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What is the Enneagram?

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What  is  the  Enneagram?


The  Enneagram  is  a  personality  typing  system  that  serves  as  a   powerful  gateway  to  your  inner  wisdom  and  can  shed  light  on   behaviors  which  might  be  undermining  your  ability  to  access   wholeness,  true  intimacy,  and  the  fulfillment  of  your  life’s   dreams.


On  my  own  journey  to  healing  from  trauma  and  depression  and   in  working  with  thousands  of  clients  to  reclaim  their  health,   happiness  and  abundance  I  discovered  that  certain  personality   traits  made  certain  people  more  prone  to  mystery  diseases  like   chronic  fatigue  and  immune  system  failure,  than  others.


It  seems  that  type  1  (reformers/perfectionists),  type  2  (givers),   type  3  (achievers)  and  type  6  (loyalist/anxiety  types)  are   naturally  more  pre  disposed  to  chronic  fatigue  and  auto  immune   disease.


I  speak  about  the  effects  of  unresolved  adverse  childhood   experiences


and  chronic  unpredictable  stress  a  lot,  as  it  is  a   foundational  step  of  my  work  with  root  cause  resolution  for  my   clients.


You  can  listen  to  a  short  introduction  to  ACE’s  here­are-­aces     

and  learn  what  the  impact  of  a  high  ace  score  on  your  health   can  have  over  a  lifetime  if  not  resolved.  ACEs  not  only  impact   biology,  they  also  influence  and  shape  our  personalities,  so   events  in  childhood  can  lead  us  to  become  over-­achievers,   workaholics  and  over-­givers  for  example.



You  may  also  find  this  short  video  of  interest  on  the  impact  of   Ace’s  here:



The  good  news  is  you  can  heal  these  traumas  safely  and  gently   through  the  Access  your  True  Nature  systems.




I  have  an  insatiable  thirst  for  knowledge  as  an  enneagram  type  7   and  continue  to  master  completion  and  focusing  on  just  1  thing.   It  has  taken  me  a  long  time  to  realize  that  it  is  okay  to  be    present  in  whatever  I  am  doing  now  without  going  into  the    future  even  when  I  am  very  actively  busy.


In  numerology  I  am  a  1,  a  leader,  a  firestarter  and    understanding  my  essence  has  been  hugely  beneficial  in   becoming  deeply  happy  rather  than  avoiding  pain.  Going   through  the  work  to  love  whom  I  am  including  the  shadow  parts   saved  me  from  myself  and  why  I  do  the  work  I  do  with  my   clients  to  access  their  own  True  divine  nature.


That  is  why  after  learning  everything  from  numerology,  to   Kabbalistic  numerology,  tarot,  vedic  astrology  and  every  other   type  of  profiling  available,  I  created  my  own  system  –  a  12   week  program  called  “Pathway  to  Purpose  –  living  the   illuminated  life”,  using  Mindful  change,  the  5  Element   personality  profile,


You  can  take  my  quiz  online  here:



Enneagram,  Meyers  Briggs  and  Spiritual  astrology  based  on    the  4  quandrants  of  my  hero  Ken  Wilbers’  work  and  Joseph   Campbell’s  Heroines  Journey.  Mixed  with  my  own  intuitive  gifts,   trauma  resolution  and  attachment  style  work,  I  help  my  clients   resolve  trauma,  heal  their  body  mind  and  live  a  fulfilled,  happy   life. It is powerful self discovery to write your own prescription – an “operating system” which will allow you to make intelligent choices about what could be most helpful in your full self-expression and ultimately your living legacy.


If  you  are  curious  about  how  you  too,  can  heal  from  trauma  and   find  your  gold  –  connect  to  the  essence  of  what  you  came  here   to  gift  to  the  world,  then  book  a  complimentary  CLARITY  to   health,  wealth  and  happiness  discovery  session  with  me  now. ng?service_id=b5c4bc1f907b8cf0&staff_id=81e1a3920426f 6ce




Understanding  your  Enneagram  type  is  a  tool  for  exploring   what  makes  us  tick,  what  drives  us,  and  can  help  you  identify   and  ultimately  release  behaviours  originating  from  childhood   trauma  that  are  undermining  your  health  and  well-­being  in   adulthood.


Type One is principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic.

Type Two is generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing, and possessive.

Type Three is adaptable, excelling, driven, and image-conscious. Type Four is expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental.

Type Five is perceptive, innovative, secretive, and isolated. Type Six is engaging, responsible, anxious, and suspicious.

Type Seven is spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive, and scattered. Type Eight is self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational. Type Nine is receptive, reassuring, complacent, and resigned.


– See more at: enneagram-system-works/#sthash.qIg9hJZ7.dpuf



  Curious  to  know  what  Enneagram  Type  you  are?  


To  complete  a  short  questionnaire  to  establish  your  Enneagram   type  and  read  and  listen  to  a  summary  of  all  the  types­to-­all-­riso-­hudson-­  tests/

Ready  to  dive  into  deeper  healing  through  The  True  Nature   Systems?

