Thank you,

Not just because you’re going to be the creator of your own health, wealth and happiness, but also because you are honoring yourself and by doing so

will without a doubt make a more positive impact in the world!

Thank you for putting yourself first, for taking real action.

For choosing a different possibility!

One where you become YOUR OWN MEDICINE and heal from within to live and contribute to an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!!

Please take a DEEP breath. Change is scary, and making yourself YOUR first priority is a tough first step.
I’ve got your back and together we can go so much farther and deeper than by yourself. 

Get excited, connect with the fire in your belly, Ignite your desires, Love where you are and where you are going! 

Now is the time for you to reclaim your meaningful life, heal your body mind and manage your stress response.
You are your most valuable asset and when you trust that, you get to make a difference to others, the animals and the planet.
I believe that we are each born with an essence that is unique to us.

Some call it gifts, others call it brilliance, I call it medicine.

My clients are those that are wanting to become someone who has the courage to not just find the clarity of their medicine but to own it,

This leads to the ability to claim their spaces, and lead through purpose boldly, authentically, and with vision.

My clients are those that are yearning to live more deeply through their truths and wisdom; allows the highest form of their destiny to take root

and inspire in their business and their life; where they hold space open for abundance, for self-mastery and for a remembrance of her sacred work

in the world.

There are moments where we need a guide, a teacher, a mentor to support and empower us in the deep claiming of our own Medicine

and to awaken our connection to our purpose.

Where we are called forth, held in the fires of claiming and transformation, where we no longer run or hide from being seen,

claiming our worth and value through our work, and where we rise up in the acceptance of our own leadership to the tribes that are

waiting for our presence…

This is my work…

These are the containers I hold for my clients so you can boldly claim your Medicine and go share it with confidence in the world,

to lead your tribes and to create your abundance and success through deeply aligned soul-purpose

You are going to feel so much better, more energized, pulled out of that indecisive funk and plugged into your own intuition.
Are you ready to be the confident, healthy women you know you are?!
Good, let’s get started.

Because I believe and have learned over the years holding space for my clients that each person’s process, needs and journey are unique,

I like to create custom programs for those that are called to work with me as their mentor and coach.

To explore what working 1:1 with me would look like, please click the button below and fill out the application form so I can learn more about

what your needs are and then we will connect from there!

Book your CLARITY to Purpose discovery session here



From Fear to Freedom on Your terms

  • For the woman who is ready to take her success to the the next level
  • For the women ready to take the reins and ride with her power animal in to the unknown
  • For the  women ready to take her desires and innovate them in to tangible realities to make a positive impact in the world.


  • Knowing what your Medicine is, how to “package” it, and feeling confident in your ability to hold spaces for others.
  • Lack of confidence and clarity on who you are speaking to as your ideal client, and how to go about attracting them into your practice.
  • Messaging and how to communicate effectively to your tribe.
  • Being Visible – you are hiding. You hold a lot of discomfort about putting yourself out there and struggle with moving beyond the fear being seen.
  • Knowing you have the potential but scared to do anything to move towards it.
  • Having faith in yourself and your abilities with an uncertainty of how exactly you help the ones you are pulled to be in service of.
  • Feeling confident and seeing the value in your Medicine and where you are gifted at holding spaces for others… right now you are feeling pretty shitty about that.
  • Feeling so tired of the hustle which makes you feel exhausted and not enough. You are craving a way of putting yourself out there that feels intuitive and supportive instead of leaving you resentful and burnt out.
  • Claiming your spaces, setting boundaries in your practice, and feeling empowered in creating really sacred containers for yourself and others.
  • Moving beyond your own self limitations and places of self sabotage that gets in the way of you claiming more powerfully your medicine and ways that you hold space for others in the world, your tribe, your clients and your success.

This heart centred, cutting edge one on one private sessions, will bring your diamond genius to life in 6 months:

›› (Think Red Tent meets New Wealthy Goddess Woman reLOVEution)

  • Cut to the chase and know that you know, you are here to make a difference.
  • Lovingly polish your intuitive feminine power, so that you confidently command what you desire now.
  • Love the skin you are in.
  • Connect with your body as your best friend and sensual confidante – time to make love not war – lighten up – create your wealth.

›› Fill the space of possibilities by using resistance and your ego to your advantage.

Employ the Universe to work for you, in moving forward consistently.

›› Claim your divine gifts and love yourself, so you can commit to take inspired action. Learn to know your no, so you can say YES to your Carat value – you are your most valuable asset, time to receive everything.

Time to set yourself free, to use your capacities in your True Divine Nature and create the lifestyle you desire!

6 months adventure to breakthrough fear & overwhelm, so that you can make great money being you and make a positive impact on the world.

Now booking for March 2017 – I only work with 5 high shine women at a time at this high touch level to keep it close & personal your (dia)manual for Diamond Brilliance awaits !

Live sessions, additional bonus support audio training classes.  playbooks. templates. home practices. resources. private forum. the most joyful intimate container I offer.

The OUTCOMES you can expect are these:

  • Complete clarity in your unique Medicine and how to package that into a desirable and attractive offering you can put out to the world that becomes magnetic to your tribe.
  • You gain the confidence to really deeply and powerfully claim your Medicine and the space of leadership you hold for others; you no longer question your value and impact, you embody and are stepping into it.
  • You get clear on who you want to work with and start seeing and connecting with your ideal clients.
  • Clarity on your core messaging and offerings that are as joyful and powerful and fun for you to offer as they are for others to receive.
  • Have the courage to put yourself out there more powerfully in online and offline spaces and transition from being afraid of being seen, to feeling empowered and excited about putting yourself out there.
  • An understanding and a process of how to hold space for yourself when fears, doubts, and insecurities come up so they don’t become the things that prevent you from showing up and pursuing your outcomes any longer.
  • You are showing up more authentically in your own business and life so that your presence is a strong and powerful magnetic to your tribe.
  • A deeper trust in yourself, your own wisdom and intuition, and your abilities as a powerful space holder and creator of your own destiny and success through your deep connection to your Medicine and purpose.

