it can be in that moment.

Reach for the stars by igniting your Diamond light inside.
You are the pilot light. Your purpose is to shine.
Trust me everything else will follow when you choose to shine bright.

I am going to practice some radical self care and play with the kittens a while.
How about you?

What one thing will you choose to do in the name of self love and kindness today?
Post your comments below and inspire others to do the same.

Much love and gratitude

You are the light. Your inner purpose is to connect with that light. Everything else will follow in time.

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What your one word or theme for 2016?

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Happy 2016 – may this be the year you get to trust your gut knowing and stop over thinking.
I am contemplating my word for 2016 being CONGRUENCY – BRINGING EVERYTHING TOGETHER AS ABOVE AS BELOW in the 8 energy of a 9 year of completion, letting go of everything that no longer works with EASE and GRACE = ACCESSING MY DIVINE TRUE NATURE.

Con”gru*ent (?)a. [L. congruens, of congruere: cf. F. congruent.] Possessing congruity; suitable; agreeing; corresponding.

The congruent and harmonious fitting of parts in a sentence. B. Jonson.

Congruent figures (Geom.), concurring figures.

CONGRUENT, a. Suitable; agreeing; correspondent.

Play this short meditation to breath in and let go, let the watery emotions FLOW through you.

I believe more than ever that in order to be in flow, congruent to everything we have to move BEYOND the head tripping, over thinking, mental aspect and into BEING everything. Everything is energy and how you do anything is how you do everything.
Today accept your invitation to abundance: to joyously celebrate existence and share your happiness. It is your True Nature to be happy and to add to the richness of experience for everyone.
Thinking gets in the way of living because it is not a creative process, it is a trap designed to keep you on your personal treadmill of repetitive misery. If you could have solved your situation by thinking, you would have done it by now. Thinking is the perfect trap. It keeps you going round in circles trying to figure out what can only be discovered through your awareness.
Over-thinking is a great way of hiding your awareness and your brilliance from you. You go blank when you get uncomfortable with the energies of creation and instead of creating, you fill in your world with conclusions that never quite work out. An alternative to constant conclusions is asking questions.
“What have I hidden from me, that if I would unhide it, would fill the blank with my true creative capacities?”
“What am I capable of that I don’t know I am capable of?”
“What would I really like to create here?”
If you would ask these questions every time you go blank, you may find your creative capacities begin to expand. You might even begin to change the world with your awareness, instead of maintaining the status quo with your conclusions.
Do you recognize that you came to change the world?
Are you doing it?
Why not?
create from unknown
You are not willing to be everything that would change everything around you.
You keep trying to figure out what you are supposed to do or why you are supposed to be here or what’s going to create the most impact.
You spend more time thinking about it than you do asking, “What can I be today to change the world right away?”
Mindfulness is HOW you move out of stress, worry and overwhelm and into more ease, grace and joy.
I speak more about the HOW here:
Thinking postpones the joy of living.
Headtrippers are always wondering if they would like to do something, rather than actually trying it out. There are no prizes for perfection. No princes in shining armour for wishful thinking or non-stop fantasies. If you are thinking too much, you get to live only in your head, instead of creating and generating the different reality that you keep thinking about.
The true artistry of living is the willingness to be the question that allows others to go places they haven’t been willing to go. Would you rather be the over-thinker that limits change or the artist that changes the world? Don’t go to the blank, just choose! You can always choose again ten seconds from now.
What if that is the true joy of thinking?
Here is a short video about BEING in the question not the conclusion of what you have defined as impossible:
This is a new world, a new Earth BEING in the 5D reality beyond extrapolation, head tripping… this is THE ART OF STRESS LESS LIVING.
WILL you join me in living free to be YOUR OWN MEDICINE?
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Much love and gratitude

The Holidays to be or not to be happy, that is the question!

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The Holidays to be or not to be happy, that is the question!

xmas cats


What are things that you as a Highly Sensitive person love about this time of year and what feels more like a burden to you?

