Brenda-Pearce“Sarah-Jane is a breath of fresh air!  Her work brings harmony and balance to everyone she reaches.  I have benefited from her innate knowledge of nature and stepping into the question of what else is possible.  This has opened doors for me that I otherwise would not.  Thank you!” ~ Brenda Pearce, Conscious nurse, revolutionary, catalyst.

“Sarah-Jane was able to laser in immediately to the core of my message and my market and give me the structure I had been craving to ensure my business wasn’t going to take over my life. The feeling of clarity was such a relief and it took away a huge amount of overwhelm. I have doubled my income and married the man of my dreams all in 6 months of going through the Inspire program. Thank you so much Sarah-Jane, you are such a diamond de-light!” ~ Rebecca T- Ontario, Canada

“Sarah Jane challenged me to not limit myself by staying grounded in my body while asking the right questions for me. I now believe in my unique capacities that, when polished, have impacted every area of my life in ways that have delightfully surprised me. Her niche specialty in this sense, for awakening the awareness in entrepreneurs to be leaders that embrace their originality to reach the next level in life and business is one of a kind. She has shown me that the best friend and partner in life is my best self. Sarah-Jane is the kind of guide who got me to own all of me. Investing in her program has been the best investment I have ever made to finding that same value in myself – I am my own Diamond mine.” ~ Rheba Estante, author, seeker,

“My meeting with Sarah Jane was a total surprise and gift from the universe, showing me exactly what “being at the right place at the right time” is all about! The moment we started talking, I knew we would meet again, as  I could sense her magnetic amazing energy!  So we did! Possibilities I had never dreamt of, started to unfold before me, planting the seeds to more and more MAGIC!!! That magic is still working for me till this moment and so much more is happening!  What else is possible? I am so excited to find out!!!  I am so grateful for everything about Sarah Jane, as she led me to create the life I always knew (inside myself) that was possible when I did not know how to get there on my won.  I now know that I KNOW and that I am capable of creating whatever it is that I would love to create and beyond that!  I got ME back and that is priceless!!! Thank you SJ, how did I get to be so lucky you came in to my life? – working with you was a no brainer?” ~ Yael Solomon, Israel IAIM Infant Massage Instructor, B.Ed Special Education, BF Bars Access

“Working with Sarah-Jane has been an awakening beyond words. She is a woman with ancient wisdom beyond this lifetime and her intuition is spot on every time. During our time together it was obvious this is all about ME, nothing else. She brought me back to my joy and what I am here to do with kindness and fearlessness. I am so grateful I took the leap and invested in this program – it has changed everything for me in just 4 weeks!  ~ Madeleine Van Rooyen

“Sarah-Jane is a shining example of what vulnerability and inspiration can look like for women everywhere who are ready to use their voices to change their lives and their communities. Sarah-Jane is fast becoming recognized as a global thought leader in championing women’s freedom and the power of the tribe through who work with lions and other animal archetypes.”  ~ Katana Abbott,

“Thank you. Thank you for the activations and thank you for being brilliant!! You really sparked a realisation in me. I can’t actually say how it all came together but after our meeting, it was crystal clear. I have always been ‘hooked’ by fighting for causes and finding ways to give away my value for nothing. I keep finding ways to keep myself stuck and in poverty because the thought of being powerful, living in my Divine truth is too scary. Fascinating to realize this through you to the depth that it has been playing out over my life. I feel like a new person. Thank you for sparking all this new awareness.”  ~ Lisa Steingold,

“Sarah-Jane has an innate gift of being able to get through the lies keeping me stuck in misery and get right to the core of my issues. I am busier ,more focused and forward moving with SJ on my side – feeling more calm and focused on where I am going as opposed to the running-around-with-my-head-cut-off feeling I was used to. Her to the point approach, teamed with her tuned-in instinct and killer business savvy has dramatically shifted my life and business. Working with SJ, at any investment, is a no-brainer to me.” ~ Jackie Van Rooyen,

