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Sisters are doing it for the world!

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Sisters truly are doing it for the world – it is bigger than all of us this thing called a new feminine economy.

Every day we see powerful, courageous women speaking in their truth about things tat really are creating a new conscious, kind, feminine economy. Britain have a new women PM who showed up on her first day in a soft, beautiful Sari adorned with beading and who knows, perhaps Hilary Clinton will rise to power in the US – no comment on politics, lies, lines and manipulations there.

I spoke the unspeakable about lies, lines, manipulations and how you can trust yourself more over here:


It never ceases to amaze me in my private practise how many women come to heal past trauma, reclaim their identity of self because under all the roles they play as mother, executive, lover, sister, friend they have not only lost their joy BUT they don’t know who they are any more resulting in mystery illness, anxiety, depression and pain.

I want you to know it does not have to be this way -even though millions of us are feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled—in spite of the extraordinary gains we’ve made—those feelings don’t stem from any personal failure.

We’re the most educated, powerful generation of women in history, and yet studies are showing that we’re less happy and more lonely and depressed than we’ve ever been.

In fact, over 20% of women are on antidepressants. (Statistically speaking, that’s one in five of all the women reading this!)

We’re being heralded as saviors of the global economy…

We’re even graduating in higher numbers from college than men…

And we’re now the primary breadwinners in many American households…

Yet, six out of ten women experience overwhelming financial stress to the point where we can’t sleep at night—and not sleeping is the #1 cause of chronic illness!

We also have the freedom to create any kind of relationship we want to have in our lives…

But studies are showing that as many as 50% of us are living alone, and those who do have partners, surprisingly, are having way less sex than our grandmothers!

We’ve even been launching businesses at a higher rate than men for years now…

And yet a staggering 95% of us never break through the six-figure barrieror go on to have the larger impact we want to have or make the contributions we want to make.

What’s going on here?!

In my work with nearly 300,000 women, I’ve discovered that over the last 50 years, women have been mastering a logical, linear, masculine power system that has enabled us to create things at an unprecedented rate that are predictable and controllable.

But as useful and necessary as that power system is, it can’t create the things our hearts and souls are now are aching for, like…

  •          Authentic confidence
  •          Intimacy
  •          Discovering our genius and calling
  •          Creating a prosperous career aligned with our values
  •          Deeper spiritual connection
  •          Creativity, adventure and fun
  •          Helping to heal and transform the world
All of these require the divine Feminine Power to bring them forth, and I’ve made it my mission to awaken this new kind of power in every woman by getting to the root cause of trauma.


Have you taken the ACE test to see how your adverse childhood experiences may be holding you back from trusting yourself and creating the life that you know is your birthright?

We’ve experienced so much pain, frustration and confusion in our attempts to manifest our deepest desires without the power to step into these potentials, and that has often left us feeling helpless and victimized.

The first step in awakening your Feminine Power is to change your story from one of being a victim of your circumstances to one of being a creator of your experience.

Just think about how often you’ve blamed your external circumstances for your experiences?

How many times have you said to yourself,

“If only I had more money, more knowledge, a better education, a better job, could lose 10+ pounds, had more ________ (fill in the blank)

…then I’d be able to live the life I was born to live!”

We’re conscious women who’ve done our personal and spiritual growth work, yet the vast majority of us still identify these external obstacles as the primary barriers to our success.

Our focus is on trying to source the power to change our lives by pushing harder, by managing and controlling the externals of our lives—our to do lists, our circumstances, trying to change other people, our schedules, our finances, our bodies and so on—only to end up feeling frustrated and powerless.

This external relationship to power is so deeply entrenched in our culture, so undistinguished and pervasive in our thinking, it’s been hard for most of us to escape it until now. Like water to a fish, it’s what we’re used to.

But what if the primary barriers to the realization of your dreams and deepest desires are internal, not external?

The truth is that your experience of life is being generated much more by what’s going on inside you than outside you.

The ways that you habitually relate to yourself, to others, and to your life circumstances are the deeper source of your experience.

So, to change your experience, you need to cultivate the power to shift what’s happening on the inside, and this is the power of the Feminine.

The true source of power you need to fulfill these deeper desires is within you, just waiting to be awakened.

I’d like to invite you to participate in a powerful exercise that has already caused an instant shift in many thousands of women.