You might love the sense of connection, decoration and baking cookies. Yet you may also feel the pressure of what is too much, too loud, and too “many” for your senses.

If you’re visiting family then you might struggle with how to be social without getting overwhelmed.

If you’re not visiting family then you might feel left out this time of year and struggle to make the holidays fun and meaningful.

In our last True Nature community living call, we talked about this with members and a lot of emotions bubbled to the surface, including a lot of good ideas about how to create more ease, flow and grace that I’d like to share with you here.


Missed the call, you can listen to the replay here:

3 keys to navigate through stress, overwhelm and holiday madness

Out of the Blues banner

You’ll see some bigger common themes, but also a lot of individual differences. Being a highly sensitive being doesn’t mean we all agree on the “perfect holiday celebration” (much also depends on our particular families) but it does mean we share certain preferences.

 best free
But first…

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What do you care about and stress about when it comes to celebrating the holidays?

Whatever it is and isn’t, I hope the ideas below will validate your experiences and inspire you to make the holiday time (even) better.

These are some of the insights from the Happy Sensitive Community calls this month:

We’re not big on required gift giving as a holiday focus.

We’d much prefer to get each other something small throughout the year, or spend quality time together.

All that scrambling to get each other a big enough gift – and sometimes even having to keep track of who gave how much to whom – just complicates things.

In some families, there are so many gifts being given that you don’t even get to see each other open them, because there is no time for that.

In other families, incomes are very unequal and gifts create stressful financial pressures.

We crave 1-on-1 time

It’s important to have 1-on-1 time with people we care about and haven’t seen in a while. That’s different from having everyone together in one room all the time, being squashed together like sardines.

The good news: we can ask for it. Not by expecting people to understand our unhappiness, but simply by proposing something different.

What would you like to do instead, and how could you ask for it in a positive way that leaves the other person choice?

For example: “I’d really like to spend some time with you over the holidays. How about we do X, would you like that? We could do it before/after/while everyone is doing Z.” Ask in advance.

Alternatively, if you’re going to a big family meetup just to see one person, perhaps you could find a way to meet up with that one person separately?

On long drives, we do better when we also factor in some quiet time.

One of our community members is making a point of stopping at a national park along the drive to the family Xmas celebration.

Maybe there’s no national park along your route, but factoring in some time for yourself before or during your trip is a great way to charge up those social batteries.

Many of us loving hanging out at the kids table.

We love the directness of kids, and we like to join in their imaginative games.

If that’s you and you feel odd about it, how about letting yourself enjoy that? Other adults will be happy that you took on the role of “babysitter” (haha, if only they knew! It’s a win win!)

We’re fed up with families pretending to be something they are not.

If we have a very disfunctional family, then we much prefer to opt out of the required celebration alltogether and instead spend that time doing something we really like.

If this is you, you could pull out some of the holiday elements you enjoy (like baking cookies or decorating the house) and keep those and ditch the rest.

Redesign Christmas, what makes it meaningful to you?

Or you can just ignore the holidays altogether.

This time of year is in many parts of the world a darker, quieter, introverted time naturally.

Traditionally it was a time to “add light” to the darkness.

Does modernHOLY days feel like a light overdose to your senses?

If so, perhaps you’d rather stick to some quieter ways to add light, like lighting some candles and a fire in the hearth, without all the blingbling.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re quite attuned to astrological changes (and you can feel the winter solstice on the 21st affecting you and shifting things for some days after still). If so, “adding light” can be more of an inner process: to hold space for any changes and meditatively pay attention to inner shifts during this time.

You could honour the darker time.

You could take a few days just to do some reading or work on a creative project or go to a cabin in the woods.

The darkness can be a creative space, like the womb, or seeds underground: a space for new things to grow.

There are older, pagan celebrations that Xmas was built “on top of”, meaning that there are older, different kinds of meanings you can tune into and use to give meaning to this time of year.

Thinking about traditional farming work-cycles, winter was the time to work less, fix tools and look ahead to the new year. Perhaps Xmas is an ideal time for that for you. What are some tools you could fix? How could you get some extra rest?

