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What is the Enneagram?

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What  is  the  Enneagram?


The  Enneagram  is  a  personality  typing  system  that  serves  as  a   powerful  gateway  to  your  inner  wisdom  and  can  shed  light  on   behaviors  which  might  be  undermining  your  ability  to  access   wholeness,  true  intimacy,  and  the  fulfillment  of  your  life’s   dreams.


On  my  own  journey  to  healing  from  trauma  and  depression  and   in  working  with  thousands  of  clients  to  reclaim  their  health,   happiness  and  abundance  I  discovered  that  certain  personality   traits  made  certain  people  more  prone  to  mystery  diseases  like   chronic  fatigue  and  immune  system  failure,  than  others.


It  seems  that  type  1  (reformers/perfectionists),  type  2  (givers),   type  3  (achievers)  and  type  6  (loyalist/anxiety  types)  are   naturally  more  pre  disposed  to  chronic  fatigue  and  auto  immune   disease.


I  speak  about  the  effects  of  unresolved  adverse  childhood   experiences


and  chronic  unpredictable  stress  a  lot,  as  it  is  a   foundational  step  of  my  work  with  root  cause  resolution  for  my   clients.


You  can  listen  to  a  short  introduction  to  ACE’s  here­are-­aces     

and  learn  what  the  impact  of  a  high  ace  score  on  your  health   can  have  over  a  lifetime  if  not  resolved.  ACEs  not  only  impact   biology,  they  also  influence  and  shape  our  personalities,  so   events  in  childhood  can  lead  us  to  become  over-­achievers,   workaholics  and  over-­givers  for  example.



You  may  also  find  this  short  video  of  interest  on  the  impact  of   Ace’s  here:



The  good  news  is  you  can  heal  these  traumas  safely  and  gently   through  the  Access  your  True  Nature  systems.




I  have  an  insatiable  thirst  for  knowledge  as  an  enneagram  type  7   and  continue  to  master  completion  and  focusing  on  just  1  thing.   It  has  taken  me  a  long  time  to  realize  that  it  is  okay  to  be    present  in  whatever  I  am  doing  now  without  going  into  the    future  even  when  I  am  very  actively  busy.


In  numerology  I  am  a  1,  a  leader,  a  firestarter  and    understanding  my  essence  has  been  hugely  beneficial  in   becoming  deeply  happy  rather  than  avoiding  pain.  Going   through  the  work  to  love  whom  I  am  including  the  shadow  parts   saved  me  from  myself  and  why  I  do  the  work  I  do  with  my   clients  to  access  their  own  True  divine  nature.


That  is  why  after  learning  everything  from  numerology,  to   Kabbalistic  numerology,  tarot,  vedic  astrology  and  every  other   type  of  profiling  available,  I  created  my  own  system  –  a  12   week  program  called  “Pathway  to  Purpose  –  living  the   illuminated  life”,  using  Mindful  change,  the  5  Element   personality  profile,


You  can  take  my  quiz  online  here:



Enneagram,  Meyers  Briggs  and  Spiritual  astrology  based  on    the  4  quandrants  of  my  hero  Ken  Wilbers’  work  and  Joseph   Campbell’s  Heroines  Journey.  Mixed  with  my  own  intuitive  gifts,   trauma  resolution  and  attachment  style  work,  I  help  my  clients   resolve  trauma,  heal  their  body  mind  and  live  a  fulfilled,  happy   life. It is powerful self discovery to write your own prescription – an “operating system” which will allow you to make intelligent choices about what could be most helpful in your full self-expression and ultimately your living legacy.


If  you  are  curious  about  how  you  too,  can  heal  from  trauma  and   find  your  gold  –  connect  to  the  essence  of  what  you  came  here   to  gift  to  the  world,  then  book  a  complimentary  CLARITY  to   health,  wealth  and  happiness  discovery  session  with  me  now. ng?service_id=b5c4bc1f907b8cf0&staff_id=81e1a3920426f 6ce




Understanding  your  Enneagram  type  is  a  tool  for  exploring   what  makes  us  tick,  what  drives  us,  and  can  help  you  identify   and  ultimately  release  behaviours  originating  from  childhood   trauma  that  are  undermining  your  health  and  well-­being  in   adulthood.


Type One is principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic.

Type Two is generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing, and possessive.

Type Three is adaptable, excelling, driven, and image-conscious. Type Four is expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental.

Type Five is perceptive, innovative, secretive, and isolated. Type Six is engaging, responsible, anxious, and suspicious.

Type Seven is spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive, and scattered. Type Eight is self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational. Type Nine is receptive, reassuring, complacent, and resigned.