Power Practice: From Victim to Creator

1. Make a list of all the reasons you tell yourself you can’t live your best life, realize your highest creative potentials and make your greatest contributions to the world. Those phrases you tell yourself, like “I’m too busy,” “I don’t have the money,” “I’m too old,” etc. And be honest! Write down whatever those little nagging voices in your head are telling you.

2. Next, notice how many of them are external reasons. Here is the challenge for you: just for today, let go of any and all reasons outside of yourself as to why you’re not realizing your highest potentials and making your greatest contributions.

3. When you’re ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing your awareness to drop down into your body. Move into a place of listening and receptivity, becoming aware of your deeper knowing and connecting to the part of you that holds wisdom and has access to true power.

With a sense of authentic interest and curiosity, ask yourself, “How can I be responsible for my current experience of life? What are the choices I’m making (or not making) that are contributing to my current reality?”

For example:

Do you say “yes” to things you don’t want to say “yes” to because you want to be liked?

Do you choose to not focus on money because you don’t really care that much about it?

Do you play a smaller game because you don’t want to risk rejection?

Simply be aware of what comes up for you, with no judgment.

4. Finally, ask yourself: “What’s one new choice I could make today that will give me access to a new story of my power to create a different experience?”

5. Show up as a creator and make that choice. Then notice how your sense of power increases. You are now the heroine of your life!

After doing this exercise, I invite you to post your comments over at

And if you are still feeling like there is something more to shift, use the power of forgiveness.

Be kind to yourself as you listen to this guided forgiveness prayer specifically created so that you can release the trauma, self imposed or from someone else around receiving and money.

best free

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The Holidays to be or not to be happy, that is the question!

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The Holidays to be or not to be happy, that is the question!

xmas cats


What are things that you as a Highly Sensitive person love about this time of year and what feels more like a burden to you?

You might love the sense of connection, decoration and baking cookies. Yet you may also feel the pressure of what is too much, too loud, and too “many” for your senses.

If you’re visiting family then you might struggle with how to be social without getting overwhelmed.

If you’re not visiting family then you might feel left out this time of year and struggle to make the holidays fun and meaningful.

In our last True Nature community living call, we talked about this with members and a lot of emotions bubbled to the surface, including a lot of good ideas about how to create more ease, flow and grace that I’d like to share with you here.


Missed the call, you can listen to the replay here:

3 keys to navigate through stress, overwhelm and holiday madness

Out of the Blues banner

You’ll see some bigger common themes, but also a lot of individual differences. Being a highly sensitive being doesn’t mean we all agree on the “perfect holiday celebration” (much also depends on our particular families) but it does mean we share certain preferences.

 best free
But first…

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What do you care about and stress about when it comes to celebrating the holidays?

Whatever it is and isn’t, I hope the ideas below will validate your experiences and inspire you to make the holiday time (even) better.

These are some of the insights from the Happy Sensitive Community calls this month:

We’re not big on required gift giving as a holiday focus.

We’d much prefer to get each other something small throughout the year, or spend quality time together.

All that scrambling to get each other a big enough gift – and sometimes even having to keep track of who gave how much to whom – just complicates things.

In some families, there are so many gifts being given that you don’t even get to see each other open them, because there is no time for that.

In other families, incomes are very unequal and gifts create stressful financial pressures.

We crave 1-on-1 time

It’s important to have 1-on-1 time with people we care about and haven’t seen in a while. That’s different from having everyone together in one room all the time, being squashed together like sardines.

The good news: we can ask for it. Not by expecting people to understand our unhappiness, but simply by proposing something different.

What would you like to do instead, and how could you ask for it in a positive way that leaves the other person choice?

For example: “I’d really like to spend some time with you over the holidays. How about we do X, would you like that? We could do it before/after/while everyone is doing Z.” Ask in advance.

Alternatively, if you’re going to a big family meetup just to see one person, perhaps you could find a way to meet up with that one person separately?

On long drives, we do better when we also factor in some quiet time.

One of our community members is making a point of stopping at a national park along the drive to the family Xmas celebration.

Maybe there’s no national park along your route, but factoring in some time for yourself before or during your trip is a great way to charge up those social batteries.

Many of us loving hanging out at the kids table.

We love the directness of kids, and we like to join in their imaginative games.