A lot of things are put on hold over Xmas, so if you want to opt out of the celebrations then chances are that this will be an easier time to get some quiet time.

You could make it less formal.

While Xmas may feel like something quite formal up north, it’s interesting to note too that in the Souther Hemisphere it’s summer this time of year.

In South Africa for example, it’s common to have an Xmas Braaivleis aka BBQ by the pool or beach. Can you see yourself eating roasted zucchinis on the beach?

How might flip flops give a better-feeling twist to how to celebrate the holidays?

Maybe making the holidays more casual would be just the ticket to make them work for you.

Sometimes family celebrations can feel like they’re stuck in repeat.

Like a good old never ending blast from the past.

Company lunches can be like that too. Perhaps it’s because nothing actually happens at those meet ups. People sit around and eat and talk, but you’re not doing anything together. You’re not making any new memories.

If this goes on year after year, there may be very little holding you together other than old shared stories. Repeated. Every. Single. Year. Ugh.

So, how about adding some holiday cheer by introducing a small activity? It could be as simple as a potluck or a game of Uno.

(I brought tiny boxes of raisins to a  serious academic meeting once. Those boxes were actually for kids, and I brought them as a bit of a joke along with some other food. It was surprising, and satisfying though to see a bunch of nutty academics sticking their pinkies into those little  boxes to get the raisins out. It was a small change, but it changed the tone of the meeting.)

Other small ways to shake things up: sit next to someone new.

Share a different kind of story.

If your family or group is open to it (perhaps next year) then you might even organise something bigger to do together.

What would allow people to connect in new ways? What would help create good new memories?

What would help get people out of their usual groove (without being too uncomfortable)?

I hope this gave you some new inspiring holiday ideas!

If you’d like to join in future OUT of the Blues holistic conscious conversations , you’re welcome to. We have monthly meetups in our community here

How can I contribute to you today?

Meeting other highly sensitive wounded healers and creators is a great way to get to know each other and get to know yourself better too.

My friend and colleague Loralee Humpherys and I have created an affordable, high value way for you to do just that here over at Freedom 5 – the Art of Sress less living inner circle.


Join us here – Freedom in 5 Monthly membership inner circle

This is an outline of what we will be exploring, educating and envisioning into more flow:

1.January Spring into action, adaptability and resourcefulness – Wood element and the Gall Bladder animal medicine Rat
2.February Spring abundance, money, fertile soil,sacredness & the sexual godess – release Wood element and the Liver animal medicine Cow
3.March transition -Transforming your power centre planning , persistence, surender nature Metal Lung and animal medicine tiger
4.April Metal Summer Taking care of business without fear, intuitive survival vulnerability, patience Large INtestine animal medicine rabbit
5.May Earth Summer digesting life stomach and animal medicine dragon
6.June Fire Autumn Strengthening your way and shedding old skins spleen and animal medicine snake
7.July Fire Autumn Defining Freedom & Power of the herd – connecting with your tribe element heart and animal medicine horse
8.August Winter Sure footedness, stillness Taking stock trust and envision Earth element Small intestine and animal medicine goat
9. September Water element bladder and animal medicine monkey – resourcefulness, problem solving and playfulness,letting go of control
10. October water Going deep into emotions stop scratching the surface -element kidneys and animal medicine chicken – balancing patience with action from your heart not your head
11. November Generating self love & respect getting out of criticism and self judgement and back to allowance through co operation and communityfire element pericardium and the animal medicine of dog
12. December Fire Standing up taking root in your true nature – Order and efficiency element triple hater and the animal medicine of the boar Fearlessness, courage, assertiveness and protection

Sharing holiday struggles and talking about them helped everyone become more aware of why they liked or disliked certain things. At the same time, many members had already found solutions to certain common problems and hearing them share their stories helped other members see how they could do something similar.

Positive change is all about understanding and acknowledgement first, and practical solutions second. It’s about both.