In short, you will walk away with Trust. Trust in your ability, your value, and your impact.


To help hold your higher vision of your purpose and your business with you and  be the one to call me out when you “forget” (or become resistant) your personal medicine.

I will help ensure that you keep showing up and not let you hide! I’ll provide gentle nudges and reminders that being seen creates connection without judgement, reminding you that your purpose and this path is bigger than you, and you are deeply supported in making a bigger impact in the world.

You can bet I’ll be holding you accountable for following through on inspired action steps when you get anxious, scared, overwhelmed with all the work ahead and help break it up into manageable pieces so you feel confident in your plan.

My work is also about helping you align with where to focus and compete to get results. In your clarity of your messaging and own confidence in walking your talk, to know when enough is enough and stop the self sabotaging self talk.

I will always gently remind you of your worthiness – that, in fact, you do have something valuable and of impact to share with your people.

I’ll also hold your feet to the fire! Calling you forth through your fear and being equally as invested in your transformation, claiming of your natural talents and gifts and the manifestation of your success as deeply as you are.

I also commit to help you deepen more into your natural skills and ability as a facilitator, coach, guide and leader.

As a natural developer I have an intuition of how to strengthen your abilities so you become more masterful at what you do.

And, I want to experience your Medicine first hand and offer myself to your magic – So when you are ready to flip the table and step into your power, I will welcome you to conduct a practice session on me as your client, to help me see any blind spots or provide your expert guidance in how to best support myself for building a container that serves me and my clients.

“ When I chose to ride my fire horse power animal bare back, I let go of control and connected with my physical body – I truly received all of it and it was bliss !! Receiving me, my money flows increased 100% in 2 short weeks and I can proudly say I fully embrace my pear shaped diamond cut and am strutting my shiny stuffy inside and out.” Claire Barends, Yoga instructor, Raw food nut.

Shimmer across to the main site and apply now!


“I brought the house down with my story telling and it is all thanks to Sarah-Jane’s strong warrior and sage archetype. With guidance from my animal medicine of the lion and the lamb, she gently brought my talent out of hiding. I can speak confidently about my vision now to make a difference for autistic children and their families. I claimed my diamond cut and embraced my flaws – I got offered an incredible opportunity to share my work and be financially free for the first time ever, in a new country so that I can give my autistic son a better life too.”  ~ Jaquie W. Empath, teacher, no longer wounded child



Journeys on Ancient Soil

Afraid of fully following your purpose to BE happy in your True Nature?

Connect with Earth Deva and your power animals, so that you can harness your power and follow your North Star by unleashing the animal within. It is time to come home to the home in your heart.

We’re talking about deconstructing everything you thought you “should” be, letting go of everything that’s no longer serving you, and getting the clarity to give yourself permission to set yourself free to live on your terms.

I am here to guide and support you.

You don’t have to take this journey alone.

If you are transitioning into . . .

  • a career change
  • a new business venture
  • new pleasures of creation like writing a book, painting, singing
  • beginnings or endings of relationships
  • seeking more of you…. right where you are

These retreats will connect you to your heart and a tribe of women who will celebrate and support you.

Now is the time to  inspire, evolve, uplift and journey with me, mother nature and the sentients . . .guide you back to your true nature: connect to your feminine innate wisdom own your deep desire; co-create your authentic fierce, fabulous & free life!




Serve and Sell without Sacrifice

Your diamond mine to reveal, transform and shine!

… to weather the storms of your journey, beam your light, and leverage your brilliance with your business. here’s how.

Ready to shine begins on April 1st, 2017.

A new way to think about the business you are building.

A new way to continue on your business journey.

In just 8 weeks you’ll learn a comprehensive system to get unstuck and take action.

You’ll be able to utilize this system for your biz as a whole; to work on a specific goal or project; or even to get unstuck,

rekindle your spark or to get back on your path, whenever you feel lost.
Most importantly this program is for you if you want to add at least 10 clients in 2 weeks consistently to your business.

Ready to Shine will illuminate exactly what you need in your biz, right now.




Ready to Shine group Program



( JUST YOU AND ME 1:1 FOR 5 HOURS live or via skype}.

For the busy entrepreneur that is looking for escape from a potential burnout and a space to be re-inspired to the purpose of their business.

For the woman who is looking to redefine her vision and experience in her purpose and sacred work.

For the creative at heart that is seeking a still space to work on that long overdue book, to find a private and tranquil setting to be uninterrupted and perhaps be reminded of the message of what you are called to write about.

For the seeker that is just needing to find some clarity and direction on what is next for them on their path.

Our private and custom experiences can cater to you, creating an inspiring and deeply magnificent container that will leave you feeling confident, clear, refreshed and a little be more awakened and wise to what is before you.

Two 30 min follow up BOOST calls. WE will dive deep, laser cut, facet & reveal new beliefs, a strong emotional sentelligence & intuitive connection. You will leave with your True Nature life map & one of a kind diamond action plan.

“One day with Sarah-Jane, I did not even recognize myself in the photo’s from my makeover and High Shine shoot! I looked 10 years younger – I look sexy gorgeous and I can fully receive that now – it feels so good!” ~ Diedre Erasmus, conscious lawyer, mother and diva

Brilliance that leaves you breathless…. that points you in the right direction and spreads ideas like a pebble ripples a pond  (tenderly)

Inviting shape and form, like the light loves the dark into possibilities you never imagined possible. Shape shifter, magic maker, dream catcher.