If that’s you and you feel odd about it, how about letting yourself enjoy that? Other adults will be happy that you took on the role of “babysitter” (haha, if only they knew! It’s a win win!)

We’re fed up with families pretending to be something they are not.

If we have a very disfunctional family, then we much prefer to opt out of the required celebration alltogether and instead spend that time doing something we really like.

If this is you, you could pull out some of the holiday elements you enjoy (like baking cookies or decorating the house) and keep those and ditch the rest.

Redesign Christmas, what makes it meaningful to you?

Or you can just ignore the holidays altogether.

This time of year is in many parts of the world a darker, quieter, introverted time naturally.

Traditionally it was a time to “add light” to the darkness.

Does modernHOLY days feel like a light overdose to your senses?

If so, perhaps you’d rather stick to some quieter ways to add light, like lighting some candles and a fire in the hearth, without all the blingbling.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re quite attuned to astrological changes (and you can feel the winter solstice on the 21st affecting you and shifting things for some days after still). If so, “adding light” can be more of an inner process: to hold space for any changes and meditatively pay attention to inner shifts during this time.

You could honour the darker time.

You could take a few days just to do some reading or work on a creative project or go to a cabin in the woods.

The darkness can be a creative space, like the womb, or seeds underground: a space for new things to grow.

There are older, pagan celebrations that Xmas was built “on top of”, meaning that there are older, different kinds of meanings you can tune into and use to give meaning to this time of year.

Thinking about traditional farming work-cycles, winter was the time to work less, fix tools and look ahead to the new year. Perhaps Xmas is an ideal time for that for you. What are some tools you could fix? How could you get some extra rest?

A lot of things are put on hold over Xmas, so if you want to opt out of the celebrations then chances are that this will be an easier time to get some quiet time.

You could make it less formal.

While Xmas may feel like something quite formal up north, it’s interesting to note too that in the Souther Hemisphere it’s summer this time of year.

In South Africa for example, it’s common to have an Xmas Braaivleis aka BBQ by the pool or beach. Can you see yourself eating roasted zucchinis on the beach?

How might flip flops give a better-feeling twist to how to celebrate the holidays?

Maybe making the holidays more casual would be just the ticket to make them work for you.

Sometimes family celebrations can feel like they’re stuck in repeat.

Like a good old never ending blast from the past.

Company lunches can be like that too. Perhaps it’s because nothing actually happens at those meet ups. People sit around and eat and talk, but you’re not doing anything together. You’re not making any new memories.

If this goes on year after year, there may be very little holding you together other than old shared stories. Repeated. Every. Single. Year. Ugh.

So, how about adding some holiday cheer by introducing a small activity? It could be as simple as a potluck or a game of Uno.

(I brought tiny boxes of raisins to a  serious academic meeting once. Those boxes were actually for kids, and I brought them as a bit of a joke along with some other food. It was surprising, and satisfying though to see a bunch of nutty academics sticking their pinkies into those little  boxes to get the raisins out. It was a small change, but it changed the tone of the meeting.)

Other small ways to shake things up: sit next to someone new.

Share a different kind of story.

If your family or group is open to it (perhaps next year) then you might even organise something bigger to do together.

What would allow people to connect in new ways? What would help create good new memories?

What would help get people out of their usual groove (without being too uncomfortable)?

I hope this gave you some new inspiring holiday ideas!

If you’d like to join in future OUT of the Blues holistic conscious conversations , you’re welcome to. We have monthly meetups in our community here

How can I contribute to you today?

Meeting other highly sensitive wounded healers and creators is a great way to get to know each other and get to know yourself better too.

My friend and colleague Loralee Humpherys and I have created an affordable, high value way for you to do just that here over at Freedom 5 – the Art of Sress less living inner circle.