– See more at: enneagram-system-works/#sthash.qIg9hJZ7.dpuf



  Curious  to  know  what  Enneagram  Type  you  are?  


To  complete  a  short  questionnaire  to  establish  your  Enneagram   type  and  read  and  listen  to  a  summary  of  all  the  types­to-­all-­riso-­hudson-­  tests/

Ready  to  dive  into  deeper  healing  through  The  True  Nature   Systems?

Book  a  complimentary  CLARITY  to  health,  wealth  and   happiness  discovery  session  with  me  now. ng?service_id=b5c4bc1f907b8cf0&staff_id=81e1a3920426f 6ce



What does February have in store for you?

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We have yet another uniquely exciting month ahead of us!

Now there are many reasons for this, which we will explore here, but the first is that over the last 4 months, we’ve been experiencing a ‘repeat’ of Universal Month Cycles that focused on the numbers 8 and 9.

February – a 9 Universal Month – marks the final month of that 4 month period“where our awareness and connection to our center of power is being cultivated and augmented”  in preparation for us to ultimately embody our souls purpose and intention of experience during this time, and in the future, unbridled.

And having just transitioned into the ‘Year of the Wood Horse’, a universal symbol of movement, and unbridled freedom of the immortal spirit, this couldn’t be more fitting as the next waves of our unique soul expression, the result of our grand transformation, are bursting with excitement as it merges with the momentous winds of progression.

We’re ready to move, and the anticipation and adrenaline are culminating as we await  the ‘official green light.’

I promise, it’s coming…….


February is a 9 Universal Month

The last time we experienced this energy was back in December 2013, where we were more focused on creating the energetic space that would allow new light to pervade our being, and give us the energy to forge a new path. And it was well received.

In February, a 9 Universal Month, opportunities to embrace another surge of release will be available, allowing for enlightened wisdom to be received – so that we can ‘act smarter, not harder’.

So again, setting yourself free by cutting the cords that bond you to that which is limiting you, will be a common.

However, in no way does this indicate that you’ve taken a step back, especially if you’re guided to focus on another layer of things you experienced back in December.

No my darling Cosmic Soul, you have taken many steps up since then!

Therefore, what lies ahead of you is, in truth, a natural elevation of soul experience.

This time around, your decisions and thus your actions, aren’t just results of consciousness, but ones centered in patience, generosity, compassion, benevolence and love.

In other words, they’ve got a lot more soul!

So it is here that I want to remind you of the natural nature of this cycle, because when you embrace it, it’s really going to make your future experience a hell of a lot easier – especially in April when things get really exciting!

9 cycles are point of transition, they’re about cleansing, which requires movement and change, so that the new has sacred space in your life to take root and manifest. So ultimately, this cycle brings completeness. It deepens your breath in the most fulfilling ways.

Now the ‘reality’ is that this is a period that really impresses upon you the fact that wasting your energy, your time, your resources and your space, on pursuits that are not aligned with your unique soul, serves no one!  (Because 9 is the vibration of the Humanitarian after all)

And so while some of the ‘things’ that are ready to move, that the time has come to let go of, may be obvious to you, you can’t always know what is no longer in service of your highest good, and of course there’s always that resistance thing…..

So you really want to exercise trust in the fact that by universal law, ending always precede new beginnings, and embrace the support of Spirit, or what have you, this month because the magnificent forces at work beneath the surface will
remove’ that which you are unable or unwilling to see yourself.


Mercury Retrograde

On February 6th, Mercury goes retrograde until the 28th.

However there are two reasons why this one will be much different than ones we’ve experienced before…..

1) Because communications are slowed during this time, it is not advised to begin new projects, partnerships or to sign contracts of any kind during this time. What’s important to note is that because we’re in a 9 universal month of culmination and endings, this flow of completing tasks and projects that still need doing, and capping off any remaining energy leaks, is one that you really don’t want to resist, simply because you may likely find yourself having to backtrack and ‘redo’ later on.

2) At the exact moment Mercury shifts, the numbers code that is activated reveals even more insight into the shape the energetic imprint of the core of our experience will take. This time, our emotional, self and creative expressions will be triggered.

This is where things get really juicy!!


A Little Deeper Now…

In addition to everything we’ve explored so far, the 9 vibration is one of enlightened leadership.

It represents being in a state of transition, while at the same time, choosing to hold true to its core identity. Meaning while ‘change’ is occurring yes, in essence more of our truth is being revealed. Therefore, what’s really going on is the embodiment of a magnified state of becoming….

Now this is where Mercury being retrograde for essentially the entire month, holds the potential to be an amazing, spiritual experience!