It’s one thing to read about a possibility in a book or an article, it’s something else to hear someone you know describe how that approach is working out in their own life. Personal anecdotes just provide so much more relatable detail, it brings solutions closer.

As highly sensitive, multi sensory beings we need sensitive role models. Those role models can be our peers. We all have different stories and insights to share. Bringing it all together is a powerful thing.

Who is your role model? What animal totems bring you back to your heart?

and with all the talk about Earthing and grounding as a doing, could you just notice the chair supporting you or the grass beneath your feet and FEEL how it grounds your energy just by contacting with it.

Lets move into a space of non doing.

I celebrate you being YOU!


Where is your resistance obstructing you?

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“Resistance obstructs movements only from a lower sphere to a higher. It kicks in when we seek to pursue a calling in the arts, launch an innovative enterprise, or evolve to a higher station morally, ethically, or spiritually. So if you’re in Calcutta working with the Mother Teresa Foundation and you’re thinking of bolting to a launch a career in telemarketing…relax. Resistance will give you a free pass.”

Stephen Pressfield, The War of Art

saying no

I recently learned about a high end mentorship program designed to help businesses like mine grow in new ways.

Since I’ve been expanding more and more online, and since I have come back full circle to acknowledge how important my work in the area of trauma release, depression and anxiety is becoming. I have committed to empower people to use the systems I have created in a functional, wholistic approach to BE YOUR OWN MEDICINE , I was seriously considering investing more time and money in yet another program.

At first when it felt really aligned, I could hardly contain my excitement. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

And yet as I continued to sit with the decision and consider the hefty price of participation, something began to change. Doubts began to arise: Would I like the other people in the program? Would it require more time or energy than I have available? Would it be worth the money that I put in? Was I chasing bright shiny promises when I know I just need to focus and get it done?

In short, I got scared. I went into doubt, reasons and justifications and had to pause, go deep into the resistance, just like I ask of my clients and think from my heart not my head!

Wisdom vs Fear

I often say that you can tap into your wisdom by listening to your gut ( you have to support a healthy gut first) before you can follow your gut, intuitive knowing both of which are expressed in your body first.

And it’s true. But what is important to note is what is true and the truth, the innate wisdom or the mind chatter and that can be confusing. You see it all starts with a healthy nervous system and knowing how to create secure attachment. ( I go in to this with a lot of depth in the Out of the Blues – 3 month group program and the 5 week Freedom 5 – The Art of Stress less Living starter class on neuro modulation and how to reboot your nervous system first.) If you have been getting mixed signals from your body or are feeling anxious and overwhelmed by an opportunity, just notice the feeling in your body without attachment to good, bad, right or wrong, just mindfulness observation.

As Stephen Pressfield points out in his brilliant book The War of Art—when our innate wisdom guides us to do something that’s going to take us into a higher level of moral integrity and spirituality , resistance and fear kick in. Your nervous system – interception and interception kicks in to stop you from putting yourself in the way of danger. Its a natural response to keep the body alive, unfortunately the brain does not know the difference between a real threat like being a lions dinner or an imagined famine when we worry about a our money situations or other what if….

This happens to me nearly every time I consider doing something that will allow me to out create and expand, and I’m pretty sure it’s happened to just about every person who’s ever considered doing a coaching program with me.

The danger is, blindly following our resistance is the most effective way to run smack into what we’re afraid of. If we listen to the fear and ignore what we feel called to do, we won’t do the things that will help us to succeed. We won’t sit down to create, we won’t share our work with the world, and we won’t seek the help we need to expand and grow and learn. Without these actions, we’re almost certain to fail, and thus our doubt becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So how can we tell if the negative response we feel is coming from our wisdom or fear? How do we know whether it’s best to say yes to an opportunity or politely decline?

Find your voice in the world

Knowing what you know

The voice of innate wisdom feels different than the voice of fear, energetically and in the body.

Though each feels different to everyone, there are some general rules of thumb:

Wisdom tends to be quiet, relaxed, patient, energized, or grounded. Even when it’s giving us bad news or pointing out a legitimate concern, it’s not shoving images of failure in front of our faces. It’s simply saying, in a calm and neutral way, “Something about this doesn’t feel quite right for us.”