Join us here – Freedom in 5 Monthly membership inner circle

This is an outline of what we will be exploring, educating and envisioning into more flow:

1.January Spring into action, adaptability and resourcefulness – Wood element and the Gall Bladder animal medicine Rat
2.February Spring abundance, money, fertile soil,sacredness & the sexual godess – release Wood element and the Liver animal medicine Cow
3.March transition -Transforming your power centre planning , persistence, surender nature Metal Lung and animal medicine tiger
4.April Metal Summer Taking care of business without fear, intuitive survival vulnerability, patience Large INtestine animal medicine rabbit
5.May Earth Summer digesting life stomach and animal medicine dragon
6.June Fire Autumn Strengthening your way and shedding old skins spleen and animal medicine snake
7.July Fire Autumn Defining Freedom & Power of the herd – connecting with your tribe element heart and animal medicine horse
8.August Winter Sure footedness, stillness Taking stock trust and envision Earth element Small intestine and animal medicine goat
9. September Water element bladder and animal medicine monkey – resourcefulness, problem solving and playfulness,letting go of control
10. October water Going deep into emotions stop scratching the surface -element kidneys and animal medicine chicken – balancing patience with action from your heart not your head
11. November Generating self love & respect getting out of criticism and self judgement and back to allowance through co operation and communityfire element pericardium and the animal medicine of dog
12. December Fire Standing up taking root in your true nature – Order and efficiency element triple hater and the animal medicine of the boar Fearlessness, courage, assertiveness and protection

Sharing holiday struggles and talking about them helped everyone become more aware of why they liked or disliked certain things. At the same time, many members had already found solutions to certain common problems and hearing them share their stories helped other members see how they could do something similar.

Positive change is all about understanding and acknowledgement first, and practical solutions second. It’s about both.

It’s one thing to read about a possibility in a book or an article, it’s something else to hear someone you know describe how that approach is working out in their own life. Personal anecdotes just provide so much more relatable detail, it brings solutions closer.

As highly sensitive, multi sensory beings we need sensitive role models. Those role models can be our peers. We all have different stories and insights to share. Bringing it all together is a powerful thing.

Who is your role model? What animal totems bring you back to your heart?

and with all the talk about Earthing and grounding as a doing, could you just notice the chair supporting you or the grass beneath your feet and FEEL how it grounds your energy just by contacting with it.

Lets move into a space of non doing.

I celebrate you being YOU!


What does gratitude mean to you?

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What does gratitude mean to you?

No Black Friday “pseudo” discounted big promises of “how to magically make everything better” or “how to make 6 figures in 6 months” – just a little loving from my heart to yours !
Click here for a guided invitation of gratitude and support

Usually, when we talk about gratitude, we express gratitude for our blessings. I’m grateful for my beautiful daughter Thalia. I’m grateful that I live close to the wild savannah and the sentients. I’m grateful to feel like I am smack dab in the center of living and fulfilling my calling to be of sacred service in my own unique ways. Gratitude for our blessings opens the heart and raises our vibration, calling in more blessings. Being grateful for our blessings feels good and reminds us to appreciate what is with us already. This kind of thanksgiving is easy when we remember to pay attention to it.

But can we also practice Radical Gratitude?
Can we feel just as grateful for our struggles—our painful experiences, our crises, and the Dark Nights of the Soul that we experience both individually and as a collective?
Can I access the state of consciousness that allows me to feel grateful that I I love are leaving their bodies or suffering with chronic disease—many of them way too young and tragically?
Can I be grateful for the unkindness and abuse from someone close to me and what is to come through disharmony, anger, blame, hurt, betrayal and projection that is moving into unchartered waters?

Can I be grateful that my beloved sanctuary I go to to move through grief, loss and hurt has been closed down?
Can I be grateful for the hostility, fear, separation and devastation going on around where I live – strikes, unrest in the Universitys’ ,corruption in the government, breakdown of basic service deliveries?
Can I be grateful for a drought that has left so many animals and birds without food and water?

More radically, can we as a culture feel grateful for what is happening with ISIS, as innocent people are murdered around the world in the name of a jihad?
Can we find it in our hearts to not only accept but even thank those suffering souls who think they must become suicide bombers in order to stand for what they think is right?

Can we be grateful for climate change?
For extinction of animal and plant species?
For genocide?
For sexual trafficking of women and children?
Can we be grateful for starving babies and suffering refugees and megastorms that threaten to flatten whole cities?

Can we be grateful for all of these things as they all point towards how far we’ve ventured into what Charles Eisenstein calls the “Story of Separation”—the worldview that marks us as separate from one another, separate from nature, separate from the Divine, separated from the Oneness mystics point towards?