Book  a  complimentary  CLARITY  to  health,  wealth  and   happiness  discovery  session  with  me  now. ng?service_id=b5c4bc1f907b8cf0&staff_id=81e1a3920426f 6ce



Finding your own Diamond Cut Brilliance

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be able to manifest or create true success in every area of your life….Let me just say….It’s Amazing!
Attracting the money and relationships is a great part of creating true success and living your divine life & lifestyle but also feeling happier in your own skin…honoring and nuturing yourself in greater ways and making more conscious choices around health and well being.
listen to your voice

One of the biggest secrets to creating what we desire to is master our thoughts and all the mind chatter that inundates our lives all day long.

Our thoughts are continually creating our reality that we are currently living.

I don’t know about you but that concept alone was a real wake up call for me.

When we practice eliminating negative thoughts, fears, and doubts and replace them with thoughts of what we do want for ourselves we begin the process of creating that life.

We have a choice of what we allow in our mind.  Mind chatter is not in charge…we are.

When our lives are in a constant cycle of perpetual struggle and worry about money, work or relationships we are certainly not living our dream.  As a matter of fact we are pushing our dream further away.

Learning to master your thoughts and becoming consciously aware of your doubts and fears is one of the tools you will walk away from when you join me in my 90 minute Diamond Cut to Brilliance Session.
I will move you through the 4 C’s of diamond mastery to take the fast track to creating the life and lifestyle you desire while expand your brilliant shine staying authentic to who you are and who you are here to serve.

Taking Inspired Action is the first step to Finally Loving your Life, your
Relationships and creating your financial greatness that you desire and just never knew how to tap in to before.

Aren’t you tired of having ‘just enough’ to get by…stuck in a constant cycle of perpetual worry about money.  We put soooo much energy there that we can’t possibly create the life we really want for ourselves.

Tap into what you love….what turns you on…lights you up…what your true nature is, what your purpose is and how you can make a difference being the greatest version of you so that you can facet your brilliant cut, make your mark in the world with your gifts and inspire others to shine.

 When you Say YES by knowing your NO in your private Intuitive Diamond Cut to Brilliance Laser Session which includes  2 follow up sessions, we will fast track you to Living Your Divine Diamond Life as your business so that you can set your Clarity and Colour in to the Carat value that supports your lifestyle.  I work from a place of not only an intuitive coach helping you but also encompass a complete look at your personality through Animal archetypes to get you crystal clear on what has been going on in your life and where you going.

You will walk away with the tools you need to:
~Recognize and eliminate the limitations we create.

~Learn to raise your heart vibrations to align with your desires to live fully present and engaged in a world of ease and  continual flow of and through money.

~Uplevel your money frequency so that you align with the work, the clients or the business that is fully aligned with you, allowing you to raise your rates and attract the people that will easily and effortlessly pay for your services.

~Learn and then utilize the tools to stay on purpose and stay out of the  lower vibrating energy of struggle, lack and scarcity.

~Once and for all, stop sabotaging or walking away from your know you are here to do with your unique talents and capacities and claim your diamond insight so that you shine your brilliance and attract your ideal clients.

When we believe our desires are out of reach, we are living in a state of limitation. It’s time to move out of self limiting beliefs and create a more loving relationship with yourself. By using the laws of sufficiency through trust and vulnerability, you can create beyond what you ever imagined possible.

It’s time to make a choice!  Do you want to be the world’s best kept secret or are you ready to claim your worth and share your gifts with the world?  Make your dreams your reality. Live the Lifestyle that you dream about whatever that is.

Perhaps it is to travel the world and experience new people, food, and shopping.  Being able to work from home and have the freedom to walk the beach when you want to and Never ever worry about money again or a state of lack in anything in your life.  Ask yourself ‘What is that worth to me”.

It really is that simple.  Your unique service to the world is needed.

Stop waiting and get creating your best life now.

October is 8 energy – time to step in to your power and create the financial rewards

and sharing your talents with your ideal clients.

I believe in you so I want to make this really easy for you today YES to Success –

Just for this month, I have opened up another 4 spots to women like you who are

ready to step up and shine at the special price of only $497. I won’t be offering this

package again at this price so take advantage of this and get in to action for the year ahead.

Just send me an email to and we can get you started.


Transformation is not about becoming better it’s about becoming who you are meant to be.
Fully tapped in!
It’s Time….you are here because you matter !!

Let me show you how to tap in to your Diamond Brilliance so that you can share your shiny facets and polished cut with the world now.

9 Tips to put the ho, ho, happy back in to the holidays

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9 Tips to put the ho,ho, happy back in to the holidays with Sarah-Jane from Access Your True Nature.