Fear, on the other hand, tends to be loud, urgent, heavy, tense, and exhausting. It’s obsessive and can’t wait to talk about what could go wrong. It tells us we have to figure this out now. It uses whatever images, ideas, and volume it can get its hands on to increase our sense of panic and unrest.

You can get a lot of clarity just by noticing the flavor of the different thoughts in your head.

Giving fear a voice

Once you’ve identified your wisdom, it can give you all kinds of useful guidance. But what we sometimes forget is that the fear can too, if we only take the time to listen.

Sometimes fear is just asking for reassurance.  You can do this by asking yourself how you know your fear to be true. What evidence do you have that things will go badly? And if they do, would that really be as catastrophic as you imagine? Alternatively, what evidence can you find that things might actually go well? When have you made good on opportunities in the past or accomplished what you set out to do?

If you can’t reassure your fears, then be kind to them. Listen to them. While it’s not good to reflexively make decisions out of fear, it’s also not helpful if we force ourselves to stretch too far too fast.

In my case, my inquiry into intuition and fear led me to two realizations: first, that I absolutely wanted to commit to myself, my potential, and my intentions by investing in support that could help me to grow.

What I also realized was that this growth will necessarily challenge me, and I need to step into it slowly and gently. So I got on the phone with the woman leading the program once again to ask her some targeted questions. I found out that she’s all about being gentle and going at a pace that feels right. Learning this, my intuition confirmed that this is the right step for me to take.

I patted my fear on the head, took a big gulp, and paid my deposit.

create from unknownOver to You

How do you tell the difference between wisdom and fear? How have each helped you make good decisions in the past? Please share your ideas and experience in the comments section of this post

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My gift of revisiting depression and grace

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I have been in a little denial that its really time to put up the Christmas tree again and that this year is almost over. There’s been so many challenges to face and fires to walk through. So many loved ones have left this Earth and so many of my clients have had their dark night/s of the soul. My gift of revisiting depression for one has been my saving grace in listening to my pain so that I could release, reintegrate and renew.

Out of the Blues-2


I love gift giving and have created this especially for you, because I want you to
have a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.
soulful women retreat
If you would like to use your time off over the holidays to set yourself up strong for the New Year
please join this 5 day Experiment of work sheets, meditations and master classes so that when January comes
you have a pathway to health, happiness and success on your terms.

Over the course of the 5 days home study kit (you get to take as long as you want)
What has been calling to you from your inner world?
How do you want feel in your body in 2016?
What experiences do you want to have that excite and light you up?
Who are the people you really want to spend time with or connect with?
What excites you and gives you something to look forward to?
What creative projects MUST be started in your studio?
What hidden longing wants to be revealed?

2016 is a completion of another cycle, a time to cut the dead wood and release anything and anyone who is no longer contributing to you best life. Its a year to focus on where you want to be 6 months, a year, 2 years from now and prioritise an action plan to make sure you receive what you want. It is not going to be easier than 2015, in fact the energies will continue to amplify, to force us to stop the madness and thrive. That is exactly why we must continue to do the inner work, heal the separation sickness by coming back to hearts before we will see the external world match the new higher vibrations, It starts with you saying YES to you and I want to support you any which way possible.

I believe we are not here on this planet to make six figures, to be the most popular person in the world or get fancy invites to exclusive events. I believe we are here in the 9 energy of the collective consciousness to rise above the ego identity and into the WE which starts with remembering you are enough, there is enough ( so long as we practise benevolent capitalism and be the guardians of the planet.) and there is enough gratitude, honour, allowance, vulnerability and trust. We can transmute fear, lack, scarcity, hatred, anger , jealousy through LOVE and it starts with loving yourself exactly as you are.