If we can find a way to feel grateful for the ways in which our eyes are being opened as individuals and as a culture, so we can be radically grateful for what we are realizing about the nature of this Oneness, 

maybe . . . maybe . . . We can finally—humbled to our knees with the painful experiment of “progress” in the name of Western culture—start to come together to write a new story—the Age of Reunion? 
Maybe in the Age of Reunion,of benevolent capitalism, of a sustainable planet, we won’t choose to judge everything into right and wrong, black and white, good and bad? 
Maybe we can just be grateful for everything that allows us to grow as human KINDNESS, embodied souls, to be fully connected to the body of Earth, to open ourselves vulnerably, radically, undefinably – to the deep experience of being ALIVE.

Remember, this isn’t about condoning terrorism or celebrating the ways in which humans violate each other and the natural world. It’s not about employing some sort of spiritual bypass that asks us to skip past the devastation of losing our loved ones and watching humans destroy each other and the sentients and the Earth.
It’s not about numbing the pain or using some mental construct to distract us from the pain the Story of Separation Sickness creates in our hearts.

It’s about cultivating the ability to hold a paradox.
We can both feel the deep pain of grief, loss, and tragedy, and we can be grateful for the ways in which such experiences crack us open, shatter the illusions of the ego, and wake us up to the truth of being, so that we are finally able to SEE and FEEL and EXPERIENCE that we are all One, and we are simply here to love each other and care for one another, should we finally choose to say yes to this true calling.

We can cry out with the horror of the heartbreak, and we can also feel gratitude for the opportunity to dive all the way into the fully enlivening human experience of heartbreak.
Both can be true at the same time without skipping anything.
We can open our hearts to all of it —the betrayal, the violation, the disappointment, the horror—but also the ways in which tragedy brings us together, reminds us who we are, helps us remember what our core values are, and knocks us out of the complacency of everyday life.

The more I explore this practice of undefinable,imperfect, radical gratitude, the more curious I get about what it means to BE human. I have come to realize that my journey has had many necessary pitfalls built into it, that I couldn’t have skipped the hard parts without slowing down my own journey of remembering and waking.
I have needed these breakdowns to breakthrough, to wake up in order to give my divine true nature, the seat of my soul more feedback in how to live my life on purpose. 

I am genuinely grateful (now, not then) to have been “blessed” with a brain tumor ( acoustic neuroma) because of all the gifts that came alongside the tumor. I would not be helping other highly sensitive women who have known depression, anxiety and chronic disease heal naturally, reset their brain and nervous system and overcome the addiction to not enoughness, if I had not known all of this myself and found away through to living fully expressed.
No matter what we have lost along the way, we receive many miracles too.
It sucks I know, its raw, painful and frightening and devastating.
But beyond the feelings, the idea that we cannot endure any more of the intensity of those exepriences, in the darkness of it all, there are so many gifts – in the depression, the hurt, the separation…..

When I am comfortable, it is easy to rest in the space of infinite possibilities, but when I get shaken by grief, I remember Why I Am Here and What Really Matters.
I is the mastery of surrender, the great cycle of flowing through life.

Please God, help me to choose the path of grace and kindness more than the opposite or unside,  so I don’t have to be shaken awake. And when i do need a shake (not a stir) awake, please—Bring It On so I may thrive and be that contribution for a New Earth.

Thank you for you, thank you for who you are and who you are becoming.
I am so grateful to be on this incredible journey with you through this one precious life!

Much love

Moving through your mood swings naturally

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How do you move through your mood swings naturally?

Where have you made your mood swings or emotional ups and downs the wrongness of you?

Most common conclusions around moodiness or being “unhinged” make us wrong for going with the flow through a natural, healthy nervous system response to

daily triggers and stressor that have not been resolved. The root of feeling stuck in the present that perhaps you no longer have access to for whatever reason in the past.

Perhaps it was not safe then or you were hurried through the full state of identification and integration because someone else was uncomfortable with where you were.

The common conclusion of moodiness always seems to carry the weight of holding back in true expression and the gift in the moment dismissed by

“oh she is just having one of her moods, ignore her”

or “just relax shit happens to all of us, deal with it!”

or “oh its that time of the month, you have not been eating right, its all the booze, cigarettes, late nights” making you behave so “badly.

No matter what the reason and justification, not being able to express your full range of emotions through self control or not wanting to make others

feel uncomfortable is abusive and unkind to you!


Review release reintegrate 2014 to flow in to 2015 with resillience and claim your diamond brillaince.