Maria K.“Working with Sarah- Jane has been life changing. I was able to really and truly begin to understand who I really am and start aligning with living as the real me in the most congruent way possible. When I’m being ME in a Fearless way those who look to ME for permission and guidance in their lives are more able to, too.  Thanks S-J I’m now learning to love and accept myself and my journey this far. I feel like the special woman that I am, I’m loving how that love is rippling out and reflected back to me in all I do.” ~ Maria K,

“I gained a deeper insight into who I am, what I am here to do that makes my heart sing and the courage to step into playing a bigger game and be the HOPE Diamond that I truly am. Understanding that my body of work is valuable has changed the way I do business and my whole life. Making the decision to work with Sarah-Jane has changed my life.”  ~ Maritza Breitenbach,
“The impact of the Diamond Wealth Mastery program was sooooooooo much more than money and building a business. Sarah-Jane expanded and pushed me in to those parts of me I did not even know existed! Over the course of this program my capacity to receive has brought me back to LOVING me, my life and attracting my diamond cut clients. I can now move through pain, invite intensity no matter what it looks like and through the animal archetypes I am happy to realize that pain is inevitable – I now push through it gently and lovingly. Suffering is optional and I don’t let it stop me anymore.”  ~ Nasreen Eesack

Fazila_Bizor“Sarah-Jane and her work have opened me up to the possibility to being a better, greater me!! My big but – up until now has been to limit myself to how I have done things before which has been hard work. Thank you SJ for being the contribution to me generating, creating and instituting infinite possibilities for the life and the living I could be choosing.” ~ Fazila Bazor,

“I was skeptical about Sarah-Jane’s Intensive VIP day. Could just one day really make a difference? Would this be worth the investment? My skepticism was quickly converted into excitement and curiosity. What I achieved in just 1 day changed everything for me. Sarah-jane over delivers with untapped generosity and after the day she just kept giving even when she did not have to…it was priceless! Working with her has been transformational, both professionally and personally. I am eternally grateful.” ~ Helga Rabinowitz

Debbi-Nevay-Hudson“When I started working with Sarah-Jane, I was overwhelmed and paralysed to step out of my pretend safe life. In my initial session with Sarah-Jane   I was calm and clearer than I had been for years. I could tell she was as deeply committed to my needs and desires as I was, and I knew I could rely on her to get me there. She pushed me to embrace my shadow side, out of my comfort zone. I have a clearer vision of where I am going and what I need to do to get there. I got a plan in place, money coming in before I quit my thankless job and I never would have been able to leave without her by my side. I now live in my dream home on the ocean doing what I love.” ~ Debbie Nevay Hudson

“The sage/ warrior/ jokster archetypes Sarah-Jane uses as makes her living proof of walking her talk and her commitment to her clients. Her ability to shape shift and be flexible, messy and funny had me laughing and crying myself back to my True Nature. I embraced my Diamond cut, my flaws and my best facets by laser focusing and birthing my vision through animal medicine and business, her dedication and support helped me to create a life I love that I could never have imagined possible. I’m incredibly grateful for me and animals and people everywhere!” ~ Janine Slome,

Francois-du-Plessis“Sarah-Jane is one of the most dynamic individuals that I have ever had the privilege to meet. In meeting her you will quickly become aware of her vast knowledge of life.Her experience in using inner knowledge has made her an expert in the field of getting to the cause of any, so called, problem or symptom.  If you let her, she can quickly show you where anything, you perceive as a problem or dis-ease, originates from. And can show you clearly what you can do to make this better. Amongst other things, she can also use and apply various techniques to help ease your discomfort immediately. Although she can seem unconventional at times, her results speak for itself.Sarah-Jane is always busy learning and studying new and cutting edge systems, in order to give her clients the best she possibly can. She truly is a gift that can help you transform your life for the better.” ~ Francois du Plessis

samantha-lewis“Sarah-Jane really walks her talk. She does not just stand for women supporting women- she lives it through connecting each of us. She goes above and beyond what her programs deliver to be there for me and I love that.” ~ Sam Lewis,

Neehlam“Sarah-Jane over delivers every time I work with her. If she says she’ll do something, she does it… relentlessly no matter what time of night I reach out between my sessions. I can’t even count how many times she got me back to my centre. She is just so full of love, heart, and generosity. I can’t recommend Sarah-Jane highly enough.” ~ Neelam Bhola, Botswana, channel, healer, food alchemist