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What I’ve learned from this year of revisiting deep depression, loss & my rite of passage through health and relationship challenges, is that we are here to LIVE not DIE a slow death going against our True Nature. We are here to connect and serve through our greatest gifts – be that the gift of trauma,depression, disease or disharmony. Its time….to bring your personal stories out into the world so others may choose to live too.
And what that requires is something no blueprint, template, exclusive invite, accolade, income goal, award or step by step proven success system can give you.
What that requires is a relentless dedication to say YES to you, to giving yourself the space to return to your heart and soul urge, over and over again.
What that requires is the grace that you relentlessly honor YOU to ensure that what you are growing always feels in true alignment.

When you stop resisting flow and return to the nature cycle of life that I teach in the Going with the Flow through the Compass Directions and the 5 Elements to Healthy Living master classes. Wood feeds Fire, so it is part of the natural flow to burn the “dead wood” so to speak and get moving forward and fuel the fire in your belly! 
It’s natural to feel afraid when life strips everything familiar away from us to remind us of whom we came here to be in this one precious life. 
It’s natural to feel like you just cannot endure any more when it feels like everything is burning to the ground. It is part of being human to move through the elements so that you can rise up out of those ashes like the Phoenix, and nurture your Earth, grounded and connected in your True Divine Nature.
Before a big expansion comes a big contraction.
That is your vital life force, the dragons breath, the in and the out of each breath you take.

That is the mastery of Human Kindness – to walk you path aligned with your core values, your authentic, vulnerable BEingness in service and love.
It’s not work for the mediocre or the faint of heart.
And I am grateful for all of it. All of the ego-crushing failures, the agony and ecstasy of rebirth and renewal.

Because in 2015 everything that was stripped away, burnt up, swept away in the under tow of my watery emotions and the nurturing spaces in between have carried me in to a new space of being a greater version of myself beyond the I Am. I am choosing to TRUST that I AM, that I AM free to be me, undefinable even in my messy bits. The mess is in the message after all.

And by moving full circle, no beginning, no end is an emergence of my True Nature – the work I am here to share as an expert in healing from stress, anxiety and depression naturally.

I can finally breathe again. No more living in my zone of excellence, I am claiming dominion over my Zone of Diamond brilliance. I am going deeper, with more intensity, more heart that I could even imagine possible. In a world where stress and nervous system deregulation is making people sicker and more disconnected than ever, I know I have to empower more people to BE their own medicine! The future of humanity and the survival of the planet depends on us all waking up!

In the last few months I have been out -creating everything to bring you a powerful body of work that will give you your own prescription to health, wealth and happiness on your own terms!

I’ll be announcing one of the new and powerful ways to work with me to step “Out of the Blues – from stressed,anxious and depressed to healthy, happy and fully expressed” so that you can BE YOUR OWN MEDICINE. When you heal from the inside out then and ONLY then, will you have the courage and vitality to grow in to YOUR Diamond soul aligned work and thrive. You cannot show up and make a positive impact in the world if you are exhausted, burnt out and dis illusioned.
I want to show you how you can change that, so make sure you do NOT miss that email.
It’s something I never thought I would be able to offer at this depth of content and detail in an on line program and there will be a very limited amount of spots available to keep the group intimate and very, very personal.

Until then, thank you for your support and for being YOU.
Thank you for having the courage to step into this container of truth and aligned love. Thank you for daring to dream the big dreams, even when it’s scary.
Thank you for having the resilience to turn those dreams in to YOUR reality.
You are part of my soul tribe, too. And I love you.

Here is to your high shine success and happiness,
love and gratitude

P.S. The reality is, a lot of people want their lives to change. They want their bank accounts to grow, their businesses to expand, their marriages to become passionate again and their families to be harmonious and loving. They want all of these things, but they’re not willing to do what it takes to actually see these changes happen.

But YOU, on the other hand… well, I LOVE working with people like you. You are focused and driven, with a true desire to succeed. You are a person of action. And guess what? Results will follow action!
One of the greatest things about success is, it’s not about making tons of big, important, life-altering changes! It’s about making small decisions and small changes, and being consistent and diligent in following through with them. It’s about putting one foot in front of the other, day after day after day.

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