Our culture has taught most of us to medicate it away or exercise to exhaustion ( work it out of your system), stuff down with food, alcohol or some other form of addictive compensation, distractions (watching TV or reading)or talk therapy which gets most of us more frustrated and pissed off.


Through somatic attachment release and mindfulness practise with diet, rest, exercise, supplementation and support aka DRESS, my hope is that you will empower yourself to BE your own medicine

by learning to bring your nervous system down or up, taking a proactive approach to managing your moods and increase your sense of self-esteem through health, safe presence to your attachment style.

saying no

I believe that one of the causative factors of stress which results in becoming “unhinged” or experiencing erratic mood swings is 100% created by distortion at a cellular level by information that is  stored in your sub of the sub conscious mind and autonomic nervous system response. There are often different elements of the story (which are totally unique to you) that activate your sudden change in mood – which is why the other people couldn’t see it coming. Because the specific ingredients of your environment like the music playing, the colors of the curtains or somebody’s clothes, the body posture of the other people, the type of food, lighting (the list goes on), are stored somewhere in your subconscious as a fried circuit, neuro net or bad cluster. And as soon as there are so many of these ingredients present, you get triggered to the unresolved trauma buried deep within your pre frontal lobe and your body responds as if you are reliving that trauma even if you don’t know what it is and that somatic body response aka your adrenal and nervous system response to fight, flight or freeze rapidly affects your mood.


In one of my previous blogs I explained the existence of “bad neuro nets or clusters” in your subconscious. In this post I won’t go into more explanation, but I’ll take you through an exercise that will help you overcome your own mood swings in just a jiffy!


The exercise we are going to do is a basic approach to the Progressive Mental Alignment technique. You can use it for any kind of negative feeling that suddenly pops-up. This could be an irritation, anger, jealousy, sadness, depression and any other nasty feeling you want to overcome as fast as possible.


If you are working with me either privately or through the Freedom 5 – The Art of stress less living or the Out of the Blues from anxious and depressed to calm and fully expressed, you would have already been using the orientation, peace and body scanning processes to keep you in your body so that it can complete the natural cycle of response and release it on a cellular level by shivering, shaking or panting so to speak!

what if choice could be easy?

This is another very simple exercise to play with and expand into your true nature:



  • Pay attention to WHEN exactly you felt your good mood going down the drain.
  • What did you see, hear, smell, taste or touch just seconds before that you didn’t like?
  • Don’t start “thinking” now, just go with the first moment that pops-up, from just before your mood changed?
  • Focus on that moment?
  • What specific part this moment do you not like?
  • Is it something you see, hear, smell, taste or touched?
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t THINK about this but pay attention to your body! You body will tell you instantly. How? By intensifying the negative feeling you already experienced.
  • Now just focus on that particular detail in that moment. Is it something you see, hear, smell, taste or touched?
  • After you clearly feel what the specific detail is that intensifies your negative feeling, focus on that detail.
  • If you focus just on that particular detail, how does that affect your feelings? Does it get worst? Great! You are on the right track and almost there.
  • What is it exactly that you feel? Try not to describe the feeling as a label, but WHERE in your body do you feel WHAT? Pay attention to even the slightest changes in your feelings.
  • Now focus only on that particular detail that you do not like, and become fully aware of how this makes you feel.
  • Now allow your brain to spontaneously come up with any memory it wants to.
  • What is the first memory that pops-up spontaneously? (It can be anything! It doesn’t have to make sense to you at this point WHY this memory came up. Just allow at and don’t push it away!)
  • What is dominant in that memory that just popped up?
  • This memory is now our next point forward and we are going to repeat the previous process.
  • So again you ask yourself: What in this memory creates the most negative feeling in my body?
  • Once your body tells you what the moment is (remember, don’t think! Feel!), you focus on that moment and ask yourself: What in this most is that one thing that annoys me most and intensifies my negative feeling?
  • Once you found the detail of that memory that is most important to you, focus on that detail and allow the feeling that it activates until SPONTANIOUSLY a new memory pops-up.


Do you notice that focusing on this moment and detail intensifies the feelings?


This brief exercise is to help you learn how your subconscious mind uses comparison material that you are usually never aware of. Your subconscious processes between two million times more sensory data than you will ever become aware of. If it would not do this, then you would have no awareness! The “spontaneous” memories you just saw are a part of this subconscious comparison material. The feelings attached to those memories cause your specific mood swing.