“I came into this 4 month program with a lot of doubt, thinking I was going to get a business plan sorted, but what I got instead was a life I love as my joy in business and the freedom to travel and life school my child. I was able to grow into my full self.” ~ Linda N., USA healer, alchemist, social worker

“Working with Sarah-Jane is like having a tough love mother, warrior, lioness,  and business mentor all at the same time. The way she guided me back to loving myself is so from the diamond heart – intuitive, cutting edge, simple and gut wrenchingly scary at times. I would not change any of it as everything Sarah-Jane offers continues to impact my life and how I create abundance in such a potent way.” ~ Janice Whitehead,

“Sarah-Jane is a sage, a seeker, and so consciously connected to what it means to be human through her unique animal archetype work it is mind blowingly simple. She sees through things invisible to me to find my hidden diamonds, and firmly moves you in to empowering choice. Sarah-Jane is a visionary, and I trust her intuition and instincts implicitly. ” ~ Debbie Holloway, Australia human design, crystal healer, light worker

Tanja-Ehmke“I decided to give myself the gift of working privately with Sarah-Jane after my deliberation and back pedaling. I invited her to speak at Inspiring  Women’s networking event as I was attracted to her vulnerability, humor, honesty and professionalism… she inspired me to believe I can do anything!! In just one session she brought the core of who I am, my message and my dream clients to the surface and give me the strategies to keep work-balance-life I so badly lacked. Having confidence, clarity and a realistic action plan has been a huge relief. Thank you so much Sarah-Jane, you a beacon of light to women ready to shine.” ~ Tanya Ehmke,

Shanta“Every time we had a session I loved myself more. What I thought I needed to work with was never it at all. Fully embracing my body and using my story of struggle with weight and food has changed my life, my relationship with my partner, my friendships and in the end it was the foundation of what I needed to get clear on as a gift to make great money & change for other women tortured by their love/ hate relationship with their bodies to loving the skin they are in.”  ~ Shanta Versani, UK

Charlinda-Byrd“Since I first received from Sarah-Jane a little over 3 years ago, my life is unrecognizable! Thank you for being the change that I could choose! I’m in true appreciation of the space and facilitation you are allowing for us all to choose what we choose.” ~ Charlinda Byrd,

Arjen-Faanhof“THANK YOU, Sarah-Jane for creating such a safe space to be vulnerable and to be able to expand in every aspect of my life and business. Sarah-Jane you are a great facilitator -thank you for sharing your stories with so much honesty. I am more confident now about my gifts and showing up in the world than I could have believed was possible.” ~ Arjen Faanhof,

Hayely-Su-Buchanan“Thank you, thank you, thank you for facilitating such awesome change in my life! You make me laugh,cry, get angry, happy and everything in between.. You are fabulous being that is changing the world and my world has change for the better! Thank you!” ~ Hayley-Su Buchanan

Sly“Sarah-Jane is simply fantastic. I always had to do calculations, make plans and goals and ring the neck of everything I did now since working with her, things come with so much ease and joy. I was featured in Get it magazine about my laughter workshops and I am receiving invitations to lead laughter yoga sessions around the world. You inspire me to be the greatest version of myself and for that I am so thankful.” ~ Sylvester Gasana,

“I arrived at your practice, feeling very sick and tired and left after having just an hour session with you, feeling present, whole and asking what else is possible for me going forward? Thank you so much for sharing your insight and wisdom and bringing such easy tools and questions into my life.. Life is exciting again. Oh and my business is expanding with 4 new clients booked this week ! Thank you for everything ! ~ Batrice du Plessis

Arshad-Mohamed“Sarah-Jane’s talent to work with the body mind is phenomenal. She has a way of working with energy to rebuild & recalibrate the mental pathways and thereby releasing the sub conscious blocks. The biggest part of working with SJ has been my acceptance of letting go, if you go into a session with this in mind it amplifies the treatment significantly and so fast.  She has contributed to my life in making me aware of that which I say and attract and gifted me the tools of how to release from all levels to truly activate with Merkeba and the diamond codes.” ~ Arshad Mohammed,