More than anything, Mercury slows down our outer communication so that our channels of inner communication become more enhanced, so that we can engage more intimately with our Soul, and the timeless, universal wisdom of Source.

And because this 9 Universal Month is a cycle of endings, some of which we may have resisted back in December due to a lack of understanding, when you take time to rest, reflect and connect to your inner streams of consciousness, as Mercury Retrograde helps you to do, much is revealed that you may have failed to notice before. Where a breakthrough of sorts can occur where you’ve experiences challenge in the past.


10 Day Power Period

Lastly, one of the major benefits of 9 Universal or Personal Month Cycles, is that there is always a ‘Power Period’ – a brief span of time where the Date and Universal Day Numbers are exactly the same, creating a ‘double activation’ of one particular number.

This months ‘Power Period’ will take place from February 10th – 19th. (Note: we will NOT experience this event again until November 2014)

What this means is that we’ll be feeling the influence of the number being activated a lot more.

Now the reason I bring this to your attention is because a strong focus and flow is being brought to your experience, which also brings opportunities to make a lot of progress in the area of your life that is being highlighted at that time, as determined by your personal numerology cycles.

Now what’s unique about this particular Power Period, is that it occurs during Mercury Retrograde, and its peak – the halfway point – falls on the same day as the Full Moon in Leo! (Which happens on Valentines Day no less)

So connecting to your inner self will be paramount over these 10 days because we will have this polarity going on where the lines of communication are slowed down, but our emotional experience, and connection to our inner self is magnified, making way for some pretty profound insights of self understanding when you take the time to explore those feelings to their core.

For more information on astrology and accessing your true nature check out the amazing Tara Villeneuve  at who brought you this lovely insight for February!

What would your life look like if it was fun and easy? Who would you be?

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Amplification of 7:7 energies today – The Full Moon in Cancer on January 16th (Universal Time), is bringing forth the infinite possibilities for some really incredible breakthroughs to occur along our path to creating a unified heart and mind. Are you willing to be fiercely courageous sand step up to the plate to create the life and living you know is possible??

The next few days are an ideal time to do a final focus on those things you are ready to release from your past so as to make more space in your life for more of what you want to bring into your future…

Consider today’s full moon to be a kind of transition into a new phase so that you don’t drag your past into your future. It’s also a great time to do some kind of release ceremony about what you really are ready to fully let go of, as well as an honoring of what you are inviting in.

Beyond that, this is a one-derful time to practice stopping the experiences associated with what many of us Lightworkers refer to as riding on the hamster wheel of life…just perpetually running on high and actually going no where…crazy how we all do that, right?

Instead, do something really fun and enjoyable for yourself. Take this opportunity to get off the hamster wheel, give yourself a well deserved rest and do something fun, spontaneous and even luxurious for yourself…think self care, ‘self nourishment and respectful extravagance 😉

Ultimately, this particular full moon is designed to further open the heart center to foster a deeper, more intimate bond with ourselves and our loved ones…

here is an energetic meditation to assist you to step in to your True nature:

what financial future are you creating?

As we launch into 2014, I want to remind you of something that I think is easily forgotten as we go through our day to day activities.

More is possible.

“More what?”, you may be asking.

Well, it’s up to you.

What are you craving more of? More freedom? More possibility? More fulfillment? More money? More peace and happiness?

It’s all possible. Trust me. So how do you get the “More” that you’re wanting?

Here are 3 ways to help you get started:

1. Decide

Nothing happens into you make the decision to do it. That doesn’t mean, “oh maybe I’ll get around to it”, or “I don’t know, we’ll see.” NO – deciding means “Yes! I am deciding TODAY that I am going to have this.”

So go ahead, decide first what you are going to have MORE of.

2. Believe

You can decide all day long, but if you don’t truly believe you can do it on the inside, then you won’t take the necessary actions to make it happen. You much believe in yourself and the possibilities for your “More”.

Do you believe?

3. Surround yourself with the right people

Think of the five or ten people you spend most time with. What are these people doing? How passionate are they? Are they doing big things – or are they aspiring to do big things? Are they believers in getting the most out of life?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to find a new circle of influence.

If you hang out in an area where the people have an accent long enough, you start taking on that accent yourself, right?

It’s the same thing with your mindset. If you hang out with naysayers and non-believers and non-achievers long enough, you can start to develop a similar attitude.

Find a community that will support you and that will elevate your thinking. It’s critical.

Ready for MORE now?

I hope so – because I know you can have it.

But please know, you are not alone! Many of us feel like an outsider because we want more than what society says we should have. It’s time to bust out of that rut and connect with amazing women who KNOW that more is possible and within reach.