Most of the people that follow this exercise instantly feel better, just because of the many connections your subconscious has made through this new insight. Some people that try this exercise might feel that their negative has gotten more intense after these first two rounds. So you’re probably saying, “Oh wow, great! Thank you Ingrid, now I feel even more miserable than before!” No, No, I wont let you hang there J. Actually, the feeling that you have right now tells you that you are on the right track and the only thing you have to do is finish it and make a home run!


And again you don’t have to do this by yourself, I will give you the right tools to do so. Now we’re getting to the core of what Mindfulness Alignment  Process is all about. Now, continue this exercise and keep doing what we did before, until …… a spontaneous memory pops-up that you could never consciously remember before but your body was giving you the signals all along.


And, you are so right to say that this is technically not a “memory”. It is the content of a bad cluster. This bad cluster is the root cause of your mood swing. Once this image (“memory” for lack of a better word) pops-up in your conscious brain, you will immediately feel the negative feeling wash away. You can compare it to carrying a bag of stones on your back and suddenly it is not necessary to carry that entire load anymore. Now you have the freedom to decide what you want do with your regained energy.


The amazing thing about this process is, that once the brain circuitry of the neuro net or bad cluster is brought into the present as a conscious memory, your body can release it naturally through the identification and to your safe attachment.


The reason for that was because the content of a neuro net or bad cluster was never identified and integrated in a safe, gentle way up until now. What is even more amazing is the fact that by transforming the stuck energy of neuro net or bad clusters, many of the psychosomatic complaints or symptoms like headaches, intestinal problems, depression, addictions, chronic fatigue and many, many other health problems are resolved without DOING anything more.


This process can take as little, or as much time as you would like it to. But what’s important to remember is that your overall wellness (mental and physical) is 100% about the proper communication between the information stored in your subconscious you cannot “remember” and the emotions you attach to this information through your conscious awareness. As soon as the conscious brain becomes aware of this “wrongly stored” information, this information will be stored correctly within a split of a second and major medical psychosomatic problems you’ve suffered from (for years!) will immediately subside. This is neuroplasty at its most natural and is a generative rewiring of all the broken, open, short, crossed, thevenised and closed circuitry.


Let me know what awareness you have when using this practice and what changes on your level of pain either in the body or mind.

And remember, Rome was not built in a day so tread gently on yourself.

Slow, steady and consistency is your path to a new you.

Who am I beyond the disease of judgement?

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The I in my disease.

I know I have been quiet of late – have you missed me? I am sorry if you did but honestly I just did not feel the urgency to send out a newsletter this month just for the “sake of it”, which had my Ego mind doing a crazy dance of “Who do you think you are? And what makes you think anyone cares if you write or don’t write and a whole litany of other vilification about myself!!

September is half way through and I for one have been feeling the pull to buckle in and let go of defensiveness pattern, to look at creating from the inside out into more HARMONY, GRACE AND TRUST in a world that feels very unsafe in the collective field right now and it has felt terrifying at times.

I have been pondering the “I AM” identity with many of my clients lately, to really go into the MINDFULNESS PRACTISE of a less defined kind of I that is not separate from the purity of light that is love beyond the tension and belief systems presumes it is not safe, that love is not here and that we won’t be responded to that really belong to the identity of our young infant self that concluded of how our mothers seemed to be to us. Perhaps there was some interruption or disturbance of that loving care and although it may not have been anyones fault it caused you to believe that love is not here and that life isn’t safe and caused you to defend and to justify  yourself and look to others with distrust through a suspicious lens. When we go deeper beyond these habits of mind and explore with a fresh perspective of grace and kindness what is already here that you are already held in the presence of so much love that has always been there and that you are naturally part of in your True Divine nature.

For myself using the process of the Mindfulness with my own incredible facilitator Heather and then using my vast toolbox for body mind healing that is a pragmatic, holistic, integrative approach to resolving these deep buried aspects of my psyche, has uncovered more layers of false truths, of stories that have me looping back into the depression and anxiety of what if….and will I ever be enough….
grace of just being, choosing to be FREE – to live in my full expression.

It is a recovery of infinite possibilities, of true essence that is a truth beyond the assumed collection of thoughts, feelings and emotions, patterns, personality traits and personal historical culture framed by a set of beliefs and separation know as the Ego.
The small self or the big self – it does not matter when the Ego wants what the Ego wants.
It takes 4 seconds to die and 3 seconds to choose to live – look at your 3 second pattern, breathe deeply and then choose – choose to live.