The End of Year Holiday Season can be crazy-making!  What if you could navigate the Silly Season with more ease?
Here are 9 great tips I just spoke about at the Angel Event yesterday at Rustika in Joburg that may create some space for you to put the joy back in to your life beyond the holidays!
putting the fun back in to Christmas
Tip #1. Be aware of all of the places you tend to slip into addictive and/or compulsive behaviors. We tend to think of addiction in terms of ALCOHOL or OVER EATING but addictive and compulsive behaviors show up in many forms, particularly during the holidays. Here are some I often see:

  • Taking on THE PEACEMAKER role- this is where people feel compelled to make sure everyone is “OK” and to settle any conflicts between others. You become the compulsive holiday PROBLEM SOLVER for everyone. Are you entertaining or enter PAINING ?
  • Being addicted to PERFECTIONISM– you have to have the perfect gift, the perfect dinner or party, the perfect ceremony. Breathe and think of yourself as NEGATIVE though intolerant. Take a breath and thank your soul can thank you!
  • OVER SPENDING – you can’t seem to stop yourself from buying expensive presents you really can’t afford, or taking everyone out to eat, or buying rounds of drinks, or too many decorations or running up your credit cards in a variety of ways. Can you know you staying PRESENT is the best gift you can give to yourself and other people.
  • OVER DOING – If you find yourself exhausted but can’t seem to stop and take time for yourself, you may be addicted to over-doing. Don’t just make a TO DO list, make a to BE list. Instead of saying “I deserve to have a great job/ family boy…” ask am I being organised, a good listener, discipline, loving?? Who do I need to BEcome to make the holidays as happy and expansive as possible?

Once you are aware of a compulsive or addictive behavior, it is much easier to deal with, and it won’t blind-side you.


Tip #2. Be honest with yourself in your assessment of what your experiences have been like during past holiday seasons, what they are likely to be like this year, and what you can do versus what would be too much or unhealthy or too stressful for you to do. YOU HAVE TO TAKE CHARGE OF THE HOLIDAYS, NOT BECOME THEIR VICTIM. Look for the blessing in the lessons and ask for the BLESSON ! Think of every challenge as a slice of life and keep in interesting point of view!


Tip #3. REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE CHOICE. You can moderate the time, money, energy that you put into anything. I have clients with very toxic families who say: “I have to go home for Christmas”. I say: “OK, if you do CHOOSE to go home, go for a shorter time, or stay at a hotel, or do anything that will make the trip easier on you. Always be willing to leave if things get bad.” FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU REQUIRE, and make your choices from that point. You can ask a question like “ What can I contribute to this without sacrificing ME?


Tip #4. Let go of your EXPECTATIONS of yourself, and others for the holidays. Let go of worrying about ‘fitting in’, and what other people think of you. If you are willing to be disapproved of, you have much more choice. We are trained to: “never upset mom, or dad, or the apple cart or whatever.” That we “have to” take care of “your poor sister, uncle, the entire dinner” etc. None of that is true, but because we have carried those ideas from childhood, we think they are real, even sacred. Are they really? You can’t change the past, so stop blaming yourself and others and look at what IS possible! A great NLP is could, woulda, shoulda, shuttup !! 


Tip #5. Let go of your JUDGMENTS of everyone, including yourself. Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for fear, hate, regret or guilt! It’s just an interesting point of view what anyone is choosing. You don’t have to resist and react as you did as a child, and you don’t have to stop being you just because others want you to be in the box they have always put you in. If Mom is doing her critical or worry thing and Dad is yelling, so what?  It really has nothing to do with you, even if you think it does. Look for the gain in your pain. Look for what you can be grateful for not hateful !

Tip #6. Be aware of the ROLES you are asked to and agree to play.  There is a thick line between knowing and doing. Know what you know, having great tools is one thing but f you know something and don’t apply what you know then you can’t have what you are asking for, It may be the DUTIFUL DAUGHTER, OR THE DAD WHO PROVIDES EVERYTHING, THE MOM WHO PUTS ON THE BIG DINNER, or any other role you are expected to play. Yes, you may be a mom or the provider for your family, but you don’t have to step into automatic mode and do everything everyone has come to expect of you in that role. You have choice, and you can change things this year. Ask ” who am I today, and what grand and glorious adventure will I have?”


Tip #8. Find something you like about the holidays and maximize that. I’ve always loved Christmas music – yes that corny stuff. I play it all the time during the holiday season. I also like to make cookies, so I do that. When you make sure you are doing the things you LIKE to do, it makes some of the other stuff more tolerable. Stay calm and give yourself a hug in the middle of the dat for a 20 second energiser and end you day in appreciation of all the awesome moments you had.


Tip #9. Make sure you make time for the things you do that nourish you. This may be exercise, or photography, or horseback riding, or having lunch with friends. Whatever it is for you – Do it! Take on the energy of being grateful and adopt an attitude of gratitude every day! Ask: what is right about this/ me I am not getting!?

Give Yourself the Gift of Not Judging YOU!
Interesting Image


Compounding the pressures and stress of the holidays are all of the messages we get from our CULTURAL REALITIES.


  • It’s the holidays
  • you should be happy all the time
  • and if you’re not, there’s something wrong with you!
  • You should be thin, fit, and have lots of money to spend.


There is also the myth of the perfect, loving family where everything is nourishing and joyful and healing. If your family isn’t like that, then there must be a wrongness somewhere, probably with you.


None of this is true, but when everyone is saying the sky is pink with purple dots, it’s hard to hang on to what you know to be true.


Please, trust yourself to know what you know, honor yourself by being aware of what is going to work for you and what isn’t, and above all, you might consider using the holidays as a time to