I believe that when we go against the all knowing self and into resisting flow, we dam up in our vital bodies and create stagnation which creates the disease of mind, body and spirit.

What I do know is that I am not my disease especially of self judgement, suffering and not enoughness that sometimes paralyses  motion and causes body breakdown.

I do not define or limit myself by the identity of the small self as bi-polar or pyloric or that I have screwed up brain circuitry. Just as I AM not my decline as I notice more grey hair on my prone-to-insomnia head.

However, I recognise the innate intelligence of my body mind and the signals it sends me all the time as a gift of when I am becoming unhinged or out of congruence with my bigger reason for being. The older I get, I find less and less comfort in defining myself at all – never mind defining and judging myself by my various bodily quits ( not to mention my southerly migrating boobs). i derive no solace in my mental quirks either. My beliefs or assumptions or my random lapses of madness when the monkey mind bounces my body around. Even my talents and vast toolbox are a tiny snapshot of who I really am now and the woman I am becoming. I am more mindful to let go of the false sense of permanence with anything let alone identify with how many lives I have changed through my body of healing work, or how many likes I receive on Facebook or how many clients I have.
Unravelling, unbecoming and living undefinable is, I sense the I AM presence of me waking up and up levelling in to the collective identity of new beginnings where craving recognition, the alleged prize of fame and fortune is less compelling, less of an urgent motivator to what I am here to contribute to the greater good of a whole new sustainable, thriving Earth and humanity.

Some would say I am having an IDENTITY crisis of epic proportion. I like to believe I am in an integration and recalibration on every level of my being every 3 seconds to get in the moment and be present in from to who I am and check in to see what is really going on with myself and with others.

As Ann Lamott says in “Atlas Shrugged” – Certainty is the opposite of faith. Certainty is finite.
The end of growth, the clipping of wings, the shackles – the bigger truth that exists beyond my minuscule comprehension. Closing the book on the question of WHO AM I, exactly ? Well that would be cute not bright! The BIG mystery is far greater and more full of miraculous magic than I can ever attempt to imagine. And what ever micro teeny part I play in this infinite universal system called life, the mastery is the adventure of out creation. Intuitively I know for sure that thanks to nearly 5 decades of living beyond the edge of madness has been a flow of ups, downs and sideways where everything is constantly changing including time. The past, the present, the future – it may be a construct but I for one know how much I measure and judge and obsess where I am, where I should be and what is the point? sometimes a lot and sometimes not at all. The Universe is expanding, science tells us so, that it is doing so even faster than they first calculated. My experiential perception of myself as part if the whole Universe is expands too – into the unknown like you beyond the I of the Ego.

So as we head towards September equinox without the interference of our human egos m wish for you is that you TRUST that you are loved and supported and treat yourself with kindness, allow yourself to move with GRACE to sustain as the WATER element of your divine intelligence as and of the love of nature, mother God, the Holy Spirit that is LOVE, PEACE and guidance.

Know we are ONE and there in NO separation. We are moving towards the light within as a conscious choice to just BE FREE to be who you came here to be.

“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM presence of ALL Humanity. `the Light I invoke on myself I invoke on behalf of every person on Earth. I know and accept that this influx of Light will manifest in perfect alignment with every person’s Divine Plan and he highest good of all concerned..”

I am heading off to “Journey on Ancient Soil” in the space of the sentients to track new pathways to presence with seekers

I am taking time to write my book “Beyond the Edge of Madness – how to receive the gift of depression and spiritual awakening” . For 15 years it has been growing with me and it is time to birth what I know and share it. It is my desire to assist and support other highly sensitive women in knowing there is nothing Left to Prove – that you are enough and in so doing say YES to setting yourself Free from Your Approval Addiction.

Please let me know if this post sparks some deeper knowing or questions to you in your own awakening.
I hold you in my heart and although you may not hear as often from me as before, I am here to support you in shining your own Diamond light out in to the world.

I have some new offerings coming your way soon including a new platform for alternative healers, holistic practitioners and women entrepreneurs ready to take their conscious business to a whole new level of BEing.

And so it is, and so it always has been and so it always will be.

Love and gratitude